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Annual Impact Report 2015 - 16 Email:




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Haringey Education Business Partnership (HEBP) is a charity that works with Haringey based schools to support the transition to adulthood through linking the education system with business. HEBP delivers a number of services including:

Who we are Pg. 3. Our Values Pg. 4. Chair Statement Pg. 5. Chief Executive Statement Pg. 6. Advertisement - Apprenticeships Pg. 7. List of Annual Report Programmes Pg. 8. Traineeships Pg. 9. Apprenticeships Pg. 10. Advertisement - Youth Talent Pg. 11. Classroom Based Training Pg. 12. Community Work Placements Pg. 13. Advertisement - Stansted Airport Jobs Pg. 14. Work Programme - Reed Pg. 15. Work Programme - Maximus Pg. 16. Advertisement - Free Recruitment Service Pg. 17. RAISE ESF Programme Pg. 18. Booster Plus ESF Programme Pg. 19. Advertisement - CSCS Training Pg. 20. Stansted Employment & Skills Academy Pg. 21. Heathrow Academy Pg. 22. Advertisement - Traineeships Pg. 23. Testimonials Pg. 24. Testimonials Pg. 25. What’s New in 2016 - 17 Pg. 26. Advertisement - Newsletters Pg. 27. Urban Futures Offices Pg. 28. Urban Futures SMT Contacts Pg. 29. Urban Futures Stakeholders 2015 - 16 Pg. 30. Haringey Education Business Partnership Pg. 31. Find Us Online Pg. 32.

Work Placements fro Years 10 & 11 students

Enterprise Education

Careers Advice & Guidance


Placement Vetting Service

Pre Apprenticeship programmes

In 2010 HEBP co-located with Urban Futures and both organisations work closely to deliver a complimentary suite of services for young people in the borough extending our reach from the age of 14 through to 25. DID YOU KNOW?... Haringey Education Business Partnership supports between 1,500 and 2,000 young people in Haringey schools each and every year through placements in local businesses. HEBP personally vets and health and safety checks each business location ensuring that the environment brings a positive experience to the individual young person. Employers include solicitors offices, local authority departments, & the wider service industry and schools include Hornsey School for Girls, Northumberland Park School, & Haringey 6th Form. HEBP Contact Details: Manager: Granville Barrand

Tel: 020 8352 5911 Email:





Urban Futures Stakeholders 2015 - 16.

Who we are… Urban Futures is a ‘not for profit’ social enterprise agency working across London and providing integrated management and delivery of regeneration and welfare to work programmes and contracts. Through delivering solutions for complex regeneration issues, primarily through the delivery of employment and skills programmes and projects, Urban Futures aims to increase social and economic wealth in some of the most disadvantaged areas of London. We particularly specialise in employment, skills work, business support and development but continue to expand our services where opportunities present themselves, such as Traineeships and Apprenticeships for young people. We operate from a network of offices straddling north, west and east London including 2 of London’s principal airports, namely Heathrow in the West and Stansted servicing the North. Urban Futures delivers employment and skills programmes and projects on behalf of the Skills Funding Agency (SFA), the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) through sub contracts with Primes, central government agencies and other public, private and voluntary agencies as well as further education colleges.





Our Values...

Urban Futures Senior Management Team (SMT)

Vision Statement: To support and bring added value to public agency (and others) strategic economic and social interventions and strategies particularly in relation to employment creation and employment support, and to increase prosperity and positive change for the people of London with a particular focus on North & East London.

Mission: To develop, promote, deliver and broker services on behalf of the London community (with a particular focus /emphasis on North & East London) to raise the achievement and quality of life of residents and further the achievement of economic, environmental and social development particularly in relation to employment creation and employment support.

Objectives: 1. Equipping local people for a 21st century economy... contributing to a 21st century workforce able to play a full part in, and receive maximum benefit from, economic growth & regeneration.

2. Business Development... ...improving the long term competitiveness and sustainability of London and beyond (with a focus/ emphasis on North & East London) through the growth of businesses, new and old.


Urban Futures London Ltd has been operating for over 15 years in London & the Home Counties and had an annual customer footfall in 2015 - 16 in excess of 20,000 across all of our delivery sites.

