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Urban League of Broward County 2010–2011 Annual Report

Built to last.

Our Mission To assist African-Americans and other disenfranchised groups in the achievement of social and economic equality. Our Vision We will be a catalyst for change in Broward County and one of the best human service organizations in the State of Florida. We will be the provider of choice for our customers, the employer of choice for our co-workers, the investment of choice for our corporate, government and philanthropic partners and a model of integrity and excellence for a community based organization.

FOUR AREAS OF SERVICE Education – programs designed to provide supplemental education tools so that all young people have the opportunity to reach their full potential and bring added value to the workplace. Through tutoring, homework assistance, employability skill building, healthy lifestyles education, cultural enrichment, leadership activities, parenting and family bonding workshops all work to ensure that every student excels academically. It also provides an opportunity for youth to graduate from high school, train for a career, prepare to complete a post secondary degree or certification program. Jobs – programs designed to provide training and developmental skills necessary to enter, or re-enter the workforce and become economically self-sufficient. Program benefits include educational services, job placement, GED preparation & testing, employability skills training and child care services. These programs offer participants career development opportunities through various life skills workshops, service-learning experiences, internships and apprenticeships. Housing – programs designed to provide financial education tools necessary for successful wealth accumulation. Program benefits include budgeting, credit counseling, debt reduction, predatory lending prevention, financial literacy, home buying resource tools and loan application assistance. Health – programs designed to promote healthy living by providing valuable tools to address health problems that adversely affect residents in low-income communities. They are designed to ensure that preventative care advances and vital health resources reach those who need them most.

Dear Friends: As the Urban League of Broward County closes one of its most successful years, we have many accomplishments to celebrate. It was a year of tremendous growth. On the heels of a $1 million gift from JM Family Enterprises in 2010, we broke ground on our future home, the Community Empowerment Center. The construction of the center delivers a powerful message to our supporters: the Urban League is built to last. Doria Camaraza Board Chair

Dr. Germaine Smith-Baugh President and CEO Urban League of Broward County

LAYING THE FOUNDATION Throughout our growth, the Urban League focused on fine-tuning programs that would address the barriers to education, jobs, housing and health for low-income residents in Broward County. The Community Empowerment Center will allow us to broaden our reach in the community by serving more children, families and youth in need. We knew that our expansion project would not only add economic value to the surrounding community—but it would also fit the true needs of our clients. GOING BEYOND CONSTRUCTION Laying the foundation for our new home was only half the battle. It was equally important to design a blueprint for improving the continuum of critical services offered by the Urban League. Our construction crew— composed of our dedicated Board of Directors, volunteers and staff, played an important role in building the “new” Urban League. It is due to their commitment and the generosity of our investors that allows us to empower communities and change lives each year. We are pleased to share some highlights from the past year with you and look forward to building a better Broward County for our families, colleagues and friends.

Built to last…

The Community Empowerment Center

The Community Empowerment Center is specially designed to address needs of our clients. It allows the Urban League of Broward County to broaden its reach in the community and create social and economic equality for the individuals and families we serve. By consolidating staff and resources into one space, it reduces overhead cost and allows staff to produce quality program services. The Community Empowerment Center will provide: • A 4,000+ sq foot multi-purpose community room that can be parsed into 4 smaller rooms. • A state of the art computer research lab and Four (4) digital training/classrooms • Direct Service support area for program staff of more than 7,700 square feet(incl. multi-purpose room) • Spaces to host special events and community activities • Office space for Urban League direct service staff and administration

