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Instructions It wouldn’t be Sweden without ABBA, would it? Start your programme with a brief rendition of some ABBA classics; Dancing Queen, Knowing Me Knowing You…there’s a long list. You could see if your Scouts know any other music by Swedish artists: The Cardigans, Roxette, Robyn and Basshunter to name just a few.

For this element of the programme, you will need two or three small and inexpensive flat-packs of chairs or other pieces of furniture. In two or three teams, Scouts will need to build a flat-pack in as short amount a time as possible. If you are feeling fiendish, take away the instructions on how to build it.

Fika is a social institution in Sweden and means to have a relaxing break with your family and friends, accompanied with drinks (usually coffee) and cake. Have a short break and enjoy this custom with your Troop.

This is a traditional Swedish Scouting game. All Scouts need to stand in a circle. When the leader calls out ‘The hawk flies high’, everyone jumps. The leader varies the call with different kinds of birds; ‘The seagull flies high’ or ‘the eagle flies high’ and so on. At random intervals, the leader calls out animals that can’t fly, for example ‘the wildebeest flies high’. The Scouts should not jump for animals that cannot fly. Those that jump anyway take one step backwards and are out. They then have to help the leader identify who’s jumping at the right moment and who is not.

In groups, talk with your Scouts about ways they can have a more positive impact on the environment. You could discuss both the good and bad things that Scouts and their families and friends do and what impact they have on the environment. In line with the ‘Make a Change! Make a Difference’ Join-in-Jamboree theme during April, discuss with them how you could get involved in a local initiative or project which promotes awareness of the environment.

Complete your evening by building a Swedish midsummer pole. The instructions on how to do this are in the Scout Join-in-Jamboree resource, available to download at The pole forms a focal point of midsummer celebrations in Sweden, where dancing around the pole to Swedish folk music is the norm. Finish your programme by coming together as a Troop and experiencing this tradition.

Faith and awareness events April/May April 2011 4 Ugadi (Hindu) 13 Vaisakhi (Sikh) 14 Birthday of the Guru Nanak (Nanakshahi calendar, Sikh) 17 Palm Sunday (Christian) 18 Therevada New Year (Buddhist) 19 Passover (Jewish) 21 First Day of Ridwan (Baha’i) 21 Maundy Thursday (Christian) 22 Good Friday (Christian) 23 St George’s Day (Christian) 24 Easter Day (Christian) May 2011 1 Yom Hasoah (Jewish) 8 World Red Cross Day 9 World Fair Trade Day 9 Yom Ha’atzmaut (Jewish) 15 Start of Christian Aid Week 17 Wesak or Buddha Day (Buddhist) 23 Anniversary of the Declaration of the Bab (Baha’i) 29 Anniversary of the Ascension of Baha’u’llah (Baha’i) 29 Birthday of the Guru Amar Das (Nanakshahi calendar, Sikh)

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