Steve Delaney

Chief Executive

020 8352 5923

Kellie Webb

Head of Operations

020 8352 5937

Anita Garrard

Head of Quality & 020 8352 5920 Training

Karen Jordan

Head of Finance

020 8352 5922

Dean Heath

Head of Audit & Compliance

020 8352 5932

Annette Ralph

Head of HR

020 8352 5914

Derek Wheeler

Head of External Relationships

020 8352 5925

Victor Stephenson Head of IT & MIS

020 8352 5937

Wood Green (Head Office)

0208 352 5900


0203 249 1930

Stansted Employment & Skills Academy

01279 661007

Heathrow Academy

0208 759 5978

3. The Environment... contribute to a physically, economically and socially vibrant and sustainable economy.

4. As a Company... maintain and develop a reputation as an urban regeneration agency at the cutting edge of sustainable development.





Chair Statement…

Urban Futures Offices

Our financial year 2015 - 16 saw the company begin the process of some significant downsizing operations as a number of programmes came to an end and there was a hiatus in the procurement of the new European Social Fund (ESF) programme due to the ‘Brexit’ referendum in May 2016. This has meant that we have closed a number of sites and reduced our operations down to 4 key locations at Wood Green in north London, Hammersmith in west London, and the two airport sites at Heathrow and Stansted.

Head Office Urban Futures London Ltd , Unit A012

The Chocolate Factory, Clarendon Road London. N22 6XJ

In line with our site closures, we have also reduced our staffing levels and towards the end of the 2015 - 16 financial year we had just over 70 posts which was down from a high point of over 120 only 18 months previously. This trend is likely to continue throughout the forthcoming financial year as the company continues to reduce costs in light of the ongoing reductions in public expenditure and the continuing closure of major programmes such as the DWP Community Work Placements (CWP) Programme. In addition, our exposure to the DWP Work Programme also continues to reduce and we now only deliver the Reed programme from our Hammersmith office. Other staff reductions related to the closure of the ESF projects, RAISE and Booster Plus, in September 2015 and with the delay in the new ESF procurement process, the company has had to take the difficult decision to reduce the staffing bill to reflect income levels coming in.

Stansted Employment & Skills Academy Room B045 , Enterprise House, Bassingbourn Road, Stansted Airport, Essex. CM24 1QW

However, there has been some positive movements as well. Our training team, much reduced in previous years due to cuts in College sub contracts, has continued to deliver an increasing contract with Cambridge Regional College (up from £250K to £500K), and the SFA funded portfolio has received a boost through securing resource to deliver Traineeships as well as a small increase in Apprenticeships. We hope to consolidate this gain as the government moves the funding from direct grant to employer contributions through the Apprenticeship Levy post March 2017. In addition, Urban Futures has secured a number of ESF sub contracts post April 2016 delivering Pre NEET work (schools in Haringey, Hammersmith, Uxbridge, & Ealing), Youth Talent Programme, and a new programme aimed at unemployed adults in sector specific areas starting January 2017.

Heathrow Academy Newall Road, Hayes Middlesex. TW6 2RQ Hammersmith

We continue to look forward and ensure that the company remains fit for purpose in an increasingly competitive market place.

148 King St, Hammersmith,

Dave Wyatt


London. W6 0QU (Shared with Hammersmith & Fulham Volunteer Centre)





Chief Executive Statement‌ Whilst previous years witnessed the company expand significantly, then 2015 - 16 was the opposite as we reduced our physical presence and staffing to reflect the new austerity period as advocated by the government. However, there were major plus factors in our approach. We have managed to retain the vast bulk of our experienced management team to enable us to regroup and position ourselves competitively for the future. We have expanded our SFA service provision, including accredited training, which we will continue to deliver from our remaining sites. And we have now secured some significant potential income from the much delayed European Social Fund (ESF) programme which we all wondered whether it would happen in light of the result of the EU referendum and he subsequent decision to leave the EU. Therefore, although we will be operating from a reducing number of sites, our impact will remain significant across London and the Home Counties as we continue to deliver services for disadvantaged individuals, groups and communities. We continue to deliver the Work Programme, JCP Flexible Support Grant, SFA funded skills training, Traineeships & Apprenticeships, and will be bringing other funded work on stream as we move into 2017. The new Apprenticeship Levy presents the company with an additional opportunity to exploit our sole provider status at Stansted Airport in particular as we continue to operate the Manchester Airports Group (MAG) supported Stansted Employment & Skills Academy. Whilst we will need to further improve our marketing and service offers to employers to enable us to expand our operations, we are currently negotiating with major airport employers to deliver Apprenticeship Frameworks with them and will be working further to convert our current Retail, Customer Service, Business Administration and Health & Social Care Frameworks into the new proposed Apprenticeship Standards once these come on board in 2017 or 2018. Quality and performance issues, coupled with a revamp in our communications and marketing, will dominate our agenda over the coming months and we will be launching an updated website to reflect the company as it is today. As funding is increasingly moving towards the skills agenda, our focus on Ofsted requirements and other accrediting bodies remains a significant priority for us and we will work to ensure that we are moving towards a position of strength. I look forward to working with staff, partners, customers and learners as we progress into 2017. Steve Delaney, Chief Executive.