Community Empowerment Center

$ 2,500,000 $ 1,500,000 Lobby Foyer $ 150,000 Glass Elevator $ 75,000 Reception Area $ 75,000 Grande Staircase $ 75,000 Pillars $ 10,000 Community Empowerment Hall $ 1,000,000 “Empower Communities” Room $ 200,000 “Develop Children” Room $ 200,000 “Change Lives” Room $ 200,000 “Transform Families” Room $ 200,000 Wealth Building Wing $ 1,000,000 Family Counseling Suite $ 250,000 Wealth Building Conference Room $ 50,000 Family Counseling Rooms (6) each $ 40,000 Youth Development & Education Wing $ 1,000,000 Youth Development & Education Conference Room $ 50,000 Youth Development & Education Mezzanine $ 50,000 Youth Development & Education Waiting Area $ 25,000 World of Possibilities Training Center $ 750,000 $ 200,000 SOLD Dwight Stephenson Education Training Room Jobs Training Room $ 200,000 Housing Training Room $ 200,000 Health Training Room $ 200,000 SOLD AutoNation Entrance Plaza/Courtyard $ 500,000 Public Art Project: Common Unity $ 250,000 Public Art Project: Equality $ 250,000 Plaza/Courtyard Trees $ 10,000 $ 10,000 SOLD Perry Family Flag Pole Courtyard Benches $ 10,000 New River Green Rooftop Terrace $ 350,000 Stationary Benches $ 10,000 Planters $ 10,000 $ 300,000 SOLD ULBC Board Room Executive Suite $ 300,000 Executive Waiting Area/Rooftop Terrace Entrance $ 75,000 Executive/Administrative Offices (10) each $ 50,000 CEO Conference Room $ 50,000 Plasma Recognition Wall $ 250,000 Executive Corridor/Skywalk $ 100,000 Large Conference Room $ 100,000 Computer Wiz Lab $ 100,000 $ 75,000 SOLD Coventry Wellness & Fitness Center Community Resource Room $ 100,000 Community Resource Room Cubbies (10) each $ 10,000 Catering Kitchen $ 100,000 McKinley Financial Elevator Lobby SOLD Waiting Area (second floor) $ 50,000 South Florida Pediatric Homecare, Inc. SOLD Pathways to Change Hallway $ 50,000 $ 30,000 SOLD ULBC Staff Lounge Honor Roll Listing in Grand Opening Brochure $1 + TOTAL OPPORTUNITIES $10+ Million

SOLD JM Family Lobby

Through job skills training, homeownership workshops, tutoring and academic achievement programs, youth development prevention programs, second chance & trade programs for high school drops outs and diversion programs for young people who have strayed off the path and are in trouble with the law, we can continue to make a significant impact in Broward County. The 28,000-square-foot center is being constructed on 2.5 acres located on Northwest 27th Avenue just south of Sistrunk Blvd., adjacent to the African-American Research Library and Cultural Center in unincorporated Broward County. The Community Empowerment Center will be a place where parents, youth and residents can come not only to get exceptional Urban League programming, but to convene and mobilize others in the community around the variety of issues affecting their lives. It will be a physical resource in the form of training rooms, technology labs, digital classrooms and community meeting space for area residents.

As of June 30, 2011


Programs designed to provide supplemental education tools so that all young people have the opportunity to reach their full potential and bring added value to the workplace. Through tutoring, homework assistance, employability skill building, healthy lifestyles education, cultural enrichment, leadership activities, parenting and family bonding workshops all work to ensure that every student excels academically. It also provides an opportunity for youth to graduate from high school, train for a career, prepare to complete a post secondary degree or certification program. ASSET BUILDING LEADS TO EXCELLENCE (A.B.L.E.) seeks to increase positive decision--making in middle school students in an effort to reduce risk factors associated with substance abuse, teen pregnancy, delinquency and school failure. SUBSTANCE ABUSE PREVENTION (S.A.P.) is designed to amplify youth awareness to the hazards of using and/or selling drugs. SAP promotes healthy living for youth between the ages of 8–17 and provides enhancement activities such as recreational and cultural field trips, academic assistance and community service projects.

88% of youth served in the SAP program increased school attendance, improved their academics and increased service to their community.

