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e h t r o Up f ? e r u t n Adve • Residential experiences, from camping to indoor lodges. • Over 50 activities across our centres • NEW for 2012 – badge, award and training courses for young people and leaders Visit the website for centre contact details and to request a brochure.

Great location s Amazing staff Right choice Tel: 0845 300 2549 Operated by The Scout Association Registered Charity Number: 306101 (England and Wales) and SC038437 (Scotland)

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Published by: The Programme Team The Scout Association, Gilwell Park, Chingford, London E4 7QW Tel: 0845 300 1818 Contributions to: ADVERTISING Richard Ellacott Tel: 020 8962 1258 Cover image: David Walsh Contributors: Dan Weaver, David Morton For ease of reading, this supplement refers to all variations of ‘county’ groupings simply as County. You can read all the section supplements, and the main magazine, online at

Back and forward

Deputy UK Commissioner for Programme Graeme Hamilton looks back to the future

What a year for celebrations. Beaver Scouts have been celebrating 25 years and in 2012 you celebrate ten years along with Explorer Scouts. Let’s make sure that all these celebrations translate into increased growth and retention across the UK with even more fun and adventure for everyone in the year ahead in all five sections.

A question of support

ON YOUR MARKS Don’t forget to register your Network for Our Sporting Adventure, and get together before the new year to plan your activities. Which Network will place highest on the medal table? What sport will you invent? How tall will your mascot be? Go to oursportingadventure

It’s been nearly a year now since we changed the Headquarters support structure for Programme and Activities. This is what we have achieved so far: • A focused core team addressing issues raised regularly by leaders and supporters. • Project teams with a range of internal and external people to provide the best outcomes for successful programme support. • A team of people who can provide Headquarters support for you locally. • Project management focus, allowing us to work more effectively across sectional boundaries. • Increased opportunities to meet and hear from leaders and young people. I used to say that sorting the programme was like painting the Forth Rail bridge; a seemingly never-ending and repetitive job. You have to keep at it, enthuse leaders new and old, embrace the changing social and cultural styles, and remember that for everyone who is happy with a change there will be someone else who doesn’t like it. The core team, under Alex Minajew’s leadership, has set a course to offer the best programme support possible to leaders and, in this Olympic year, the support will be right on track.

Contents 4 News and updates The top stories as we enter our second decade

5 Ideas Programme inspiration to help you link with Explorer Scouts

8 It was a very good ten years The story of Scout Network so far

12 ‘It’s for you’ One member who’s been with Network all the way

14 Destination celebration Meet-ups to mark the milestone

16 So what would you change about 18-25 Scouting? A new project announced

17 Badge of the decade Your favourite design for the birthday badge revealed

18 Let’s get it on Events list for a year of celebration


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News and updates

The latest soundings from the Headquarters team, dates for your diary and chances to get involved. If you’ve got news, spread it via

Student recruitment material

Does your County or District have a university or further education college located in it? If so, help is on its way to help you recruit and retain students in your Network. Check out Don’t forget the brand centre can help you produce and print flyers, posters, invites and more for your recruitment fayre.

Windsor 2012 The National Scout Service and Parade will be held at Windsor Castle on Sunday 29 April 2012. The event is a great day, celebrating the achievement and contribution of adults and young people. Anyone who has achieved their Queen’s Scout Award is entitled to attend the event. Invitations will go out in January so stalk your postman and make sure that you respond to say you’re coming.


Activity Academies Activity Academies are on offer again in our Scout Activity Centres. In 2012 we are offering: • NSRA Rifle Shooting • RYA Powerboat Level 2 • Introduction to Instructing • Water Sports, BCU 1* Kayak and Canoeing • Level 1 Climbing Permit • Raft building • Mountain Leader Training • Single Pitch Climbing. For more information, and to book, visit or email


Scouting participation in the DofE programme continues to grow, and we are seeing more and more Gold completions from young people in their twenties. eDofE was launched last year and is a great tool to help you manage your programme. If you haven’t started your DofE yet and want to get going, or if you’re worried about keeping in touch while at uni, then eDofE will help you to manage your DofE programme no matter where you are. For more information and to register, contact your County DofE Adviser, Country Office or the DofE Team at Gilwell Park.