What’s New in 2016 - 17‌ Pre NEET ESF Programme A sub contract with Prevista Ltd delivering support, guidance & interventions for school based children at risk of NEET. Programme started in June 2016 continuing through till end 2018 working in schools in Haringey, Hammersmith & Fulham, Uxbridge & Ealing. Funded by Skills Funding Agency (SFA).

Youth Talent ESF Programme A sub contract with Skills Training UK Ltd delivering Organisational Training Needs Analysis (OTNAs), recruiting young people (NEET), & supporting them into Traineeships, Apprenticeships & employment. Funded by the SFA.

Aim Higher (Enfield) ESF Programme A sub contract with Redbridge CVS to deliver employability support & employment opportunities for unemployed & economically inactive adults in Enfield. Funded by London Councils.

Sector Skills Support for Unemployed ESF Programme A sub contract with Learn Direct starting January 2017 & working to support unemployed adults gain accredited skills in the Retail, Hospitality & Health & Social Care sectors. Programme funded by the SFA.





Urban Futures Ltd act as a subcontractor to Cambridge Regional College and have delivered Workskills programmes since 2014 and Apprenticeships since 2015. They are a reliable, professional and highly cooperative organisation, with whom we have enjoyed working relations of the highest standard. All measurements undertaken indicate a high quality of provision leading to rates of achievement which have improved annually and high levels of learner satisfaction. Administration of the programme is comprehensive and accurate and learners benefit from high levels of support which is provided locally to enhance accessibility. Staff are friendly, cooperative and professional and respond quickly and accurately to requests for information or assistance. Especially MANDY!

List of Annual Report Programmes




DWP Community Work Placements (CWP)

Lily Gee, MAG Stansted Airport.

Graham Smy, Cambridge Regional College.

DWP Work Programme

(i) Reed in Partnership contract (ii) Maximus contract 

RAISE Hammersmith

Booster Plus

Stansted Employment & Skills Academy

Apprentices are invaluable to our business and form an important part of our talent strategy at Stansted Airport. Urban Futures have played a key role in working with us to secure some fantastic candidates and we look forward to continuing to work with them through the Apprenticeship programme.

I cannot recommend Urban Futures enough. The quality of their paperwork is outstanding, as were teacher observations and learner feedback… Christian Nicolaides, Southgate College.



Being a new company in the UK and opening an airside store for the first time, recruiting people was a major challenge. We quickly found out that our regular recruiters couldn’t deliver the demand. With the help of MAG operations we got in contact with the academy, who received us with open arms, gave us an excellent service, but most of all, gave us the candidates we needed. We still use the academy to this day for all our recruitment at Stansted airport and have never been disappointed. Great service with great results. Peter Antonissen, HEMA Retail Ltd, Stansted Airport.

Heathrow Academy





Russell – Stansted Academy customer




“I really enjoyed the Stansted Academy course, it gave an interesting insight to the history of the airport and I found it very helpful for getting ‘ready’ to go into work and for interviews at the airport. Luckily, I got a job instantly that I have really enjoyed. I would recommend this course to everyone”.

A fantastic new initiative for Urban Futures that has only just started in 2016. Traineeships will become an important route for young people to get a foot on the career ladder and progress through to an apprenticeship opportunity, gaining invaluable work experience and improving numeracy, literacy and IT skills at the same time.

Mark - CWP Customer that has found work “Before I came to Urban Futures I was becoming quite despondent as to whether I would ever find employment again. Two months with Urban Futures and I’ve been helped to find secure employment. Thank you everyone at Urban Futures.”


