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The lightest protection test set and calibrator Our 3-phase test set CMC 430 is the newest member of the CMC family and combines its outstanding performance as a relay tester and calibrator with hybrid measurement and recording facilities. Its lightweight and rugged design ensures excellent portability. Appropriate software tools also allow numerous applications from quick manual testing to distributed scheme tests which makes the CMCÂ 430 a highly flexible solution. –– now now live live

Innovation, overarching theme of Infrarail 2018 Infrarail 2018 saw more than 210 exhibitors from the rail infrastructure supply chain showcase their products and services between May 1-3 at ExCeL London. Over 5,000 managers, engineers and rail industry professionals came together at the three-day event. The 2018 exhibition was the second to be held at the Docklands’ ExCeL, and visitors once again praised the venue for its excellent facilities and attractive location, in the heart of London’s historic Royal Docks, with a wealth of restaurants and hotels nearby. Innovation was an overarching theme of Infrarail 2018, and this was evident in the huge array of products and services on display across the stands and within the show theatres. Keynote speakers spoke passionately of the digital future of the railway and called for the industry to work together on developing technology that will help our infrastructure become safer, more resilient and more sustainable. The overwhelming feedback from exhibitors was good, with many stating they had made valuable contacts and business leads. Visitors were also complimentary, stating they were impressed with the comprehensive and varied programme of events on offer across the three days. Exhibition Manager Kirsten Whitehouse said she was pleased with this year’s response to Infrarail: “I think we


succeeded in putting on a show that encompassed all aspects of the rail infrastructure supply sector, allowing exhibitors and personnel to come together, sharing knowledge and making connections.” “We were particularly happy with the excellent feedback from our educational programme, which was both our biggest yet and CPD-certified, meaning those attending were able to put the hours towards their CPD record. Kirsten added: “Thank you to all who attended and played their part in the rail infrastructure industry at Infrarail 2018. Exhibitors, visitors, speakers and support staff all came together to make this a memorable event in the rail industry calendar. We can’t wait until next year’s Railtex event and look forward to seeing you all there.” The Infrarail 2018 Official Show Review will recap some of the event’s highlights, including a selection of exhibitors, products and services, as well as summarising keynote speeches, project updates and industry briefings from the show’s Knowledge Hub and Seminar Theatre. You can even view the show videos, including all keynote addresses. It also previews Railtex 2019, which will return to Birmingham’s NEC in May next year. We hope you enjoy reading and thank you for your support. The Infrarail Team

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calendar of events 2018-


12th International Railway Infrastructure Exhibition 1 – 3 May 20182018


6th Exhibition for Fastener and Fixing Technology 18 - 19 May 2018 New Delhi, India



2019 2018


London, UK

4th International Exhibition for the Fastener and Fixing Industry Guadalajara, Mexico 20 - 21 June 2018



rd CHEMSPEC EUROPE 2018 33 Fine & Speciality Chemicals Exhibition 20 - 21 June 2018 Cologne, Germany




International Converting Exhibition 5 - 7 September 2018 Bangkok, Thailand


2nd Exhibition for the Corrugated and Carton Industry 5 - 7 September 2018 Bangkok, Thailand


8th Exhibition for Airport Equipment, Technology, Design & Services 5 - 7 September 2018 Beijing, China


2nd Exhibition for Fastener and Fixing Technology 26 - 27 September 2018 Milan, Italy


25th International Sheet Metal Working Technology Exhibition 23 - 26 October 2018 Hanover, Germany


2nd Industrial Print Show 20 - 22 November 2018





Milan, Italy


Exhibition for the Fastener and Fixing Technology Paris, France 28 - 29 November 2018


3rd International Exhibition for Railway Equipment Systems and Services New Delhi, India 8 - 9 February 2019


Opening Ceremony Darren Caplan – an industry underplayed in size and potential Infrarail 2018 was officially opened by Mack Brooks Chairman Stephen Brooks, who welcomed the audience to the show before handing over to the Railway Industry Association’s Chief Executive Darren Caplan. Darren outlined RIA’s role in growing the Rail sector, and his speech referenced RIA’s report The Economic Contribution of UK Rail 2018, which has supplied figures confirming rail is a bigger industry than previously thought, providing more than 600,000 jobs nationwide and £36.4 bn in GVA. He acknowledged that funding in the sector remains an issue, with the smoothness of investment on enhancements and funding levels going up and down. He also discussed concerns on Brexit, including skills and labour, standards, frictionless trade, but also wanted to highlight the opportunities available, believing trade deals made around the world by the Government should include Rail. With RIA hosting the Knowledge Hub at this year’s exhibition, Darren discussed the programme on offer, and finished his speech directing attention to the Railway Supply Group’s workshops for supply chain companies, which were held at stand C07.

Jon Shaw – Confronting challenges through innovation Following Darren’s address, Network Rail’s Chief Engineer Jon Shaw took to the stand. Jon described the 2018 Infrarail as the most “relevant and exciting” in recent times, going into CP6 with new challenges ahead. He outlined many challenges for the industry, including increasing capacity, improvements in reliability, availability, safety and sustainability. He also discussed the updates to 400 of the critical Network Rail standards, and invited suppliers to challenge the standards. Artificial Intelligence was also outlined as a new opportunity for the industry, and Jon called for the use of machine learning to aid and understand performance and degradation of assets to stop service-affecting failures. With the challenge to the exhibitors set, the show was officially underway.