Network December 2011/January 2012

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Programme ideas

Link up

What more opportune time is there to meet up with Explorer Scouts in your area than to celebrate the tenth birthday of both sections?


Find someone who… A good icebreaker that will allow members to get to know interesting things about each other.

Before the evening • Make a grid of attributes and achievements that might apply to the Explorers and Scout Network members at your meeting (an example is on the next page). • Print out enough copies of your grid for one per person.

During the evening hen Network and Explorers meet together it provides many benefits to both sections including:

• Making new friends • Sharing ideas and activities • Providing a larger support network and peer group for undertaking the top awards • Giving you a larger group of people to get group discounts for external activities.

Starter for ten Try some of these activities to look back at what you’ve enjoyed over the past year and how we can continue to have fun and grow the two sections.

• Give each person a copy of the grid and a pen. • Members must then talk to other people and ask them if they are able to tick any boxes on the grid. • Only one name per box is necessary and a person can only be used for one box.

Spice it up • Add in a prize for the first person to find people for all of the boxes. • Add an element of bingo for completing a row, half the grid and full house. • Make it even trickier by not allowing members to speak but making hand gestures to ask the question, or insist that those answering can only say yes and no.

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Find someone who...


Is a member of a sports club

Enjoyed maths at school

Lives in a flat

Has an older brother

Has animals at home

Has a younger sister

Has a sat nav

Is a member of a Network Committee

Exercises regularly

Uses hairspray or gel

Is vegetarian

Wants to be a doctor

Has parents that drive a German car

Lives in a large city

Travels by train

Lives in a village

Travels by bus

Has crossed the Channel on a ferry

Is interested in politics

Left the house before 7.30 am today

Has visited the Isle of Wight

Is looking for a job

Has been to Wales in the last year

Reads the Daily Mail

Is at university

Has been to Gilwell Park

Enjoys sailing

Regularly Got lost on rides a bike the way here

Has been abroad this year

Likes Indian food

Speaks more than one language

Has never been abroad

Watches football

Has been to a rock concert

Enjoys cricket

Has been to a World Scout Jamboree

Is wearing clothes made abroad

Has flown in the last year

Is on a diet

Network December 2011/January 2012

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Programme ideas

Playing party games is a good way of linking the sections and helping Explorer Scouts move up to Network

Musical Pass the statues Parcel Before the evening

Before the evening • Buy a prize and some sweets. • List some questions that you want to ask the members to feed back on, such as ‘What was your favourite event of the year and why?’ • Cut the questions out and attach one to each sweet. • Wrap up the winning prize. • Add a sweet and question to each layer that you wrap.

During the evening • Sit the members in a circle. Try and mix up Explorers with Network members. • Play music and then stop it at random intervals. Whoever is holding the parcel has to unwrap a layer and answer a question. Don’t forget to write down the answers so that you can include these in your next planning meeting.

• Write a list of true and false statements that you want members to answer about Scout Network. • Cut them up and put one inside each balloon. • Blow up the balloons and scatter them around the meeting place.

During the evening • Play music, while members dance and move around. • Stop the music at random intervals and when the music stops everyone must stand absolutely still. • The person who moves first has to pop a balloon and answer the statement that is inside. • Carry on until all of the balloons have been popped. Tip: It is easier to insert the piece of paper before the balloon has been blown up.

more info All of these activities and more are on Programmes Online – uk/pol. Let us know what you think of them at

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07/11/2011 16:58

Since their introduction a decade ago, many things have happened in the Explorer and Network sections. We take a walk down memory lane

It was a very good ten years I

n 2001, George W Bush was the President of the United States, League Manchester United were Premier y Harr the champions and the first of . mas cine UK Potter films was showing in n place since A lot of exciting things have take year-olds in 5 14-2 of hip bers then, and the mem . ased Scouting have incre


Explorer The 2011 census counted 36,346 ers. Add Lead ng You are m Scouts, 9,030 of who , over bers mem ork Netw t Scou to these 4,885 the in here elsew r ntee volu m half of who ble the Movement. That’s more than dou rded in reco 19,245 Venture Scouts that were the 2001 census. ts of the Here are some of the major even first ten years.

