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WHO WE ARE Urban Futures is a ‘not for profit’ regeneration agency with a team of experts dedicated to providing integrated management and delivery of regeneration and welfare to work programmes and contracts. Through delivering solutions for complex regeneration issues, Urban Futures aims to increase social and economic wealth in some of the most disadvantaged areas of London. We particularly specialise in employment, skills work, business support and development but continue to expand our services where opportunities present themselves, such as Apprenticeships for young people. We operate from a network of offices straddling north, west and east London including 2 of London’s principal airports namely Heathrow in the West and Stansted servicing the North. Urban Futures manages employment and skills programmes and projects on behalf of the Skills Funding Agency (SFA), the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), a number of Local Authorities and other public, private and voluntary agencies as well as further education colleges.


VALUES Vision Statement: To support and bring added value to public agency (and others) strategic economic and social interventions and strategies particularly in relation to employment creation and employment support, and to increase prosperity and positive change for the people of London with a particular focus on North & East London. Mission: To develop, promote, deliver and broker services on behalf of the London community (with a particular focus /emphasis on North & East London) to raise the achievement and quality of life of residents and further the achievement of economic, environmental and social development particularly in relation to employment creation and employment support. Objectives: Equipping local people for a 21st century economy: by contributing to a 21st century workforce able to play a full part in, and receive maximum benefit from, eco-nomic growth & regeneration. 1.

2. Business Development: improving the long term competitiveness and sustainability of London and beyond (with a focus/ emphasis on North & East London) through the growth of businesses, new and old. 3. The Environment to contribute to a physically, economically and socially vibrant and sustainable economy. 4. As a Company to maintain and develop a reputation as an urban regeneration agency at the cutting edge of sustainable


CHAIRS STATEMENT The financial year 2014/ 15 saw a significant rise in staffing numbers at Urban Futures as we geared up to delivering the Community Work Placements (CWP) programme straddling over 20 London boroughs and delivered from our offices in Haringey, Wembley, Ilford and Waltham Forest. At our peak, our staffing numbers exceeded 130 full time equivalent (FTE) posts though this number has decreased commensurately through governmental rationalisation processes and reductions in funding. By the end of March 2015 our staffing complement still stood at 90 FTE posts. The story for the year, therefore, was one of consolidation and focus on quality delivery which is not always easy when dealing with Department for Work & Pensions (DWP) type mandatory programmes. The company has certainly begun a root and branch review of all that it does in terms of services delivery and the backroom supporting functions in order to ensure that our income continues to exceed our costs and we can continue to invest in our staffing teams, delivery sites, and equipment. There have been a number of changes in the senior management structure over the year as well in order to better represent the range of services we now deliver and we have also had some changes on the Board of Directors as some long standing Members resigned and others have come on board. The Board continues to review the skills sets of our voluntary Directors to ensure that we continue to attract high calibre decision makers who can support the company to develop in what is continuing to be an increasingly competitive market place. However, over the 2014/ 15 year we have still recorded some significant milestones and our footfall across the organisation continues to increase to more than 15,000 customers per annum. We have placed over 1,015 people into voluntary work placements, trained over 2,464 people in accredited employability training, and supported over 1,000 people back into sustainable work. We aim to continue this significant impact on localised employability factors for unemployed and disadvantaged communities across London, including apprenticeships, and will continue to position ourselves in the market place as a company who can deliver for all of our customers regardless of their personalised barriers. We look forward to working with our delivery and contracting partners in 2015/ 16 and beyond. Dave Wyatt



