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Urban Futures is a ‘not for profit’ regeneration agency with a team of experts dedicated to providing integrated management and delivery of regeneration and welfare to work programmes and contracts. Through delivering solutions for complex regeneration issues, Urban Futures aims to increase social and economic wealth in some of the most disadvantaged areas of London. We particularly specialise in employment, skills work, business support and development but continue to expand our services where opportunities present themselves, such as Apprenticeships for young people. We operate from a network of offices straddling north and west London , including 2 of London’s principal airports namely Heathrow in the West and Stansted servicing the North. In the 2012/13 financial year, Urban Futures managed employment and skills programmes and projects on behalf of the Skills Funding Agency (SFA), the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) a number of Local Authorities and other public, private and voluntary agencies as well as further education colleges.

DID YOU KNOW? Urban Futures are specialists in employability support, skills training &SME services


Vision Statement:


To support and bring added value to public agency (and others) strategic economic and social interventions and strategies particularly in relation to employment creation and employment support, and to increase prosperity and positive change for the people of London with a particular focus on North & East London.

1. Equipping local people for a 21

Mission: To develop, promote, deliver and broker services on behalf of the London community (with a particular focus/emphasis on North & East London) to raise the achievement and quality of life of residents and further the achievement of economic, en vironmenta l and social development particularly in relation to employment creation and employment support.

DID YOU KNOW? Urban Futures is now in its 12th year



century economy: by contributing to a 21st century workforce able to play a full part in, and receive maximum benefit from, economic growth & regeneration. 2. Business Development: improving the long term competitiveness and sustainability of London and beyond (with a focus/ emphasis on North & East London) through the growth of businesses, new and old.

3. The Environment: to contribute to a physically, economically and socially vibrant and sustainable economy.

4. As a Company: to maintain and develop a reputation as an urban regeneration agency at the cutting edge of sustainable regeneration


Community Development, Planning & Consultation


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Non Accredited Training (First Aid, Health & Safety at Work)


Accredited Training (VRQ Levels 1 &2/ NVQ Levels 1, 2, & 3)


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Facilities Management


Schools Visits (Stansted Airport)


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DWP Work Programme


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Partnership building


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Youth Contract/ NEET Programmes

DID YOU KNOW? We have guided over 150 start ups a year, helping local residents to turn ideas into viable businesses


What a difference a year makes! The 2012 – 13 financial year saw the company move back into the black and deliver an increased portfolio of services straddling welfare to work programmes, accredited training, and European employability projects, as well as increasing our service offers for young people. And this is set to continue in 2013 - 14. Whilst we will wish to expand our established services even further, there are also new and exciting opportunities in delivering Apprenticeships to young people and Urban Futures will support governmental initiatives seeking to reduce youth unemployment both in terms of recruiting our own in house apprenticeships but also by securing external positions as a service deliverer. The company has also now expanded into eight sites across north and west London and over the past year we will have delivered services to over 10,000 customers and secured sustainable employment for around a thousand of them. This means, therefore, that we continue to deliver our overarching aims of supporting disadvantaged individuals, groups and communities throughout London but with a particular emphasis here in the north, our strategic heartland. And we will do even more in the forthcoming year. We will seek to increase our employment ratio by over 15% in the coming months thus supporting our own revenue implications but also securing local jobs for local people. To do this we will continue to invest major resource in our primary asset, the staff of Urban Futures. The company now employs nearly 100 members of staff, a threefold increase from a few years ago and reflects the changing nature of the sector and the increasing role that Urban Futures plays in the delivery sense. We have radically renewed our internal communications and produce a number of in-house publications as well as holding a major annual staff conference. Our staff will continue to be the life blood of the organisation and at the heart of our business planning ensuring that we meet our objectives and deliver quality services for our customers. Therefore new and exciting up and coming services will include an expanding Apprenticeship base covering four delivery frameworks, namely Health & Social Care, Retail, Business & Administration, and Customer Service. Starting from a small base we hope to grow this important role in the company. We will also deliver a new and exciting Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET) programme called ‘Go 4 It’ and working to a sub contract with Prospects. And we have a new in employment upskilling programme working with Manley Summers due to start from September 2013. These are in addition to a major new European Social Fund (ESF) employability programme we are delivering for London Councils across 13 London boroughs and called the Booster Plus programme. These are increasingly exciting times for the company, banishing the difficulties experienced over the past couple of years as we adapted to the new working environment. We look forwards to a more productive future for ourselves, our partners but more importantly our customers. Dave Wyatt, Chair.