Watch the highlights of this year’s Infrarail speeches on page 32 INFRARAIL 2018 OFFICIAL REVIEW 5







R E P O R T S –– now now live live

Keynote Addresses Transport Secretary delivers investment and technology speech at first keynote The Secretary of State for Transport, Rt Hon Chris Grayling MP, delivered an engaging first keynote address to a packed Seminar Theatre on the morning of Tuesday 01 May. He addressed a range of topics including government investment plans, developing supply chain opportunities, the use of digital technology on future schemes, and the introduction of bi-modal trains replacing diesel engines. He also led a call to action for organisations in the rail industry to work with the government closely to unlock new business opportunities in the UK and abroad. The transport secretary outlined plans to use railway investment to unlock the UK’s potential, through CP6 including the TransPennine upgrade, East West Rail and HS2. He also called for a more ‘joined-up’ railway, with integrated regional teams working together in both public and private sectors to deliver a more customer-focused network. The supply chain, he said, will play a big role in the completion of “game changing” big schemes as well as smaller regional projects, while these projects will continue to create opportunities for suppliers. Technology was a focal point of the transport secretary’s speech, as he stated hydrogen batteries on bi-modal trains could play a huge role in replacing current diesel engines as part of efforts to create zero carbon trains. Transport secretary Grayling finished his speech with an appeal to the industry to work with the government to explore further opportunities globally, through exports and winning business outside the UK.

I think this is a moment of great ❝ opportunity. The privatisation of railway has brought a great change. Over the past quarter of a century we have seen a transformation in the challenges facing our railway. From a long period of decline to a series of challenges brought on by success – a network that is bursting at the seams with increasing demand.

It is a time for real transformation, ❝ a time when we need to get the railway operating as one joined up industry, it is a time to work together to shape a strong, hi-tech, effective, efficient, safe, modern railway and a thriving industry. Secretary of State for Transport, Rt Hon Chris Grayling MP

Watch the highlights of this year’s Infrarail speeches on page 32 INFRARAIL 2018 OFFICIAL REVIEW 7 .uk– now live

Keynote Addresses David Waboso, Group MD Digital Railway At the RIA Knowledge Hub, Network Rail’s Group Managing Director for Digital Railway, David Waboso, delivered a presentation on the digitalisation programme, which will replace traditional signalling systems, involving the European Train Control System (ETCS) and a GSM-R network to enable communication between trains and radio block centres. Waboso was eager to stress that digitalisation is a ‘change’ programme, and that things will need to be done differently for the plans to succeed. He also described the current period of renewal for both train fleet and infrastructure as a once in a generation opportunity, as introducing the technology now can be done at a fraction of the cost of retrofitting. In his speech, he also outlined procurement plans, including establishing early supply chain relationships and working to bring in ‘disruptors’ in place of traditional suppliers. Looking ahead, he described a timeline of plans for the fitment of trains. He explained that while the software will develop in future, it will be backwards compatible and won’t saddle operators and infrastructure managers with costs to upgrade their systems. Innovation was again a key topic and Waboso was keen to highlight the use of robotics in the installation process to drive productivity and safety, challenging suppliers to incorporate this technology.

He finished his keynote with praising the progress of current schemes underway including deployments on the Cambrian Line and Thameslink, before looking forward to CP6 plans, with potential ETCS programmes on the East Coast, TransPennine, Crewe and South-West.

A large audience for David Waboso’s keynote address

Watch the highlights of this year’s Infrarail speeches on page 32 8 INFRARAIL 2018 OFFICIAL REVIEW –– now now live live

Other keynote addresses At the Seminar Theatre, hosted by The Rail Engineer, Lorna Pimlott, Director of Phase Two Policy and Sponsorship for HS2, discussed the challenges and opportunities ahead for HS2 in what she described as a ‘momentous’ period for the project.

After outlining the current legislation for the scheme, with Phase One approved and Phase Two A currently in parliament, Pimlott stated that HS2 has a responsibility to engage with the supply chain to provide access to opportunities available on the scheme and directed visitors to HS2’s stand at Infrarail. She keenly stressed the importance of listening to stakeholder concerns, and working with communities affected by the project, both in cities and greenfield areas, while also working with stakeholders to minimise the impact of disruption. Pimlott continued her speech with an update on the status of HS2 Phase Two, with the target of achieving Royal Assent for Phase Two A by the end of 2019. Brexit was again a key issue highlighted, with Pimlott stating HS2 is now “competing for parliamentary time” with the arrangement. She also stressed the importance the completed scheme will have in a post-Brexit society, in providing access to new markets for the UK economy, regionally, nationally and internationally. The standout topic of Pimlott’s address was that of education and employment. One of the main benefits of the project, she said, is the lasting legacy of employment opportunities for the next generation. However, to counter this she stated that there is currently a major skill shortage for the number of infrastructure projects in the pipeline. The publishing of a report later this year, along with ongoing work with both National College for High Speed Rail sites in Doncaster and Birmingham, will aim to tackle this issue, she said.

