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Who We Are

Urban Futures is a ‘not for profit’ regeneration agency with a team of experts dedicated to providing integrated management and delivery of regeneration and welfare to work programmes and contracts. Through delivering solutions for complex regeneration issues, Urban Futures aims to increase social and economic wealth in some of the most disadvantaged areas of London. We particularly specialise in employment, skills work, business support and development but continue to expand our services where opportunities present

themselves, such as Apprenticeships for young people. We operate from a network of offices straddling north and west London including 2 of London’s principal airports namely Heathrow in the West and Stansted servicing the North. Urban Futures manages employment and skills programmes and projects on behalf of the Skills Funding Agency (SFA), the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), a number of Local Authorities and other public, private and voluntary agencies as well as further education colleges.


Values Vision Statement:


To support and bring added value to public agency (and others)


economic and social interventions and strategies






creation and employment

support, and to increase prosperity and positive change for the people of London with a particular focus on North & East London.

Mission: To develop, promote, deliver and broker services






community (with a particular focus / emphasis on North & East London) to raise the achievement and quality of life of residents and further the achievement of economic, environmental and social development particularly in relation to employment creation and employment support.


1. Equipping local people for a 21st century economy: by contributing to a 21st century workforce able to play a full part in, and receive maximum benefit from, economic growth & regeneration. 2. Business Development: improving the long term competitiveness and sustainability of London and beyond (with a focus/ emphasis on North & East London) through the growth of businesses, new and old. 3. The Environment: to contribute to a physically, economically and socially vibrant and sustainable economy. 4. As a Company: to maintain and develop a reputation as an urban regeneration agency at the cutting edge of sustainable regeneration

Service Offers 

Community Development, Planning & Consultation

Programme & Project management

Outreach & Recruitment

Information, Advice & Guidance (IAG)

Finance, monitoring & appraisals

Basic Skills Testing

CSCS mocks & Testing

Non Accredited Training (First Aid, Health & Safety at Work)

Accredited Training (VRQ Levels 1 &2/ NVQ Levels 1, 2, & 3)

Welcome to Excellence / Welcome Host

Welcome International


Employer Engagement

Business Development & Support

Facilities Management

Schools Visits (Stansted Airport)

Training Room Hire

Skills for Life (SFL)


DWP Work Programme

Retail Skills Academy

Partnership building

Day One Work Placement

Youth Contract/ NEET Programmes


Chair’s Statement

Another improved year for Urban Futures operating in a very tough and demanding marketplace – a marketplace that continues to diminish in terms of delivery operators (particularly from the independent, charitable and not for profit sectors), and business opportunities as ever more competition is brought to bear and more and more companies are chasing a reducing number of contracts. Quality and excellence in service delivery is now the name of the game as we move forward and continue to try and expand our footprint across London and into new markets. So what did we do in 2013/ 14? Well we continued to deliver all of our major contracts including the Department of Work & Pensions Work Programme, Skills Funding Agency Accredited Training, Apprenticeships, and European Social Fund Employability Programmes, all of which are featured in this Annual Report 2013/ 14. Our customer footfall continues to increase and we are now in excess of 15,000 customers per annum. In addition, the year to end March 2014 was a record year for accredited training numbers totalling over 3,000 achievements.

These major programmes delivering sustainable employment opportunities for the long term unemployed are set to continue throughout 2014 and beyond and this year will be supplemented by a major new programme called the Community


Work Placements (CWP). The programme will focus on providing work placements for up to 6 months for those people who have been through the Work Programme and still have not secured employment and our service will cover 12 London boroughs. Urban Futures have worked with a range of partners over the year and we continue to seek partnerships where they matter to us in terms of winning business and delivering quality services for the people that matter – our customers! Our partners include large nationals such as Maximus Employment, Ingeus, and Reed in Partnership and this year they are joined by G4S in the delivery of CWP. However we also work with a range of smaller organisations including micros such as the Haringey Education Business Partnership, a local charity working with young people and sharing our premises here in north London. We greatly value all our working relationships and will continue to develop these throughout the coming year. Dave Wyatt, Chair.

