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What is expecco?


expecco is a test and automation tool with which you can create graphical executable models that can be directly executed. Simplify the development, execution, analysis and maintenance of test scenarios. This increases your productivity and benefits your economic efficiency and your corporate success. expecco is an enterprise solution that grows with your requirements. It can be optimally integrated in your IT infrastructure and can also be used as a single user solution.


It is our goal to fulfill your requirements, to grow with you, and by doing so to deliver highest quality at all times.


„There is only one way to prove competence: by putting it into action.“ Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

Intuitive Operation Fully utilize the potential of your staff. The graphic modelling of the tests and the intuitive operation of the system enables all employees to engage in the development, maintenance, and execution of test sequences. ▪ Self-documenting illustration of the tests and test results ▪ Facilitation of cooperation between departments ▪ Domain experts can model tests ▪ Tests can be created without programming knowledge Increased Efficiency The reusability of test sequences increases the productivity and enables the rapid creation of complex test sequences. ▪ Cover more test depth and test width in less time ▪ Partial sequences can be reused with the help of parameterization ▪ Existing test descriptions can be imported ▪ Extensive building block libraries with standardized test actions Proven Performance Review expecco offers excellent diagnostics options and an efficient control of sucess. ▪ Error messages and diagnostics indicating the source of the error ▪ Test results can be saved in a database ▪ Test results can be analyzed and processed at any time ▪ Information about test runs and test results via HTTP/ Mail/ SMS or Instant Messaging Services ▪ Automated regression tests ▪ Automated report generation


Shorter development cycles demand higher efficiency and cost controlling. With expecco we offer a flexible system that grows with your requirements.


„Remember that nothing is permanent. The only permanent is change.“ Buddha

Variable Capabilities expecco‘s capabilities are flexible. ▪ Automation of software and hardware tests ▪ Quality assurance ▪ Load and performance tests ▪ Integration, acceptance, and regression tests ▪ Automation of installation and migration processes ▪ Automation of recurring business processes Rapid Adaption expecco can rapidly and easily be adapted to incorporate requirement changes. ▪ Running tests can be stopped, modified and continued ▪ Flexible parameterization options ▪ Test runs can be adapted dynamically to changed configurations System Integration A variety of interfaces enables the integrations into already existing systems ▪ Utilization as mediator between different test systems ▪ Import of existing test scripts ▪ Integration in third party systems for quality assurance in conjunction with modelling and continuous integration tools Efficient Test Development Processes can be recognized at one glance and errors can be seen immediately. ▪ Step-by-step processing of tests ▪ Immediate testing of the changes in the model ▪ Direct monitoring of the test execution ▪ Rapid turn-around times


Trust new paths.


„To live in the idea mean to treat the impossible as if it was possible.“ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Ideal Test Monitoring expecco enables the parallel execution of actions within a test scenario ▪ Realistic illustration of even extreme test conditions ▪ Parallel execution of sequences does not have to be programmed separately Current Level of Information With the innovative information service you always have access to the most current information. ▪ Information about test runs and test results via HTTP/ Mail/ SMS or Instant Messaging Services ▪ These services can also be used for the external control of expecco ▪ Automatic registration of results and reports in third party systems such as Quality Center, JIRA and others. Maintenance expecco sets new standards for cost reduction, maintenance and further development of your tests. ▪ Handling of product changes, expansion of new measuring setups or measuring devices at central locations through clearly defined interfaces which only have to be maintained at one location ▪ Integrated version management Optimal Administrative Options Administration of test suites and inventory in the expeccoNET test management system. ▪ Tests are configurable via expeccoNET ▪ Resource administration ▪ Measuring devices and parameters can be managed and configured ▪ expeccoNET as a CVS repository


You set and define the goal and we are eager to achieve it together with you by travelling on new paths.


„To be successful requires two things: Clear goals and the burning desire to achieve them.“ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

eXept offers proven unique software solutions for quality assurance management and test automation. Our programs can be customized to meet the specific needs of your company and the applicable requirements. Since we have organized ourselves into small, effective teams, our decision paths are short and our processes un-bureaucratically fast. Moreover, you always have a direct connection to your personal, experienced and competent point of contact. Our service includes the development, installation, and maintenance of our software. We will gladly support you during the implementation of the tools, the test development, and automation. Of course we can also train your staff.

Are you interested in expecco? We are looking forward to your call or email and will be pleased to come to your office for a personal meeting.

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brochure for exept software company