ATLANTIC COAST CENTER OF EXCELLENCE works in collaboration with the National Achievers Society (NAS). It recognizes academic excellence among minority youth; rewards outstanding achievement in the areas of scholarship, leadership and service; fosters civic responsibility and increase student enrollment and successful matriculation through college. CRIME PREVENTION AND INTERVENTION (CP&I) is a youth development & education program designed to reduce the number of criminal referrals to the Juvenile Justice System. It creates a safe school environment by deterring students from participation in delinquent behavior, reduces truancy, suspension and expulsion and motivates youth to be academically driven. ENGAGING MODIFYING BEHAVIOR REACHING AT-RISK CHILDREN EVERYDAY (EMBRACE) is a youth development & education program that is a voluntary, confidential alternative to traditional court proceedings for juvenile offenders. This is a 12-week program designed to deter first-time, nonviolent offenders from future involvement in delinquent or criminal activity. Cases are referred on an individual basis by the State Attorney’s Office. Program activities include community service, restitution and/or participation in a restorative justice. Once the juvenile completes all conditions outlined, he or she graduates from the program.


76.5 % 2010–2011 high school graduation rate. Source: School Board of Broward County

UL IMPACT 99% of youth participants avoided new law violations upon completion of the ULBC Diversion Program. Elementary aged participants served during the summer improved reading skills by 94% and math skills by 93%.

Education Events Summer Enrichment Camp Each year, the Urban League of Broward County proudly hosts a 10-week Summer Enrichment Camp that provides a safe and structured environment for children and youth of low-income families. Camp activities featured cultural enrichment field trips, lifeskills training, academic development programs, water safety & swimming instruction and arts & crafts projects. “The camp was created to give our at-risk children a safe and positive alternative during summer break while mitigating any learning losses that typically happens when kids aren't in school. Campers are exposed to activities that boost their selfesteem and social resiliency while empowering them to form productive, strong relationships with their peers, parents and teachers.” – Dr. Germaine Smith-Baugh

Back to School Rally The Back to School Rally is held annually to equip students with free school supplies and to provide parents, teachers and members of the community with resources to help make the pursuit of academic excellence a priority. Thanks to the donations of generous sponsors, more than 2,000 students in grades K-6 received backpacks filled with grade-appropriate school supplies including notebooks, pens, pencils, rulers and more.

Designed to provide training and THE ISSUE UL IMPACT developmental skills necessary to enter or reenter the workforce and become economically Job fairs, employer orientations & self-sufficient. Program benefits include initiatives made nearly 100 new job 2010 unemployment educational services, job placement, GED placements in hospitality, retail rate in Broward County. preparation & testing, employability skills management, construction and Source: U.S. Bureau of training and child care services. With support customer service. Labor Statistics from our funders and partnerships these programs offer participants career development opportunities through various life skills workshops, service-learning experiences, internships and apprenticeships.

10.2 %


CENTER FOR WORKING FAMILIES is a collaborative effort among United Way of Broward County, Hispanic Unity of Florida, Children’s Services Council of Broward County, the Jim Moran Foundation and the Urban League of Broward County. The Center for Working Families assists members of the community who need individualized emergency and economic development services so that they can achieve and maintain economic stability. FREE TAX PREPARATION & EARNED INCOME TAX CREDIT (EITC) works in collaboration with community partners to improve the financial stability of low and moderate-income families by providing free tax preparation and EITC assistance. PROJECT BRAIVE is a service that provides free resources and assistance for Operation Iraqi Freedom (Iraq) and Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan) service members and their dependents. This program works in collaboration with The Miami Foundation to ensure that our service members have equal access to what they need most: care, benefits and jobs. YOUTHBUILD BROWARD is designed to provide educational services to high school dropouts between the ages of 18 and 24.Youthbuild Broward provides young adults with an opportunity to transform their roles in society by building and rehabilitating affordable housing for low-income families. YouthBuild Broward participants are typically underprivileged youth: products of single parent homes, children of incarcerated parents, ex-offenders and young adults that have aged out of foster care.


Designed to provide financial education tools necessary for successful wealth accumulation. Program benefits include budgeting, credit counseling, debt reduction, predatory lending prevention, financial literacy, home buying resource tools and grant application assistance. FORECLOSURE PREVENTION helps homeowners with financial hardships maintain possession of their homes through counseling and financial assistance.