Chief Executive’s Statement Nothing much seems to stay the same for very long here at Urban Futures and 2014 has been no different so far. With the introduction of a major new welfare to work (W2W) programme Community Work Placements (CWP) then our head office is particularly manic with the sheer numbers of daily customers. However, we truly welcome this position and recognise the positive impact we can bring to bear on people lives by supporting them back into the world of work and sustainable careers. At all times we are ever mindful that we were set up to support disadvantaged individuals, groups and communities and through this latest programme we are certainly doing so in a big way. In the last year we have continued to expand and we now operate out of 9 offices having included a new major office in Ilford High Street in the London Borough of Redbridge, and a smaller venue in Blackhorse Lane in the London Borough of Waltham Forest. These offices, ostensibly set up to run CWP are also available for wider delivery of services and we will be seeking to build on the current portfolio of services and including apprenticeships Quality and our ability to embed this throughout all our service delivery over the coming months and year will be a major focus for all of the Urban Futures teams as we move forward and we have recently acquired additional skills on the Urban Futures Board that will support us with this work. We need to be ever mindful that we are delivering a quality service to all of our customers whether this be our frontline W2W customers mandated or otherwise, or our contract funders and Prime Providers, or indeed our private sector partners such as the Manchester Airport Group who now run Stansted or Heathrow Airports Ltd. In this age of increasing public sector austerity, it is those

organisations that ensure quality is a top priority that will remain the organisations set to continue to grow and prosper. So our performance in 2013/14 was certainly encouraging. Not only have we recorded our largest ever surplus for a financial year, but we also had record achievements in our accredited training and in terms of securing jobs. On this last point we have now implemented a major new Employer Accounts team and in terms of internal quality issues we have established an internal Contracts Compliance team. We continue to invest to make the requisite returns that in time feed into our quality cycle improving performance and impact. We look forward to another vibrant and exciting year here at Urban Futures as we continuously strive to improve people lives through quality services, motivated staff, and venues accessible to all of our customers. Change will always continue to dominate the company and approaches we take but we are now sufficiently competent and professional to embrace changes and ensure that our staff come with us and adapt to new services and ways of working. I look forward to working with customers and staff alike as we fulfil the company aims and objectives of supporting London’s communities to take full advantage of economic opportunities. Steve Delaney, Chief Executive.


Work Programme Urban Futures continued to deliver the government’s flagship welfare to work initiative, the Work Programme, in the 2013/14 financial year and in the West London Contract Package Area (CPA) – an area which includes all the London boroughs in north and west London.

April 2013 to March 2014

Urban Futures delivered a Tier 1 (first level sub contractor) ‘end to end’ service in the London boroughs of Haringey, Brent, Uxbridge and Hammersmith & Fulham and we were the only organisation to hold Tier 1 status with all 3 Work Programme Prime contractors Ingeus, Maximus and Reed in Partnership. As a Tier 1 Work Programme provider we delivered tailored support for long term unemployed customers who also claimed benefits, supporting them to undertake active and effective job seeking activities and reskilling and training where necessary. Participants also received support to overcome barriers to employment which included motivational issues, lack of skills and knowledge, lack of childcare, dependency issues, and other benefit related barriers. Urban Futures is an established and effective deliverer of holistic welfare to work and Work Programme services across London.


Programme Starts: 712 Job Starts: 508

Work Programme: Case Studies Work Programme— Surakit Pasangaman Mr Surakit Pasangaman was looking for work as a Restaurant manager. He is an experienced worker but had failed in many job interviews and was not ready to go into work – his only preference was for restaurant related work. He needed his CV updated, help with interviews and other employability training. Urban Futures supported Mr Pasangaman in a ‘step-by-step’ method and with all the IAG (Information, Advise & Guidance) needed. We arranged mock interviews and real interviews with many employers. This made Mr Pasangaman believe in himself and got him a fantastic opportunity with Sainsbury’s. Mr Pasangaman still hopes to become a restaurant manager some day, but has taken a cut in his expectations of a take home pay in order to work and is very happy with this decision. He realises being employed is better than being on benefits. He is hoping to become full-time worker at Sainsbury and will be applying for more restaurant jobs.

