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Community spirit

Activities and games to look after your local area

Crisis management

Help your Beavers respond to an emergency situation

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23-24 June 2012 Copyright Š 2010 The Scout Association Registered Charity Numbers 306101 (England and Wales) and SC038437 (Scotland).

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Published by: The Programme Team The Scout Association Gilwell Park Chingford London E4 7QW Tel: 0845 300 1818 Contributions to: Cover photo: Chloë Chapman ADVERTISING Richard Ellacott Tel: 020 8962 1258 Contributors: Debbie Phillips Rose Wells Jenny Winn Emma Wood


Step back and leap forward Deputy UK Commissioner for Programme Graeme Hamilton looks back to the future

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What you’ve been up to The Treefellas and Loggers Colonies from the 1st Longham Beaver Scouts had a great time par tying, playing games and enjoying a picnic at Sandbanks in Dorset. For one Beaver, the day was extra special. The lifeguards gave a d talk about safety, then presente his h wit m Ada ld ar-o n-ye seve Stage 5 swimming badge. ‘Adam is the only one in the Colony to ever get a Stage 5,’ said Beaver Scout Leader Bud Cherry. ‘The lifeguards were amazed he had completed all requirements for the badge at his age.’

Celebrations are in the air. This year saw Beaver Scouts celebrating 25 years and 2012 marks ten years for Explorer Scouts and Scout Network. We should ensure that the events and activities Beavers took part in translate into increased growth and retention across the UK and the same for all sections in the year ahead.

Programme and activities support It’s been almost a year since we changed the Headquarters support structure for Programme and Activities. This is what we have achieved so far in offering improved support: • A focused core team addressing issues raised regularly by leaders and supporters • Project teams with a range of internal and external people to provide the best outcomes for successful programme support • A team of people who can provide Headquarters support for you locally • Project management focus allowing us to work effectively across sectional boundaries • Increased opportunities to meet and hear from leaders and young people The core team, under Alex Minajew’s leadership, has set course to offer the best programme support possible to leaders and in this Olympic year, the support will be right on track.

Contents 4 What’s going on? News and information

5 Come together Involve your local community

8 Programmes on a plate Emergency!

10 It’s in the planning Tips for a great residential experience

12 Beavers’ birthday bashes 25th birthday round-up

16 Go Global A new resource from Shelterbox


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What’s going on? News and information Take the rise

itshee R to

Rise to the Challenge is a resource which contains ge activities to help leaders ual ng algenspltiReinitn scouti cexh ploRin pm develo incorporate spiritual development into their programme. Supporting young people in their spiritual development is an important part of our purpose. Visit to download Rise to the Challenge together with other resources to help you cover the Beliefs and Attitudes (values and relationships) zone, such as the Faith walk. ciation t asso the scou Park Gilwell Chingford London 1818 E4 7QW 0845 300 306101 rs ion Centre: numbe scouts.or rmat red Charity nd). Scout Info Association Registe 37 (Scotla

All together now

The Scout and SC0384 © 2011 d and Wales) (Englan

Item number:


Something special Beaver Scouts from the 1st Hook Scout Group were television stars for the day when they appeared in Something Special, shown on CBeebies. The programme offers parents and carers of children with special needs ways of helping them develop their language and communication skills. The spotlight was on Emily who has successfully integrated with the Colony. Beaver Scout leader, Anne-Marie Howells said ‘Emily has a brilliant time at Beavers. She joins in with everything and has been on two sleepovers. ‘Joining Beavers has been one of the best things that has happened to Emily,’ said her mum, Shelly. ‘It’s helped her confidence and given her the chance to do loads of new activities.’ The inclusive nature of Scouting and the way young people from all backgrounds, abilities and faiths are welcomed was highlighted by presenter Justin Fletcher alias ‘Mr Tumble’.



rg.u scouts.o

Beaver Scouts in the Orpington District held their last residential experience under that name before they merged with Bromley District. The Mayor of Bromley presented Assistant District Commissioner for Beavers Sheila Foakes with a crystal plate as a thank you from all the Beavers and leaders she has helped over the last 20 years. Cudham Environmental Activity Centre was the venue for a weekend of crafts, bug hunts, a night hike and general Beaver-type fun. The event made the front page of the Biggin Hill News. ‘A great time was had by all,’ said BSL Jeannie Pittard-Whitmarsh.

