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HEADTEACHER ’ S WELCOME So, here we are at the end of another enjoyable and successful year, and one which will see my departure after thirty years at UCC. As I have said in our end of term letter, it has been a privilege to lead such an amazing school and I will miss working with an outstanding group of students along with a talented and hardworking group of staff who are truly child centred. I would like to thank them all for their hard work and support during recent years. The outstanding memories I have from the last three decades are plentiful and suitably exemplified through all of the incredible events, achievements and successes within this ‘bumper’ edition of Success magazine! On behalf of all of the staff at UCC I would like to thank all parents and the community for your continued support and I am confident that my successor – the new Headteacher, Mr Stephen Gilby – will enjoy a warm welcome at the start of September. I know that he is very excited and passionate about getting to know the school community and ensuring that UCC provides the best possible education for our students in the coming years. Mr Ellery


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c to have such brilliant artists isplay their work in this year’s tion, full of passion, hope, and cuted. Many of the students will on to either an Arts Foundation nd we wish them well on their ney to push their art work ever udent readers‌ perhaps, when 13, you too will display your art ork in the pig pen. Owen Smith




Our first UCC Food Festival was a great success. The festival, featuring ‘healthy eating’ dishes inspired and prepared by Year 9 students, was a collaboration between students and the canteen staff. As with all DT team events, the whole school got involved with all subjects contributing to the drive of healthy eating. Dishes were inspired locally and internationally with sustainability in mind. The Westmorland Group and Sainsbury’s joined us in our quest to make healthy food choices. Well done Year 9 for your outstanding performance! Rhonda Dockray


T PSnch U O O Ht the Bra H S K C R r a N O nt th a furthe A e R m t B vite ts. par IW N t de ble to in studen un a r A M A’sLaUcredit ttoiotnheclub wtraastoars to traolskt tcoame itnhetoir rinsighfutsl.

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g oarin 9 r a as d nt w ning an ts e l a T o i ac t t i s Go nts aud fantastic and ’ C e s UC ar’s 60 stud final. The , dancer tion, e y s r ica Thi th ove ers ve he li ns, sing ed ded the TV i t w o t s ia it n es ow succ making ist, music acts sh ge. As o ed with acts a pian ll of the on sta ere fac scores, . A ts w nd ded iasm e inclu aff band enthus t, the ac ments a ed thes t d n d i n m s n n b e o a ion a Got Tal udge’s c e. Com pianist a d s s a j p r ’s ot an ritain racking dience v r’s winne posed nd B show nerve-w an au his yea llum com . In seco nt the wed by mined t lum. Ca osition ce we follo s deter nt, Cal sic comp third pla t will be e Mu ven hilst art score stud two ear 10 n GCSE Jamie w om the e o the he C. t Y C fr d w of U ey his o Isaac an raised rity close d e K oney , a cha reg play ce was G M K n. pla ega xia U to M d to Ata ate don


Year 7 were lucky enough to spend a day with Razwan, who is an established Muslim artist. In the session they learnt about calligraphy, Allah, the Muslim way of life and had an interesting session on Islamophobia. Students created amazing pieces of art that highlighted the invaluable experience with a talented artist. Nicola McCanny




UCC hosted the regional finals of the Race for the Line rocket car competition which saw all of our Year 7 students design, build and race their cars using solid fuel rocket engines. Winners from our school competition battled tough competition and weather to achieve 5th place on the day. A big well done to our future engineers! Ben Harnett

f ay 1 ly day o M t ve or ucat lutely lo racing a d e v i o t @ac t an abs ing and mbria ome k u Wha t car ma r the C .co.uk S s for o e e f e rock atercc forthelin ed plac v e w @ulls ww.rac ell deser June. w / in w / ttp: y and inal h F f l o a a nal tion tod regio h+ cars t the Na p 70m teams a e thre






