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May 2019 Spring TRIO-SSS Newsletter

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ULM TRIO Programs Contents 

Spring 2019 Graduates, p. 3.

TRIO Students Shine Bright! p. 6.

Resource Spotlight: Career Connections, p. 7.

Ole Miss Graduate School Expo, p. 8.

Like a Boss: TRIO Entrepreneurs, p. 9.

Dixie Diehards Community Service Project, p. 10.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Summer, p. 11.

See You Fall 2019, p. 12.

TRIO-SSS Services, p. 13.

Student Support Services

New TRIO Life Coach/Retention Specialist, p. 2.

Staff and Contact Information, p. 14.

Persistence. Performance. Completion. ULM TRIO Programs Student Support Services (TRIO-SSS) is more than just a program. We are your home away from home. TRIOSSS is designed to help 140 first generation students successfully graduate from ULM and transition into the professional workforce and/ or graduate or professional school. Realizing that no two students have the same experience, our staff is dedicated to addressing participants’ individualized needs. TRIO-SSS is devoted to providing timely, studentcentered programming to increase the academic success, retention, and graduation rates of program participants. This mission is accomplished by providing a purposeful set of comprehensive services to support the individual students’ academic, personal, and financial needs at ULM. Through a grant competition, funds are awarded to institutions of higher education to provide opportunities for academic development, assist students with basic college requirements, and motivate students towards the successful completion of their baccalaureate degree. The goal of TRIO-SSS is to increase the college retention and graduation rates of its participants.

Got News? If you’ve got news you’d like to share with the TRIO-SSS community, please send it to us at A picture may enhance your story, so feel free to include one.

ULM TRIO Programs Student Support Services  206 Strauss Hall  318-342-1091 Monday thru Thursday Friday

7:30 a.m. — 5:00 p.m.

7:30 a.m. — 11:30 a.m.

May 2019 Spring TRIO-SSS Newsletter

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Join us in welcoming the newest member of the TRIO Family!!!

Jyssica Hattaway, B.A. Life Coach/Retention Specialist Jyssica received her B.A. in General Studies from ULM and plans on getting her master’s degree. She is excited to work with the TRIO program and help make future decisions easier on students. Being a first generation student herself, Jyssica is very knowledgeable on ways to ensure you will pick the right field to study and to help you choose the best route to gain a degree. She is here to encourage you that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible.

Feel free to come by her office and say hello! When Jyssica is not at the office, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, especially her husband, JP, and their three dogs: Charlie, Taffy, and Abe.

May 2019 Spring TRIO-SSS Newsletter

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Spring 2019 Graduates

Zekaira Anderson Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Zekaira plans to continue her studies at ULM toward her master’s degree. She has been a member of TRIO-SSS since 2016. Zekaira also served as a TRIO-SSS peer mentor for 2 years. Zekaira adds, “TRIO-SSS gave me excellent career counseling and helped me find a career path that suits me.”

Ashtin Taylor Bachelor of Arts in Accounting Ashtin has been a member of TRIOSSS since 2016. Upon receiving her bachelor’s degree in accounting, Ashtin plans to continue her education at ULM to get her master's in business administration. She will start with summer classes in 2019 with the hope of finishing within a year. While in summer school, she plans to continue her internship in order to have hands-on experience in her profession. In closing, Ashtin adds, “I would like to thank the TRIO Program for the love and support that I have received throughout my college years.”

May 2019 Spring TRIO-SSS Newsletter

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Spring 2019 Graduates, continued Raquel Metcalf Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Raquel is graduating with a B.A. in psychology and a minor in marketing. Her plans after graduating are to move to Dallas, Texas, and obtain a job in social media/digital marketing. After working for a year, she will return to school to pursue an M.B.A. in marketing. Raquel has been a member of TRIO-SSS since 2015.

Mattanjala Sims Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration After graduating with a B.B.A. in business administration, marketing, and management, Mattie plans to work for a year to find out more about what she is looking for in a position and what she enjoys doing the most. Human resources is looking good. After working for a year, she might return to ULM to pursue a master’s degree. Mattie has been a member of TRIO-SSS since 2018.

May 2019 Spring TRIO-SSS Newsletter

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Spring 2019 Graduates, continued Colton Remedies Bachelor of Science in Nursing Colton has been a member of TRIO-SSS since 2015. He also served as a biology tutor and peer mentor. After graduating, Colton will be moving to Lafayette, Louisiana where he will begin his career as a pediatric registered nurse. Colton adds, “TRIO-SSS provided the support I needed to get through all of the struggles that come with college”.

*Graduates Not Pictured Bryson Atkins Bachelor of Arts in History

Mykel Wilson

Katrina Boatwright Bachelor of Arts in English Victoria Cook Bachelor of Arts in Social Work Alexis Hogg Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Terri Honore’ Bachelor of Arts in Social Work Dan Snell Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology

Bachelor of Science in Toxicology Mykel has been a member of TRIO-SSS since 2016. Not long after joining, Mykel went from being a mentee to being a peer mentor. She has been accepted into the ULM Graduate School where she will pursue a Master of Arts in Gerontology. Mykel adds, “TRIO-SSS served as a support system for me throughout my college years”.