All on board The waves were breaking against the sea wall and it was blowing a gale. The 1st Cromer Sea Scout Beaver Colony were experiencing the type of conditions the crew of The Cromer Lifeboat, Lester, would face when manning the lifeboat in an emergency. The visit was an honour for the Beaver Scouts who are now known as the 1st Cromer Richard Davies Beaver Scout Colony after the late Coxswain, Richard Davies. The present Coxswain, John Davies presented the Beavers with their new name tapes. They were allowed to board the lifeboat with launch crew member Rosie Keating, Coxswain John and other members of the crew.

Beavers December 2011/January 2012

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Come together


ed Emma Wood helps you get involv with your local community


ometimes we need to do some good old fashioned public relations to make the community aware that we are active and a part of their lives. These activity ideas will help you promote the impact of Scouting on your community.

COME DINE WITH US Pop-up restaurant Invite local older people, or prominent members of the community, to your headquarters for a pop-up restaurant experience. Sunday lunchtime would be ideal if it could be arranged. Ask your Beaver Scouts for suggestions for a theme and what type of food they think their customers would like such as Caribbean, Chinese or fish dishes, keeping it simple. Let them design and make the invitations and decorations. Beavers can have active roles working in teams, with an adult in charge, each looking after a different element:

• • • •

Front of house/waiting Cooking Drinks Entertainment The entertainment can take place during the meal and could be sponsored to help pay for the restaurant. Perhaps singing as many songs as possible in half an hour or performing a dance. You could tie this in with a visit to a local restaurant to see what it looks like and how it is run before you run your pop-up version.

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S E I IT IV T C A L A N O S A E S Christmas biscuit sales Beavers will love making these tasty biscuits to sell as Christmas gifts for people in their community. To make about 40 biscuits you will need the following ingredients and utensils: 100g light soft brown sugar 100g margarine 1 egg 230g plain flour 30g cornflour 2 tspn ground mixed spice 40 solid boiled sweets star shaped cutters fat drinking straws ribbon small round cutter (a bit bigger than the sweets) baking trays mixing bowls spoons sieves forks rolling pins oven gloves


Method: • Heat the oven to 180C, 350F, gas mark 4 • Mix the sugar and margarine, getting rid of any lumps • Break the eggs into a separate bowl and beat and add to the mixture • Sift the flour, cornflour and mixed spice into the mixture • Mix everything together to form a ball of dough • Sprinkle flour on the worktop and roll out the dough to about 5mm thick • Cut out the stars and put them on a greased baking tray • Make a hole, using the straw, at the top of the star • Use the round cutter to cut a hole in the middle of each star • Put a boiled sweet into the hole in the middle of each star shape • Put tray in the oven for about 12 minutes and allow to cool • Attach ribbons through the hole

Design a box for your biscuits Copy the template here onto stiff card (A4 or larger). Cut out, fold and glue where indicated to form a pyramid-shaped box which the Beavers can decorate. Put the biscuits in the box, glueing or taping the last side in place.

Beavers December 2011/January 2012

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local issues

Outdoor decorations Using pieces of plywood (or buy pre-cut ones from craft suppliers) cut out decorations for the Beaver Scouts to decorate with paint and varnish. If you can get permission, hang the decorations on the village or town centre Christmas tree. If not, decorate a tree in the front of your meeting place at Christmas or other times of celebration.

Window decorations Ask your Beaver Scouts to draw seasonal or general Scouting designs on A4 paper and then photocopy these onto acetate (clear OHP plastic sheets). Cut the designs out and spray them lightly with glue. Ask your local residential care home, library or community centre if you can stick them onto their windows for a particular period of time.

Scout Community Week Taking place from 14–20 May 2012, Scout Community Week takes Scout Job Week to the next level. It offers sections, Groups and Districts the chance to design a fundraising project, which delivers real benefit to the local community.