The E Jean nglish D e Year for the s partme nt w e 7 con cla e for t he c sses we d year lcomed w lass Mac octo r e h en re p g h spen ine Gu lay they searchin Mrs Cu enaria n nner g m t mo a from st nig s.” Je re stud life in W mings’ y on S the age hts sle e an, who ing calle W2 p h o fasc effield w f 9 to 1 ing in a lives in L d “The inate 5 h dur n And azon ere me e d ting to hea she gre ing the erson S by, r her h b as h her sto w up. S ombing elter ome ries tude raids work & n . Em wrote a ts were ma C b umm out ings



Yea prod r 10 stu den ucin with g a lette ts to ok p co an em r and art in them mmunity ployer, CV prio an Inte gove . In s r to it w are as a po pite of i rnor or their ni ve time s m they ry grat itive & v tial nerv emb eful e a give s l to th to all o uable e , for x is su p u cces r interv erien sful d ie ay. wers fo Shirl ey Iv in

Lucy , invol Harry, D ved in th evonne entit , e e-bo led ‘Tak creatio Connag no ok e Ti ha Engl were cre me To A f a film a nd Ben and llow were nd a ated , Com County Triple A in colla Time’. Th n e-bo o a fo mission Counc (All Ab boratio e film a k cus g out A ing G n wi il an nd d t r be in oup tha roup. O North utism), C h NHS film a cluded t identi ur stud Cumbr umbria ia fie nd fo e in ur of the pro d the th nts were Clinical em je Peop th p le Fi em atte ct, they es that art of rst C to ok shou nde d onfe l renc the lau part in t d e Ce he nch at ntre’ in C ‘The Daw arlisle. n Elle ry





Bran d abo on sang ut a men online sa nd spok tal h ea fety, h e from t bring he ing a lth, self ealthy relat heart, -har to U m e i m ssa on C in com C. Bran ge of h g and s ships, mun o don uicid pe ic a fri end ation, ‘i ’s messa and saf e, t’s e g or fa mily OK to e is one ty n o listen mem ber ot be O f , you w K il , are not a l want to Nico b la M urden’. c Can 14 ny







ervie w r inte Day, r ber view of th man e y nce. of We or th e nson

Prom this year saw another glittering evening with all of our students in attendance looking razor sharp and glamorously styled for what turned out to be a superb evening for all involved. It is with a pride and admiration that we mark the close of the five year GCSE journey for these wonderful ambassadors of the school whom we wish all the best for the future, either with us in the Sixth Form or at college and apprenticeships. All the best – Year 11 Team




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e ars 7 xhibition design opportu y an e Y s m r b E e o ol tiviti ls fro are e ded Pupi t Liverp ctive ac ased c or provi t & BBC . b a e t s Fair of intera STEM g simula ion Stre e pupil n h t i t n i a t e on v y s rang e intere ctor dri R, Coron joyed b ichards rais g a tra lege, V was en ngela R ir A ol din inclu iculture c s. The fa t agr ews se N

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l, loba G k in r& e: ‘Th r, bette et m e h ge tre et d th o be big UCC S ities a h l ctiv ed t tiva . The s fes as prov before nth of a ning of ’ r a n h o e ye This l’ and it king tha lectic m film scre livered c lo o re C ya Loca p de Act outward d off ou llowed b e e Sho AfS. UC ts r e r F o k more and kic ng set, f Cafe & tion by C ho ols A s B ta Sc ir ircu usi a ro a Repa s presen mbria’s inting, c od h t i , w fo tic pa Cu w’ orro a plas st ever ‘ n face- certs, a lumni m o T e n & ‘ a. A ur fir ’s be ic co e ACT by P hosted o e’. There ba, mus up cinem es. In th c also onferenc ing, zum a pop xperien ill go to w & k e s s C eds s& rizes ow , bu skills ance sh red skill y proce s arts p the u a a r d e sh bulo d fo . val, rm d festi ents hav n-unifo ties & fa provide Crafts o i & n r d n n s e a u st e ek ntal ch ave be alist Art val of a w l i i a st me fin sh ma ec viron costume r by Sp e en a fe ind! Em n n e o e thre he best ond yea ly has b pecial k Roberts s u c t r t e r a s It fo extr




