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HEADTEACHER ’ S WELCOME Welcome to the spring edition of sUCCess magazine – and what an edition this is at the end of a magnificent term of activity, progress and success. Obviously, our Ofsted success loomed large in the middle of the term but, more importantly, our students have taken the initiative in their studies by embracing all that’s on offer to help them succeed in their exams and are looking to fill every available time slot with more to ensure the best possible outcomes in the summer. On the wider school front, we’ve had sporting success in cross-country, badminton, cheerleading, dance and rugby, run a ski-ing trip to Italy, Science trips to Grange and London, art trips to London and Liverpool. Year 8s participated in the Rotary Club Youth Speaks and design technology competitions, Year 9s presented their finding to the Eden District Council in Penrith Futures and we’ve had a music “Band Smash” followed by the Spring concert. In drama we enjoyed our Strategic Provision’s superb production of Alice in Wonderland. Another success this term has been our new Twitter account and some of the best tweets of the term have been included in this Spring issue. Please follow us at @ullswatercc. We couldn’t leave anything out so once again it’s another packed edition of our favourite sUCCess magazine. Mr Pattinson



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ALICE IN WONDERLAND PRODUCTION The autumn term ended on a high for students taking part in the Strategic Provision’s production of ‘Alice in Wonderland’. The enchantment started when the UCC orchestra struck up, Josh Jackson sang ‘It’s a Wonderful World’ and the curtains opened on Alice and her sister having a picnic before Alice’s first encounter with the white rabbit. The students’ ability to create the characters from the narrative was awe inspiring; the costumes and make up added to the magic. The audience were taken on a journey down the rabbit hole to Wonderland where they met the Cheshire Cat and his friends the Mad Hatter, March Hare, Dormouse; a truly bubbly caterpillar; and the Knave of Hearts, who came up against the fearsome Queen of Hearts and her entourage. The production was the result of a term’s work with students, who added their own ideas to the special effects, costumes and props. Helen Pickup


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ITALIAN SKI TRIP 2014 A 15-minute coach ride took a group of 31 UCC students and staff from the hotel Rendez Vous in Chatillion to the gondola that carried them to the ski area in Pila, Italy. The weather in the valley was dank and drizzly; in a couple of minutes the gondola swung them 2000 feet up, above the clouds and into the bright sunshine and snow. A winter wonderland. Seventeen of the group that ventured to Italy during February half term had never skied before and were determined to return as winter sports experts. They had 4 days of glorious sunshine and 2 overcast days with gentle snow, which made the ski-ing conditions the best for many years. All students did brilliantly. Sixteen were assessed on their skills, which can be used as part of their PE qualifications. The next trip – ‘Ski 2016’ – is now in the planning; see Mr Lee or Mr Tuer for details. Peter Lee



Jed Thompson first started karate tra 7, under the watchful eye of sensei Holding at Penrith Chojinkai Karate C regularly trains up to three times a we extra sessions before competitions. He current boys’ National Kumite Champ (12–13 years, under 45 kg category) honour he earned through competitio wins at the British International Open Karate Championships held at the Emirates Arena in Glasgow in August 2013 and the English Karate Federation Kyn grade championships at Ponds Forge International Sports Centre, Sheffield.



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YEAR 12 MEDICAL SCIENCE RESIDENTIAL There was little rest for the Year 12 Medical Science students on their residential trip to the Life Centre at Grange over Sands. As soon as they arrived they went straight into the laboratory and were introduced to their task for the day – to investigate hospital-acquired infections and sources from the local hospital. “We learned how to use new equipment that school doesn’t have – Gilson pipettes, centrifuge, stripette, vortex and incubator. After lunch we had team-building exercises where we built a shelter in groups and learnt how to light a fire; after many attempts the fire was lit just in time for tea. That night we were back in the lab, preparing our hospital samples of bacteria for the next day. Early on Tuesday we were in the lab again, testing the samples we set up the night before. We wanted to see which areas of the local hospital contained the most bacteria. We tested each set thoroughly then made recommendations for the hospital, telling them where we thought they could improve their hygiene and prevent hospital-acquired infections.” Chelsea Sowerby and Amy Varty Year 12