Work Programme - Almaz Ararsa Almaz has ESOL needs and this has held her back from finding work in the past. Urban Futures helped her find an ESOL course locally and her English has since improved as well as her confidence. Almaz wanted to do cleaning as she thought her English wouldn’t be good enough to do anything else. She was advised to try private care work and was surprised she got the job.



Airport Services: Stansted The Stansted Employment & Skills Academy works in partnership with M.A.G. London Stansted Airport to provide a recruitment and training support for 190 employers based on and around the airport. Over 10,500 people are employed at the airport in a wide variety of sectors including:  Retail  Hospitality  Hotels  Transport  Aviation Services – Ground Services, Airlines and Passenger Resource Management Stansted is the UKs 4th Largest airport; and was acquired by Manchester Airport Group (M.A.G.) in 2013. Stansted Airport has entered an exciting chapter under new ownership by M.A.G and an £80 million project to transform the terminal building is underway - part of a wider £230 million investment to improve services and facilities at the airport. The central search area was the first area to be remodelled and was reopened in December 2013 increasing the capacity and facilities to process passengers. The first phase of the new Duty Free and Retail

area is now complete; with phase 2 due to be completed in early 2015. The airport has seen passenger numbers rise from 17 million in 2013, and are expecting 19 million passengers in 2014. This together with the commitment of Easyjet and Ryanair to grow the number of flights that they operate and the arrival of new airlines at Stansted will mean that passenger growth will exceed 20 million in 2015.

The rise in passenger numbers and services needed to support passengers will mean that recruitment to airport employment opportunities over the next two years will need to increase to meet these needs.

Stansted Academy From April 2013 to March 2014

Provided walk in facilities to over 1190 clients.

Delivered 6195 CVs to airport employers. Held 3 Job Fairs with the event in March 2014 attracting over 700 people. Stansted Academy From April 2013 to March 2014

Advertised 263 vacancies for over 80 companies.


Airport Services: Stansted Stansted Academy provides a free service to the airport employers and advertises all employment opportunities via its website: The Academy has built excellent relationships and works closely with the employers to make sure that we send over candidates who meet the requirements for the specific roles they have available. The Academy also provides a walk-in service where customers can view vacancies on the office notice boards, although the majority of applications are now received via the website. These customers are able to access the support of the advisers in the office to help them with their CV or online applications and to help with preparing their 5 year history (needed for their airport ID pass) In 2013/14 the academy delivered training for 279 unemployed customers from North London and the local area (Hertfordshire and Essex). These customers achieved the EDI level 1 Preparation for Employment (Stansted Airport) and while not all customers take employment at the airport the skills that they develop are transferrable to other sectors/areas including high street retailers. The Academy also provides a link with education and careers events, hosting visits to the airport for schools and colleges and attending careers events across Essex and Hertfordshire. We have worked with many local organisations including Job Centre Plus, Schools and Colleges, promoting airport careers and opportunities available.



Airport Services: Case Studies Case Study - Carol Driver Carol Driver had been out of work for some time and was very keen to find employment at the Airport so after attending a Jobs Fair at Stansted in October and speaking with the Academy staff she decided to enrol onto one of our courses. She started on the airport employability course the following week and was an enthusiastic member of the group. Whilst on the course a vacancy was advertised for a Passenger Service Agent with Swissport working on the Ryanair desk. Stansted Academy thought she would be great for this role as she was well presented and very personable. Maria, our Urban Futures’ trainer supported Carol with interview techniques whilst she was on the course which she found very beneficial. After applying and being selected for an interview Carol was offered the job and started her 3 week in work training straight away.

Case Study - Colin Smith Colin had only been unemployed since January 2013 but had not had a full time job since 2012. He was invited onto the course on 10 March, 2013 after being referred by the Job Centre. Colin said about the course: “I found the course fantastic not like other courses that I have attended before. The tutors were excellent and had expert knowledge on the airport/aviation sector. The group activities were very good and the mock interviews really prepared me for anything that I may come across in interviews. On the Thursday of the course I applied for a night position at Spar supermarket in the terminal; and had the interview on Sunday 23 March. The interview went very well and the interviewer was very impressed with my responses to her questions. The following day I had a missed call from Spar and when I called back they offered me the position with a starting date of 01 April. I have now done my first shift and felt at home straight away, needing very little guidance of what I needed to do as I have previously worked for a large supermarket chain. I have already been earmarked for a supervisor role! From starting the course and into work within 3 weeks I am in a job!”