ULBC’s Housing Programs served 555 households in 2010. 98% of clients counseled for mortgage delinquency avoided foreclosure. 30% of active foreclosure prevention clients successfully obtained a mortgage modification.

Number of foreclosures in Broward County in 2010. Source: Broward County Property Appraiser

HOMEOWNERSHIP COUNSELING is designed to educate, prepare and guide individuals in the process of becoming first-time home buyers. HOUSING DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM in partnership with the Broward Alliance for Neighborhood Development (BAND), that assits in the identification, purchase, rehabilitation and resale of foreclosed properties. INDIVIDUAL DEVELOPMENT ACCOUNTS (IDA) is a housing program designed to increase knowledge and wealth accumulation in the low-income community. It provides an 8:1match savings program that will allow you to purchase your first home, continue post-secondary education or establish a small business. Monthly financial literacy workshops are held to encourage good budgeting and savings technique. Designed to provide educational tools and resources that promote healthy living and address issues that adversely affect residents in low-income communities. They are designed to ensure that preventative care advances and vital health resources reach those who need the most.


TOGETHER OUR TOTS THRIVE AND SURVIVE (T.O.T.T.S.) is designed to reduce the infant mortality rate in Broward County. T.O.T.T.S. operates in collaboration with Broward Healthy Start and provides comprehensive prenatal and infant educational programs. Every pregnant woman is eligible for Healthy Start services regardless of income, marital status, education level or experience with children. Health Fair — Partnership with the National Urban League and Walgreens Wellness Tour Each year, the National Urban League and Walgreens join forces to empower individuals to take action regarding their health by launching a nationwide mobile health screening tour with THE ISSUE UL IMPACT the goal of promoting better health in urban ULBC’s T.O.T.T.S. program communities across the country. In November reduced the rate of infant 2010, the Urban League of Broward County African Americans made up mortality by preparing 1,310 hosted a health fair to welcome the annual the largest portion of fetal new and expectant parents tour and offered the free screenings to local and infant deaths in 2010. for safe pregnancies and residents. Source: Children’s Services Council survival of babies through of Broward County – Fetal Infant Review 2010 Report their first year of life.

58 %


YPN MEMBERS Rolnecia Albert Martin Allen Nicole Allen Yadira Andujar Tenesha Avent Kimberly Bankhead Norvel Bethel Ciara Bostick Frank Brown Karen Brown Zamarr Brown Candice Cobb Kadeen Dennie Phil Gayle Sharu Goodwyn Robyn Hankerson Rodney Harrigan Stephanie Henry Mimose Hiller Nyasha Hinds Sharonda Johnson Kerline Jules Norma Jules Renata Junqueira Nikkita Martinez Suzette Maylor Jahra McLawrence Tocarra Miller Tracy Mitchell Michel Morgan Ruben Nesbitt Sheronne Owens Theondra Rich Nikkia Rogers Nakeya Shelton Jarrett Smith Keston Smith Vickie St. Aime Mitchell Taylor Lesan Thomas Shari Todd-Kerlew Obi Umunna Chanell Walker Venessa Walker Allen Washington Barika Williams Benjamin Williams As of June 30, 2011


Mission Statement We exist to cultivate a new generation of young professionals to take an active role in serving and empowering Broward County’s urban communities. Vision Statement To be the training ground for young leaders and to promote the Urban League as an authority on issues affecting Broward County’s urban communities. We actively support the goals and mission of the Urban League of Broward County by serving our community and developing our members through mentoring and youth activities, political engagement and professional development programs. The Broward County chapter implements local programs in support of the National Urban League’s 5–point empowerment agenda, which includes: • Education and Youth Empowerment • Economic Empowerment HIGHLIGHTS • Health and Quality of Life • Totaled 888 volunteer hours in the • Civic Engagement and Leadership Empowerment community with 764 of those hours • Civil Rights and Racial Injustice Empowerment going to ULBC programs. We averaged 18.5 volunteer hours per YPN member

• Contributed over $2,200 to ULBC and pledged $10,000 to the Community Empowerment Center Capital Campaign