lear Stude nts nin the w g abou had th expe orld of t the de e oppor man tuni rien wo arch ce in a rk. They ds and ty to spe Virgi itects, th wide ra enjoye respons nd time n Tra d n ib e ins a local c ge of b a we e ilities of k u in n wen d Outw ema, M sinesses of work t out ard i Bou agistrate ncluding of th p l a n c e s d It ha s be ements, county . Some ’ Court, stud en a inclu to ca en di rr p talk abo leasure ng Franc y out th ts u enth t their to hear e this y eir e e u conf siasm a xperien the stud ar! iden ce nd en time ce. W se e the s with su ts e a into nd effo are gra ir growt ch h mak r ing t t that e teful for in mplo he e the xper y ienc ers put e su ch a Shirl success ey Iv . inson


Than k Prop s to Ask erty in Meg Rest s & Littl o e Gar & Gran ration, P Stonem den n a s for y Dow ragon asonry b & V bein g fe ekin’s Te ets, Mo Historic ature ve a Ro om a by d. nd


ance m r o s ! f i _ ell ing per ute of it m a az min rdh _ pu other am d every e n i n e er cath as yet a c I enjoy c w This llswater u by @





This year’s dance show ‘Outside the Box’ saw over 60 students performing on the stage to a sell-out audience. The theme behind the show related to the students pushing boundaries, stepping out of their comfort zone and challenging themselves, which they most definitely all achieved. The students showed dedication, enthusiasm and commitment throughout the rehearsal process and performed exceptionally on the night. The feedback has been incredible and a true testament to the students’ dedication and passion for dance. Well done to all involved. Amy Howarth

019 2 W HO

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22 Year 8 students participated in a 3 hour workshop with Kelly McLelland from the Centre of Advanced Training (CAT). The workshop gave them an insight into how the programme runs, allowing them to take part in both a technique and a creative workshop. Amy Haworth





KS5 A we e SDAN E k ridin ’s work mploya bi g ce expe ntre, Hall rienc lity grou F p B com arm, all ritish H e at Bo to ok p plete oths eart art in the s , grat eful d the un tudents Foundat Happy a H to it io e supp ortiv the me ‘learning njoyed t n & Mu o oves m h sg e pla e cem bers of t through we ek rave ents & h w . Ra e comm ork’ W have chel e u Ridle nity for are offer y ing






Seve Acad n UCC s t It is emy on udents w the w a Ph orke and y o som rld’s la sics trip d with W rges e of there to C ork t t h g e u pion scientif ERN in S ington ided visit ic e t w a Nat o Gene round o ering sc researc itzerlan ions va th i h e u d and we v e stu r studen ntists w facility . t h and isited Eu he Intern dents ex ts. As pa o work r p v mov entured ope’s hig ational R erience rt of the ing g d e h lacie into an e est mo d Cros the Uni u s. te r! R x n ob D cavated tain Mo To cap t d h n ic erby i shire e-cave te Blanc s insid ea


The Ea trip ster bre to Re a don k saw o i n u exch student beautif r fourth ang s u Fren l Bri trav e May c t or, e partner elled to tany. Tw h excha s. Th nge stay enty njoy Ly bust cĂŠe Sai ed som ey were with th intrepid n e ling e city t-Sauve days a welcom ir Frenc o h u t e f t som e fa Rennes r, explor ending l d by the ntas tic F and of c ed Redo essons a renc h ho ourse ex n and th t sp p e Inou bliab itality a erience le! C nd cu d is hris Patti ine. nson


Golf is a passion of mine, I have been swinging a golf club since the age of seven. I have been chosen to play for Cumbria County Ladies in the Northern Six Counties Match Week at Seaton Carew, the culmination of many hours on the practice greens. Rebecca Davidson



During the Summer Term, Year 9 students took part in a community enterprise project. The Year 9 DT students were commissioned to produce 40 planters to be displayed on school grounds. Students worked in teams and had to manage their own production lines. Success was met on the Year 5 open evening when the planters were put on display. Rhonda Dockray