Mark Bullock – Managing Director, Utilities and Rail, Balfour Beatty The final keynote at the Seminar Theatre was Balfour Beatty’s Mark Bullock, who delivered a speech focused on skills, innovation and devolution. He provided an insight into the industry from a contractor’s point of view and outlined the challenges that face companies working on rail infrastructure and undertaking complex projects. Mark Bullock used his address to appeal to the Government to provide clarity of future priorities and spending levels in order to establish continuity of work and help tier one contractors better plan their resources. He also called for the industry to refresh its ‘old fashioned’ image, to attract skilled workers of the future. A more inclusive approach he said, is needed to meet the demands of the future. He was critical of the cyclical nature of demand in the industry, stating “demobilising and remobilising significant workforces is not an effective or efficient way to run an industry”, and said he believed the impact on the supply chain makes it difficult for contractors to retain key skills. He also called for the Government to review and evolve its current funding allocation tools, calling them ‘out of date’. Mark Bullock spoke of the opportunities for innovation in Rail, brought on by the outlined investment plans. He said he believed innovation will help increase productivity, and the aim should be for the UK to become a world-leader in rail innovation, exporting products and services around the globe. He was also optimistic on plans for devolution, stating regional decision making will lead to better investment decisions, and Brexit, calling it a “golden opportunity to take strategic action to strengthen the economy by investing in better transport links across the country.”

HS2 will undoubtedly become the ❝ backbone of the network of the rail industry when completed.❞ Lorna Pimlott, Director of Phase Two Policy and Sponsorship for HS2 Watch the highlights of this year’s Infrarail speeches on page 32 INFRARAIL 2018 OFFICIAL REVIEW 9 .uk– now live

Knowledge Hub summaries Tuesday Opening the Knowledge Hub on Tuesday was Crossrail’s Chief Engineer Chris Binns, who explained the current status of the landmark Elizabeth Line project, outlining its future socio-economic benefits and stating the scheme has created opportunities for supply chain innovation and development of industry best practice.

Anna Delvecchio, Commercial Account Director, Amey and Rail Sector Deal Bid Director, Amey / Rail Delivery Group gave an interesting insight into the Rail Sector Deal, a unique opportunity for the Government and the supply chain to engage directly to shape the future direction of rail investment and delivery. Delvecchio delivered a video presentation before explaining the strategy behind the deal, and the benefits for the industry in the longer-term future.

“Ethical hacker” Ken Munro delivered a compelling speech on the use of wi-fi as a weapon, to a full house on Tuesday afternoon. He explained how ethically hacking into wi-fi systems can help detect flaws in security systems and how this can affect rail systems and infrastructure. The discussion raised several thought-provoking points, including the vulnerability of passenger details on train operators’ wi-fi networks and CCTV footage and crew messaging also being open to hacking. Women in Rail’s Adeline Ginn presented an informative speech on bridging the skills gap in UK rail, describing gender balance and diversity as a ‘must have’ for the rail industry. A presentation filled with data and statistics on employee diversity and return on investment in the rail industry gave strong economic and social arguments for improving the gender imbalance currently experienced in UK rail. The Permanent Way Institution’s President Steve Featherstone offered an insight into its innovations on track projects, including drone S&C surveys, wireless systems, 4D planning and much more. Technical Director Brian Counter provided background on the institution’s role in promoting employment in the industry and encouraging professional qualifications.

Watch the highlights of this year’s Infrarail speeches on page 32 10 INFRARAIL 2018 OFFICIAL REVIEW –– now now live live

Knowledge Hub summaries Wednesday The second day of the Knowledge Hub was opened by Movement Strategies’ Simon Babes, who discussed the importance of SMEs in the rail industry. Ian Nicholson, Commercial Director for sustainability assessment body CEEQUAL delivered a presentation outlining how the scheme works and can influence sustainability best practice on infrastructure projects. This was followed up by an awards ceremony recognising sustainability achievements on the Crossrail project.

Greenfield Mega-project Rail Baltica’s Kaspars Briškens took to the stage to explain how the scheme is delivering a new economic corridor for northern Europe. Described by Briškens as a ‘missing link’ in the European railway system and a ‘game changer’ for intra-Baltic connectivity, the project’s technical specifications were discussed alongside the opportunities available for supply chain engagement.

Jeremy Long, CEO of MTR Europe, gave an overview of the Crossrail project journey and its implications for passenger travel in London. He explained the benefits of working as an operator alongside a project team, giving a passenger’s point of view to the scheme by looking through the ‘operator’s lens’.

Alex Burrows, Director of Birmingham’s Centre for Railway Research and Education delivered Wednesday’s keynote address, focused on R&D and innovation. Burrows described the importance of knowledge and technology in the sector and explained the role of universities and centres for excellence can have alongside industry to accelerate new technologies and product applications in the rail sector. George Bathurst led a presentation on market-led rail proposals and discussed the newly-published procurement policy, which could lead the way in procuring rail infrastructure in years to come. The final presentation of Wednesday was HS2’s Supply Chain Manager, Robin Lapish, who provided an update on the scheme and its procurement programme, explaining how the supply chain can become part of this revolutionary opportunity.

