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HEADTEACHER ’ S WELCOME Welcome to our bumper Spring publication of sUCCess magazine. Our first editions of sUCCess – in the summer of 2010 – were 8 pages long but now, some 3 years on, the range of activities is so great that only 16 pages will do and even then we have to carry stories forward. The Spring term has been an extremely busy one with two pantomimes, elections for the School Council, our Senior Citizens’ Tea Party, the launch of “Branch Out” and numerous musical, artistic and sporting events. We’ve had students involved in Young People’s Question Time and a team of Year 8 students competing in a Mock Trial event at Kendal Magistrates’ Court. At the end of this term we say our thanks and goodbyes to Shaun Silson (Social Sciences), Jayne Allen (Psychology) and Lorna Sharpe (Science) and we wish them all the very best of luck in their lives beyond UCC. As we get seriously into the lambing season I’m looking forward to the forthcoming holidays and wish you all a very Happy Easter. Mr Pattinson

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DESIGNING MAGAZINE SUCCESS Congratulations to the Textiles 2012 GCSE students whose work has been featured in the national Design and Technology association Designing magazine. This magazine goes to schools, colleges and universities all over the UK, which means that their work will be seen by hundreds of students, teachers and professionals. Their success will enhance their CV and their portfolios when they apply for jobs and university. Hayley Forknall


THE SENIOR CITIZEN TEA PARTY On the afternoon of 7 March UCC hosted nearly 90 senior citizens for an exciting afternoon filled with singing, live music, dancing, a gymnastic display and a delicious cream tea. As a student, my job was to ensure that they had the best time possible – chatting to them, serving tea and generally being a smiley face. Overall the guests had a brilliant time and, when they left, were looking forward to next year’s tea party. They left laden with small cakes, gifts and prizes and we were all sad to see them go. We would like to thank everyone who contributed to the event, including all those who donated gifts and prizes for the raffle. Adam Robinson



On Friday 14 December 2012, students at UCC exercised their democratic right and cast their ballots f to represent them on the College Council. A pleasing number of students willingly put themselves forw representatives chose to stand for re-election.

Year 12 Citizenship A-level students acted as presiding officers, registering all students, organising voti count took place after each year group’s vote and four students were elected to represent each year Headteacher, and Mr Alan Davies, Chair of Governors, at the beginning of January to for A special mention must go to Shannon Twiddy in Year 12, who has now been elected in every election John Sander



for four members of their respective year group ward as prospective councillors and many past

ing booths and monitoring the secret ballot. A group. The new Council met with Mr Pattinson, rmulate issues for their term in office. since she arrived in Year 7 – a remarkable feat!



The PE Department went all out for Comic Relief and had a PE PJ week raising £456 to date! Students in Years 7, 8 and 9 did their PE lessons in their pyjamas and onesies and donated cash to Red Nose Day. Staff also dressed in onesies to play netball – charging pupils to watch – and the cheerleaders took to Sainsbury’s to shake their pom poms to encourage the local shoppers to donate their pennies to this excellent cause!! Karen Key

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The A a.m. rt trip to on 5 Pari to C alais Februar s left a s now y, bo Hote in th y Pe l e a N r a d o n f e our first d rd Est in terno on d the b rith at 4 oat .30 de la and Paris ay in fr a throu Mode Paris w later tha rrived a om Dov er e e l’Or gh the J t du Tex studied t evenin t the ang g a t ile, f at th . On rdin er o hote l to S ie. That des Tuile llowed e Musé by a to se e even ries acre i t e Mon the vie Coeur, ng we w o the M walk up wo usé tma alk owe rtre. Da f Paris a a mount ed from e de ai d y t o k up by draw 3 starte night be n of step ur fo d to s in on d Brancu g at No with a re eatin , l g ra si’s tre D ittle s hop in ame ay w wing at studio pin , a th e Eiffe visited e Pomp nd then a short g l Tow id a t er a he Mus ou Cen n evenin Art. é nd to tr g e ured Rodin, e. On o u w the M r a useu lked Ow m of en S mith





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Greg Hall and Flora Blackburn have both qualified to represent Cum Schools National Cross-Country finals in Derbyshire. They have bot number of preliminary rounds and confirmed qualification on a very co at Walney Island. In between their races they were also responsible younger runners from UCC, ensuring they warmed up sufficiently and line in time for their heats. Flora and Greg are now training hard for th month. Good luck! Olly Burns

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Sixth on a Form En g city, trip to th lish and Lond e he Med broa a o den n! The p rt of G ia stude re ou nt u ode rn En r horizo rpose o at Britai s emba n: ou rked f ou ns t C TV glish Cen and M o differe r journey r capita tre e ma l n e in bu , where dia wo t aspec was to t r wo o s ilding l d we w of th . We d ; ed t Film Co we exp ere giv visited e wo stum en a lore the Thea West-En e Muse d the n VIP tou at d r u t utely re Royal plays in m; and ional , w w t i rip e ncredibl hich M he Savo e e”. O s He njoye y nry d Theatre vera d by rton ll, es and s Hag tudents it was a cribed en M and n staff oss alike .


Well new done ind ‘ is alr Wise Up e ed! The e profi ady rai ’ campa ign le an sing t atte nda d value he nce of g a ra at o n atte ge of st scho ol. od n ra U betw dance a tegies, sing b n pare e en sch d comm oth o ol, nts a unica s impr oved bout att tudents tion and end Silve . Eac a r h to p certifica term, G nce hav u e and pils with tes will b old and the c e exce pre into a pr ertificat llent atte sented e iz to a ll the e draw holders ndance .C winn e Y ers! ear 7 c ongrat ntered ertifi ulati on ca Geo te and s p rge McW rize illiam s


Five Y Evan oung M s, M usic Jack son egan Ha Leaders and part from rriso H with in the re elen So n, Arian UCC – M a c u J Herb illy Jarm ent Kesw thernwo h Howa arieke t a perf ert’s Prim n (of Bl ick Film od – pla , Josh o u F y abo rmed th ary Sch e Jam) a estival. W ed a ut St o ol, e mu n Kesw d child orking Thea Kent sical i t ick, w ren fr g s r e c e ore rn. T by th Alha e wr om St t o h e film e La mbra a ote c c o ke we’d m w a C all lik inema and wi as prem pany a nd l i l n fi e to i do it Keswic so on be ered at lm k. It t h s aga in so was g hown in e meti reat t m fun a he Hele e! nd n So uthe rnwo od



WIN FOR RUGBY 46 students from Year 7 and 8 embarked upon a three day rugby tour to Newcastle. After playing at Tynemouth they then enjoyed watching Newcastle Falcons narrowly beat Bedford. Saturday saw an excellent fixture against Harton College where Declan Sutcliff, Billy Waistell and Kevin Murray were the men of their respective matches. After paint balling and ten pin bowling a fantastic tour was finished with a trip to Wet n’ Wild water park. Johnny Greenwood

BADMINTON CHAMPIONS Our Badminton team of Yasmin Bowness, Charlotte Cousin, Amy Hullock and Jodie Talbot recently won the Key Stage 3 Eden Tournament, which is part of the National Badminton Tournament. Not content with this success, they went on to defeat Solway, Caldew, William Howard and Kirby Lonsdale to win the Cumbrian round. They will now represent Cumbria in the North-West Regional Finals at St.Helen’s Badminton Centre. Karen Key


Ullswater Community College Wetheriggs Lane, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 8NG Telephone: 01768 210206 Website:

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Success Spring 2013  

Our Spring Edition of sUCCess

Success Spring 2013  

Our Spring Edition of sUCCess