Urban Futures delivers an exciting new Traineeships programme with Stansted Airport for young people aged 16 - 24 and working with the operators Customer Experience Team who support passengers, both ordinary people and celebrities alike, navigate their way through and around the airport on a daily basis.

Shash – Stansted Employment & Skills Academy customer “I had been out of work for a long time and this opportunity opened up to me! I attended the course at Stansted Academy and they showed me how to conduct myself at job interviews and build up my CV. I found this very interesting. After the course, I applied for the Kitchen Porter’s position at On Air Dining and was offered an interview and work trial. I started full time employment straight away and I am really enjoying my work a lot”

Alexandra Heathrow Academy customer “I recommend the Heathrow Academy to everyone I know. I’m really proud to be where I am in my career at only 19.

Mirela - Heathrow Academy customer “The Heathrow Academy Team took time to get to know me, found me a career that is perfect for my personality and they’ve given me confidence by supporting me through my development. Now I love my job and as a result I’m much happier outside of work too”


William - Case Study From Traineeship to work… William (fifth from left at the back) joined the very first Urban Futures Traineeship programme at Stansted Airport and this included working for Hamley’s Toy Store as a work placement for a minimum four week period. However, there was not a vacancy at Hamley’s for William to apply for but undeterred, he found and applied for an employment vacancy with gadget sales company Red5 in the airport departure lounge. At Red5 William works one of three core shifts, from 4am to 1pm, 9am to 6pm or 2pm to 11pm. William said “I love the work, I get to fly and sell drones as a Sales Assistant. I also sell LED Clock Fans, Tech Pens, which includes a spirit level, ruler and screwdriver combined into one device and, I sell speakers. I learn how the devices work by playing with them and seeing what they can do. I can then demonstrate them to the customers who then purchase them” William started with Red5 on completion of his Traineeship on October 12th 2016.




Apprenticeships... Urban Futures now delivers Apprenticeships under a direct contract (16 - 18 yrs) with the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) as well Cambridge Regional College (19+ yrs). Apprenticeships are an exciting opportunity for young people to ‘learn & earn’ and progress their career opportunities through a supported programme that includes mentoring throughout. Urban Futures delivered apprenticeships in Business & Administration, Customer Service, & Health & Social Care in 2015 - 16. Our programme is largely focused on delivery at Stansted airport but not exclusively so. The following lists our current partner employers: 

MAG Stansted

Didgibridge Bright Sparks

Conor – Apprentice Case Study

Outward Care & Support


Urban Futures attended an Apprenticeship day at Winchmore School which Conor was attending. Highlighting opportunities at Stansted Airport, Connor was keen to explore further & after an interview, he was successfully appointed as a Customer Experience Ambassador (CEA) Apprentice.


Hamilton Frazer

His teacher Maria said ‘...A big thank you...for your support in helping Conor...This is exciting news & I am extremely proud of him...This has given him a new vision for an alternative career.’

Conor has now relocated nearer to the Airport as this helps to relieve traveling time & unsociable hours.

No(s) of new Apprenticeships 2015 - 16


No(s) of Apprenticeships finishing 2015 - 16


DID YOU KNOW?... From April 2017 apprenticeships funding will change with the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy. Employers with an annual wage bill of over £3 million will be required to pay the levy monthly but can recycle this tax through hiring apprenticeships. For more info on how Urban Futures can help your company go to:





Heathrow Academy... Recruitment Team: Another successful year at the Academy but with significant changes in personnel. After many years of service, the Manager Antoinette Mitchell finally decided to retire in the year having brought the Academy from one person delivering from the boot of her car to a team of 14 people servicing over 1,000 customers per year. Antoinette was a consummate professional and will be missed by all who worked with her. However, out with the old and in with the new. The new Manager, Debbie Archer, recruited in February 2016, has now been in post for over 9 months and continues the good work delivered by her predecessor. Having initially focused on restructuring the team to deal with increased Heathrow Airport Ltd targets, she continues to deliver the ‘core’ services of Recruitment, IAG, Pre employability Training & employment at the airport. Key successes in the year include: No(s) of people Recruited


Pre employability Training


People into work


Development Team: A new small team created in 2015 to focus on in work development issues at the airport, and led by Gosia Dworska. The team delivers Heathrow Induction training for all new starters at the airport, management training for existing supervisory staff, and bespoke training for employers in languages, particularly Russian and Mandarin. New Starter Inductions


Management Training


Bespoke Languages Training


DID YOU KNOW?… Urban Futures has been a partner to the Academy since 2009. In this time we have worked with over 6,000 customers with a ratio of 70%+ into work. From January 2017 Urban Futures will cease to operate at the Academy.