CHIEF EXECUTIVE STATEMENT The Community Work Placements (CWP) programme has dominated the service provision of the company in 2014/ 15 as we dealt with over 1,000 referrals in the financial year (and significantly more since). A huge learning curve, this programme is different from previous mandatory programmes, as it primarily focuses on getting very long term unemployed people either into sustainable work, or a work placement for a period of 6 months. This has meant a culture change in the staffing approach as we have had to deal with very high levels of bureaucracy substituting frontline Advisers with Administrators able to deal with the volumes of paperwork required. However, over the year we have been very successful in this change of approach and we will continue to need to be flexible and adaptable as we now move into 2016 and as the marketplace continues to be very competitive. We will now be gearing up for the European Social Fund (ESF) rounds that will focus on young people and those ‘Not in Education, Employment, or Training’ (NEETs), and adult employability programmes but we are also looking to expand our Skills Funding Agency (SFA) work to include additional Apprenticeship places, the possibility of delivering Traineeships which in turn may lead to full framework Apprenticeships, and the governmental approach to in work upskilling through 19+ loans for training. Of course, our staff remain as our major asset and although we have steadily reduced our staffing complement over the past year as programmes have ended, we continue to be mindful of the need to ensure that we have the best possible delivery staff to enable us to continue to be successful and continue to meet the Aims & Objectives of the company. Therefore we are now drawing up a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) plan that will lay out the required skills of staff over the coming year and I am delighted that we have had some major input through the Board in ensuring that this agenda is top priority. With the increased level of competition coupled with the on-going reductions in governmental funding, we continue to focus efforts on quality across the board not least in terms of our learning programmes including apprenticeships. We have a way to go to ensure that we deliver the highest quality standards across the board but 2014/15 definitely showed continuous improvement and we expect this to continue as we move into 2016. I look forward to working with the Board, staff, and delivery partners as we continue on our ever evolving journey in supporting some of London’s most disadvantaged individuals, groups, and communities. Steve Delaney Chief Executive.


RAISE report Urban Futures took over the programme management of this borough based employability and skills programme in January 2014 from a previous contract holder and invited to do so by London Councils and the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, the commissioning agents. Urban Futures was also the largest delivery partner of the already formed supply chain and working from our established premises in the borough we supported the delivery functions of the following community and voluntary based delivery partners: Citizens Trust | Gingerbread | Groundwork | HFVC | Martinex | Open Age | Resurgo | Renaissance | Urban Partnership Group | Skills Team | Learning & Skills Agency | Spear Training Together in partnership, the programme delivered a range of employability training courses for unemployed and economically inactive residents of the borough with a focus on minority groups, lone parents, and disabled people. This employability focused training was supplemented by intense job readiness support and extensive job search facilities in a range of community settings thus enabling people to look for work in a setting that was safe and fitted in with existing lifestyle choices. Urban Futures, in the delivery of the programme management function, provided a number of innovative support functions to the partnership thus securing a better performance across the board. Innovations included:


Providing a centralised Employer Engagement function for all the supply chain partners enabling them to access Urban Futures sourced jobs but retain the income derived from successful employment.


Financed a member of staff to join a centralised One Stop Shop team embedded in the west London Westfield's Shopping Mall to ensure that the RAISE partnership could access the retail and security jobs at the centre.

The programme was very successful in terms of jobs secured for local people however the finances on the programme were not maximised as a significant proportion was ring fenced for people sustaining in work for 12 months. As Urban Futures only had the management of the programme for 19 months, then most of the jobs could not be fully sustained for 12 months and still remain within the contract closing date. However, our last monitoring audit showed that over 95% were still sustaining beyond the 6 month point, with over 60% of successful outcomes coming from BAME communities. The programme closed in July 2015. Headlines achievements in the financial year 2014/ 15 included: Outcome

Overall Programme

Urban Futures Delivery




Number of participants receiving 6+ hours of support



Number of participants achieving a vocational qualification



Number of participants in employment within 13 weeks of leaving project



Number of participants in sustained employment for 26 weeks



Number of participants in sustained employment for 52 weeks



Completion Of NVQ Level 2




BOOSTER+ report Delivered over 13 London boroughs (LB Haringey, Enfield, Barnet, Brent, Waltham Forest, Tower Hamlets, Hammersmith & Fulham, Hounslow, Harrow, Hillingdon, Ilford, Ealing, Hackney) this London Councils Co-financed ESF programme focused solely on Black & Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities suffering from disadvantaged issues and economic deprivation. The programme set out to support individuals who were either economically inactive or long term unemployed and Urban Futures was supported in delivery by:

 Selby Trust – a Tottenham based third sector and voluntary organisation working at grassroots level with a range of customers supporting them in lifestyles, economic, and social welfare issues  Newlon Fusion – A north London community development charity and a group company of Newlon Housing Trust. They have extensive reach to communities through their north London based social housing stock. Urban Futures and partners were hugely successful and over performed extensively on the contract growing it from a £350,000 programme to over half a million pounds by the close of the programme in June 2015. A hugely important element of the programme in west London was the Heathrow Academy who significantly enhanced the successful employability outcomes of the programme and showed how the private sector could work successfully with a public funded programme to ensure that employment and skills opportunities could be accessed by those who would benefit most from the investment. Headlines achievements in the financial year 2014/ 15 included:




6+ hours of one-to-one support


Gaining Employment within 13 weeks of leaving


Sustaining Employment (6 months)


Progression into Education or training


Community Work Placements (CWP) report A flagship programme for the former coalition government (2010 – 15), the CWP programme began in June 2014 and is due to complete towards the end of 2016. The programme is a mandatory programme for the customers involved and is primarily focused on those who have gone through 2 years on the Work Programme but have not managed to find work. By definition therefore, the customers have in many cases multiple barriers to work and a minority can be challenging in terms of functionality, anger management issues, and addiction issues.

The programme last 30 weeks for each customer and mandates them to the following process:

   

Referral IEM Induction Work Placement – 4 days per week/ 6 months Job Search – 1 day per week/ 4 hours per day/ 6 months

Urban Futures works to deliver the programme as an employability opportunity rather than an unpaid work placements programme and we put extra frontline resource into the early stages of the customer journey to support this progression route. By marketing the service as an employment opportunity, we have been successful in supporting customers back into careers and in some cases people who have been supported through welfare benefits for many years.

Urban Futures is the largest Tier 1 provider on the G4S (Prime contractor with the DWP) supply chain for both Contract Package Area 03 (East London) and 04 (West London) with over 20 London borough JCP offices providing referrals direct to Urban Futures. The service runs from 4 main centres, namely Wood Green, Walthamstow, Ilford and Wembley and over the course of the programme (to end December 2015) we have already serviced over 1458 customers placing 1015 in work placements and 164 in direct employment. Delivery statistics for the financial year 2014/ 15 were: Customers Referred


Customers Inducted


Customers Placed


Customers completing 12 weeks


Customers completing 22 weeks


Customers Employed


The CWP programme is expected to continue to make referrals till the end of March 2016 with all customers completing by end October 2016.


WORK PROGRAMME Urban Futures continued to deliver the Work Programme to long term unemployed customers throughout the financial year 2014/ 15 and from 3 main delivery sites:

  

Haringey – for the delivery of the Ingeus contract Wembley & Uxbridge – for the delivery of the Maximus contract Hammersmith & Fulham – for the delivery of the Reed in Partnership contract

Urban Futures continued throughout 2014/ 15 to be the only Tier 1 provider of the Work Programme across all 3 contract Primes and we focused efforts on providing a work based academy approach to supporting customers back into or towards employability and careers though always recognising the need for bespoke approaches for different customers. Our work based academy approach included:

      

Names IAG Advisors throughout the customer journey Additional accredited and employability sector focused skills training Agreed action planning between customers and staff Barrier identification and growth planning Wider social welfare and employability support methods Interview preparation and motivation In work support measures In 2014/ 15, Urban Futures

   

Received 495 referral across all contracts Delivered 3267 IAG sessions Successfully placed 660 people into work With 468 sustaining for 6 months+

In 2015 Urban Futures returned the Ingeus contract for the delivery of the Work Programme due to the financial unviability of the contract. Referral numbers no longer justified the investment in the contract.



