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My autobiography Ulises Misa This book is based on the birth of a famous rock band called Synapses.


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A lifetime to remember, by Ulises Misa

Misa Ulises

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The birth of a famous drummer


arly one stormy morning in April, 2003, I was opening my eyes for the first time on my 16th birthday. Although it might sound rather awkward, when I woke up that day, I had the strange feeling that something was going to amuse me. I walked downstairs to the living room and it was there: my first drums kit. It was just perfect. Although I knew it was not a professional drums kit, from the very moment I had it in my hands, I realized I wanted to be a musician and that I was going to be part of a very well known new metal band. I was still at secondary school and even though time at that age was never enough, I devoted the drums as much time as I could to improve a set of basic drumming skills so that I could be ready to perform in a band. What I had never imagined was that the first group I belonged to would be my later success in the music world.


My roots

was brought to life in April of 1987 in Capital Federal, Buenos Aires I lived there with my mother, granny and grandpa for a couple of years, and then they decided to move to Longchamps to afford a new house and find a peaceful place to live. I have been living here in Almirante Brown since 1990 and I became quite passionate for my neighborhood, so I chose to stay here because I could never separate from my old friends and cousins. I have always been proud of my family, mainly of my mum; she gave me all she had at her disposal. I have never suffered from hunger and I was given all that a child may need; nowadays I am trying to compensate all the effort she made for taking care of me. My cousins and friends became a significant component of my childhood (and big part of my youth also‌). Since my mum decided not to bring any other child to life, I spent half of my childhood with my three cousins. On sunny afternoons days, we often played in a big oak tree in the back garden of my house, an on those cold winter evenings I used to go to my cousins’ and we watched cartoons for hours. Life was so simple at that age; no work, no worries, no responsibilities, only having fun.

Friends for ever

Misa Ulises

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I believe that good friends do not grow up in trees, so I could count my best pals with only my two hands. I have had many mates along my life but these 5 guys in the picture and a couple more that are not here, were (and still are) the ones who I consider important to recall. I consider a true friend somebody that I look forward to spending time with, that I would do almost anything for, and that I can call upon to talk during times of sadness or anger. If I had to speak of all my experiences throughout my whole life with my friends, it could take me thousand pages of writing, so I will only include a picture of my last summer holidays with them in Entre Rios and finish saying that they will have my friendship for the rest of my life.

My school days

Misa Ulises

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was an average student throughout my academic life. I enjoyed extra-curricular activities such as English, Chess Club, Art and Music. I studied at more than four schools along my life since my mother could not feel comfortable or in agreement with any of them. I started the primary studies in a private school in Longchamps; If you are paying attention to the picture on the left, you may (or not) think that I enjoyed those times; actually I used to hate almost all of my classmates since they were such arrogant kids; they used to make me feel miserable when I had no pocket money or my mum could not afford the latest school bag of dragon ball z. I was changed then to another private primary institute where I finished 6th year, and then got changed to another one where I completed 7th, 8th and 9th year. Finally I decided that I wanted to finish the secondary studies in a public school, since I could not tolerate those stinky arrogant kids anymore. The last school I belonged to was called Media 14 Tomas Espora, and it was situated in Temperley. I loved it and I had the best classmates I have ever had; Cristian, Juan and Lucas were those guys I am referring to. When we came out of the class and school time was over, we spent hours playing arcade games in Cotto, which was a couple of blocks from there; sometimes we just stayed in the school-bus stop to watch the lovely girls that passed by. The four of us and three other girls, friends

Misa Ulises

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of us, went to Bariloche for the graduation trip. Those 7 days here just marvellous; we learned how to ride a snowboard- something that was quite challenging for them, but for me was only a change of the ground since I had been doing skateboarding for more than 3 years. The seven of us went dancing every night and a couple of nights we came back to the hotel so drunk that we could not even find the key to the room. If I were given the possibility of turning the time backwards to revive those pleasant moments I had along my life, it would definitely be my secondary school days.


