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Program: Earth

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Focuses on hiking, biking and other bipedal adventures. INT Intro-Hike A short hike to the top of the small mountain next to the Scout Center. Our guide will tell you about the history and the landscape around you. A great way to immerse yourselves into the area. The hike takes just over two hours to complete and can be done at any time during the day. Distance: 3 km/2 miles. Dificulty level: Easy. Price pr. person: ISK 1000

HIK Hiking Trail A great hike into the mountains, including the chance to bathe in a natural hot river. It doesn't get more Iceland than this! A great hike for experienced hikers, but physically demanding. Group leaders should be in good physical shape and have mountain experience. Distance: 18 km/12 miles. Difficulty level: Moderate/Challenging. Price pr. person: ISK 5400

Please note: All our guided hikes (except the Glacier Walk) include one guide from our staff. Group leaders are expected to assist during the hike. Additional guides can be booked for additional cost.

Hot river (guided tours)

SHO Short River Hike Want to visit the hot river without hiking for a whole day? Let the coach do most of the hard work, leaving you with only 3 km/2 mile hike each way. (6 km/4 miles in total) Difficulty level: Easy/Moderate. Price pr. person: ISK 7900

Glacier Walk (guided tour)


Prices for a group of 21-30. For groups of 9-20 add 15% cost to all program activities and tours. For groups of 31-60 subtract 10% discount to all program activities and tours.

2017 program and service - Ulfljotsvatn Scout Center  
2017 program and service - Ulfljotsvatn Scout Center