Last year I pointed out that it continued to be all change here at Urban Futures. Little did I know at the time that this would be a major understatement as a number of senior people moved on or took long term leave meaning we had to introduce a whole new management approach including a new Director of Operations. Our previous Director, Russ Patrick moved abroad to take part in a Voluntary Service Overseas programme and is now currently delivering Uganda’s equivalent of our Work Programme. As you can imagine, there are some key differences in job outcomes however he assures me that the principles are the same in terms of outcome payments and as everywhere, bureaucracy reigns supreme. Our market share of the employability sector here in London continues to increase year on year. Until the end of March 2012, we had increased our turnover from the previous year by around 18% and this will further increase in excess of a further 20% over the financial year 2013 – 14 as we grow all aspects of our delivery portfolio including our welfare to work programme, our training delivery, as well as ESF and new areas of work which are only now coming on stream. And all of this is done with the backdrop of government austerity in the public sector. Despite major budgetary cuts in public sector organisations, and FE Colleges, Urban Futures continues to secure and expand our contracts through the delivery of quality services across the board. Our airport work continues to deliver real and sustainable careers for disadvantaged people particularly at Heathrow. Our Work Programme job outcomes are increasing in line with the improvement in the economy, and we are making a small but significant step in delving into the youth unemployment sector and securing real jobs for local young people. We see this area of work, young people and apprenticeships in particular, as a real growth area for the company over coming years and we will continue to invest resources to ensure that we can respond appropriately. We continue to be mindful of the reason for our very existence, and that our objectives are to support disadvantaged people in changing their economic circumstances into a more positive outlook that allows them the ability to make more informed choices that affects themselves and their families. To that end we continue to deliver welfare to work programmes that impact on the long term unemployed including vulnerable adults. We continue to deliver employability programmes to those who are less than long term unemployed but perhaps lacking in skills and thus subject more significantly to short term working patterns and a lack of continuity of employment. We deliver specialist employment services for those with learning and physical disabilities to try and support them to gain an economic foothold in the employment sector, and we are now working with NEET young people to try and prevent them being locked into a spiral of disadvantage. We may never change the world in this regards but we will certainly work hard to support our local communities here in north London and wider afield and will bring the experience of the company and staff to bear on helping people to support themselves and their families through economic development and particularly through sustainable careers. We look forward to continuing to deliver our services as we move forward through 2013 and beyond. Steve Delaney, Chief Executive.


Urban Futures continued to deliver the government’s flagship welfare to work initiative, the Work Programme, in the 2012/ 13 financial year and in the West London Contract Package Area (CPA) – an area which includes all the London boroughs in north and west London. Urban Futures delivered a Tier 1 (first level sub contractor) ‘end to end’ service in the London boroughs of Haringey, Brent, Uxbridge and Hammersmith & Fulham and we were the only organisation to hold Tier 1 status with all 3 Work Programme Prime contractors Ingeus, Maximus and Reed in Partnership. As a Tier 1 Work Programme provider we delivered tailored support for long term unemployed customers who also claimed benefits, supporting them to undertake active and effective job seeking activities and reskilling and training where necessary. Participants also received support to overcome barriers to employment which included motivational issues, lack of skills knowledge, childcare issues, dependency issues, and other benefit related issues. Urban Futures is now an established and effective deliverer of holistic welfare to work and Work Programme services across London.