My eccentric hobbies and likes

have never been as all the other teenagers I used to spend time with; actually I was usually considered the weird one of my group of pals. Now that I am recalling those memories, I realize that they did not understand that I really wanted to be different from the rest. When I was 15 I decided to have a gothic appearance, so I wore only black and white clothes; I arranged my hair to look as spiky and painted my fingers in black too. When almost all of my friends were playing football, I was practicing skateboarding with another friend of mine in a square a few blocks from my home. I was really determined to become a professional skateboarder but once I was given my drums kit, I started devoting much more time to the composition of songs and improvement of the basic drumming notions; in other words I became a music passionate. I was strongly influenced by New Metal bands like Slipknot, Korn and Mudvayne. .Actually there was a group that literally blew me away when I heard its songs. It is called Lamb of God and they are considered one of the biggest New Metal Rock

Misa Ulises

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band within the music world by millions of people. I have become a huge fan of the drummer of that band; I even performed a few covers of their songs in the last concert I played two months ago with Synapses, my current rock band.



ynapses is the name of my group. I remember how I happened to meet these guys a play with; when I finished the secondary school, I chose to start the English Teaching Training School in a public institute in Adrogue. It was there that I first met the guitar-player of my band, Javier. We started to get along since we had almost the same preferences and likes about music. He told me he used to play in a group but the drummer had had an accident and his leg had to be amputated. So, Javi asked me if I wanted to join the band agreed immediately Synapses became a complete success in only a year. We finished our first demo called Ashes of the Wake and hade our inaugural concert in a pub called Teatro Norte in Capital Federal. People really enjoyed our sound; the owner of the place invited us to play in his pub more often but for free. We could not believe it at all. After a couple of months a record company decided to represent us. I remember that day as if it were yesterday; Gabriel told us: “Guys….you are good musicians, you are going to be famous and you will start to get money with something that you really seem to love doing. I am very interested in representing you in the future. However, you will have to devote as much time as you can to the composition and improvement of your songs, otherwise all that you have acquired up to now will vanish as fast as it started.” And so we did. I dropped my English Studies and decide to dedicate fully to the recording of new songs. It has been almost 4 years since I joined Synapses; we have sold approximately 30,000 discs and nowadays we are considered one of the best New Metal groups of Argentina. This picture on the left was from our last concert in Cordoba, we played in a festival with three other also wellknown bands from Misiones, Entre Rios and Catamarca. The Olympic Stadium of Cordoba was completely full of thousands of fans of Synapses.

Misa Ulises

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Go for broke the whole


ast year, I started the course of Record Producer; along these last 3 or 4 years of composing songs and meeting very prestigious people in the music business, I decided that I wished to become a record producer myself and have my own recording company. I have been said that ‘out of every hundred people who want to become record producers, perhaps only one has the raw talent. Out of a hundred people with the raw talent only one will have the determination. And out of a hundred people with the raw talent and determination, only one will ever get the opportunity’. Although it can be quite frustrating to hear something like this, I am determined to achieve this huge objective of life, and be ready for all the ups and downs of this venture. In any case, the whole music business is full of obstacles. Imagine having an underpaid, uncertain job that involves you spending months away from your family on a dirty bus. But imagine 100,000 people greeting you when you take the stage. That sound has no price in this world.

…So nobody can be sure about how successful someone can become; can you assure me that in a couple of years I wouldn´t turn into a prestigious record producer…? Nevertheless, I will continue drumming in Synapses and making fun lots of Metal lovers.

Misa Ulises

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Acknowledgements I wish to thank all those who helped me and inspired me. Without them, I could not have completed this project.

To my family: for having faith on all my decisions along my life and providing me with all the nurturing and support I needed to become who I am. To my friends: for making me feel something important on their life. To Synapses: for giving me the opportunity of being part of the group and also for all the fantastic moments we shared together. To Stella: for helping me to improve my writing skills and encouraging me to find the writing process more attractive and pleasant.

Misa Ulises

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Misa Ulises

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This is about my story of life

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