APPRENTICESHIP report Apprenticeships continue to be a major focus of the government through its youth and young people employment strategy, and 2014/15 saw an increase in the number of apprentices enrolled on Urban Futures Business Administration and Customer Services courses from the previous year and we are continuing to develop and grow our provision into the 2015/ 16 academic year. Urban Futures strongly advocates apprenticeships to our young learners and customers as a sustainable career progression route that enables learners to exploit available sector based training whilst learning a trade and earning an income at the same time. Urban Futures has a direct SFA contract for 16-18 year old apprenticeships, and works in partnership with Cambridge Regional College to deliver 19+ apprenticeships. The apprenticeship team is dynamic and focused and assessors working on the programme were highlighted as experienced and knowledgeable, with our in-house mentor offering good levels of support and advice to our learners, in our Ofsted inspection in June 2015.

 Apprenticeships in Business Administration and Customer Service delivered through class based / 121 sessions  Apprentices allocated mentor to track progress, allowing faster intervention to prevent learners falling behind or at risk of leaving.  Apprentices placed predominately in north London, Hertfordshire and Essex 

4 apprentices working for the largest single site employer in the East of England (Essex)

50% Male / female split

Direct SFA 16-18

95% of Stansted apprentices are enjoying their workshops and find the support of the mentor valuable

6 learners achieved full framework

5 learners partially achieved

8 learners started their apprenticeship September 14 – March 15

Cambridge Regional College 19+ – 3 learners on programme

 12

3 learners started their apprenticeship March 15 Due to achieve/progress March 2016

PREPARATION FOR WORK WORKSKILLS & CSCS Urban Futures primarily delivered a Level 1 employability focused training calendar throughout the 2014/ 15 academic year and we had a strong and cohesive team delivering this training. Workskills Level 1 training provides targeted pre-employment support to adults aged 19+, focusing on sector based and employment related skills. The company and team’s aim, therefore, was to support individuals into sustainable employment, while at the same time achieving a recognised qualification which would support learners in getting back into sustainable careers.

100% of our learners felt safe in the learning environment

Urban Futures worked with both mandatory and voluntary customers in delivering the qualification and the training was quickly recognised by strategic partners such as JCP as a significant investment in supporting long term customers back into paid employment and was evidence through the numbers of referrals and the fact that the training received Opportunity Numbers on the JCP internal systems. We worked with 3 major contract holders in 14/15 - Barnet & Southgate College, Uxbridge College and Cambridge Regional College, and delivered 138 courses 97.5% of learners across 9 training centres – Wood Green, Hammersmith, Uxbridge, said the trainers Wembley, Ilford, Walthamstow, Enfield, Stansted Airport and Heathrow were airport. knowledgeable Our training is tailored to meet the needs of the employers, for example about the subject construction courses. Learners who access these construction focused matter services can thereafter achieve a FREE CSCS card subject to a pass on the Workskills element. In 2014/ 15, 730 CSCS cards were purchased for our learners. The training delivered at both Heathrow and Stansted airport are unique and courses are tailored to meet the needs of the retail, hospitality and ground handling sectors.

97% of learners were happy with the content of the courses


Qualifications Delivered: Pearson Level 1 Certificate in Workskills –Preparation for Work in Construction/ Retail / Health & Social Care / Stansted airport. Learners are assessed using a variety of assessment methods including written, observations through team working, and 1-2-1 interviews.

Units included in Construction – Career Progression, Health & Safety in the workplace, Communicating Solutions to others / Working in a Team, Building Working Relationships with Colleagues and Self-Management Skills

Units included in Preparing to work at Stansted Airport: Career progression, Personal presentation, Building working relationships with colleagues, Working in a team, Produce a CV, Preparing for interviews and Interview Skills.