Beaver Scouts can go on a walk around their local area and take photographs or make notes of things that need fixing. These might include: • dirty street signs • broken street lamps • broken benches/dirty bench plaques • broken bins • damaged paving • overgrown walkways Some councils run ‘adopt a street’ schemes where individuals or local groups adopt streets and take some responsibility for ensuring they are kept clean and tidy. Perhaps your Colony could adopt the street your meeting place is in. Invite the local newspaper along to take photographs to show Beaver Scouts caring for their community. You may also like to send the photographs to your local council. Obtain the necessary permissions and ensure all safety precautions are taken before you embark on a clean-up. Remember that a great way to be a central part of your community is to keep aware of what is going on and taking part, such as: • building a carnival float • running a stall at a church or other local fair • entering exhibits in a local horticultural or craft show • having a stall at school open evenings • getting involved in Remembrance Day Parades • entering as a Colony in local competitions or art exhibitions

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This issue’s theme is emergency services, compiled by Jenny Winn

POP Programmes on a plate


Beavers December 2011/January 2012

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Opening ceremony

5 mins


Introduce the various emergency services, the most common ones and others such as coastguard and mountain rescue.

Who yer gonna call?

40 mins


Read the story of the boy who cried wolf and discuss the meaning of the story. Tell the Beavers they must not make hoax calls to the emergency services as it can take away help from someone who really needs it. Make up emergency situation cards and place in a pot. Around the room put up the names of different emergency services. The Beavers take turns to draw out a situation card and runs to the service they think they should call.They should be aware that some situations will need more than one emergency service.

Calling the emergency services

10 mins


Tell the Beaver Scouts about the two different emergency numbers – 999 and 112. Sit the Colony in a circle and ask for a volunteer. Set up a situation where the volunteer has fallen off a bike, perhaps using a chair as a prop. Ask the Beavers what they would do if the person was injured. Which service would be needed, what dangers may still exist and who would be involved? Get them pretend to call a service with a leader playing the role of the operator. What should they say?

Closing ceremony

5 mins


Faith and awareness events February/March 2012 February


2 Candlemas Day (Christian) 4 Milad un Nabi (Birthday of Prophet Mohammad) (Islam – Shia celebrate five days later) 8 Tu B’Shvat (Jewish) 8/15 Parinirvana Day (Buddhist) 21 Shrove Tuesday (Christian) 22 Ash Wednesday (Christian) 27 Feb – 11 March Fairtrade Fortnight

1 St David’s Day (Christian) 8 Holi (Hindu) 8 Purim (Jewish) 8 International Women’s Day 9 Hola Mohalla (Sikh) 17 St Patrick’s Day (Christian)

For more great ideas visit

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e h t n i s ’ t I g n i n n a l p

Debbie Phillips has some helpful tips for a great experience

10 Beavers December 2011/January 2012

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residential experiences


esidential experiences are an exciting time for both Beaver Scouts and leaders. Everyone has the opportunity to get to know each other better, away from their usual surroundings. Think about what you want to achieve during your time away. This will give you an idea of where you need to stay and the type of facilities you will need to have. For some Beavers this may be the first time they have been away from home. The venue should ideally be close enough to home so parents can collect their child if there are any problems. You also need to take into consideration sleeping accommodation and the split of males and females. Confirm the availability of your leadership team and any specialist instructors you might need to help with your programme. All adults must have successfully completed The Scout Association vetting process. If using parents who are not subject to a current check, you will need to apply for these straight away. Outdoor activities require one leader to every six Beavers plus the leader in charge and you will also need someone in the party who holds a Nights Away Permit. Beavers should feel at ease and familiar with the adults you are taking with you.

A weekend of firsts For their residential experience, the 22nd Bootle Beaver Scouts headed off to Waddecar Scout Camp near Preston in Lancashire. ‘It was their first time under canvas,’ says Beaver Scout Leader Audra Magee, ’and their first ever real campfire.’ A highlight of the weekend was canoeing which was another first for some of the Colony. A visit to the Pirates Assault Course was a hit with everyone, including the leaders and Explorer Scouts who were helping out. ‘As soon as we returned home,’ says Audra, ‘we started planning our next residential experience.’