Congratulations TRIO Scholars!!! We wish you success in everything you do as you journey through life.

May 2019 Spring TRIO-SSS Newsletter

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TRIO Students Shine Bright! Chloe L. Duhon The TRIO Program has led me to jump out of my comfort zone to become more involved around campus. With the guidance of my peer mentor, Kyliee Jacquet, and my advisor, Ms. Mystee Burrell, I have accomplished more within this semester towards becoming involved in RSOs. Recently, I was selected to become a member of 31 Ambassadors to help bridge the gap between current and future alumni and students. Also, I was selected as the ULM Rotaract Club’s vice president for the 2019—2020 year. The ULM Rotaract is an on-campus community service organization that volunteers within the community while developing leadership skills in the process as well. I will continue to make progress towards each of my goals, and I thank everyone in the TRIO Program for giving me the tools to do so.

Blake Stone Mr. ULM 2019 Hi, wining the 2019 Mr. ULM pageant was a true shock! My coach and bosses approached me, encouraging me to compete in the pageant, but I was unsure, being that I didn't know exactly what I was getting into. Upon winning, I was awarded a $500 scholarship for the Fall Semester! With this title, I hope to strengthen our diversity aspect here at ULM. Joining TRIO was the best choice I've made! My adviser, Jyssica Hattaway, is always there for whatever I need and has been really supportive, along with Mystee Burrell, Assistant Director!! TRIO Student Support Services has been a tremendous help to me when it comes to advising, staying on top of my classes, and preparing for life post-graduation! I am so glad to be a part of this program!

Congratulations To Chloe and Blake!!! TRIO Tip: Getting involved on campus is a great way to make friends and to feel part of the ULM community while honing skills that are valued by future employers.

May 2019 Spring TRIO-SSS Newsletter

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Campus Resource Spotlight Career Connections Providing for you: Career Week

Career Fairs

ULM Mentorship Program 

Cover Letter Writing

Resume Writing

 

FOCUS 2 Assessment

Interiew Skills

Career Style Show

Mock Interviews

Full-Time Career

Career Counseling

Internship Search

Major Exploration

Career Ambassadors

Career Workshops

Four-Year Plan

The mission of the Office of Career Connections at the University of Louisiana Monroe is to be the primary resource for our students and alumni in career services, programs, and counseling. Staff are committed to actively pursuing partnerships with employers and the community so ULM students can explore and achieve their career aspirations in a global society!

ULM Career Connections Sandel Hall 139 318-342-5338

Office Hours: Mon-Thurs: 7:30am-5:00pm Fri: 7:30am-11:30am

May 2019 Spring TRIO-SSS Newsletter

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Ole Miss Graduate School Expo In February, TRIO participants attended the University of Mississippi’s (Ole Miss) Annual Graduate School Expo in Oxford, MS. During this overnight trip, student learned about the various graduate and professional programs available at Ole Miss, graduate school requirements, funding, and research opportunities. They enjoyed their tour of the campus and engaged with faculty, graduate school staff, and current graduate students. Tours of the programs were well planned and the layout and availability of food choices were impressive. The hotel was comfortable and impressive. The people at Ole Miss were especially friendly and hospitable in every way possible. TRIO-SSS is committed to increasing the number of first generation students who enroll in graduate or professional school.

Student and staff attendees included Mykel Wilson, Special McGill, Sierra Davis, Jenna Brakefield, Brittany Ladner, Shaquille Warren, Jyssica Hattaway, and Mystee Burrell .

Participants had the opportunity to: 

Engage with graduate school staff.

Receive remarks from administrators.

Speak with current graduate students.

Visit the academic department of their choice.

Discuss research opportunities and program specifics with faculty.

Tour the beautiful university campus.

May 2019 Spring TRIO-SSS Newsletter

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Like A Boss: TRIO Participants Who Use Their Talents to Earn Extra $$$ Lataja Marshall Lataja’s business “Laced By Tae” is your one stop shop for all your haircare needs. Not only does Lataja style hair, but she also makes custom wigs, sells bundles (hair extensions) and lashes, and consults with her clients on making fashion decisions to help them look and feel their best. Website:

Lataja: “I enjoy doing hair because I can express my artistic flair. It is fun to make people feel good about themselves and increase their self-confidence. People tell me that they like the quality of my work and my reasonable prices. “I started my business June 2018. I have learned to keep good records and be dependable for my clients. It takes dedication, hard work, and consistency. “It can be challenging to balance school, work, and my business and still have time for rest and recreation, but I do my best to take care of myself, too.”

Keep up the great work Lataja!!!