2010 – 2011 Executive Board From left: Rolnecia Albert, VP Policy & Procedure; Candice Cobb, Secretary; Norvel Bethel, President and Nicole Allen, VP Programs

• Conducted the 4th annual Youth Summit. Middle School and High School Students from all around Broward County registered to attend the free “My Life, My Dream, My Destiny” Youth Empowerment Summit on Saturday, March 26, 2011. The conference—hosted at the Nova Southeastern University’s Huizenga School of Business and Entrepreneurship—featured motivational speakers, a college fair, and special youth performances. • Established a Facebook presence with 419 Followers

Party Like it’s 1975” Red Gala Date: September 11, 2010 Urban League of Broward County’s annual Red Gala is a celebration of outstanding leaders and achievers in the community; it is also a vehicle of continued support for the organization. It is an opportunity to embrace old friends, but also to introduce ourselves to new friends. This groovy, party with a purpose allowed guests to travel back in time to 1975, the year ULBC was founded. Guests donned their best 70’s inspired threads to help us celebrate our 35 remarkable years of service to Broward County. We also applauded the extraordinary accomplishments of our community leaders: Pictured top right: Elizabeth “BJ” Buntrock, The Pantry of Broward, recipient of 2010 Margaret Roach Humanitarian Award presented by AutoNation. Pictured middle right: Keith Koenig, City Furniture, recipient of the 2010 Diversity Champion Award, present by Tripp Scott. Picture bottom right: Wesley Dixon, recipient of the 2010 Youth Achiever Award presented by Comcast.

$1 – 9,999

DONORS This report reflects donations and pledges received between July 1, 2010 and June 30, 2011.

Thank you to all the individuals, corporations, organizations and government entities whose ongoing commitment and support continues to deepen our impact and expand our reach.

$1 million and over

$20,000 – $49,999

JM Family Enterprises, Inc.

Alan & Marsha Levy Charitable Foundation American Express Charitable Fund Broward County Burger King Corporation Citigroup Foundation Comcast Foundation Community Foundation of Broward Florida Education Fund Harry T. Mangurian, Jr. Foundation, Inc. JP Morgan Chase Foundation Samuel Morrison Sun-Sentinel Children’s Fund United Way of Broward County Wells Fargo Foundation (Wachovia)

$500,000 – $999,999

AutoNation Children’s Services Council of Broward County U.S. Department of Labor $100,000 – $499,999

Broward Alliance for Neighborhood Development Broward Healthy Start Coalition City Furniture Jim Moran Foundation National Urban League* Pinellas County Urban League* United Way of Broward County** *With generous support from U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development, MetLife, NeighborWorks, Freddie Mac, U.S. Department of Labor, Walmart Foundation, Citigroup **Florida Department of Children & Families, Broward County, employee designations. ***With support from Florida Office of Attorney General

$50,000 – $99,000

Coventry Health Care of Florida Dwight Stephenson Foundation James & Destiny Jones McKinley Financial Services, Inc. The Miami Foundation U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

$10,000 – $19,999

Bank of America Charitable Foundation Community Foundation of Broward Enterprise Holdings Foundation Florida Housing Finance Coalition Garth Brooks Teammates for Kids Foundation/Dwayne Wade Camp Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau HIP/Emblem Health Fred & Maureen Perry Publix Supermarkets Charities/ Food Industry Crusade Against Hunger Tripp Scott, P.A. United Parcel Service Winn Dixie Stores Foundation

A Basket Affair, Inc. Jose Alamo & Elena Alamo Meryam Alaoui W. George Allen Kelly Amstead Yadira Andujar Edmund Ansin Allstate Giving Campaign Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Alston Group Aplin Peer & Associates, Inc. Tenesha Avent Bank Atlantic Kim Bankhead BankUnited Emilio Benitz Kim Bently Berger Singerman, P.A. Norvel Bethel Courtnee Biscardi BJ’s Foundation, Inc. Nancy Botero Broward Alliance for Neighborhood Development Broward College Broward County Broward Health Alica Brown Karen E. Brown Colin Brown Francine Brown Zamarr Brown Burnadette Norris-Weeks Stanley Burns Centene Management Company/Sunshine State Health Plan Doria Camaraza Shannon M. Carey Yolanda Cash Jasckson Brenda Casiano Anthony Chandler Adrienne W. Cochrane Marie Coe Dr. Edna B. Chun