12 12

Airport Services: Heathrow The Urban Futures Recruitment Team at the Retail Academy support the retail businesses who face severe challenges in recruiting and retaining people with the right skills. 80% of staff are drawn from five neighbouring boroughs as many areas close to Heathrow have low skills levels, relatively high levels of unemployment and low economic activity. The Pre-employment training programme ensures that Heathrow retailers have access to pre screened, work ready applicants. Our team and its services are well recognised amongst the Heathrow retail community and key associates, such as Skills Funding Agency (SFA), awarding bodies EDI, local councils and other government agencies. This service is free of charge and supports retailers with recruitment needs - from entry to supervisor level. With funding through the Skills Funding Agency (and delivered through a contract with Outsource Training Ltd) and part funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) we can support employers by offering learning and development opportunities for staff.

Gateway Heathrow From April 2013 to March 2014

537 candidates have undergone Pre- Employment training. 352 candidates have gone into employment. 184 candidates achieved a minimum 26 weeks of sustained employment.



Airport Services: Case Studies Case Study: Lasitha Wanshika Ponnamperuma In 2012, I applied for a job in Heathrow Airport. A few days later, Ms Nazreen contacted me to explain about a course at the Heathrow Retail Academy regarding customer services and the retail sector. During the course, all of the staff at the Academy paid attention to each and every person, observed their profile and corrected anything wrong or negative that wasn’t suitable for customer service. They asked us to participate in different scenarios regarding a variety of topics. The staff identified some of my negative body language and kept informing me during the process, so I was able to rectify this. I kept in touch with the staff at the Academy and recommended some clients to them who now also happily work at the airport. I continued to search for employment and was fortunate enough to receive the opportunity to join the Premier Inn hotel chain after successfully completing a job evaluation (OJE).

In 2013, I received the ‘best front of house employee’ award, in June 2014, Best ‘employee of the month’ and finally in October 2014, the ‘highest sales’ award. Now I currently work as a Brand ambassador (to train all newly recruited staff to brand standards), a WISE Champion (Whitbread Investing in Skills & Employment) to provide work experiences for high school and college students and as a receptionist for my hotel. Customer service is one of the most challenging jobs, by delivering a world-class service to our global family members who are using the prestigious Heathrow airport during their business or leisure journey. Sometimes we have to think outside of the box and go the extra mile to serve the customer and deliver a brilliant experience for them. I am very grateful to all the staff members at the Heathrow Retail Academy who initially trained me in customer service to enter this industry.


Case Study:: Anthony Carrington Anthony Carrington has been unemployed for the last 10 years since 2004 due to a disability (Cerebal Palsy) and been claiming ESA. He was in receipt of ESA for some time, after seeing the DWP doctor he was certified fit for work and advised to register for JSA. His Jobcentre adviser in Slough informed him that the Heathrow Academy were going to be at the Slough Jobs fair and advised him to attend. Anthony lives with his partner and 2 step children; one of whom is disabled. His confidence was low however, he continually tried to keep in a positive frame of mind, and therefore he attended the Heathrow Academy. His Adviser gave him information about the 5 day training course in Retail & Hospitality and Anthony attended the training from 17/11 to 21/11. Whilst on the course he was put forward for interview with a company that was opening a new restaurant in Terminal 5. He got through the first stage and had a 2nd interview the following Wednesday 26/11/14 with the head chef. Anthony was informed there and then that he was successful and a contract would be sent out to him within the next few days. Anthony was so excited he came to the Heathrow Academy to see his adviser and gave her the good news. He said “I Cant believe the turn around, the course was so helpful it improved my confidence, helped me believe in myself and gave me the motivation to push myself. The staff at the academy were very helpful, patient and encouraging. I would highly recommend the training as it has changed my life”. “I feel that the Heathrow Academy have been instrumental in helping me get the job. I wish I had come to them earlier I don’t think there is enough publicity about them and the good work they do”