Network December 2011/January 2012

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Explorer Scouts and Scout Network sections are launched, including the Young Leaders’ Scheme

Queen’s Scouts assist at Lying in State of HM Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother 20th World Scout Jamboree in Thailand (28 Dec 2002 – 8 Jan 2003) ScoutBase website was relaunched Commonwealth Queen's Scout Award celebrations

2003 2004


Roverway in Portugal

12th World Scout Moot in Taiwan Peter Duncan named 9th Chief Scout Scouting magazine and supplements become free publications First Gilwell 24 event for Explorer Scouts


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Relaunch of the Scout Network section Following a review of the Scout Network programme, resources were reissued with the creation of the three self-development areas.

Roverway in Italy


Centenary of Scouting celebrations HM The Queen reviews Queen’s Scouts at Windsor Castle, including award holders from Commonwealth countries. 21st World Scout Jamboree in the UK

Live ‘07 at the O2 arena, where the Network section caught the eye with a spectacular staged item including Mini Coopers, ballroom dancing, power bocking and a full size orchestra playing the James Bond theme tune. Playing 007 was Essex’s Stuart Watson, who said of the experience: ‘It was pretty amazing playing James Bond at the O2 before it became the world class venue it’s known as today. Rescuing Peter Duncan’s scarf and riding off triumphantly on a motorbike is a memory that will stay with me forever.’

50th JOTA / 11th JOTI

2008 10

Programme update to Explorer Scouts First Scouts of the World Award trial

Network December 2011/January 2012

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Roverway in Iceland Bear Grylls named tenth Chief Scout

Make your own history



13th World Scout Moot in Kenya

22nd World Scout Jamboree in Sweden

So here we are. There’s no denying that both sections have taken time to grow their own identity, and that the transition from Venture Scouting was complex and gradual. But the numbers don’t lie, and the improvement in retention of teenage members has been significant in reversing the declining trend that Scouting was experiencing at the start of the millennium. One of the proudest moments was just 18 months ago, when we were able to report a surge in teenage membership of over 20 per cent in less than ten years. This achievement is down to the dedication you have shown to the sections, as leaders, mentors, members and supporters. The Young Leaders’ Scheme has meant more 18 year-olds taking on adult appointments than ever before, with leadership skills learnt in Young Leader Units. What will the next ten years show? It’s hard to tell, but now it’s up to you to make new stories, achieve new heights and continue giving Network the opportunity to change lives and make special memories.

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07/11/2011 17:00

‘It’s for you’ Dan Weaver has been with Derbyshire Network right from its earliest days. He picks out some of his personal highlights




was in Explorer Scouts and heard about Scout Network on the grapevine, even though it hadn’t really got off the ground in Derbyshire. I thought it was a good idea, so registered, but there was nothing to go along to. A few of us who’d been through Explorers together and just turned 18 decided to start our own.

to keep things going. I’d been acting as chair, but took on some of the responsibilities of the commissioner role. Seeing things from a County level showed me the challenges the section had, but I enjoyed the test of persuading Districts and Explorer Units that Network was worthy of their support.

Early experiences

I had a break from Network when I reached 25, but now I’m back as a District Scout Network Leader. It’s great seeing the Network that I started still continues, and the members organise everything themselves. I’m just there to lend a hand with some of the paperwork and give advice where I can. I believe in Network. There’s still a lot of work to be done to develop the section, but with the right level of support and enough people who believe in its potential, it will succeed. The most special thing about Network is the people you meet. We’ve had great times, and the important thing has been staying together and continuing with Scouting in a space that’s just for you.

To start with there were four of us, so we organised activities that were easy to do, like hiking and indoor climbing. An early highlight was our first camp in the beer garden of a rural pub, the second weekend in January. As Network grew, so did our ambitions. Organising my own expedition for the Queen’s Scout Award was a big step forward. Receiving my award – I’d done it all in Network – was one of my proudest moments.

Changing through challenge When changing circumstances meant that our Network Commissioner moved on, we formed a mini committee 12

S c

Special times

Network December 2011/January 2012

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Open up the

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et Don’t forg e th r to wea d ge a b y a d bir th n iform on you r u a ry. nu Ja 1 from

Throwing a party to celebrate the ta tenth birthday of Network isn’t jus y of great idea; it could also be a top wa recruiting new members


ow that the Explorer Scout and Network sections have reached double figures, many Counties and Districts across the UK will be planning and hosting events to bring the sections together.

