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What’s really happening in space? Dr. Locke Spencer (MSc ’05, PhD ’09)

“The Physics and Astronomy program at the U of L has opened my eyes to the exciting field of experimental astrophysics and has opened doors and provided career opportunities that I did not know existed.”

Locke Spencer (MSc ’05, PhD ’09) completed his master’s degree at the U of L and was the first graduate of the Earth, Space and Physical Science PhD program in 2009. Now he’s a Tier II Canada Research Chair in Experimental Astrophysics and has received $500,000 in funding over five years. Although he literally has the galaxy at his fingertips, he’s returned to his alma mater as a faculty member where he is developing sophisticated instrumentation to investigate the most far-flung and inaccessible areas of the final frontier. Today Dr. Spencer hopes to further advance our understanding of the universe by creating next-generation astrophysical instrumentation, and his work is helping to position Canada as a significant contributor to international research projects. “As a student at the U of L, I jumped at the chance to undertake a graduate research project that would give me experience with the development of instrumentation for a space telescope. I did not realize that such world-class research was not only taking place within, but also led by, research groups at the U of L. As a result I now collaborate with multiple researchers and institutions (including NASA and the European Space Agency) on a variety of research projects in astronomy and astrophysics.”


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