Watch the highlights of this year’s Infrarail speeches on page 32 INFRARAIL 2018 OFFICIAL REVIEW 11 .uk– now live

Knowledge Hub summaries Tuesday Thursday The final day of the Knowledge Hub was opened by Graeme Cox and Richard Sharp, who discussed supply chain assurance through the Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme (RISQS) scheme. Cox stated he believed the new software platform will deliver an improved service for the supply chain, meeting suppliers’ and buyers’ demands effectively. The Railway Industry Association’s Darren Caplan returned to the stage to discuss the political issues surrounding the rail sector now and in the years ahead. He reiterated his comments on the underplayed size of the sector and identified challenges and opportunities relating to Brexit. He ended his speech on the subject of decarbonisation, stating electrification will play a major role and work is being done to address reducing electrification costs. The afternoon’s second keynote address was from the Rail Delivery Group’s Paul Plummer, who outlined the rail sector’s contribution to the economy, bringing together different elements of the industry to overcome challenges and enable change.

The penultimate presentation of Thursday’s Knowledge Hub was an informative discussion on export opportunities in Egypt. It was opened by Kristan Walters, Rail and Airports Sector Lead from the Department for International Trade, UK who gave an overview of the support the DIT can provide for supply chain companies looking to export to countries outside the UK. The discussion was rounded off by Dr Amr Shaat, Ministry of Transport –Egypt Minister Assistance, who delivered an interesting summary of the current and prospective rail schemes taking place across Egypt’s network.

Thursday’s final speech of the Knowledge Hub was Graham Cross of Heathrow Southern Railway Limited, who presented the company’s proposal to build 8 miles of new railway from Heathrow Terminal 5 to south western and great western rail corridors.

Watch the highlights of this year’s Infrarail speeches on page 32 12 INFRARAIL 2018 OFFICIAL REVIEW –– now now live live

Seminar Theatre Hosted by The Rail Engineer, the seminar theatre offered a compelling programme of keynote addresses and seminars from influential figures and senior representatives of organisations playing a major role in the current infrastructure sector. Over the three days, 23 speakers took to the stage to provide insight and opinions. Below are some of the highlights: Trevor Burton, Fugro’s UK Programme Manager, discussed RILA, a train mounted mobile mapping system which has been introduced to the UK rail network, and explored the challenges and opportunities of the system, including the health and safety implications of removing surveyors from the track, speed of acquisition and range of data available. Sekisui’s Sales Manager Patrick Childs delivered a presentation on Fibre-reinforced Foamed Urethane (FFU) synthetic wood technology, which is now in use on rail networks around the world, with more than 2.2 million sleepers and 1,400km of track installed to date. Childs discussed the wideranging benefits of the technology, including its low lifecycle and maintenance costs and 50-year service life. Lee O’Rourke, Head of Business Development at BMT Asset Performance talked about Strategic Maintenance Reviews (SMRs) and improving asset performance through analysis. He explained the cost-efficiencies of SMRs, and the development of communications plans to support cultural change within organisations. Siemens’ Head of Sales, Industrial Communication, Identification & Solutions Services, Ian Poulett discussed the importance of wireless communication applications in rail and other industries. He explored the wide-ranging uses of wireless applications, as well as the growth of digitalisation in rail, and the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. Elvis Kozica, International Sales Manager at Linsinger gave an insight into the company’s milling technology, which reduces and eliminates rail head defects through cutting away the surface of the metal. He explained how milling can work alongside conventional rail grinding technology as a complementary service.

Dura Composites’ Managing Director Stuart Burns delivered a speech on improving rail fire safety standards for GRP products. He explained how Dura Composites has worked with Network Rail to develop classifications that cover both structural (evacuation) and non-structural (non-evacuation) applications and include fire tests such as flame spread, burn-time and load bearing testing. Dave Woods, Head of Application Management at Low & Bonar gave an insight into geosynthetics; man-made components buried within soil, and their various functions on civil engineering projects. Woods delivered an introduction to the range and applications of geosynthetics; polymeric textiles, geogrids, mats and geofoam, explaining their relevance to rail engineering and the cost, time and environmental benefits to be gained by their proper application. British Steel’s Stephen Lewis delivered a seminar on technical expertise for building stronger railways. This included developments in rail welding and light rail services, and the use of practical asset intelligence to extract the best life from rail assets. MRL Eye (Aerialtronics)’s Phil Storr provided the Seminar Theatre’s penultimate presentation, explaining how advances in rail surveying using digital image processing can add value to engineers on the UK’s railways. Using a number of case studies, Storr discussed how using the latest image capture technology alongside unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology can provide accurate digital mapping of railway infrastructure and change how assets are managed. The Seminar Theatre’s final delivery was from ETAP Automation’s Business Development Director, Derek Smith, who presented eTraX™ Rail Traction Power tool. He explained how the tool allows operators to see the entire electrical landscape from grid to track, enabling the modelling, simulation, prediction and optimisation of rail infrastructure.

