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Anna Ulahelová

type of project

rate of book brochures, adjustment of small printed matter, combining writing and painting, rate text multimedia interactive, use of digital technologies, web page, animation, motion design

visual identity / style logo design, complex visual concept ideas to promote a diverse institution and service, campaign packaging design decorative, protective, efficient, promoting and creative too

comics visual concept (illustration), a story dramaturgical line, diversified processing

author‘s object / installation reflection of the world around me, a new confrontation, subjective concept poster attention to social problems but also cultural events, approach the atmosphere of the event or problem that has to attract attention typography work with type, design a new font

infographics instructions, maps, graphs

year of manufacture









11 6 project dimensions in cm

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In my project, I focus on the issue of presentation of women in the mass media (in advertising, television as well as in magazines or on the Internet). I refer to the amount of information, guides and products, which the woman is overwhelmed daily and which submit to her how to manage her life to be the perfect mother, housewife, partner, lover, and thus the good woman. I focus on research and summarize these models and ideals, which I apply to a woman‘s own personality. I generalize my own subjective critical opinion and present it people for evaluation in the form of interactive web pages. Here I give everyone the space to test themselves and confront both my attitude and other people‘s opinions. The result is a public research and statistics on the extent to which other women identify with me and what men can accept in a woman. The importance of this work is to alert the public to the phenomenon of creating artificial ideal women, while forcing a general reflection on the extent to which the media affect us and how much we are aware of this problem.

Bachelor‘s project / installation

Bachelor‘s project / the way of the web site



Encyclopedic book was created in the last semester of subject Practical Typography (short PRTY). The task was to work with information (or works) of individuals who took part in this process and process them to any form. I decided to create a sort of dictionary, in which it would be possible to look at some of the individual information about each of us. The base is to divide the site into three parts (information) - personal data, me and prty, additional terms. These three spheres interrelate and

one refers to another - for example if there is a foreign term in the job description the reader has the option to search in another part its meaning or the related link. The whole book is perforated. The reader has the opportunity to work with book by various ways - to divide it into parts, which could be leafed through individually, or to note information that caught his attention by making a tear. The book is made and sewn by hand.


Poster was awarded third place in the Czech round of international competition DAF-Design Against Fur.



stop furs a poster for the competition

Inspiration through the window that pops up on your computer when you download something. In this case, however, you ay a poor rabbit! What will you do? Here, a single click stops all. But the decision is up to you.

interactive poster at the 20th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution

Internet poster, which you can move the mouse over and then typical slogans and symbols of the Velvet Revolution appear at the heads of the crowd, including how the revolution started. In the crowd you can cross out Husak or discover Vaclav Havel with the motto Truth Prevails!

information sheets for the Faculty of Architecture STU Bratislava design of magazine



My intention was that the magazine apart from the information funktion also has any other practical use for students. And because the magazine informs about the various events that have been or will be, I decided to make it partly the diary of every month. From inspiration by the form of diaries I depended on the individual elements of the magazine - how to read upside-down, use the calendar on the cover instead of content, modular grid at a type matter of texts and images. The magazine is enriched with pages with the structure of pictograms that are used to write various notes, appointments, writing homework, etc. I chose a smaller format that easily ďŹ ts into every bag.

The proposal received awards for innovative processing.

14,85 10,5

Designs of New Year cards for nursing home Sue Ryder Home in Prague. From details of a warm sweater I created motifs typical for Christmas time. The home subsequently offered these cards for a fee to companies that can become his sponsors.

New Year Card for nursing home



tapeworms author book

A story of a man, who is gradually eaten through by tapeworms. It is a string that pierces the entire book and has no end or beginning.

A series of logos for three years of Biathlon Championships in Nové Město na MoravěBiathlon is a sport that combines speed and accuracy. As a central theme, I chose the number representing the year when the ‒ championship is held and the motive of the shooting trace typical black dots. Logo does not stay the same for all three years,I used the motive of the shooting until almost completely shoot numbers into pieces. Brands vary, but their interdependence is also clear.

Logo design for a non-profit organization for visually impaired KAFIRA I used a finger print as the theme ‒ as a symbol of sense of touch,as a substitute sense for communication with the surroundings. The letters are intentionally illegible, out of focus, like we would see badly ourselves..

EIGE ‒ International Organization for gender equality Two „e“, which are facing each other in an inscription, are a male (with legs) and a female (with a skirt). They communicate together with each other and stand on a swing, which holds in a horizontal position = symbol of equal rights for both sexes. Both „e“ are equal.



map of au existential record

The map shows my personality as a part of various social or geographical environments. It starts from the widest one, I as a person = a small dot among millions of dots. The record proceeds with next stages as I – a citizen, I – a student, I – a sister… the dot gradually expands and defines itself and remains the only one - I as me, as Anna Ulahelová.