Citrix Systems, Inc. City National Bank City Of Lauderhill Coca-Cola Refreshments USA, Inc. Comcast Coventry Health Care Of Florida/Florida Health Plan Admin., LLC Primrose Culmer Priscilla Cupid Angelica Curry Rosalind Curry Tim & Tammy Curten D. Stephenson Construction, Inc. Daniels And Kashtan, P.A. Shaun Davis Widlyn O. Davis Kadeen Dennie Design2form Sheryl A. Dickey Anthony Dinkins Eugene & Velina Dixon Fabiola Duncan Chetachi A. Egwu Envision Medical Solutions, Inc. Family Vending Company, Inc. Florida Atlantic University Foundation Florida Power & Light Ann-Marie Goldsmith Goodsearch Great American Farms, Inc. Karen Flynn-Schwartzbaugh Deru “Ritchie” Franks Marilyn Gallington Phillip W. Gayle Vincent Giunta Charles Gordan Rosemary Gray Mario & Sandy Guerrero Barbara J. Gumps Andra M. Gun Greg & Shae Haile Haley Miranda Group Sadaria Haliburton

Robyn Hankerson Vanessa B. Hargray Rodney Harrigan David Hawkins Willie Ruth Heath Mimose Hiller Nyasha Hinds Dwight G. Hinkson Sylvester R. Howard Sharon Louise Hunter-James Jerome Hutchinson Kristin Jacobs Darlene Jackson William Jackson Jude Jean-Baptiste Chandra Jefferson Charles Johnson Khia Johnson Lena Johnson Sharonda Johnson Stacy C. Johnson Mersa L. Jones Joane Joseph JP Morgan Chase & Company Kerline Jules Norma Jules Renata Junquiera Traves Knowles Keith T. Koenig Law Offices of W. George Allen Robert W. Leider Lesene Media Group, Inc. Alan D. Levine John Mabry Donna M. Marshall Elizabeth R. Massey Karen F. Maxon Suzette Maylor F. Jahra Mclawrence Wilbert Mctier Memorial Healthcare System Toccara Miller Patricia D. Millner Tracy Mitchell

Patricia Monroe Tawana Moody Motorola Monica Navarro Sherry Nelson-Fiddler Ruben Nesbitt James F. Notter Nova Southeastern University Jennifer O’Flannery Anderson Clarence Cedric Oliver Sheronne Owens Constance Owes David Palmer Trevor C. Pemberton Tinuade O. Pena Lourdes Perez Robert Perkins Fred & Maureen Perry Ketlene Pierre Michelle Pinder Renee Posey Pro Health USA, Inc. Providian Construction Group Hamish Reed Theondra Rich Helen Riescher Willinda Roberts Shantel T. Rorie Bridget Ruffing S & R Kabooms, LLC S. Davis & Associates P.A. Saveology Todd Schemm Makelly Scott Wayne Simmons Germaine Smith-Baugh, Ed.D Dennis D. Smith Keston Smith South Florida Water Management District Natacha St. Louis State Farm Companies Pat Stephenson Kenneth Stowe Ansin Stuart

Neville G. Stuart Liza C. Sumulong Sunbeam Television Corporation Suntrust Holly Svekis Ann Marie Taglienti TD Bank The Family Vending Company, Inc. Eveline E. Theresias Evelyn Thomas Jacqueline Thomas Latrice Thomas Shari Todd-Kerlew Truist Paulette Thorborn Gabrielle Tunnage Turner Construction Company Nnkea Umunna United Way Of Michigan United Way Of Southeastern Pennsylvania Wells Fargo Foundation Vanessa-Ann E. Walker Venessa Walker Vincent Ware Elbert Waters, M.C.P., J.D. Suzanne Weiss Jeaneen West Andrea Whilby Starletha Williams-Jackson Barika Williams Elijah H. Williams, J.D. Patisha Williams Vickie Williams Lisa Williamson Barker Wind Beneath My Wings, Inc. Linette L. Woods WSVN- Channel 7 James Wynn David Young

Thank you to our community partners whose collaborations allow for continued growth and impactful service.