Hexagon Geosystems’ Mobile Mapping Segment Manager Raphael Goudard presented a series of case studies exploring Hexagon’s digital solutions to capture, measure, analyse and visualise rail networks that help to keep passengers safe and arrive at their destinations on time. He explained the benefits of digitalisation on efficiency and safety, railway surveying, asset management, monitoring and inspection solutions to uncover potential hazards on the railway.

Watch the highlights of this year’s Infrarail speeches on page 32 INFRARAIL 2018 OFFICIAL REVIEW 13

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14th International Exhibition of Railway Equipment, Systems & Services

#Railtex 2019


14 - 16 MAY 2019 NEC, BIRMINGHAM, UK

The complete showcase for UK rail technology and services A new dawn is underway for the UK’s rail network. Record levels of investment are being spent on upgrading infrastructure and transforming services, and a wealth of opportunities are available for businesses across the whole industry supply chain.There is no better time to showcase your organisation’s capabilities, and Railtex 2019 is the definitive event for you to do so.

We cover organisations from the entire industry supply market- all under one roof

Railtex is the UK’s premier exhibition of railway equipment, systems and services. It creates maximum engagement for visitors by placing thousands of industry professionals together in one place at one time, featuring companies serving all aspects of the infrastructure and rolling stock sectors. Whether you are an established business looking to promote new services or an up and coming organisation looking to make high quality connections, Railtex is the event to showcase your offering.

Railtex - a one stop destination for a changing industry The face of UK rail is changing, with a growing demand for modern and improved systems and assets fuelling an overhaul of the country’s network. Large scale projects including HS2 high-speed line, Crossrail 2 and Transport for the North’s £70bn masterplan, as well as extensive government aspirations for CP6, lead the way for market growth: the scope for new business opportunities is huge. Railtex 2019 is the perfect platform for companies serving all aspects of the infrastructure and rolling stock sectors to demonstrate their capabilities, meet customers and be part of the industry’s networking event of the year. First staged in 1993, Railtex continues to enjoy strong support from all organisations shaping the UK’s rail industry and has built its reputation as its premier networking event by continuing to attract visiting managers, engineers and buyers at the highest level. With a variety of CPD certified seminars, discussion forums and keynote speeches all held to highlight industry trends, Railtex offers an all-encompassing insight into the developments and technologies of a fast-moving and ever-growing marketplace.

14 - 16 May 2019 • NEC, Birmingham, UK

Why exhibit at Railtex? Booking a stand at Railtex 2019 puts your organisation in a unique position, and gives you the opportunity to: • MAKE high quality connections 68% of attendees at Railtex 2017 had immediate buying power

• DEMONSTRATE your capabilities &

services and LAUNCH new products 99% of exhibitors at Railtex 2017 achieved their objectives

• ENGAGE with your target market 98% of exhibitors at Railtex 2017 received positive enquiries

Railtex 2017 in numbers: The UK is our most important market right now and for this, Railtex is definitely the place to be!” Luca Giantin Export Sales Manager, FISA

10,000 attendees

over three days Visitors

from over 50 different countries


presentations & keynote speakers



We always find Railtex to be a success. There are always decision makers walking around, who you’d never speak to normally. Suzannah Hale, Marketing Manager Silver Fox Labelling Solutions

Exhibiting options: Floor Space Only* £332.00 per m2 Unfurnished Shell Scheme** £443.00 per m2 Includes: wall panels, stand carpet, spotlights, electric socket, fascia with stand number and company name.

Furnished Shell Scheme** £468.00 per m2

Contact the Railtex 2019 team to discuss options, availability, and to book your space. Emma Preston Exhibition Executive Natalie Parker Exhibition Executive Kirsten Whitehouse Exhibition Manager

Includes: wall panels, stand carpet, spotlights, electric socket, fascia with stand number and company name, cabinet, table, chairs and bin. *A fee will be charged according to the stand complexity for plan examination, collation of supporting documents & full structural plan audit of space only stands. **There is an additional charge of £17.50 per stand for compulsory electrical testing.

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Supporting Organisations Mack Brooks Exhibitions Ltd, Romeland House, Romeland Hill, St. Albans, Herts, AL3 4ET Tel: +44 (0)1727 814400 –– now now live live

Lionweld Group Once again, the Infrarail exhibition proved a great success for The Lionweld Kennedy Group of companies. As one of the largest designers and fabricators of GRP products in the UK it was again a great opportunity to showcase some of their engineering solutions such as their GRP rail platforms and overlays, parapet extensions, various fencing requirements and several new flooring products. The exhibition also allowed Lionweld to announce the acquisition of two new additions to the Group – The Grating Company and Pro Composites. Both companies operate within the Rail network and will give the group a greater presence in and around the Southern part of the UK.

