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A world of culture

1. Rangoli patterns

Length: 45 minutes - 1 hour Programme Zones: Beliefs and Attitudes; Global; Creative Equipment: • Rice and/or sand, a variety of bright colours (this can be achieved by using food colouring or by mixing the rice/ sand with dry powder paint) • Some good PVA • Strong paper or card • Pencils • Newspaper

This month’s theme is all about valuing different cultures around the world and celebrating those differences. With Scouts from over 150 countries participating at the Jamboree, ‘a world of culture’ can be found within the boundaries of the campsite. These cultural differences can range from religions, to attitudes towards disabilities, taste in music, clothes and many other things. Use these programme ideas to get your Scouts interested in their own world of culture.

Instructions: 1. Mark out a Rangoli symmetrical pattern onto a square of strong paper or card with a pencil. 2. It’s a good idea if the design is fairly simple rather than very detailed. 3. Spread the glue onto the pattern, working on one area at a time. 4. Sprinkle the rice or sand on to the glued area. 5. Shake off excess rice/sand. 6. Work on next area and the next, until all have been done. 7. Remember to use lots and lots of newspaper for this so the floor does not get too messy.

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