Screen printing posters printed on grease paper, installed on the window of each other.

Development of consumption of Czech households sampler data visualization

In the project I proceeded from the annual reports issued by the Ministry of Environment, which charts the development of consumption of Czech households in the last 25 years. My intention was to revise the often dry and cold data into attractive forms that would be suitable for reading or for looking through. It should attract people, who are otherwise bored by reading austere lists of data and graphs. Graphs are devoted to various thematic areas of consumption, from economic factors over speciďŹ c areas of household consumption (food, appliances, water, ...), to impacts, which household consumption includes . I tried to handle thirty selected graphs with the different media. I was looking the formal solution at the picture, vector graphics, drawing, etc. The aim was to try out different solutions of graphic visual record data and information, while also to try to handle varying degrees of abstraction rate (from completely clear charts with reference to the speciďŹ c topic of data, to the complete data abstraction without visual context).

The resulting catalog can act as a picture, annual reports, it is also a graphic sampler of different methods of processing information.



rococo sanitary towels textile objects

Installed in Textile Miniature Exhibition at Gallery X in Bratislava, the 2009th.

A series of sanitary towels inspired by the rococo style. I responded to the absurdity of making aesthetic objects disposable things . Inspiration in rococo style, that was full of luxury and kitsch, is not random. Almost everything, by what a person was normally surrounded, was unnecessarily beautiďŹ ed in this style. The same absurdity, I tried to transfer on my objects.

The packaging was selected and presented in the exhibition and catalog of competition Young Package 2007th.

the ovary packaging for eggs

An object that looks like a screen or a container for eggs. I placed 44 eggs into the pockets that hold the eggs in any direction - up or hanging sideways and downwards. The object is created from one piece of cardboard plastered with colourful foils. Pockets of hard cardboard are strong enough to keep the eggs separately. This method could be applied in the production of a more functional packaging. (However, my intention was to develop ideas of more aesthetic environment of poultry farms in our country.)



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pocket 9 9


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The main idea in the design of the calendar, was to relieve all hypochondriacs their constant trauma of what disease they have probably caught. I found a variety of typical sayings for each month, which I subsequently transformed. In my calendar they predict what disease we can expect in some days instead of weather, for instance St. Anne - cold in the morning. This way hypochondriac is prepared in advance what to expect. I chose to use a package of tissues for the calendar. Each month is printed on a single tissue. The calendar also serves as an elegant accessory of hypochondriac`s image. Thanks to its practical packaging they may have it at any time with them and watch the current status.

hypochondriac calendar

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18 8

catalogue and promotional materials for the Secondary School of Art in Opava

hydro-geo logo

Brand for the company of my dad, who is engaged in hydrogeology and searching for water. Purely typographic elements I tried to express the elements water and earth.

the second method to use / side by side, black and white version

chicken 009 an interactive robot

Animated interactive robot ‒ Chicken 009 ‒ was created within the subject of multimedia. I took a photo and animated a real (frozen) chicken, which in all four views, walks, stands, takes off, flies down, speaks. In aplication (produced by Huba) was then possible to connect more robots, that moved on to various commands over the surface. Our task was to put robots created by two people into any environment and create a short story.

animating chicken

The book consists of illustrations of Karel Plihal`s comments, which entertain an audience between songs during concerts. They are often absurd games with words, the ordinary things of ordinary life. I conceived my illustrations in various ways depending on what is suited to each verse. The book is hand made and bound.

50 messages by Karel Plihal book

11 15

poster for the film festival Art Film Fest

6. 2011 17. 6. – 25. 75(1þ,$16.( 1þÌ1 7(3/,&(75(

The main theme of this year was „Dangerous Children“. The section included films about children who, however, already struggle with problems of adult world and are forced to mature early. In the design of the poster, I wanted to capture the contrast between children and adults, between naive and rough. For the expression of my idea, I searched various objects,that would also match the shape of the letters of the name. The title became the bearer of the idea of the festival.

20 minutes of public transport seat‘s life comics

The story is captured from the perspective of public transport seat ‒ constantly changing passengers` backs, belongings, touching hands. The comics is printed by linocut technique on a long strip of fabric, which is scrolled when watching and evoces movement while driving.

576 17

The book was based on short texts and messages (for) Mr. Tosenovsky. It was mostly a joke of the school environment, as well as wisdom from everyday life. Lightweight text allowed playful processing. I focused mainly on working with typography, accompanied by a small cartoon motifs. Simple heterogeneously processed image poems to cheer us up every day were formed.