Tried and tested The usual big events will be going all out to add a certain celebratory flavour to the programme, and if you’ve never got your Network along to Gathering, Revolution, MAD or Intense, you should certainly consider making your debut in 2012. The winter months play host to a succession of balls and swanky dinners. Bearing in mind the tenth birthday, it would be a good opportunity to make these joint events for both sections, and for Network members to play a leading role in the organisation. Focus on how you will showcase the types of activities your Network is renowned for, and get the details of the Explorer Scouts who are soon to be moving on, so that you can invite them to future programmed events. Using the feelgood factor of a party will mean more Explorers are likely to give Network a try. Don’t fall into the trap of hanging around with your friends only; reach out to the younger members.


Network December 2011/January 2012

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Destination celebration Cheese in Cheshire Cheshire Network are getting the party started with a ball in March. They’ll be celebrating the tenth birthday in style, as well as raising money for the Wish Upon a Star Foundation and St Rocco’s Hospice. There’ll be super grub and a fair amount of cheesy tunes to bop along to. For more information and to book tickets go to

Suffolk sets the world alight In the East of England, the main event for Explorer Scouts and Network members will be a weekend birthday party to celebrate a fantastic ten years. Haughley Park will play host from 13 to 15 July. The opening ceremony will be a traditional birthday party complete with hats and name badges. Ten beacons will be lit by a torch from each District, who will take their torch on a journey in the run-up to the camp. This will be followed by a succulent barbecue, fireworks and a barn dance. Saturday is a day of activities: inflatables, archery, air rifles, aerial runway, crafts, circus skills, waterslides, backwoods cooking, climbing wall, greasy pole and more. Sunday will be an Olympics-themed ‘It’s a

knockout’ competition, with the sub-camps competing against each other to be the champions.

Choose your own adventure There are countless more options open to you as you prepare to celebrate a decade of over-18 adventures. Whether it’s a knees-up, a marathon challenge, an international expedition or a service project, aim to give your special event a celebratory flavour.

ty If you thin k you r event has plen te invi to like ’d you and of pizzazz, others, be sure to add it to the Scout Net work Facebook page ( and so let the supplement team know we can tell others. We’d love to keep a record of all the Net work events that are being plan ned to mark the tent h birt hday.

NetworkSupp_DecJan12.indd 15


07/11/2011 17:01

So what would you change about 18-25 Scouting? A searching question led to the formation of a new group. David Morton, a member of the review team, reveals more


hen members of the Programme Team cheerily asked us the question above, we felt put on the spot. It’s not the easiest question to answer, but before we knew it we were asking it at focus groups up and down the country. The 18-25 core objectives review team are looking into all aspects of the Scouting provision for Network aged members. We’ve also had responses from Facebook, Your Programme, Your Voice and from the questionnaires in the last supplement (which you did fill in, didn’t you?). Thanks to everyone who let us know what was good, not so good, what was totally brilliant, and what was a bit rubbish about Scouting for 18-25 year olds.

No surprises The responses were wide and varied, but there were clearly some common themes. You told us that some of our section’s biggest strengths can also be its biggest weaknesses. ‘You can organise what you want to do, but then no one organises anything’ was a phrase often heard. You told us that you’re often seen simply as a ‘service crew’ as opposed to a section of your own, and you told us you’re not always sure everyone in your area understands the benefits of Network. Sound familiar? 16

While younger Network members were keen for a more formal, structured programme, older members were far more likely to adopt a DIY approach. You also told us that you were keen for some badges and awards all of your own (and not just the Queen’s Scout Award). Perhaps that all tells a story...

So what can we do about it? The project team considered a huge range of options, from keeping everything as it is, to making one big ‘National Network’ and just about everything in between. We understand that there will never be an option that will please everyone, but hopefully, by listening to everything you have told us, we can provide some recommendations that will positively influence the experiences of 18-25 year olds in Scouting from 2014 onwards.


Thank you to everyone who completed the programme questionnaire. Keep reading your supplement for news of future developments.

Network December 2011/January 2012

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07/11/2011 17:01

New badge

Badge of the decade


hanks to everyone who cast their vote on the badge to be produced for the Explorer and Network tenth birthday in 2012. We’re pleased to reveal the number one design.