Programme Starts: 1,149

CASE STUDY: Dennis Tate:

Job Starts 493

Dennis is a prison leaver and felt he could not secure work due to his criminal record. He is 40 years old and was eager to be employed and needed help. He was optimistic but at the same time realistic about employers not taking on people with his background. Dennis had some plans to start up his own cleaning company and he wanted to become his own boss. Our support was holistic, and we helped the client to look at different avenues of work, including working around his needs, wants and aspirations. We provided Dennis with self-employment and business start-up support. Dennis has now started his business and has won 2 cleaning contracts. Dennis is continuing to utilise our services to source and employ 4 additional staff for his growing business. Dennis is keen to take people on with criminal records as he believes in giving second chances.

DID YOU KNOW? Urban Futures has opened 5 NEW OFFICES in the last 3 years

'Thank you for your support and help to help me back to work' Dennis Tate


Young People’s Services is a new department within Urban Futures and encompasses working with a separate company called the Haringey Education Business Partnership (HEBP), a company wholly owned by Urban Futures. This department draws together a number of different services aimed at young people aged 14 – 24 and supports school children, youths and young adults. By definition, therefore, there are varying services specific to age groups within the department and Urban Futures recognises that each age group is unique and requires support services bespoke to their requirements. In the 2012—13 financial year, however, Urban Futures service delivery was limited to 3 programmes that had only started late in the year. These were: x x x

Apprenticeships within Urban Futures itself CfBT (contractor) NEET programme Reed in Partnership NEET programmes.

All of these programmes were focused on young people with little or no qualifications and aged between 16 to 19 years and delivery was limited in scope and numbers:



NEETS recruited


NEETS into volunteering NEETs into EET


DID YOU KNOW? Urban Futures has 5 programmes for NEETS



The Urban Futures Recruitment Team at the Retail Academy support the retail businesses who face severe challenges in recruiting and retaining people with the right skills. 80% of staff are drawn from five neighbouring boroughs as many areas close to Heathrow have low skills levels, relatively high levels of unemployment and low economic activity. The Pre-employment training programme ensures that Heathrow retailers have access to pre screened, work ready applicants. Our team and its services are well recognised amongst the Heathrow retail community and key associates, such as Skills Funding Agency (SFA), awarding bodies EDI, local councils and other government agencies. This service is free of charge and supports retailers with recruitment needs - from entry to supervisor level. With funding through the Skills Funding Agency (and delivered through a contract with Outsource Training Ltd) and part funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) we can support employers by offering learning and development opportunities for staff.

From April 2012 to March 2013 495 candidates have undergone Pre- Employment training. 233 candidates have gone into employment. 90 candidates achieved a minimum 26 weeks of sustained


The Stansted Employment & Skills Academy works in partnership with London Stansted Airport Ltd (STAL) to provide a one stop shop for recruitment at the airport. Working with over 120 employers based at the UK’s 4th busiest airport and the largest single site employer in the East of England, The Academy provides a free service to the employers and advertises all employment opportunities via its website It also provides a walk-in service where customers can view vacancies on the office notice boards and be put forward for the vacancies. The Academy also provides a link with education and careers events, hosting visits to the airport for schools and colleges and attending careers events across Essex and Hertfordshire. We have worked with many local organisations including Job Centre Plus, Schools and Colleges, promoting the airport and opportunities available.

From April 2012 to March 2013 Stansted Academy Provided walk in facilities to over 4,000 clients. Delivered over 5000 CVs to airport employers. Held 3 Job Fairs with the event in June 2012 attracting over 200 people. Delivered over 800 application forms for employment at the airport. Advertised 485 vacancies for over 80 companies. Delivered 8 Preparation for employment courses. DID YOU KNOW? The Stansted Employment & Skills Academy is now working with the Manchester Airport Group


