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Hallå Sverige – Hello Sweden 3. 4.

’Sell’ the sweets and drinks to the Cubs in exchange for their Ore and Kronors. There are 100 Ore in 1 Krona and the plural of Krona is Kronor. The exchange rate is normally in the range of £1 to 11 Kronor.



2. Don’t wake the bears This month will concentrate on our host country for the 22nd World Scout Jamboree – Sweden. Programme ideas are based around all things Swedish and will give you a taste of the culture and history of this fantastic country.

1. Swedish currency

Length: 30 minutes Programme Zone: Global Summary: Learn to use currency from Sweden Equipment • A copy of the specimen Swedish bank notes available on POL per Six • Paper • Coloured pencils or felt tipped pens • Scissors • Some penny sweets and drinks, or better still some Swedish sweets and drinks bought from your nearest IKEA store, marked up with a Swedish price for the activity Instructions: 1. Get your Cubs to design some bank notes and/or coins based on the Swedish Krona as shown below. 2. The Cubs then cut out their money and are allowed to use it for their transactions.

Length: 30 minutes Programme Zone: Global Summary: Game involving the bears of Sweden There are about 200,000 brown bears in the world. Populations of brown bears in Scandinavia are steadily and slowly increasing - they include over 2,000 bears in Sweden. Although they sleep in dens (caves, hollow logs, or holes they dig) during the winter, they are not true hibernators and can be easily awakened. Brown bears have a life span of about 25 years in the wild. This game is about not waking the bears up. Equipment: • Rope or chalk to mark off a play area of about 6m2 • Photos/pictures of bears mounted on card • Blindfolds • Small packets of gummy bears Instructions: 1. Create square approx 6m x 6m squared out of rope. 2. Spread photos or pictures of bears liberally in square. 3. Divide Sixes into two sections, half at opposite sides of the square. 4. One side are the guides and the other the rangers, who are blindfolded. 5. One at a time, the guides direct the rangers through the bear pit, helping to avoid them standing on a bear. 6. If they do stand on a bear they are eaten by the bear and are out. 7. How many can each Six lead safely through the bear pit? 8. Give the winners a small packet of gummy bears each.

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