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HEADTEACHER ’ S WELCOME With the wild and unwelcome weather of the last couple of weeks it seems like a lifetime since the beginning of the autumn term and the end of the summer holidays, so it’s good to see this edition of sUCCess magazine and to be reminded of better weather and all the exciting things that have happened here over the last 15 weeks. Exam results in August were superb, once again. I still can’t quite believe that the English Department achieved nearly 85% A*-C. Remarkable! Our pupils excelled themselves across the board and it was lovely to see so many of them at the certificate presentation evening last week with our guest Carlisle United mid-fielder Gary Dicker. Of course Prize Day, in October is always the highlight of the year with outstanding talent on display together with Strictly star Georgia May Foote. We also launched our super new prospectus at the Year 6 open evenings in September with a fantastic turnout of over 600 guests. Our students have travelled far and wide; some spent time in schools in Tanzania, others worked in Morogoro Hospital; a large group went to Venice to practice their Italian and there were numerous trips to locations nearer home. We’ve exhibited work in the New Squares, competed in numerous sporting events and camped under the clear Lakeland skies. Finally, we end the term with pantomimes and our carol services in Penrith Methodist Church Hall on the last day of term, before breaking up for Christmas and a well-earned break. I hope you all have a restful holiday and a very Happy Christmas. Nigel H. Pattinson

NEW SCHOOL PROSPECTUS We recently unveiled our spectacular new school prospectus, which has generated so much interest that it has been entered for a design award! I’m certainly looking forward to taking it out to Year 5 students in my annual tour of primary schools after Christmas. Nigel Pattinson


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This year’s trip to Tanzania saw 20 students and 6 staff spend a week working and living in Bethsaida Orphanage with the teenaged girls who have been orphaned, often because of AIDS. UCC students taught classes throughout the whole school day – starting at 7.30 am – and demonstrated competence in first aid skills. Lessons included building volcanos and measuring the heart rate before and after exercise. The culmination of the visit was a pantomime to entertain the girls, which it did despite the cultural differences! In the second week, we worked in the AMAP Pre-school om Bogomoyo. We had taken 70 books to stock the library at the school and the young children enjoyed sharing their new books with us. It was very rewarding to have made such a big impact on the school resources. A group of four students spent a week in the Morogoro area working with Gap Medics on placements in local hospitals and clinics. This was exciting but also challenging, as the patients get care only if they can pay for it and we were shocked at the difference between the care we receive from the NHS and the care in Tanzania. Once we were reunited we travelled to Mikumi for a safari and enjoyed the wildlife and beauty of Africa. Then we took a flight to Zanzibar to finish our experience of East Africa. With its Muslim culture, beautiful beaches and history around the Asian slave trade, Zanzibar was the perfect end to an unforgettable experience. Chris Snelgar


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Poet Ash Dickinson was this year’s guest for National Poetry Day. After demonstrating rap poetry to the Year 7s, he helped to judge the annual UCC rap competition. This year the prize went to the ‘Little Dockers’ from 7RID – congratulations! Michelle Lewin


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The roles of Head Boy and Head Girl are not to be taken lightly: the commitment, perseverance, dedication and responsibility involved need careful consideration. Alicia and Chris have taken their roles to a whole new level and it has been a real pleasure to work with them. The relationship is one of equals and – just as important – they truly represent their peers. Mr Jackson

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UCC’s first ever Sports Council aims to give students an opportunity to raise ideas and opinions on PE and school sport. The Council – comprising 24 students from Years 8 to 12 – meets every month to discuss PE-related issues. Greg Key



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VENICE 2015 What was so great about our trip to Venice? The sunshine, pizza and ice-cream; strolling around St Mark’s square; watching gondolas; visiting Aqualandia; taking a boat to the island of Murano, where glass is made. We didn’t want to leave! Mrs Hird



This year’s Christmas pantomime – Dick Whittington – traces the fortunes of a young man (played by Marci Radcliffe, Year 8) who seeks to better himself in London. After a series of adventures and misadventures, including falling in love, being tricked by the evil King Rat and, finally, saving the day by offering his cat to kill the rats that are plaguing the Sheikh of Morocco. Dick, Alice, Sarah the Cook and Idle Jack live happily ever after! A special mention to the dancers, who appeared from the audience to perform a fantastic version of Thriller, and also Rosie Horne who opened the show with a haunting version of Feed the Birds, tying in with the London theme. The hilarious show was lapped up by the 3 night audiences. Ian Tuer




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Our students celebrated another year of superb effort and fabulous outcomes when their GCSE results were published on 20th August. English and maths results were outstanding and pupils excelled in a wide range of ‘options’ subjects. Approximately 130 Year 11s enrolled to join the Sixth Form together with 20 students from other schools in the area. Once again we were joined by Border TV, who covered the excitement and helped us to celebrate the achievements of students and staff alike. Nigel Pattinson



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ar 10 students returned from a week of work clearly enjoyed themselves. Work experience on at UCC and we are grateful for the work ng the experience such a success. rley Ivinson

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Ullswater Community College Wetheriggs Lane, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 8NG Tel: 01768 210206 www.ullswatercc.co.uk @ullswatercc

51 students conquered Catbells and then moved on to Seathwaite Farm campsite for their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh weekend. Although the 2 days were physically demanding – and the backpacks were heavy – it was a thoroughly enjoyable weekend, with fantastic weather. Jenny Evans

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Winter Success Edition 2016  

Winter Success Edition 2016