A flagship Urban Futures Young People’s Services initiative and promoted extensively by central government, Apprenticeships offer young people a structured pathway into the world of work through supported training, on-site mentoring, vocational qualifications and a career start pathway. Urban Futures Young People’s Services offered a range of apprenticeship opportunities in 2012/13 accredited through EDI and delivered as part of a sub contract with Ixion Holdings and Ealing, Hammersmith & West London College. x Business & Admin In 2012/13 Urban Futures delivered a total of 22 Apprenticeships x Customer Service both in house and with external providers in: x Retail CASE STUDY: In August 2012, Urban Futures on behalf of Outward sourced 17 apprentices to fill 14 health & social care vacancies and 3 business administration vacancies. After screening 60 applicants, 17 were hired by Outward and started work on the 19th November, 2012. The successful applicants will be getting on the job experience as well as working toward their QCF Level 2 qualifications. The apprentices have been placed in various roles including Central Services, Human Resources and Support and Care services. After 10 successful months, all 18 apprentices are still happily working at Outward through the support of Urban Futures. Urban Futures will work closely with the apprentices for the duration of their National vocational qualification (NVQ) and deliver training twice a month at our Wood Green office. They will also meet with their assessor to complete coursework and take functional skills exams including Maths, English and ICT for Business Administration Apprentices. We have also supported these apprentices by providing them with NUS and oyster card discounts.


New Enterprise Allowance (NEA) is one of the ‘Get Britain Working’ measures and is aimed at helping unemployed people start their own business or enter self employment. NEA aims to help unemployed job seekers move into self employment or start their own business by matching them with a volunteer business mentor who will help them to produce a business plan. Urban Futures has been delivering NEA since December 2011 and a massive 38 new businesses have been set up.

Interview with Michael Morrison - Owner of Sphynx Vehicle Repairs Q1. What is your company name and what service/s do you provide? A1. The company name is ‘Sphynx’ and we provide vehicle repairs, maintenance and recovery. Q2. What did you do before you became self-employed? A2. I was unemployed for a long time but prior to that I was a technician for a construction company. Q3. What made you decide to become self-employed? A3. Mainly a lack of choice. I was unemployed for so long and couldn’t find a job that covered the bills. Q4. How has the self-employment advice enhanced your company? A4. It gave me the confidence and structure to go ahead. I’ve wanted to do this for 2 years and I couldn’t get help anywhere else so Michael Locke gave me the help I needed. Q5. Where do you see your company in five years? A5. In the next year, I’d like to move to larger premises to take on more work. In 5 years, I’d like to be well known brand.


Preparation For Employment Courses Our Preparation for Employment training is delivered at 7 offices across North and West London, including our Heathrow and Stansted Academies. Funding is through the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) sub contracts with Uxbridge, Ealing, Hammersmith & West London and Barnet & Southgate Colleges. We have built strong relationships with the Colleges and these contracts make up 50% of our business and are vital to our success. We delivered the course in several sectors including Construction which has the added value of paying for the Construction Skills Certificate Scheme (CSCS) tests and cards which are a requirement for working in the industry. We also deliver the course in the context of security which includes a referral to specialist provider for exam and Security Industry Authority (SIA) badge. Last but not least we also delivered the same in Health & Social Care including paying for Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check. Our Airport Academies deliver bespoke Preparation for Employment - Heathrow for Retail sector; and Stansted for Retail, Hospitality and Aviation. Both Academies have excellent links with employers and have good conversion rate into jobs. The Construction and Security courses are made up of 7 units which include: x Preparation for Work in Construction / Security x Application Forms x Health & Safety at Work x Personal Presentation x Effective Communication x Working in Groups x Time Management All other courses are 6 units: x Preparation for Work x Application Forms x CVs x Personal Presentation x Effective Communication x Preparation for Interviews All courses are delivered by experienced qualified trainers and the course evaluation shows that our training is of good to excellent quality.

Our achievement rate is 95% and feedback from External Verifier reports consistently show 'no concerns'


The aim of Preparation for Employment training is to develop learners’ skills and confidence to assist them to prepare for, gain and continue in employment. Students benefit from training on CV preparation, interview techniques, job research (computer assisted) equality and diversity, whilst at the same time achieving a nationally recognised level 1 qualification.