New Enterprise Allowance New Enterprise Allowance (NEA) is one of the ‘Get Britain Working’ measures and is aimed at helping unemployed people start their own business or enter self employment. NEA aims to help unemployed job seekers move into self employment or start their own business by matching them with a volunteer business mentor who will help them to produce a business plan. Urban Futures delivered the New Enterprise Allowance scheme between December 2011 until December 2013. During this time period, 900 business plans were approved for NEA, 308 clients were referred from Job Centre Plus, 200 Clients were taken on for New Enterprise Allowance and 94 of those clients started businesses.

New Enterprise Allowance - Case Study Graham Clarke was one of the 94 clients that started a business through the New Enterprise Allowance programme. He started a company called ‘Sport-in Union’ which is an Event Management company providing an array of corporate travel, leisure products, and local ground services including accommodation; Hotels & Apartments; Conferences etc. Interview with Graham Clarke Q1. What is your company name and what service/s do you provide? A1. Sport-in Union Ltd - We are a Travel Management Company Q2. What did you do before you became self-employed? A2. I worked for a large travel Company called TUI Travel PLC Q3. What made you decide to become self-employed? A3. Personal circumstances and that PLC culture left me a little deflated Q4. How has the self-employment advice enhanced your company? A4. Provided me with the confidence to move forward Q5. Where do you see your company in five years? A5. Hopefully making a profit and with regular core business and new business opportunities.



Preparation for Employment Courses Our Preparation for Employment training is delivered at 7 offices across North and West London, including our Heathrow and Stansted Academies. Funding is through the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) sub contracts with Uxbridge, Ealing, Hammersmith & West London and Barnet & Southgate Colleges. We have built strong relationships with the Colleges and these contracts make up 50% of our business and are vital to our success.

Our achievement rate is

96% and feedback from External Verifier reports consistently show 'no concerns'

We delivered the course in several sectors including Construction which has the added value of paying for the Construction Skills Certificate Scheme (CSCS) tests and cards which are a requirement for working in the industry. We also delivered the course in the context of security which includes a referral to specialist provider for exam and Security Industry Authority (SIA) badge. Last but not least we also delivered the same in Health & Social Care including paying for Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check. Our Airport Academies delivered bespoke Preparation for Employment - Heathrow for Retail sector; and Stansted for Retail, Hospitality and Aviation. Both Academies have excellent links with employers and have good conversion rate into jobs.

3822 clients started the Preparation for Employment course 3404 clients completed the course (89%) 3276 achievements (96%) 16


Preparation for Employment Courses The Construction and Security courses are made up of 7 units which include:  Preparation for Work in Construction / Security  Application Forms  Health & Safety at Work  Personal Presentation  Effective Communication  Working in Groups  Time Management All other courses are 6 units:  Preparation for Work  Application Forms  CVs  Personal Presentation  Effective Communication  Preparation for Interviews All courses are delivered by experienced qualified trainers and the course evaluation shows that our training is of good to excellent quality. The aim of Preparation for Employment training is to develop learners’ skills and confidence to assist them to prepare for, gain and continue in employment. Students benefit from training on CV preparation, interview techniques, job research (computer assisted) equality and diversity, whilst at the same time achieving a nationally recognised level 1 qualification.



Worksmart Programme Young People with Learning Difficulties and or Disabilities A small and specialist programme funded through the European Social Fund (ESF) and delivered in Barnet, Haringey and Enfield. This programme sought to support a small group of young people aged 16 – 24 years who have a learning difficulty or disability into either, Further Education, sustained employment or employment with accredited training attached. This programme, in partnership with Leonard Cheshire Disability charity as lead and accountable body, recruited, supported and engaged young people with learning difficulties ensuring that they have had a comprehensive needs analysis and personalised action plan bespoke to their needs and requirements. Participants were then signposted onto Further Education courses aimed at their agreed actions or employment opportunities both with and without accredited in work training.