100 Black Men of Greater Fort Lauderdale African-American Research Library & Cultural Center All Purpose Life Skills American Debt Solutions American Express Arthur Ashe Middle School Atlantic Technical Center BJ’s Wholesale Club Broward Alliance for Neighborhood Development (BAND) Broward College Broward County Housing Authority Broward County School Board Broward Housing Solutions Broward Sheriff’s Office Burger King Corporation ChildNet Children’s Services Council of Broward County Church of Brotherly Love City of Fort Lauderdale City of Hollywood City of Lauderdale Lakes

City of Lauderhill Community Foundation of Broward Consolidated Credit Counseling Deerfield Beach Housing Authority Deerfield Beach Middle School Department of Labor Dillard High School Everest University Florida Department of Children and Families Florida Education Fund Feeding South Florida First Church of the Open Bible Florida Department of Juvenile Justice Fort Lauderdale Housing Authority Habitat for Humanity of Broward County Harris Chapel Hispanic Unity of Florida Homes, Inc. Honey Project Housing Authority of the City of Fort Lauderdale

Housing Foundation of America Internal Revenue Service Junior Welfare Kiwanis Club of Broward Merrill United Methodist Church Minority Builders Coalition of Broward County Mt. Hermon AME Church National Urban League Neighborhood Housing Services Norfolk Elementary School Office of the Attorney General Pine Crest School Pinellas County Urban League Pompano Beach Housing Authority Rock Island Elementary South Florida Times Step Up Apprenticeship / Fort Lauderdale Housing Authority United Way of Broward County US Department of Treasury, IRS Walker Elementary William Dandy Middle School Workforce One

Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa Comcast Costumes Etc. D. Stephenson Construction Envision Rx Options Flamingo Gardens Girl Scouts of Southeast Florida Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention and Visitors Bureau Hyatt Regency Pier 66 Lion Country Safari, Inc. Mandarin Oriental Miami

Monkey Jungle Motorola SeaWorld/Aquatica Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

In kind donors

American Express Ark, The AutoNation, Inc Beverly Hills Café Big City Tavern BJ's Wholesale Club Boca Raton Resort and Club Bradford Portraits Broward Center for the Performing Arts Burger King Busch Gardens Tampa Butterfly World

South Florida Business Journal JM Family Enterprises, Inc. South Florida Business Journal Tripp Scott, P.A. Westin Fort Lauderdale Beach Zoo Miami

2010–2011 Financial Highlights Year ended June 30, 2011


EXPENSES $ 4,266,592

Form 990 and audited financial statements for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2011 issued by our auditors Sharpton, Brunson & Company, PA are available by contacting Monica Navarro, Chief Financial Officer & V.P. of Social Enterprise at 954.625.2508.

2010–2011 Board of Directors


Chris Madsen

2011 Senior Management Team

Doria M. Camaraza, Chair

Corey Alston

Owner/CEO, Mad 4 Marketing

President and Chief Executive Officer

Senior V.P./General Manager, American Express

Managing Director, SBK Brooks Investments

James Notter

Germaine Smith-Baugh, Ed.D.

Frederick Perry, 1st Vice Chair

President & CEO, Education Leadership Services, LLC

Sr. Vice President, Bank of America

Robert Beatty, Esq. Publisher, South Florida Times

David Palmer

Marvin Dejean, 2nd Vice Chair

Yolanda Cash-Jackson

Sr. Vice President, BankAtlantic

Attorney, Becker & Poliakoff, P.A.

Hamish Reed

Shaun Davis, Treasurer

Annette Daley

Account Manager, Hospira Worldwide

Managing Partner, S. Davis and Associates, P.A.

Relationship Manager/ Vice President, Wells Fargo

Dawn Stagliano

CEO, Gilead Sanders

Charles Gordon, Secretary Vice President, World Omni Project Management, JM Family Enterprises, Inc.

