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1c – ‘Everyone’s aboard’ Instructions 1. Line up enough chairs per Cubs in a plane shape. 2. Everyone takes a seat 3. The leader calls ‘Take off’ and the Cubs get up and run around the chairs. 4. As they are doing this the leader takes one chair away.

2. Vikings!

Length: Evening Programme Zone: Creative; Global

5. T  he leader then calls everyone aboard and the Cubs have to run back and find a seat. 6. The Cub without a seat is out. 7. Carry on until the last Cub is left.

2a - Make a Viking Longboat The Vikings hailed from Scandinavia and sailed in ships knows as longboats. They were known for their sleek and stylish look. These ocean going vessels were propelled by sails and oars.

1d - Food tasting Have a food tasting session. Meatballs, ginger bread, and pancakes are all traditionally Swedish. IKEA have a good range of foods. Organise this in advance and be aware of dietary requirements and food allergies.

Equipment: • 2mm foam sheets - wood grain, grey • Dowel • Hole punch • Craft Snips • Scissors • Brown plastic craft lace • Corrugated craft paper - gold, silver • Brown permanent marker • Double-sided tape

1e - Catch the hoop Finish the evening with catch the hoop on the reindeer antlers.

Instructions: 1. Trace and cutout a boat pattern from POL from the wood

Equipment • Two cardboard antlers for each Cub Scout • One strip of card per Cub (big enough to go around their head) • Four pipe cleaners (bent into hoops large enough to go over an antler) per Cub Scout • Scissors • Glue • Stapler

2. 3. 4.

grain foam sheet. Fold boat together, then punch holes along open edges every few centimetres as shown. Lace boat together with brown craft lace. Tie ends of lacing to secure. Trace and cutout sail pattern from POL from grey foam sheet. Using the permanent marker, draw the Viking shield on the sail. Punch a hole at the centre of top and bottom edges of the sail. Cut the dowel to a 15cm length using craft snips. Colour

5. 6.

dowel with brown marker. Insert dowel through the holes in the sail. Glue the dowel into bottom of boat. (Attach scrap of foam to hold securely in place.) Cut two silver and two gold circles from corrugated paper. Attach the shields to sides of ship with double sided stick-tape.

Instructions 1. 2. 3.

Each Cub has a strip of card big enough to fasten around their head. Attach two large cardboard antlers to the strip of card. Each Cub wears their antlers, and takes it in turns to try to throw their pipe cleaner hoops onto someone else’s antlers.

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