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3. Fishing trip

Length: 30 minutes Programme Zone: Fitness Summary: Sweden is famed for its fresh, pickled and smoked seafood. Instructions: 1. One Cub is the fishing boat and has to run around the meeting place catching the other Cubs, who represent the fish in the sea. 2. Allocate each Cub a type of fish, such as a herring, a salmon or a crayfish. 3. Place restrictions on the type of fish the boat has to catch, for example, ‘fishing boat can only catch herrings. If herrings have been caught, only salmon and crayfish can release them back into the sea.’ In this case salmon and crayfish would tag the herrings to free them from the fishing boat.

fun fact

The Jamboree site in Sweden has been used for Scouting events before so the water, electrical and telecommunications networks have already been installed underground.

Bear Grylls Chief Scout

‘During the event, everyone will meet people from around the world, take part in amazing adventures and experiences and be challenged to think about global issues in a new light. I know they are going to have an amazing time next year.’

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