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EBook for Key Stage 4&5

rganising Your Revision Top Tips •• ••

Plan in advance - leave plenty of time to cover all your subjects.

• Distribute your subjects evenly - don’t neglect your least favourite! • Find a space to work in - somewhere where you won’t be easily disturbed is ideal.

Resources •• Dictionary •• Thesaurus •• Google Translate

For more tips on organising your revision, check out our film in the next bubble!


ow to Revise

• • Understand how you best learn • •

Test yourself - perhaps ask friends for help or create a revision game. Past papers are also really handy to use!

• •

Have breaks - split your revision into manageable slots and give yourself a small (or big!) treat after some of them.


p To


• •

Don’t cram! - you may have heard it a thousand times before but it’s really important!

• •

Use your pen - you won’t have a computer or laptop in the exam so its good to get used to writing with a pen.

• • Periodic Table • • Alhambra Cinema • • Revision material sold at UCC



reparing Yourself for the Exams Top Tips • • Eat well - eating a healthy balanced diet can really boost your performance. • • Drink water - it’s important to stay hydrated whilst revising. You can also take a bottle of water into your exams. • • Get enough sleep - make sure you sleep well whilst revising as well as on the night of your exams. • • Make sure you know what to bring to your exams - you can find a list of what you will need on the revision website.

ur c o es e s R • • Eating for exams •• Exam material on sale at UCC •• Exam calendar

Revision Ebook (Key Stage 4 and 5)  
Revision Ebook (Key Stage 4 and 5)