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Product Service System Design

Politecnico di Milano

Master of Science 2017- currently studying

Milan, Italy

Industrial Product Design

Bahcesehir University

Bachelor 2009-2013

Istanbul, Turkey

Industrial Design

Universita degli Studi di Genova

Erasmus program 2012-Spring

Genova, Italy

Industrial Design-Jewelry Design

University of the Arts

Summer School 2008-August

Design Store Owner 2018-currently running

Philadelphia, USA

Kasaba Dükkan D Ü K K A N

Design Store, Bozcaada, Turkey

Industrial Designer


Industrial Designer

Anadolu Cam Sanayii A.Ş.


Internship 2012-Summer

ulker aral

Package Design Office, Istanbul, Turkey Package Design Firm, Istanbul, Turkey

21.07.1991 Jewelry Design

Tasarım Vakfı (Design Foundation)


Bodrum, Turkey

Jewelry Design Collection

Sbodio 32

Jewelry Design

Tasarım Vakfı (Design Foundation)

Urban Mobility

Yard 9

Street Furniture Design

Fachhochschule Salzburg

Playground Design

Sustainability Jam

2015-April 2013 2012 2011 2011


Milan Design Week, Italy Mardin-Istanbul, Turkey Istanbul, Turkey Salzburg, Austria

Istanbul Technical University

Brand Identity

Ilıo/Demirden Design


Istanbul Design Week

Pavillion Design

MEDS (Meeting of Design Students)

NC for Turkey 2011


Istanbul, Turkey

Turkish Native

English Advanced



Wine Tating Illustration Yoga Cultures and Spirits

Rhinoceros Solidworks Keyshot Vray Photoshop Illustrator Indesign

Designed for KOLEKSIYON Istanbul based furniture company With the help of the bearing inside, the parts can move vertically and can be in different shapes according to the space The mobile furniture can be used as one, three, five or more

Designed during the Mardin visit, a city from eastern side of Turkey famous with the filigree works

Inspired by the architecture of the city, the rings can be combined and used together by the choice of the user pointing the layered structure of the houses

Has been honoured to produced by TasarÄąm VakfÄą

Naked is a jewelry design collection created in 2017. Inspired by famous quote of Mevlana/ Rumi “Be as you seen or seen as you be� The collection is made out transparent plexiglass and silver. Transparency symbolizes to be as you are.

For the brand, a logo, flyers and a website designed. In 2017 Naked was exhibited in Milan Design Week.

To bring a new way of understanding to the standard wine bottles, a handle has been added to the bottle and inspirationed by carafe

Has beeen designed during the internship in Anadolu Cam Sanayii A.Ĺž. and honoured to be produced by them in the following years

The package has been designed for delicatessen products and provides a healthier solution for second use With the bellowed structure of the package, after opening it, the user can make it smaller according to the size of the rest of the product in it and leave minimum air inside of the package When the product is finished the user can use the package as a storage jar for a sustained second use

Inspired by the myth of how the cofee beans founded by goats and illustrated on the cup together with the packaging

Has been selected as the winner design by Ritzenhoff in 2014 and produced

Designed for cheap wines for young people drinking outside, the bottle involves 5 paper cups to drink outside

The logo has inspired by the Turkish saying “dogkiller� for cheap wines and the green dog is visible when the bottle is full, the black and dead dog is visible when the bottle is empty which means you are drunk

Designed for a French based baby products’ brand

Brand identity has been inspired by the name “plick plock� which i s also inspired by rain drops

A logo, business card, stickers and three different tags and packages have been designed for the brand

Illustrations made for famous places of Bozcaada (touristic island in Turkey)

Three most famous places had selected and illustrations were made with explanations, printed on notebooks. They are being sold in several shops in the island since summer of 2018

Tang is an application that helps to communicate between people who do outdoor sports

Logo was designed with the inspiration of a walkie talkie and it works with the same method. You need to push and talk. A very simple interface designed to help people to communicate during their sports activities.

Drawing, watercolor, marker, charcoal works are involved

Has been interested in drawing since childhood

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