Holmatro Holmatro, developer of hydraulic equipment for rescue, industrial and specialist application, was at Infrarail 2018 to showcase its new rerailing system designed to get derailed trains back on track quickly, safely and with more control. Holmatro say its system is driven by a Quattro pump with four independent control valves. This guarantees the uniform and controlled cylinder stroke. The Quattro pump can be operated wirelessly allowing the operator to adopt a safe position as well as complete freedom.

INFRARAIL 2018 OFFICIAL REVIEW 19 .uk– now live

Lockinex New to Infrarail with their 72m2 stand was Lockinex UK Ltd who supply a wide range of safety products frequently used in the rail industry. Technical services and site surveys are also a key service within the company, whose large stocks allow fast delivery. Lockinex featured its range of products including its brand key clamp and tube for guardrail construction, fully fabricated selfclosing safety gates, DDA compliant handrail, GRP flooring and guardrail/handrail systems, personnel safety barriers, armco crash barrier, roof guardrail systems and more. The company has been successful in supplying goods for installation to various sites and stations over the UK and have most recently been servicing Crossrail for trackside applications. Discussing the exhibition, Lockinex stated they were pleased with the high-quality leads and contacts made, and the opportunity for the company to display its capabilities to a wide audience.

Rosehill Rail launch new Anti-Trespass Panel Level crossing systems provider, Rosehill Rail, brought the latest design of its renowned Anti-Trespass panel to Stand D51 at Infrarail 2018. The panel is a proven physical and visual deterrent to trespassers attempting to access the track or prohibited areas. Approved by rail authorities worldwide, Rosehill Rail’s Anti-Trespass panels have been an integral part of the global rail industry’s approach to reducing risk for many years. The new conical design ensures the same all-round performance to deter trespassing but delivers even greater strength and durability, extending the products’ lifetime. Alongside the new Anti-Trespass panels, Rosehill Rail also showcased its range of modular rail crossing solutions, including its innovative Interlocking RRAP system. Designed specifically to accommodate irregular sleeper spacing it is ideal for permanent, semi-permanent and temporary road/ rail access points. A heavy-duty solution, the Interlocking RRAP system is ideal for getting RRVs and other heavy machinery onto the track, again and again. Visitors to the Rosehill Rail stand were able to see for themselves how quickly and easily its products can be installed and removed for maintenance compared to other systems. 20 INFRARAIL 2018 OFFICIAL REVIEW –– now now live live


Sekisui’s synthetic solutions

Railmetrics, exhibiting at stand G02, was showcasing the LRAIL sensor. The product was well-received, with attendees from the UK and around the world suitably impressed with its 1mm resolution, high-speed scanning and automated detection and measurement of geometry, fasteners, sleepers, rail head wear, and S&C condition.

International synthetics business Sekisui showcased its Fibre reinforced Foamed Urethane (FFU) syntethic sleeper technology at Infrarail 2018. The FFU synthetic sleeper is manufactured using a pultrusion-extrusion

technique. Continuous glass fibre strands are soaked in polyurethane and a composite of the materials is obtained by curing at a raised temperature. FFU sleepers have an expected service life of more than 50 years. Since FFU has a closed cell structure, it

does not absorb any water. It also exhibits very high chemical resistance to oils, lubricants and pollutants. In the ballast bed the underside of the synthetic wood sleeper behaves just like a wooden sleeper.

VMS displays new signal solutions VMS displayed its range of lightweight LED Rail Signals at stand E30. Of particular interest this year were two new products, the Compact Modular Colour Light Signal (CCLS) and Combined Alphanumeric Route Indicator (CARI). The CCLS uses the same electronics and light engine as VMS’s existing MkII Signals, and can be configured as long, medium or short range, narrow or wide beam, as required by the application. The new enclosure design for the CCLS minimises the space envelope occupied by the signal and a reduced height 4 aspect signal for ground mounting has also been developed. These modular units can be deployed where physical restrictions prevent

the standard signal being used and they are easily deployed, allowing swift installation and replacement of individual modules using just 4 bolts and a plug coupler. The VMS design has progressed into the development of the CARI. In this configuration up to 20 combinations SARI or MARI aspects can be selected and displayed on the same unit. This eliminates the need for two separate indicators saving both space and costs for locations where two separate signals cannot be accommodated. Both of these new products are expected to be on track trial later in 2018.

INFRARAIL 2018 OFFICIAL REVIEW 21 .uk– now live

Dura Composites Recent winners of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise, Dura Composites demonstrated its range of rail industry composite products used for applications including station platforms, footbridges and driver walkways. The supplier has been working closely with Network Rail to put in

place stringent fire safety standards for composite products, with classifications published that cover both structural and non-structural applications and include various fire tests. Discussing Dura Composite’s products, Commercial Director Tom Bowman said: “Composites can prove a

more time and cost effective and sustainable solution for a range of key rail projects than traditional materials such as wood, steel and concrete, but many composite products don’t currently meet Network Rail’s Fire Safety Standards.” “At Dura Composites we meet or exceed all of Network Rail’s upgraded test standards.

Within the flame spread test, where class 2 is Network Rail’s standard for materials on certain rail projects, our products were tested to meet the more stringent Class 1 where Dura Platform was found to resist the spread of flame more than any other product on the market.”