Advicesl, wisdom and pife, jokes booklet

12 16

SNG‘s not dead installation

The project for the exhibition of our department in the Slovak National Gallery, where we reflected a variety of issues and questions concerning this institution. My intention was to highlight the rigidity and conservativeness with which it is perceived. Into the alternative space of a cup, I diversely set letters SNG giving a series of logos and links related to the operation of the gallery. The result of my generative work punk collage - reminds a desk with designs how this major cultural institution could be set into motion and more open to people. „SNG is not dead,“ or rather, it would not be if they did not want to.

applications for opening jars

21 22

This project was purely created as a fictional matter for the band Snow on the staircase. The packaging is designed as a snowman‘s body. When we open it we can find the CD, the booklet with lyrics and illustrations of the band sailing in the snowman`s stomach. My goal was to test the package, which would carry the story and was conceived in some unusual way. I used the hard printed paper as the material.

creative cd cover for the music group Snow on the stairs


stop furs no.2 a poster for the competition


The inscription HELP as a hole in the fence, as an opportunity to escape‌ what more to say.

Everyday event narrated in two versions. I was born on Friday, the 13th, which to some extent affects my life nearly every step. But maybe it‘s just about the extent to which you admit this fact yourself? In the first version of my story it is a completely normal situation ‒ I drive past a fast food stand, buy a hot dog, eat it and still go on. I confront this version with the other, which turns the incident into a paranoid angle, when the 13 as a symbol of bad luck is reflected in everything around me ‒ the length of the park, dog weight, price… . The story emphasizes quite different motives and inevitably ends catastrophically in contrast to the first version.

thirteenth sausage comics

The tanngram strip was created by folding and cutting paper strip at an angle of 45 째. As a tangram puzzle this font provides lots of shape combinations. The user can compose individual letters and words according his imagination and create more new geometric composition.

Lego Little Red Riding Hood interactive fairy tale

The fairy-tale was created within the subject of multimedia. In the space of a cube we created an environment and using walls and panels we deďŹ ned a concrete space. It was up to us how to divide and process it visually. I created a Lego world into which I put a classic story of Riding Hood. I conceived

individual panels as a story illustration, some contain more images, they are like animated. The text is written in passages (always refers to a speciďŹ c panel) and provides a link to the next or previous theme. Thanks to it the reader moves in the virtual space as in the book.

The proposal was selected in competition. The association is still present it

FOR OPAVA visual identity

Civic Association, which deals with environmental issues in Opava and its surroundings. The association has set itself the goal to inform people about current issues of life and environment in the town which directly concern citizens. The association organizes open discussions, lectures, mainly trying to communicate with people and to solve the concrete situation. My logo is a response to this main objective and it consists of question marks, exclamation marks, parentheses, pauses,‌ It encourages communication.

product The multipurpose hammer is a product of joint workshop with product designers on the theme „Working for Kremnica.“ We had to create a product inspired by this place and its specifics. In joint work with Lubica and Janka we came out of character for a typical working day, which is located in the village coat of arms and points to its mining tradition. Instructions were created under my direction as a humorous illustration tool with diverse examples of the use of hammers.


6 6

multi-purpose hammer instructions for use

THE PUBLIC SPACE affects us all campaign I focused my project on the problem of people‘s relationship to public space. This space belongs to everybody, and to nobody but the people often do not really know how they can and should behave there. My goal was to realize the public space as a place of which we are willy-nilly part every day. In Bratislava we can find a lot of spaces, which we just go through quickly and we rather not even want to see and perceive it. Through a placard with the inscription ‒ a call for action, notices and questions - I tried to make everyone to have a think about their own indifference to these sites. A poo, as the main symbol of communication, should point out that there is something wrong and to encourage people‘s self-interest and effort for more well-kept and pleasant urban spaces.

Dramaturgy of the exhibition MADE TOGETHER is conceived as a guide how to cook a common exhibition from our works. The procedure begins with the shop where the visitor according to the list of things purchases the necessary raw materials (our work on the shelves). Finally, he cooks common exhibition food according to a recipe (catalogue) at home. I presented the concept by means of posters which illustrate the cooking process in 2D through their interactions (due to possible plucking perforating) .

round-robin the concept of the exhibition

series of six posters A1 (89,4 x 54,9)



Kiclík comics

Comics, whose main character ‒ a stain Kiclík ‒ embodies the features of my personality. It is mainly about my infamous bad luck. Everything that comes into my hands,I mostly dirty, smudge or damage. And so Kiclík`s life ‒ like my life ‒ is not easy. He goes from trouble to trouble, gleeful bad luck accompanies him everywhere everyday. That is his story. I realized the comics on a tablecloth. I worked with real ingredients like the jam, cheese, tomato…

selected projects 2005 – 2012 Anna Ulahelová

Second updated edition of the portfolio hand binding, typesetting, editing: Anna Ulahelová printed: Devin print paper: Munken Pure

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portfolio au  

My portfolio contains selected project from years 2005-2012. I present there broad spectrum of my works - from my own author‘s works to proj...