The perfect blend The badge is a balanced mix of both sections, so it’s easy to see why it was your favourite. As an occasional badge, you can stick it on your uniform from the start of 2012 for the duration, worn above the left breast pocket. ‘The badge comprises the green of the Explorer section and the grey of Network,’ said Programme and Development Adviser Emma

Actual badge may differ slightly from this design

The results are in, the votes have been counted and your choice for the badge to celebrate the tenth birthday can now be revealed

Saunders. ‘It also captures the fun and adventure of both sections while leaving no-one in any doubt about what birthday we’re celebrating. I hope Explorer Scouts, Network members and their leaders enjoy wearing the badge on their uniforms throughout 2012.’

Get in first You can order the badge from Scout Shops in January. Visit and look for Fun Badges. The bargain price is £1. We’d love to feature pictures of you wearing the badge on our Facebook page. Go to to upload your model shots.

NetworkSupp_DecJan12.indd 17


10/11/2011 17:28

Let’s get it on

As 2012 is set to be a year of celebration for Network, we give you the heads-up to what’s happening up and down the country January Derbyshire County Ball. 7 January. The Roundhouse, Pride Park. countyball Kent Network Winter Ball. 14 January. Salomons, Royal Tunbridge Wells.

February Fun in Beds – Winter Chill. 24-26 February. Great Barford Campsite, Bedfordshire. March Cheshire Network Ball. 24 March. Stobbart Stadium, Widnes.


International Events There are also several international events happening, which Network age Scouts are able to attend. Here are a few for inspiration: Roverway 2012. 20-28 July 2012. Finland. 29th Asia-Pacific Regional Jamboree. 22-27 February 2012. Sri Lanka. Jamboree Denmark 2012. 21-29 July 2012. Holstebro. NICES 2012. 28 July – 12 August 2012. Netherlands.

BrumJam 2012. 28 July – 4 August 2012. Worcestershire. Essex International Jamboree 2012. 18-25 August 2012. Essex.

For further information on these, and other events, consult the International Opportunities newsletter at If you’ve got an event that’s not listed here, get on the Scout Network Facebook page at scoutnetwork to share it.

Network December 2011/January 2012

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10/11/2011 17:25

SRMC 2012 Guiding Advert_Layout 1 02/11/2011 14:51 Page 1

SUN RUN malvern


6TH - 8TH JULY 2012

29TH JUNE - 1ST JULY 2012

The coolest midsummer weekend FOR all members aged 14 upwards, of scouting & guiding AT THE HOTTEST EVENT OF THE YEAR!



now from age 14 and upwards


“Themed Party” climbing wall & bungee

Fairground rides inflatable city COMPETITIONS








= acrobats = stunt shows = comedians = = street entertainers =

ON both EVENTs



For more information about these annual events which have become the largest in the Scouting and Guiding movement with thousands of our members at each weekend, please contact:

Robert Stevens T: 01242 240736 (24hr voicemail) E: send a SAE to 212 Hatherley Road, Cheltenham, VIDEO . HISTORY . BOOK ON-LINE . CREDIT CARD PAYMENT . RULES . ETC

Gloucestershire GL51 6ET or visit

Organised by Scouts and Guides for Scouts and Guides. Registered Charity No. 1021577

IBC_BEAVERSSUPP_DecJan2011.indd 2

08/11/2011 11:18


EXHIBITION Enter the Most Famous

Bridge in the World

Enjoy breathtaking views of London from the Bridge’s Walkways. Experience the Victorian Engine Rooms. Enter and be amazed. Adults: £8.00 Children: £3.40 Concessions: £5.60 Under 5s: FREE Contact: 0845 404 3034 Bridge lift line: 0845 165 9815

Special rates for groups, contact 0845 404 3034 for an organiser's pack Tower Bridge is provided by The City of London Corporation - a uniquely diverse organisation in that it not only promotes and supports the City and provides it with a full range of services, but also provides wider services for London and for the nation as a whole.

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13/07/2011 15:18

Network Supplement Dec Jan 2011-12  

The 10th anniversary issue The 10th anniversary issue Play your way to more members Live it up Events to attend The magazine for Scout Netwo...

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