Hilti On display at stand H41 was Hilti’s X-BT Railway Fastening System. The Network Rail Approved system offers speedy and simple installation using lightweight portable equipment


with highly corrosion resistant X-BT fasteners, and offers high load and pull out values. The system is available with three different jigs (for 113Lb, UIC60 and Bullhead). –– now now live live

Midlands Engine Rail prospectus generates interest The Midlands Engine used Infrarail as an opportunity to showcase its Investor Prospectus to the industry. The Prospectus showcased the region’s capacity, capability and opportunities in the rail sector and is proving to be a useful guide to new and existing investors from the UK and overseas. The Midlands Engine partners exhibiting at the show included the nine Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEP) areas that cover the Midlands region, the Department for International Trade and Midlands Engine Investment Hub. With the help of the prospectus and a short film on Midlands Engine Rail, delegates on the stand were able to showcase the opportunities UK rail presents and explain why the Midlands is the perfect place to locate to for HS2 and the many other rail projects coming to the UK over the next 15 years. The Midlands Engine Rail Prospectus details the many strengths that the Midlands rail cluster provides. Key strengths

include; six rail rolling stock OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers); a supply chain of over 250 companies; five rail test centres of excellence; Universities investing in rail R&D – which includes the exciting UK Rail Research and Innovation Network (UKRRIN) – and information on current and future rail business

development opportunities. The Prospectus can be downloaded at Simon Hall, Deputy Director UK Regions – Midlands Engine, Department for International Trade, said: “The UK has an innovative and thriving rail sector and is something of which we can

be proud. The UK is making a sustained and considerable investment in mass transit systems over the next 25 years, making this a very appealing prospect for inward investors. As a location, the Midlands has a lot to recommend it, and I’m glad that so many visitors were able to drop into our stand to find out more.”

British Steel puts Zinoco on track At the Track Display, British Steel exhibited its award-winning Zinoco premium coated rail. The product is designed for use in aggressive rail conditions including coastal track, wet tunnels, level crossings, salt pans and stray current environment. The products’ successful performance has so far led to Zinoco being fully approved for use in track by Network Rail, London Underground, RATP and Irish Rail.

Shay Murtagh Market leaders in precast concrete solutions, Shay Murtagh exhibited its latest product line in hard landscaping following the company’s acquisition of Evans Concrete Products in 2016.

British Steel is Infrarail 2018’s official ‘On-Track’ sponsor

INFRARAIL 2018 OFFICIAL REVIEW 23 .uk– now live

Linsinger At stand E10 reprofiling company Linsinger showcased its sophisticated milling and grinding technology, which has been in use for track maintenance for 20 years. The company now has more than 35 rail milling and grinding vehicles in operation and production worldwide.

Lindapter – Technical innovation in steelwork connections Lindapter, innovator of steel clamping systems displayed its latest range of CE Marked girder clamps and floor fixings at Infrarail’s stand C41. The range will include High Slip Resistant Clamps (Types AF and AAF); Adjustable Clamps (Types CF, D2, F9, LR, LS, & Flush Clamp); and Floor Fixings (Grate-Fast, FloorFast & Type 1055) at stand C41 and the Track. The company is accredited by international associations including Lloyds Register, TÜV NORD, Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik and Det Norske Veritas.

Recruitment solutions from Rullion Recruitment company Rullion has several decades of experience in the rail sector and enjoys a close working partnership with many network operators, specialist contractors and

systems integrators. At Stand K36 Rullion exhibited its new talent acquisition services, Attract and Xplor. Attract helps organisations understand how to attract and secure the

right people, while Rullion’s Xplor team uses data and insight to discover untapped opportunities and areas of improvement that help unlock organisations’ potential.

Clarity Visual Managment – Making Lean work Exhibiting at stand H45, Clarity Visual Management’s team demonstrated and discussed how the rail sector can benefit from the untapped power of Lean through effective and engaging visual management. The team provided a host of example visual management and an in-depth look at their work in the UK rail sector, including work with Network Rail to reduce its Ops & Maintenance spending by £14m and workforce accidents by 20%.


Eurofins York EMC assuring compliance Following acquisition by Eurofins Group in 2017, York EMC Services Ltd has changed its name to Eurofins York Ltd. The formal name change reflects the new ownership as well as the much broader range of regulatory compliance products and services Eurofins York offers today. At stand H51 Eurofins York showcased its compliance assurance services, including testing (for compliance with the EN 50121 series of EMC standards in our UKAS accredited testing laboratories No.1574 and on-site), consultancy (including EMC control plans and risk management) and training (offering scheduled, bespoke or in-house Rail EMC training). Eurofins York’s Dr Rob Armstrong also delivered a presentation on electromagnetic compatibility for infrastructure and products, as part of Infrarail’s technical seminar programme. –– now now live live

Innovative engineering solutions from Maccaferri Maccaferri’s experts were available at stand E67, explaining the various applications of the company’s innovative range of geotextiles and other geosynthetic products, such as highperformance geogrids. The company says its geogrids are among the most tried and tested in the world offering 120-year design life, high performance and high resistance to physical, chemical and biological conditions.