The primary science event featured over 450 students from 31 primary schools in the local area. We also had a team from The Lakes Egg Company with Sainsbury’s, who provided the eggs and strawberries! They all took part in two activities linked to space exploration. They had great fun designing parachutes to land their astronauts (eggs) safely, plus extracting the DNA from alien fruit (strawberries). With some impressive teamwork skills. Feedback has been amazing! Alex Ford




UT O m H 9 ts fro C 1 n e 0 N d BRA RDSerf2ul to serepsletuasurew&ard A, it’s wondeading fo able to a t boxes, AaW gif ok ear cho ol r to be ch y urys s to d e E e db who leas ss th , Ca acro ere so p tickets to those sponsors a we w s - cinem tickets s, to our are d M y prize le Unite as alwa l de la e lis Car Thanks, . Racha a . t par h Cinem it Penr

IVE S U L INC RTS a d SPOts attende nrith

Pe en Stud s day at which t e spor e Centr c r i Leisu fantast r them a o s wa rtunity f in a o opp rticipate s rt a to p of spo y e a g ran they m h whic ave d not h usly ha o i prev s to. s acce Pe et Jack


Year cham 13 stude n even pagne r ts and staff ecep ing i n the at th gath t i o n e e dan Georg setting o on a glo red for cing a e Ho r f ious St A to ce year t s e n u l d m f r s o l we w at UCC ebrate r dinne ews and mer’s t r h , . i e Rob sh you It has b end o spe ech then a e Jack f son ll the be e en a p exams s and a le st fo r the asure Y nd many e futur ar 13 e. s an d








Year a su 9 netba c ll enjo yed cessful t & rugby o befo coa ur t pla finish re goin ching se o Hollan yers ret gu ur ss ed d fanta 2nd & p again ions from . The ne ned from tba st 9 E boys stic d ay a th out of other sc ngland ll team p l a co ye t h gam 2 e wa d Bokk Toverlan 2. The t o ols. Th aches e o e for t s again rijder, d them ur grou teams he o e w s ppo t Eindho inning 6 park b p had a sit ef 1 v with ion & th en. UCC –10. The ore the e only s w one teams w ere to o econd try s e epa re then strong ratin mixe g Miss the tea d, m Arm stron s. g






Mat Kier ti reach an ed in M at the the fina S Olym anchest enior N l of the e atio r, r pi Kenn c Gold acing a nals m g Cott y. Now edallist ainst he m bus J a so in G o erma ves on n to ny for T to race eam GB.


UCC a co ’s under m 1 final prehen 4’s finish s a their gainst S ive 31 – ed an e xc 5 s and uperb s t. Bened victory ellent se icts. Ritch uppo Men in the C ason wi ie, a r t p th n exc o la o ellen y and d f the m unty Cu a p t tea e m pe fence w tch for er rform ance e Mark .


The U Cha CC Wo m l ‘inte pions a ves are restin t gain Man !! Thi he Natio g’ ru s ye n up nal C a the s chester quad Velod to our a r saw a he erlea profe sligh ding rome nnual . Ho t on th ssionals wever, t with in compet ly more ju h i a Sue e day, o nd brou e che er ries cha tion at Ke e l u g l e len r9m h a n onth t an ama ders we ging s of r hard zing pe e true work rform paid ance off!






Ullswater Community College Wetheriggs Lane, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 8NG Tel: 01768 210206 www.ullswatercc.co.uk @ullswatercc

We’v nota e had a b f are ly the Y antastic Cou r 9/1 seas nt girls 0 o runn y cham boys te n, pion & ind ers u a s wit m p as h Distr ividuals w e ll as the beco ict & te Miss m C Arm ounty C ing Ede ams n stron ham g pion s.


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Success Summer Edition 2019  

The Summer Edition of our Success magazine

Success Summer Edition 2019  

The Summer Edition of our Success magazine

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