Sohail Kothari

Dennis D. Smith, Past Board Chair

Alan Levine

Vice Chairman, Tripp Scott, P.A.

Albert Tucker, Member At-Large Vice President, Multicultural Business Development, Greater Ft. Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau

Monica Navarro V.P. of Programs

Community Affairs/ Community Investment, Comcast

Area Manager, Sr. Vice President, Citibank

Chief Financial Officer & VP of Social Enterprise

Courtnee Biscardi V.P. of Community Relations & Communications

Joe Toliver

Holly Svekis

Director of Fund Development

Account Manager, Sun-Sentinel/City & Shore Magazine

Mark Reyes

Vice President/General Manager, Enterprise Holdings

Elbert L. Waters, M.C.P., J.D.

Alan Levy

Judge Elijah Williams

Principle, E.L. Waters and Company, LLC

President, Great American Farms, Inc. 17th Circuit Court Judge, 17th Circuit Court, Broward County

Chief Development & Communications Officer

Shannon M. Carey Chief Programs Officer (2010)

Adrienne W. Cochrane, J.D.

ULBC STAFF July 2010 – June 2011 Cherie Baker Lisa Barker Garry Bellfleur Shena Britt Alica Brown Roshanna Burroughs Linda Carter Brenda Casiano Marie Coe Monica Cupid Angelica Curry Kellie-Ann Davis Michelle Domany Mark Driver Fabiola Duncan Rhonda Felder Deru Franks Ann-Marie Goldsmith Jheanelle A. HenryBurton Sandra Hurtado Darline Jackson William T. Jackson Jude Jean-Baptiste Chandra Jefferson

Markus Johnson Donna Marshall Russchelle F. Martin Andrea Owes Teresa .D Patterson Lourdes L. Perez Louna Pierre Philippe Ketlene Pierre Carlos Prada Jacquelyn Pratt Tina Quant Samantha Ramadon Andrea Ramirez Helen Riescher Sonia Rivera Willinda A. Roberts Vanessa Robson Bridget Ruffing Latrice Thomas Gabrielle Tunnage Vincent Ware Simona Warren Jeaneen West Vickie Williams David Young

Part-time & Summer Staff Danita Allison Portia Barron Richard Belizaire Cadijah Bethell Cherysh Blackman-St.John Chiara Boland D’andrea L. Brown Thedoshia L. Brown Lushanna Burgess Tierra Burnett Kimarya M. Carter-Martin Anthony Carter Samantha Case Carlos Cooke Chandra R. Davis Danny Davis Isiah Davis Terry Davis Lethera Dunson Michael Edwards Teri Evans Alisa Lee Feldman

Katrina Forman Shamel Francis Dwayne R. Frazer Torrano Frederick Xavier Garel Juney J. Henry Sara Hilton Roslyn Honyghan Karen Hylton Letitia Ingram-Phillips Sharon Irons Qwanae Jackson Dorothy James Herbert Jean Alphonso Joseph Jr. Juanita King Catrice Lee-Brown Ann D. Lewis Winnica Mclean Marnoute Michel Gregory Mitchell

Katherell R. Morrison Carrol Nathaniel-Johnson Andrea Ojeda Travon K. Page Kendrick S. Perkins Milenne Plancher Emmanuel Prato Gloria Russell-Grant Savanna Saintilus Rhoda S. Scott Woodrow Shivers Teresa Singletary Taisha A. Stokes David L. Sulkes Coren Tate Kelechi Upkai Afiha Waite Bernice Walker Tonya L. Wallace Rodney Wilkinson Phala Williams

Administrative Office 11 NW 36th Avenue Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311 954.584.0777 Fax: 954.584.4413 Empowering Communities. Changing Lives.

Satellite Office 3521 W. Broward Blvd., Suite 201 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312 954.625.2570 Fax: 954.321.2276 (Se habla Español and nou pale kreyol)

Urban League of Broward County - 2010-11 Annual Report  

Annual Report; FY 2010- 2011

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