Classroom Based Training...

Stansted Employment & Skills Academy...

Working to a contract from Cambridge Regional College, Urban Futures delivered a series of 1 week Level 1 Workskills courses to the long term unemployed and focused on aviation and construction sectors.

An Urban Futures ‘flagship’ service operated in partnership with Manchester Airports Group (Stansted), the Academy continued to support on site employers to fill recruitment needs as well as matching long term unemployed people with employment opportunities. Through the established Work Based Academy model approach, Urban Futures operated the Workskills Level 1 employability (aviation) course as a stepping stone into airport employment through on-site orientation, security checks, and 1-2-1 support for customers. This service is funded through our contract with Cambridge Regional College.

Our courses were delivered from our Stansted, Hammersmith & Wood Green Offices and are designed to meet the JCP Work Based Academy model which entails work placements and job search to support our learners into work. Learners on our construction courses have LANTRA Health & Safety in a Construction environment embedded into the course and successful completers go onto sit a Construction Safety Certification Scheme (CSCS) test leading to a site card that enables them to access work on construction sites. No(s) of Learners Recruited 2015 - 16


No(s) of Construction learners 2015 - 16


No(s) of General Workskills 2015 -16


No(s) of Completers


Success Rate


The Academy also serves to deliver wider Urban Futures services including Traineeships & Apprenticeships reported elsewhere in this Annual Report. The airport provides the ideal training ground for young people to test employment opportunities through our high profile work experience throughout our service offers and with the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy, the airport apprenticeship opportunities are set to increase significantly. Urban Futures also operates the airport vacancy list under a grant agreement with MAG with over 200 vacancies per week.

Pre employability Training


Work Experience


Vacancy submissions


School profile visits

(includes already employed)

Vacancy screenings


(at the Airport)


School profile visits


(at the schools)

Employed (learners)


Vacancies filled


Job Fairs attended


‘Manchester Airports Group (Stansted) is pleased to continue working with Urban Futures in respect of the Academy. We fully endorse the training & work undertaken and know that our airport employers value the service provided. We will continue to support the Academy through the recruitment team, Apprenticeships & Traineeships in 2017 and beyond. Marcella MRabety, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager.





Community Work Placements (CWP)... The Community Work Placements programme started in 2014 and peaked in terms of customers throughout the 2015 - 16 financial year. CWP was a controversial mandatory programme commissioned by the DWP and managed by G4S. Urban Futures was a key delivery partner to G4S and one of the biggest sub contractors in the country. The programme worked with long term unemployed customers who had already gone through 2 years of the Work Programme without securing employment. As part of their benefits agreement, customers were mandated to attend Urban Futures for 1 day per week to conduct intense job search whilst spending 30 hours per week (reduced for some customers with disabilities, childcare issues, etc) on a community interest work placement which included local authorities, charities, and community organisations. DID YOU KNOW?... Output Target Target Actual Actual Start

(No) 1840

(%) 50%

(No) 1772

(%) 48%











Job Outcome





Urban Futures worked with over 1,000 community interest companies to deliver over 2,000 work placement opportunities for the long term unemployed including charities and 3rd sector organisations.

Customer Testimonial Mark was referred to the Community Work Placement Programme with Urban Futures, on the 3 rd March 2015 and had some significant barriers to work and was demotivated. He had previous work experience in administration in estate agency and sales work. After finding out that he would be required to attend a 30 hour per week placement unpaid, Mark worked diligently with his Adviser to address his barriers attending workshops and employability training. He also started job searching under UF supervision and came across a Commercial property sales company. An interview was arranged and he was offered a role on a self-employed basis. His Adviser then supported with Working Tax Credits and an application for a UTR number and Mark left our service stating that he was happy and pleased that we Urban Futures have â€˜â€Śhelped him very much, and how this was the push needed to gain employment’.