Entry onto Programme: 59 Started on year Employment: 26 Completed on year Employment :19 Continued into Permanent employment: 6 18 18

Worksmart: Case Studies Case Study—John Booth “I had been referred to Urban Futures before on another project and Philip had found me a job at BHS – but the contract had only been for Christmas and New Year. So, when the contract ended, I signed on again with no real idea how I was going to find a job. Philip then contacted me about the Worksmart project and said he would help me. I was confident that he could find a job for me as he was a very capable advisor and easy to approach.

receptionist at the Enfield office and let me know that it would be a 20 hour per week role. I was very nervous about applying but he assured me that I had a good chance and that it would be a wasted opportunity if I didn’t apply. I had the interview on the 6th January and was informed on the 7th that I had been successful. I would recommend this project to others in my situation as it built my confidence and has led to the first real job for a prolonged period.

I was very lucky that Philip encouraged me to apply for a part time (8 hours) administration role within Urban Futures. It was at the Enfield office so he arranged for me to get an idea of what the job would involve through some work experience and then prepared me for an interview, giving me a mock interview and instilling belief that I could do the job. I was successful at the interview and was offered the role. However, there was more good news. After a couple of months another training company, SEETEC, heard that I had been working through the Worksmart project and offered me an additional 8 hours paid employment for 6 months with Urban Futures agreeing to host me for these hours.


The extra 8 hours was coming to an end at Christmas so I got a little concerned what I would do next. However, Philip let me know that Urban Futures was looking for a

Urban Futures are working with over 4000 highly disengaged 16-25 year olds a year 19

Young People’s Services Young People’s Services is a department within Urban Futures which delivers a series of services and programmes for young people aged between 14 and 24. Part of the service encompasses working with a separate company called the Haringey Education Business Partnership (HEBP), a company that Urban Futures partners with. This department draws together a number of different projects which helps support school children, youths and young adults. We offer a variety of services specific to individual age groups. We also take into account the specific needs of young people whether they are NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training), special needs or in danger of exclusion.

person into either education, employment or training. The client is expected to complete 26 weeks. Twelve candidates completed their training and were successful in a variety of placements whether at college, apprenticeship or direct employment.

Right Futures - Not in Employment, Education or Training (NEET) – In Partnership with Reed This NEET programme is specific to the London boroughs of Enfield, Haringey, Waltham Forest & Barnet. After a detailed skills analysis, the clients commence a four week volunteering opportunity. This is a good approach to the transition to work. Following the volunteering, the employment advisor then helps the young

Entry onto programme: 86 Start Volunteering: 63 End Volunteering: 36 Entry to Completed Employment/ Education: 12



Apprenticeships A flagship Urban Futures Young People’s Services initiative and promoted extensively by central government, Apprenticeships offer young people a structured pathway into the world of work through supported training, on-site mentoring, vocational qualifications and a career start pathway.

Outward Apprenticeship Graduation Ceremony

Urban Futures Young People’s Services offered a range of apprenticeship opportunities in 2013/14 accredited through EDI and delivered as part of a sub contract with Ixion Holdings and Ealing, Hammersmith & West London College. Between 01st April 2013 and 31st March 2014,



started their apprenticeship (most will

complete in 2014/15) and 17 their apprenticeship.



The apprenticeships were delivered both in house and with external provides in the following sectors:

Business and Administration Customer Service Retail Health and Social Care

Urban Futures and Outward were delighted to co-ordinate the first ever Apprenticeship Graduation Ceremony held at Newlon House in Tottenham Hale in January 2014. 15 apprentices were invited to celebrate their hard work over the last year and highlight the importance and value of Apprenticeships to employers, learners and the economy. Peter Little, Chief Executive Officer of Outward addressed the audience to congratulate the young people who had successfully completed their Apprenticeships. He commented: “This Apprenticeship Graduation Ceremony celebrates the successes and achievements of our apprentices and recognises the hard work they have put in to accomplish their Apprenticeship.“ Steve Delaney, Chief Executive of Urban Futures demonstrated the importance of Apprenticeships and encouraged the young people to really motivate themselves as they begin their careers. Urban Futures were responsible for sourcing and supporting all the apprentices throughout the year and provided NVQ training and an Exam Centre in order for them to complete their modules.