Units included in Preparing to work in Retail or Health & Social Care: Searching for a Job, Produce a CV, Personal Presentation for the Workplace, Building working relationships with colleagues, Working in a Team, Communicating Solutions to others and Preparing for an Interview

92% of learners thought the length of the course was just right

ICQ Level 1 Certificate in Personal Development and Employability skills – Heathrow Airport

Career planning, Preparation for Work, Personal presentation for work, Interpersonal and Self-management skills, Teamwork and Interview Skills

Lantra Level 1 Certificate in Health & Safety in a Construction environment Introduced on 01 August 2014 - A requirement of CITB that learners must achieve the qualification to be able to apply for the CITB CSCS card. This qualification is assessed through a multiple choice test at the end of the course. Statistics:

2464 learners completed a qualification

90% achieved a qualification

67% of learners registered on Construction courses

 33% registered on Retail, Health & Social Care and Airport courses  

1226 CSCS tests booked (including resits) 427 LANTRA tests taken


AIRPORT SERVICES STANSTED EMPLOYMENT & SKILLS ACADEMY Over the past year over 200 people have completed the Workskills training at Stansted Academy. More 40% of these have then progressed into employment following the course. The academy have advertised more than 600 jobs on behalf of 82 companies. This was advertised on the website and in house on the job board. Stansted Academy along with Stansted Airport have held 2 job fairs this years with roughly 2000 attendees combined. In June 2015, Priti Patel MP - Minister for Employment, attended Stansted Academy to see the work done by the academy in helping people into employment. She said “It's clear from everyone I spoke to that Stansted's education centre and training programmes are supporting jobseekers to transform their lives by helping them into careers - which is good news for the airport and the wider local community."

Priti Patel MP (centre right) pays a visit to the Stansted Academy - June 2015

Visit the Stansted Academy website for more information and to view current vacancies

APPRENTICESHIPS 19 apprentices have been recruited by Manchester Airports Group during 2015 as Customer Service Apprentices, a two-year apprenticeship (BTEC Level 2 and 3), which is being delivered by Urban Futures. Unfortunately, 2 of these apprentices have been dismissed due to poor attendance and 1 has left MAG making the current total 16 apprentices. These were recruited in 3 cohorts, the first in March 2015 (4 apprentices), the second in July 2015 (6 apprentices) and a further 6 in November 2015. WHAT THEY SAY... Hamleys Stansted Airport – Nicole Bartlett, Store Manager I was happy to hear of recent changes at the Stansted Academy, I think they had been struggling for a long time. Since the takeover, communication has been so much better, jobs have been listed on the website a lot quicker and the applicants sent over to myself have been more in line with my criteria than before. This has resulted in quicker recruitment for my store and all vacancies I have had have come from Urban Futures. I am using Urban Futures already this year and am looking forward to who they find for my current vacancy!


AIRPORT SERVICES HEATHROW - GATEWAY ACADEMY For the period between March 2014 & March 2015.

579 started the Preparation for Work course at Heathrow Academy. Of these, 524 successfully completed the training.

86% were offered a job interview with 493 securing employment.

379 sustained employment for over 12 weeks.

Our clients come from 5 of Heathrow's surrounding boroughs (including Hillingdon and Hounslow) of which 4 are classified as ‘deprived’. Among our clients base are the ESOL & migrant population, lone parents and the long term unemployed. In November 2015 Heathrow Academy held its 11th annual graduation celebrating the work of the academy. Among the attendees was Heathrow Chief Executive, John Holland-Kaye, and Urban Futures CEO, Steve Delaney, along with a number of the Senior Management Team

Bijay “The Pre-employment Training is fantastic. You get all the support you need and the team care about your progress. Heathrow Academy certainly gave me opportunities I wouldn't have had before. I love working in customer service and in only a year I have increased responsibility and have further opportunities for promotion. One day I would like to open my own business at Heathrow Airport”

Alexandra “I recommend the Heathrow Academy to everyone I know. Im really proud to be where I am in my career at only 19. Im independent and thanks to my career ive been able to buy my own car that I love. My mum actually enrolled at the Heathrow Academy after I did and now she's really happy working at Heathrow as well!”