Bigorre Ingénierie presents gapless station Engineering firm Bigorre Ingénierie develops products and machines including gap fillers, platforms for scissor lifts and bogie trolleys designed to enable access. At stand F71, the company

showcased its Automatic Gap Filler, developed in partnership with the RATP for installation in the platform of metros, trams or trains.

Among their many applications, they can be used for the construction of reinforced soil retaining structures, such as the Reading viaduct. Maccaferri’s ultra-high strength ParaLink® geogrid was used as basal reinforcement while its MacRes® system with ParaWeb® geostrips formed reinforced soil walls with a vertical concrete panel fascia, for the construction of one of the UK’s longest elevated railway viaducts.

Crossrail – a lasting legacy of learning Crossrail Limited was at stand K14, promoting its Learning Legacy programme. The Learning Legacy aims to share knowledge and insight through documents such as case studies and technical papers. The Crossrail Learning Legacy builds on the work previously undertaken on the London 2012 Learning Legacy and contributes to an overall body of knowledge on major construction projects. More information can be found at

Infrarail provides platform for success for Hammond ECS Platform refurbishment company Hammond ECS exhibited at stand F51, where visitors were showcased the award-winning passenger safety Mountbridge Adjustable Platform System. The system provides a solution to passenger train interface problems, improving passenger safety while allowing the station to remain operational throughout the works. Following day three of Infrarail, Jeff Walker, Operations Manager from Hammond ECS Ltd said: “We are extremely happy, we have had another busy day. The quantity and quality of visitors is impressive; we had great meetings, especially with key contacts from Network Rail.” INFRARAIL 2018 OFFICIAL REVIEW 25 .uk– now live

Complete visibility with MRL Eye MRL Eye’s stand F37 showcased how future drone powered solutions can provide high-quality inspection data through integrating commercial unmanned aircraft systems (UAVs) from Aerialtronics and industrial image capture sensors and processing software. The stand received a visit from the Secretary of State for Transport, who was briefed on the integration and integrity of the ATX8 with digital camera formats from Phase One.

PULSAR® keeps customers fully Protecting critical equipment covered PPE and protective clothing manufacturer PULSAR® displayed its full collection of high performance apparel at stand A11, including the highly anticipated PULSAR® Ladies collection, comprising of summer and winter wear. The NEW PULSAR® FR Electric ARC waterproof Storm Coat and Overtrouser both utilise a lightweight fully breathable fabric, with mid 20’s Electric ARC CAL protection, and these products, combined with the rest of the PULSAR® range of electric ARC clothing already available, provide a one stop solution for all weathers.


Rittal’s innovative new generation Location Case enclosure was the main attraction on its stand D11. Developed in conjunction with Network Rail, the Location Case uses a standard product platform widely used in other IT and industry sectors. The enclosure is available in three sizes to accommodate BR 440 framework, 19” rails and mounting plates for all disciplines throughout the UK rail network for signalling, telecoms and power. Its protection levels, scalable cooling, custom-sizing, and flexible internal configuration options provide an adaptable, highly effective solution that will remain viable for many years to come. Rittal also offered its extensive range of enclosures systems compliant with LUL specifications for Fire Safety Performance of Materials. –– now now live live

Fox-in-a-box solutions Silver Fox presented its Fox-in-a-Box® thermal labelling solutions using one printer, one ribbon, one software for FoxFlo® UV stable LS0H tie-on cable labels. The team at stand E74 provided positive feedback to the exhibition, stating they were ‘overwhelmed’ by the response to their stand, which was ‘beyond all expectations’.

Unipart Rail Supply partner Unipart Rail was at stand G30 to help visitors understand how digital technology has been transforming its approach to asset management, and how its vision for the future rail industry supply chain will transform the industry. Unipart also have demonstrated examples of its own technologies on the stand – from the latest Unipart Dorman signals through to the new PinSpect pin code checker.

Cable innovation from Tratos At stand F50 global cable manufacturer Tratos exhibited a portfolio of cables for mass transit and rail metro applications at this year’s Infrarail.

Tratos designs, manufactures and supplies to the railway infrastructure sector and continued UK investment enables the company to deliver a wide range of specialised

cable solutions. This includes: Medium and High Voltage cable for substation connection and switchgear; Data and Telecommunication Cable (copper & fibre optic), Signalling

Power & Control cables, OLE cable, Track Feeder cable to station and premises and Rolling Stock cable.





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Tweets Social Media activity went through the roof during Infrarail 2018! See a small selection below and make sure to be part of the story at Railtex 2019 and Infrarail 2020.

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Networking Reception Visitors and exhibitors came together for the Infrarail Networking Reception at the end of day 1: always a welcome opportunity to catch up in a more relaxed environment after a hard day’s work.

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Infrarail Recap There was so much to see during Infrarail 2018, that – like us – you may already have forgotten some of the many highlights. Enjoy the short videos below to take you back to what was a fantastic 3 days at ExCel, London!


14th International Exhibition of Railway Equipment, Systems & Services



14 - 16 MAY 2019 NEC, BIRMINGHAM, UK

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