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Ullswater Community College Learning Support Department

foreword “I am very proud of the fact that students of all abilities are included in the Learning Support provision that we offer at Ullswater Community College. Students may require additional support with aspects of their learning at any point during their time at school and we see it as a real strength that we can cater for the widest range of interests and abilities because of our excellent team of highly qualified, hardworking, committed and caring specialist staff. The learning environment at UCC is flexible enough to meet the needs of all who wish to come here and together we can prepare your child for the transition from primary to secondary education and on to an independent and successful life beyond the school.� Headteacher

participation “All aspects of education are supported and my child is making good progress in all areas. He loves participating in the well-organised whole-school events!� Parent


“Prize Day is a wonderful event which exemplifies all that makes us most proud of our students. It celebrates the huge variety of talent, energy and ability they display and is great fun for all involved.� Governor


“My son really loves the school and I am so happy with the progress he has made, especially in his English and Maths. He really looks forward to his one-to-one reading sessions.� Parent

challenge “Trips are an opportunity for all students to be pushed outside their comfort zone. They provide new, exciting and challenging experiences for all young people who participate. Their ability, experience, mobility or confidence are unimportant; what matters is that students get stuck in. The essential thing is that students make the most of each chance to learn outside the classroom.� Member of Staff


“To develop and stimulate children in a safe environment, our sensory room is a place of relaxation where our students can have sensory experiences through light and music.� Learning Support Assistant


“The support our daughter has received from the Learning Support team at UCC has been excellent. The Learning Support Coordinator has always treated our child, and our whole family, with the utmost compassion, respect and sensitivity. This has been so much appreciated, thank you.� Parent

expertise “The staff are so dedicated to the care, education and well-being of every student. The school will always contact me if there is an issue. They have put in the right expert support where it has been needed.� Parent


“The students are supported by a team of wonderful, dedicated support staff, of which I am proud to be a part. Learning Support Assistants have many roles... we use strategies to encourage students’ learning such as voice-activated software which helps students to become independent learners and achieve exam results they previously may not have been able to acquire. It gives them a sense of pride in the work they do. “ Learning Support Assistant


“Our Applied Learning Centre provides excellent access to vocational training and work-related learning. The Centre provides an environment where our students have practical experiences to help prepare them for life beyond UCC.“ Learning Support Assistant


“Transition from Year 6 to Year 7 is taken very seriously. Equally, the transition from UCC to employment and further study is planned carefully with a range of different agencies to ensure our students are prepared for life as young adults.“ Learning Support Assistant

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Learning Support Department Brochure  

Learning Support Department Brochure