A massive 1,990 people completed a Preparation for Work course last year Case study: Steven Govier Steven Govier was unemployed for two years before he attended the Preparation for Work course. Steven had been dedicating all his time as a full-time carer for a friend who became ill. Finding work proved most difficult and he was unsure how to proceed. Steven was referred to Urban Futures via Edmonton Job Centre and was told he could benefit by attending the course. Steven described the course as “most useful and informative”. He is hoping to shortly start work with Stansted Airport, specifically in the ‘Special Requirements’ department. This is what Steven had to say: “The course was very helpful and the staff were really friendly. Our trainer Maria created a very welcoming and fun atmosphere and I would be happy to recommend this course to others”. Steven Govier


DID YOU KNOW? Urban Futures are working with over 4,000 highly disengaged 16 - 25 year olds a year

Young People with Learning Difficulties and or Disabilities A small and specialist programme funded through the European Social Fund (ESF) and delivered in Barnet, Haringey and Enfield . This programme seeks to support a small group of young people aged 16 – 24 years who have a learning difficulty or disability into either, Further Education, sustained employment or employment with accredited training attached. This programme, in partnership with the Leonard Cheshire Disability charity as lead and accountable body, will recruits, supports and engages young people with learning difficulties ensuring that they have had a comprehensive needs analysis and personalised action plan bespoke to their needs and requirements. Participants will then enter Further Education courses aimed at their agreed actions or employment opportunities both with and without accredited in work training.

12 candidates signed up to project since October 2012 3 Job starts since February 2013

Case study: Jay Bansal Jay Bansal is an 18 year old I.T Student from Barnet College. He has been working at Urban Futures as a ‘Trainee Administrator’ since the end of March 2013, as part of the Worksmart programme. Jay has been working with Philip Shortt, an Urban Futures Employment Advisor and is responsible for all manner of paperwork and file management for Worksmart. Jay had this to say about his time at Urban Futures: “I enjoy working at Urban Futures and have gained lots of experience. I have met lots of nice people and I’m grateful for the opportunity”


Urban Futures will soon be assisting in the deliver of 2 London Councils Projects. The Raise project is sub-contracted to Urban Futures by Ealing, Hammersmith & West London College. Urban Futures are the Prime Contractor for the Booster Plus programme and will deliver the contract with the help of the Selby Trust and Newlon Fusion. These 2 projects are ESF employability support programmes for those considered to be economically inactive and in receipt of benefits. Urban Futures’ element of the programme targets people from ethnic minority communities living in the London boroughs of Barnet, Brent, Camden, Ealing, Enfield, Hackney, Hammersmith & Fulham, Haringey, Harrow, Hillingdon, Islington, Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest. Through the programme each individual will receive a minimum 6 hours personalised IAG support with the aim of guiding them into sustained employment for at least 1 full year. There are also opportunities for participants to gain work experience and qualifications through job placements, further training and education and vocational courses whilst enrolled on the programmes.

DID YOU KNOW? Urban Futures has exceeded its job starts target for the first quarter


Total Urban Futures Income 2012/13


Total Urban Futures Expenses 2012/13


Total Surplus 2012/13


Urban Futures Reserves (as at 31st March 2013)


Total UF Staff (as at 31st March 2013)


DID YOU KNOW? Urban Futures has provided support to over 3,000 businesses

Garba Sani Director of Finance, Human Resources & Central Services


Steve Delaney

Chief Executive

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Garba Sani

Director of Finance, Human Resources & Central Services

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Charlene Greenaway Director of Operations

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Richard Penny

Operations Manager (Welfare to Work)

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Anita Garrard

Training and Quality Senior Manager

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Liz Davies

Operations Manager (Employment & Skills)

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Urban Futures London Limited Unit A012 The Chocolate Factory Clarendon Road Wood Green London N22 6XJ 020 8352 5900

Urban Futures are more accessible than ever before… Find us on TWITTER and FACEBOOK Or whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it on our new website Check out our latest vacancies at

DID YOU KNOW? Urban Futures is bigger than ever before with 8 offices across London


DID YOU KNOW? Urban Futures has managed over 50 high profile partnership consortiums