A three day rugby tour to Newcastle s Falcons premiership rugby team were with the boys followed by an extens Eagles basketball team defeat Plym were Joe Kirkland, Jamie Braithwaite



saw 47 year 7 and 8 boys embarking upon a weekend of rugby and cultural experiences. Newcastle e our hosts on Friday afternoon with their academy coaches doing a splendid 2 hour coaching session sive tour of the ground and question and answer session. The evening was filled watching Newcastle mouth. Saturday morning saw 3 teams playing against Harton college where the men of the matches e and Ryan Edmondson. An action packed weekend was finished off with paintballing, ten pin bowling and swimming at Whitley Bay leisure pool!! Johnny Greenwood


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Following elections held over the last two weeks I am delighted to say that eleven students have been elected to the Student Council for 2014. The full list can be found on the school website. What was particularly pleasing was that 32 students were nominated and stood in the elections and over 1000 students voted. The voting was very evenly spread across all the candidates. The Student Council will hopefully build on the good work that last year’s Council did particularly in respect of seat belt safety. Any students who issues they wish to raise can approach any member of the Student council. Mr Kent


YEAR 8 SCIENCE TRIP TO LONDON In March, Year 8 scientists headed down to London for a three day trip to the capital. We visited many sites including Chester zoo, the enormous Science and the Natural History Museums, the London Eye and we even managed to fit in a trip to the theatre to see the Lion King. The students were fantastic; we had a brilliant time. Craig Tyson, Caroline Harnett and Emma Matthews


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‘A Night at the Movies’ was a fantastic evening fe Group, Orchestra, Wind Band, UCC Singers and and small group performances. The orchestra star with the well-known Pearl and Dean introduction of themes and tunes from film and television was a ‘film director’ Henry Jennings. Over 70 students from involved in the night. Great fun! Steven Bryant



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e t n c e A in th ), Ali dmin Sout minto 3 Ba son (RE9 nd Isla Cumbria ols Bad against a s n o Robi n (YR8) present nal Sch matche ue ens a e o d Q Sulliv o ol to r he Nati ls playe ncham, d a t i p e r i r r f t Live Final o s. The g des, Al nd scor gh u a t p Wes pionshi m St Be Taylor’s not eno t u o m r y t Cha sides f erchan rtunatel etition b roud. A g p stron ol and M ints; unfo the com l very p won 3 o o Scho of 274 p urther in the scho lice who her own e f UCC has enjoyed huge total e them ves and go to A nd held ell don t a l k W s success with cross-country to ta themse tion mu atches an her! enwo od m e n g h this year. After winning doin ular me singles older t hnny Gr r s c i r o e t J par f 4 of h s 2 yea the year 7 county event at r out o st playe ls! QEGS James Salt went on ir in aga of the g with Luke Hunter & Joe Newby l l to a to represent the county at the inter counties event against Northumberland & Durham where James was an outstanding second & Luke Hunter 3rd. Both Luke Brown & Molly Rudkin also represented the county at their respective age groups. Luke brown has been chosen to run for Cumbria in the National championships in Derby also. Johnny Greenwood



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YEAR 13 DEVISED EXAMS In December, Year 13 Drama students performed pieces they had devised themselves as part of their A2 exam. ‘Still Remains’ and ‘Blackout’ proved to be thought provoking pieces undertaken with skill and professionalism by all involved. Jane Reardon




Our 5th annual cheer camp was another fantastic success for our cheer squad. Twenty-five girls, including our cheer captain Ellis Hope and student coach Shannon Twiddy, made their way (via a little shopping stop at the Trafford Centre!) to PGL Boreatton Park. The girls took part in four gruelling cheer training sessions, building on their fitness, stunts, motions and choreography with British Cheer Association coaches. We also had time to fit in some outdoor adventurous activities – the giant swing and the trapeze – cheerleaders have got to be good at heights!! It was a brilliant weekend and a little bit special as we said goodbye st k r i r f a r P and good luck to Mrs Castle r ou eatton o f y r l as she goes on maternity ar Bo Up e ssion at d i leave … Cheer won’t be se ntw @sha rleading the same without her and che e atercc we can’t wait for her w @ulls to come back with a mini-cheerleader next spring!

Ullswater Community College Wetheriggs Lane, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 8NG Tel: 01768 210206 @ullswatercc

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Spring Success 2014  

The Winter Edition of Success from Ullswater Community College

Spring Success 2014  

The Winter Edition of Success from Ullswater Community College