Farechta “The Heathrow Academy Team have done so much for us as a family. We came here to find work and to build a future. They believed in us from the start and have given us so much opportunity to learn and develop in our careers. My graduation for my Advanced Apprenticeship was a very proud day for the family”


CASE STUDY ON AIR DINING On Air Dining are based at Stansted Airport and have quietly revolutionised the cuisine on board private aircraft serving a number of high profile clientele by supporting Flight Attendants to provide a 5 star and Michelin service on board their private aircraft. Consistently delivering an exceptional product and dining experience, On Air Dining have changed the shape of customer service in executive and private aviation. In March 2015, Kevin Ducksbury (General Manager) and Colin Barnett (Executive Chef) contacted the Stansted Academy team as they were keen to recruit Two Kitchen Porters. No experience was required, full training would be given to anyone who was passionate, willing to work hard to support the team, show enthusiasm and was keen to learn new skills and develop themselves. When Kevin and Colin heard about the Stansted Academy Training Course and our customers who were job ready and on site, they were keen to meet with them and offer interested customers the chance to join them for two day work experience with a view to gain Full-Time employment if successful. Following this process, three Stansted Academy customers attended work experience and two gained Full-Time employment as On Air Dining’s newly recruited Kitchen Porters. Shash Yacubu and Russell Ramsden.

Pictured left to right: Russel Ramsden, Kevin Ducksbury, Shash Yacubu

Kevin Ducksbury –General Manager, On Air Dining “We found working with Stansted Academy very helpful and a very good way of finding local talent that are willing to work and grow within our company. It has been a very easy progress to gain suitable CV’s of candidates, work placement and recruit full time positions. We will continue to use this process as we grow and require further resource”. Russell Ramsden – recently promoted Commi Chef, On Air Dining “I really enjoyed the Stansted Academy Course, it gave an interesting insight to the history of the airport and I found it very helpful for getting ‘ready’ to go into work and for interviews at the airport. Luckily, I got a job instantly that I have really enjoyed. I would recommend this course to everyone”. Shash Yacubu – Kitchen Porter, On Air Dining “I had been out of work for a long time and this opportunity opened up to me! I attended the course at Stansted Academy and they showed me how to conduct myself at job interviews and build up my CV. I found this very interesting. After the course, I applied for the Kitchen Porter’s position at On Air Dining and was offered an interview and work trial. I started full time employment straight away and I am really enjoying my work a lot”


CASE STUDY STANSTED AIRPORT APPRENTICESHIPS In December 2014, Urban Futures were approached by the Head of Customer Service at Stansted Airport, part of Manchester Airports Group, asking for our help in recruiting 17 Customer Service Ambassador Apprentices to work within the Stansted terminal on both Security and Customer Service within the terminal. Manchester Airports Group advertised the roles via their own website, and Urban Futures in turn advertised these roles via the National Apprenticeship Service and Reed and also promoted them locally through Job Fairs. Pictured left to right: John The response was huge, with well over 500 applicants, with Sanchez, Harry Lock, Anni Ridsdill approximately 60 candidates auditioned through the Stansted Smith, Alex Gill Academy and shortlisted for interview. To date, MAG have recruited 17 Apprentices. In addition to finding candidates for the apprenticeship roles, some candidates have performed so well at interview that they have been put forward by MAG for the Senior Customer Service Ambassador roles, such has been the quality of applicants found.

Neil Banks - Head of Airport Service, Stansted Airport MAG

“It’s really rewarding to offer young people an opportunity to come into the work space and learn while they earn, I take an interest in how they are all doing as it’s critical that we support challenge and reward these young people as they start off their work / career life. When I see them interacting with customers and business partners it makes me proud to sponsor such an innovative scheme. To take 17 apprentices is a big ambition move but I’m confident in my team of Managers and the Urban Futures mentors that we can deliver the very best learning and coaching that will set these individuals up for future success.” Farrah Ahmed - Customer Experience Manager, Stansted Airport MAG “There has been tears but there have been moments of outstanding reward as well. Harry Lock has received recognition from Easy Jet for his part during server disruption when faced with huge crowds of unhappy customer’s, the ability to keep calm and composed is a critical skill to learn. John Sanchez, who speaks Spanish, found himself in great demand during recent disruptions to Spanish flights due to Spanish ATC strike. Add to this a host of training courses in dealing with unattended bags, resetting escalators, retrieving lost customers and hosting E-passport gates. The apprentice’s work alongside the Customer Experience Ambassadors doing all the same duties except first aid and it’s hard to tell them apart they really have embraced all that’s been put in front of them.”


