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(30 minutes to apply / up to 6 weeks for a decision) Application deadline: 27th May Tuition Fee Loan

Maintenance Loan

(pays for your degree)

(pays for your rent & living costs)

Up to £9,250

Up to £8,430 (depends on household income)

You will need proof of Identity: either your UK Passport Number OR Your Original Birth Certificate

Your parents will need to show proof of Household Income: National Insurance Number Copy of P60 or PaySlip

You will not start repaying your Student Loan until you start earning over the Repayment Threshold (currently £25,000 per year) After 30 years, your Student Loan will be wiped out. Repayment examples:

You don’t need to have replied to UCAS and confirmed your choice of degree course before you start your Student Finance application. It is better to apply to Student Finance as soon as possible.

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Student Finance Guide  

Student Finance Guide