Urban Futures Head Office Unit A012, The Chocolate Factory Clarendon Road, Wood Green London, N22 6XJ,

Parma House Clarendon Road, Wood Green, London, N22 6XJ, 0208 888 9539

Enfield Business Centre 201 Hertford Road Enfield, Middlesex, EN3 5JH, 0208 443 2338

3rd Floor, Suite 303 – 306 Threshold House 65-69 Shepherd’s Bush Green London W12 8TX 0203 249 1930

Stansted Employment & Skills Academy Room B045, Enterprise House Bassingbourn Road Stansted, Essex, CM24 1QW 01279 661007

Lanmor House 370 - 386 High Road Wembley, Middlesex HA9 6AX 0208 795 1537 Boundary House Cricket Field Road, Uxbridge, Middlesex, UB8 1QG 01895 544333

Heathrow Retail Academy Newall Road, Hayes, TW6 2RQ 0208 759 5978


From September 2011, Urban Futures joined the Board of HEBP and took the overall strategic management of the organisation. x

The HEBP Haringey schools Work Experience programme continues with over 1696 pre-16 students and 254 post 16 students placed in working environments x

Work Related Learning projects including Interview Skills, Enterprise activity, Careers and FE Fairs were delivered to over 1,000 learners x

HEBP will further develop and deliver specialist ‘buy back’ services for schools and or services for ‘at risk’ students


HEBP will deliver Apprenticeships and mentoring services on behalf of Urban Futures in a sub contracting arrangement


HEBP are working on a volunteering programme for NEET students


HEBP are delivering ESF NEET work on behalf of a range of partners such as BEP


Support development and delivery of UF Foundation Learning services

The nine schools HEBP worked with last year have agreed that they will again commission HEBP to deliver Pre-16 Work Experience. In addition HEBP are offering an enhanced Post 16 Work Experience offer to Haringey 6th Form Centre.


Pre 16 Work Experience

1696 students

Post 16 work experience


Total work placements


Interview Skills


Enterprise Education


Careers Fair


Health & Safety Accredited Courses


Pre Apprenticeship Project

51 students - 13 apprenticeships

Innovation Fund Round 2

60 students from start of project in November 2012

Company Visits/H&S Vetting

210 visits

CASE STUDY: British Safety Council

The Haringey Education Business Partnership (HEBP), in conjunction with the British Safety Council, is seeking to ensure that all young people are kept healthy and safe on work experience and in their first job. Each year the HEBP organise 2,000 work experience placements and work place hazard awareness is a key part of the work related learning process. Schools using our placement service are encouraged to utilise the excellent materials and qualifications provided by the British Safety Council in their work experience preparation process. The Council provides a range of free teaching materials and two levels of qualification - the Entry Level Award in Workplace Hazard Awareness and the Level 1 Certificate in Health & Safety at Work. Both qualifications provide a formal assessment outcome to the delivery of health and safety and work experience preparation. We have now been organising the awards for four years as a means of enhancing preparation for work experience and the importance of hazard awareness in the work place. In our experience working with the BSC on their programmes: x x x x x x x x

Demonstrates a school’s commitment to student safety on work experience Ensures that young people are thoroughly prepared for work experience Raises young people’s awareness as to the importance of health and safety issues Helps keep students safe on work experience and in their first job Provides a formal assessment outcome to the delivery of health and safety in the National Curriculum Provides students with a nationally-recognised qualification Increases confidence and self-esteem when starting a placement or first job Contributes to school examination outcomes Organising examination programmes for large cohorts of young people presents many logistical challenges and I am forever grateful for the support provided by the BSC. The learning materials and examination processes are very user friendly and I have always found the staff at BSC to be knowledgeable, fully supportive and always willing to help resolve any problem.

DID YOU KNOW? HEBP has been working with young people for 24 years





27 Email: Urban Futures, Unit A012, The Chocolate Factory, Clarendon Road, Wood Green, London, N22 6XJ Urban Futures is a company registered in England & Wales. Company registration number: 04131420.

Annual Report 2012 - 13  
Annual Report 2012 - 13