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learn to think Liberal education. It’s an education philosophy that began in ancient Greece with Socrates, who believed individuals should base their opinions on reason, and it’s been the education foundation at uLethbridge since our inception in 1967. Yet, it’s anything but old school. Liberal education fuels the imagination. It drives innovation. It’s vital to Canada’s future — and yours. Here’s the thing: the career you will have in 25 years very likely doesn’t exist today. So, how are you going to prepare for it? Liberal education teaches you HOW to think, not WHAT to think. You gain skills such as big-picture thinking, adaptability, problem-solving, effective communication and information literacy, so you will be able to navigate a rapidly changing labour market. It also encourages you to be an active citizen in your community and sets you on the path to be a lifelong learner. At uLethbridge, our unique four-pillar approach to liberal education enables you to explore a variety of subjects, connect and integrate knowledge across disciplines and discover what you’re passionate about. You’ll also develop the skills you’ll need to make a difference in the world in the years ahead. Turn to page 20 to learn more about where a liberal education can take you!


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