TESTIMONIALS Lily Gee Talent & Resourcing Co-ordinator at Stansted Airport “Apprentices are invaluable to our business and form an important part of our talent strategy at Stansted Airport. Urban Futures have played a key role in working with us to secure some fantastic candidates and we look forward to continuing to work with them through the Apprenticeship programme.”

Kristina Yianni Human Resources Advisor at Hamilton Fraser “This is the first time we have used the services of Urban Futures instead of using a standard recruitment agency but we have found they listened to our needs, and provided us with good quality candidates who fit the culture of our organization and we believe will grow with us over time.”

Christian Nicolaides Head of Contracts & Compliance at Barnet & Southgate College “Urban Futures is a quality provider. They have worked successfully with the Barnet and Southgate college for over 3 years to help us engage unemployed learners giving them valuable training opportunities and progressing them into sustainable employment. The quality of the learning and the success rates are excellent.”

Natalie Carroll, Recruitment Advisor at East, Stansted Airport “I would like to express my thanks on behalf of East to the Stansted Academy . The academy has been a vital source of candidates for the recruitment for our new store opening in Stansted Airport. Of the 13 members of staff we currently have confirmed, a total of 9 have been sourced via the academy either via cv submission or from the recruitment open day at the Raddison Blu. It would be fair to say that without the support of the academy we would be struggling to fill our roles. We found the recruitment day at the Raddison Blu invaluable as it enabled us to meet with a wide variety of candidates and was also a great networking tool for us to meet with similar stores who are opening in the airport. The team have been very supportive throughout the recruitment even though I know they are very busy. We have used the training room facilities for assessment days and the team always make us feel very welcome. As a business we would definitely use the academy in the future and will continue to use them as a source of candidates for our Stansted roles.”


TESTIMONIALS HEMA Retail Ltd, Stansted Airside – Peter Antonissen, Country Manager “Being a new company in the UK and opening an airside store for the first time, recruiting people was a major challenge. We quickly found out that our regular recruiters couldn’t deliver the demand. With the help of MAG operations we got in contact with the academy, who received us with open arms, gave us an excellent service, but most of all, gave us the candidates we needed. We still use the academy at this day for all our recruitment at Stansted airport and have never been disappointed. Great service with great results” Mirela

Read about Heathrow Academy on page 17

Heathrow Academy customer “The Heathrow Academy Team took time to get to know me, found me a career that is perfect for my personality and they’ve given me confidence by supporting me through my development. Now I love my job and as a result im much happier outside of work too”

Mark Blanchflower CWP Customer that has found work

“Before I came to Urban Futures I was becoming quite despondent as to whether I would ever find employment again. Two months with Urban Futures and ive been helped to find secure employment. Thank you everyone at Urban Futures.”

Faraz Hasan

Read about CWP Customer that has found work Community Work “Its very clear that the people who work here are friendly, dedicated and passionate Placements on about helping people get back into employment. page 17 Overall my experience at Urban Futures is a really positive one. I gained new skills, found out more about my strengths and weaknesses and built some confidence”

Alijat Kiyegga CWP Customer that has found work “I would like to say I have had a wonderful time on the CWP programme and feel that it has pushed me further into work. It has also helped me to deal with people. There was a lot of feedback from advisors.”


OFFICES Head Office Urban Futures London Ltd Unit A012 The Chocolate Factory Clarendon Road London N22 6XJ

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Annual Report 2014 - 15  
Annual Report 2014 - 15