Booster Plus... Booster Plus was an employability and skills programme aimed at ethnic minority communities and delivered across 12 London boroughs in east, north, west and central London. The programme was commissioned through London Councils. Urban Futures was both a delivery partner as well as a supply chain manager and worked with two other locality based organisations to deliver the overall programme, namely the Selby Trust and Newlon Fusion. The latter organisation is part of the Newlon Housing Trust Group whilst the former is a community run cooperative that supports local people in an array of socio economic issues including housing, benefits and employment support. Booster Plus was a voluntary programme for customers, and they were recruited either as unemployed or economically inactives and supported through training back into sustainable employment. Urban Futures over performed on the initial contract and this was extended further to include areas in central London. The programme closed in July 2015 and performance is detailed below:






ReProfile 530

Enrolled Participants receiving 6+ hours of support (IAG, job search, mentoring, training)




Participants undertaking a work placement




In employment within 13 weeks of leaving the project




In sustained employment for 26 weeks




Progression Into Education/Training








Work Programme...

RAISE Hammersmith & Fulham... The RAISE Hammersmith & Fulham employability and skills programme was commissioned by London Councils on behalf of the European Social Fund (ESF) and co-financed by the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham. Originally the programme was managed by Ealing Hammersmith & West London College but was transferred to Urban Futures management in 2014 completing delivery in July 2015.

Urban Futures was both a delivery partner as well as a supply chain manager and worked with over 12 locality based organisations to deliver the overall programme. Designed as a voluntary programme for customers, they were recruited either as unemployed or economically inactives and supported through training back into sustainable employment. Despite taking over the programme after it had been running for a year, Urban Futures and partners were still successful in delivering substantial numbers of positive outcomes as detailed below. Output Enrolled No(s) receiving 6+ hours of support Participants undertaking a work placement No(s) achieving a NVQ level 2 No(s) achieving a vocational qualification Employment within 13 weeks Sustained employment for 26 weeks Sustained employment for 52 weeks



1500 1500 100 50

1839 1471 100 16

630 543 380 220

537 521 190 93

Hammersmith & Fulham Volunteering Centre

Groundwork London


Renaissance Skills Centre

Paddington Development Trust

London Skills Academy


Skills Team

Urban Partnership Group

Disability Times

Open Age

Urban Futures had a rolling 12 month Outputs management performance level Job entries (MPL) of 159.4% Job outcomes Sustainments









Julian - Customer Case Study: Julian was referred onto the Workroutes programme on April 2015 and very eager to find work. He enrolled on our Level 2 Customer Service course including one to one tailored support to help increase his self-confidence and job prospects. It was quickly established that his main barriers to employment were his poor interview skills and that his CV did not reflect his abilities and experience. We helped him to improve his interview skills by conducting mock interviews and providing him with a list of common interview questions, as well as supporting him to improve his CV to reflect his true capabilities. He attended several interviews and was offered 2 job opportunities further discussing with his Adviser the best option to take for a sustainable career path. He was delighted with the help and support provided by Urban Futures and was amazed that his life had turned around in a matter of just 8 weeks. He stated â€˜â€Śthank you to Urban Futures for the brilliant interview techniques and skills I have been taught and for the opportunity to take part in the Level 2 Customer Service course, which I thoroughly enjoyed and I am also grateful for the internal and external connections to job opportunities’.

Supply Chain Partners: Burleigh College


Urban Futures is a Tier 1 provider to Reed in Partnership (Prime) for the delivery of the DWP mandatory Work Programme in Hammersmith & Fulham. This programme works with long term unemployed customers supporting them to refocus and get back into sustainable jobs, working intensely through engagement with Advisers and retraining where appropriate. This programme has been running from June 2011 and Urban Futures are the sole providers to Reed in the borough.





Work Programme... In line with our other Work Programme contracts, Urban Futures was a Tier 1 provider to Maximus (Prime) for the delivery of the DWP mandatory Work Programme in Uxbridge and Wembley. This programme worked with long term unemployed customers supporting them to refocus and get back into sustainable jobs, working intensely through engagement with Advisers and retraining where appropriate. This programme was running from June 2011 till February 2016 when Urban Futures handed back the contract to Maximus due to the programme becoming uneconomical through a lack of customers and sustainable income generation. Output



Job entries



Job outcomes






DID YOU KNOW?... Urban Futures were the only employment & skills Tier 1 provider to be in all contracts for the delivery of the Work Programme across London.



Annual Report 2015 - 16  
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