Haringey Education Business Partnership

From September 2011, Urban Futures joined the Board of HEBP and took the overall strategic management of the organisation.

Work Related Learning Work Related Learning projects including Interview Skills, Enterprise activity, Careers and FE Fairs were delivered to over 1,000 learners

April 2013 to March 2014 Work Experience The HEBP Haringey schools Work Experience programme continues with over 1463 pre-16 students and 264 post 16 students placed in working environments The nine schools HEBP worked with last year have agreed that they will again commission HEBP to deliver Pre-16 Work Experience. In addition HEBP are offering an enhanced Post 16 Work Experience offer to Haringey 6th Form Centre. Heartlands High School and the new Tottenham University Technical College have provisionally booked dates for next year.

22 22

Intervention with ‘at risk’ pupils Pre-apprenticeship programme – In partnership with BEP group. This programme was helping young people to complete 26 week apprenticeship placements. The innovation fund - Working with a target group of 14-18 year old students at risk of dropping out. The project helped young people to enhance their educational attainment and therefore remain in school or college. Changing Futures – In Partnership with Reed. Working with target group of 14 to 19 year olds at risk of becoming NEET. This included clients who had special needs, were young offenders, lone parents and young people with English as an additional language.

Pre 16 Work Experience

1463 students

Post 16 work experience


Total work placements


Interview Skills


Enterprise Education


Careers Fair


Health & Safety Accredited Courses


Pre Apprenticeship Project

82 students - 13 apprenticeships

Innovation Fund Round 2

158 students from start of project in November 2012

Company Visits/H&S Vetting

197 visits

Changing Futures ESF Project

90 students enrolled since project start in December 2013


New in 2014: CWP JOB BROKER REWARD SCHEME Urban Futures were featured in the ‘G4S Community Work placement newsletter’. Natasha Wilson was nominated by Soji Olukunle, Interim Operations Manager at Urban Futures for her focus and ability to support clients. Natasha has been supporting clients in Wood Green, Ilford, Waltham Forest, Hackney and Enfield. She has been assisting them with inductions, diagnostics and job searches as well as updating ISET the G4S Monitoring system. Soji said that by remaining focused Natasha “has achieved all her objectives and competently balances the task of involving others and being sensitive to time pressures.”

Case Studies—Mario Jose Leitao Machado “Since starting the Community Work Programme Contract, I informed my advisor Natasha Wilson that I was interested in starting my own business. She took the time out to explain how the contract could help me and referred me to a self – employment advisor, Michael Locke. After seeing the self – employment advisor, I decided to sign off job seekers allowance and I was kindly assisted by Charlene and Natasha Wilson. After authorisation, I will be assisted with financial support for 2 weeks. I am extremely grateful for the advice given by Urban Futures.


Community Work Placements (CWP) A new mandatory programme aimed at long term unemployed customers who have not secured employment under the Work Programme and are post 2 years unemployed. This programme will take referrals via our Prime contractor G4S and we will place them into community work placements for up to six months and will include additional job searching support for one day per week on top. The aim of the programme is to support customers back into a paid working environment through dedicated work placements ensuring that they build confidence and personal esteem and are therefore able to sustain employment in the medium to longer term. Urban Futures will deliver this CWP programme in the following London boroughs: -Haringey - Enfield, - Waltham Forest -Redbridge - Havering - Hackney - Harrow - Barnet - Brent - Tower Hamlets & - Hillingdon

Financial Statement April 2013 to March 2014 Total Urban Futures Income 2013/14


Total Urban Futures Expenses 2013/14


Total Surplus 2013/2014


Urban Futures Reserves (as at 31st March 2014)


Total UF Staff (as at 31st March 2014)



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29 Email: Urban Futures, Unit A012, The Chocolate Factory, Clarendon Road, Wood Green, London, N22 6XJ Urban Futures is a company registered in England & Wales. Company registration number: 04131420.

Annual Report 2013 - 14  
Annual Report 2013 - 14