May 2019 Spring TRIO-SSS Newsletter

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Dixie Diehards

Community Service Project

On March 30 TRIO volunteered with the Dixie Diehards for our second community service project of the year. Dixie Diehards is a league designed for people with disabilities. In this league the game is played entirely for fun, with the motto “Everyone is a Winner.� TRIO students served as Buddies to assist each player and to ensure enjoyment and safety while playing the game of baseball. TRIO volunteers include Curtesia Davis, Desree Greer, Chloe Duhon, Maria Medrano, Ayanna Ester, Jyssica Hattaway, and Mystee Burrell. Community service activities provide TRIO participants with the opportunity to develop personal and civic accountability.

May 2019 Spring TRIO-SSS Newsletter

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Summer You want to have fun on Summer Break, of course, but you can also use this time productively to further your life goals. Here are some ideas to explore: 1. Summer is an outdoor, active time. Get experience you can’t get inside a classroom or from a book. Go hiking in a scenic area, visit a new part of the country, dig for diamonds and crystals in Arkansas, go to an outdoor concert, bike the Natchez Trace, create a new exercise routine, join a local organization and meet new people 2. Balance structure with free time, especially if you don’t have to work. Too much unstructured time can cause summer meltdown. What is summer meltdown? That’s when you lose your motivation to return for the Fall Semester. Inertia takes over; remember Newton’s first law of motion: A body at rest tends to stay at rest. Don’t let inertia get the best of you! Keep some flow going. 3. Get to know yourself better. Think you know all about who you are and what you like? Think again! You haven’t seen anything yet. You have abilities you don’t have a clue about! And you have acquired ideas about yourself that might be limiting your self-confidence or your ability to see the best in yourself! Be observant and find out more about you. This will help you define your major and academic goals more clearly. 4. Read outside of the box! Broaden your perspectives.

5. Learn a new skill. Woodworking? Mechanics? Weaving? Pottery? Try something you’ve never done before. You never know what you might discover when you step out of what you have always done in the past!

We hope that you have an awesome and safe summer!

May 2019 Spring TRIO-SSS Newsletter

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ULM TRIO-SSS Services What is TRIO Student Support Services ? The Federal TRIO Programs (TRIO) are federal outreach and student services programs in the United States designed to identify and provide services for individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds. They are administered, funded, and implemented by the United States Department of Education. Student Support Services is one of the eight programs targeted to serve and assist low-income individuals, first-generation college students, and individuals with disabilities. The goal of the program is to increase the retention and graduation rate of underserved college students through providing comprehensive support including tutoring, career counseling, advising, and development of life skills. Specifically, TRIO SSS provides:

Individualized Guidance: One-on-one assistance to help you make a smooth transition to college, develop goals, and create an academic action plan.

Tutoring: Academic coaching, access to weekly tutoring appointments, and assistance with reading and writing.

Academic Support: Enhancement of the services of your academic advisor, helping you navigate the systems of higher education.

Workshops: Informational sessions on time management, note taking, living on your own, financing your education, resume writing, and other life skills.

Financial Aid/FAFSA Assistance: Assistance in applying for financial aid (FAFSA), conducting scholarship searches, and developing financial life skills, including creating a budget and managing credit, debt, and personal finances.

Career and Academic Guidance: Academic support, including career and educational planning and development, and resume building.

Resources: Providing access to computers, calculators, ence materials, and work space.

Cultural Events: Cultural events and trips to broaden your horizons.

Social Engagement: Offering a place to feel connected with others and the ULM community. We are your family away from home.

Graduate School Preparation: The SSS staff is here to ensure that you find the best graduate school and program of study. We can assist you with your graduate school applications, help you prepare for graduate school interviews, and even provide you with the opportunity to participate in graduate school tours.

textbooks, refer-

May 2019 Spring TRIO-SSS Newsletter

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We Look Forward to Seeing You Fall 2019!!!

May 2019 Spring TRIO-SSS Newsletter

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TRIO-SSS was established on the ULM Campus in September 2015. Since our inception, we have helped to retain over 85% of TRIOSSS program participants and keep them in good academic standing.

TRIO-SSS Program Objectives: Persistence rate - 70%

# Served Jackie Moncrief, M.Ed. Associate Director, TRIO Programs 318-342-1096 Mystee Burrell, M.Ed. Assistant Director, TRIO-SSS

Good Academic Standing Jyssica Hattaway Life Coach/Retention Specialist, TRIO-SSS 318-342-1092









Good Academic Standing - 65% Fiscal Year

Executive Director, TRIO Programs


85% Linda Reneau



In-Take Specialist, TRIO-SSS





TRIO Scholars … Breaking Barriers and Building Leaders The TRIO Student Support Services Program is fully funded through the U.S. Department of Education.

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May 2019 Spring TRIO-SSS Newsletter  

May 2019 Spring TRIO-SSS Newsletter  

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