What shall we do? Once you have a firm booking and are certain the event is going ahead, ask the Beavers what they would like to do. Perhaps suggest a themed event so they can be quite creative with their thoughts. Look at the challenge and activity badges. There are lots of activities you may not have time to complete on a regular Colony evening but may be able to complete during your time away. You could concentrate on one of the badges so that the Beavers gain the badge at the end of the time away. You could ask a Colony from a different part of your District or County to join you. This not only shares the planning between the two sets of leaders but gives the Beavers a chance to make new friends. 11

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Beavers’ birthday bashes Beaver Scouts? How did you celebrate 25 years of Rose Wells Here is an end of year round-up by


e have featured some of your 25th birthday celebrations in the past few issues. The variety of events and enthusiasm by Beavers has been amazing. Well done to the leaders, parents and helpers who made sure this year was one to remember. Here are some more stories.

Mini ministers The Houses of Parliament provided an unusual setting for the 1st Sullington & Storrington Beavers to celebrate the Beavers 25th birthday. An invitation from their local MP, Nick Herbert, saw 23 Beavers and their leader Gloria Gardner walking the corridors of power. The Beavers visited both the House of Commons and House of Lords. “We’re grateful to Mr Herbert for organising the trip,” said Gloria. “It was an unforgettable experience.”

12 Beavers December 2011/January 2012

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Who’s Xui at the zoo? Over 1,000 Beaver Scouts visited Banham Zoo for their 25th birthday celebrations. The trip involved eight Districts and was organised by the Suffolk Beaver Scout Team. The zoo staff produced a mini quiz book for the day and created a Beaver village where Beavers and Leaders could have a free drink and were presented with special baseball caps. As a thank you to the zoo, the Beavers sponsored ‘Xui’, a newly born Suffolk Punch colt.

Campsite fun Bradley Woods Scout campsite welcomed 80 Beaver Scouts for a fun-filled funday as part of their 25th birthday celebrations. The Beavers, from the Holme Valley District in Yorkshire, took part in treasure hunts, climbing, archery and had a go on the assault course. The event was such a success that organiser, Assistant District Commissioner Claire Bolton, has been asked to make it an annual event.

Big, big greetings Beaver Scouts from Barwick-in-Elmet made a giant 25th birthday card – and sent it to us. With lots of brightly coloured drawings and messages, the card has pride of place in the editorial office. Even the Leaders added their best wishes. A big thank you to the Barwick-in-Elmet Beavers for their amazing work of art.

Circus celebrations Greater Manchester West County saw 450 Beaver Scouts making friends and having fun. Their birthday event was a circus-themed funday with Beavers parading their birthday banners and having their faces painted as clowns. Tightrope walking, juggling and bouncy castle acrobatics added to the festivities and the day closed with a traditional campfire, a cake and a very loud Happy Birthday singalong. 13

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Chip and the Chandlers Ford Beavers

One for each year We featured the 7th Crawley Beaver Scouts, Furnace Green, earlier in the year when they started their quest to complete 25 events to mark the 25th anniversary. At the time of going to press, they were about to tick off the last couple of visits to round up an exciting and adventurous year. The Beavers’ agenda was varied and included events involving trips to famous landmarks such as The Tower of London and the Golden Hinde, community visits to a nursing home, Mayor’s office and fire stations. A residential experience on a farm, canoeing and fishing on Brighton seafront ensured everyone was catered for. Beaver Leader, Yvonne Seetayah, is pleased with the outcome of their year-long challenge. ‘Because we have done so much this year,’ she says, ‘word of our events and what they were for means we have been inundated with parents wanting their children to join our Colony,’ The only problem is the lack of adults becoming leaders. ‘Parents are great, though,’ she adds, ‘we never have a problem with parents helping out.’

Going the extra mile All 25 of them, to be exact. One Beaver from the 7th Crawley Scouts decided to take the birthday celebrations to new heights. During his family holiday in the Lake District, Beaver Scout James kept a record of five walks they completed, totalling over 25 miles. The photograph shows him on the Old Man of Coniston, which is 803 metres high.

Chip, Hampshire’s Big Beaver mascot, was run off his paws this year as he did the rounds of birthday celebrations in the Chandlers Ford District. He joined in as many activities as he could. Beavers welcomed their mascot as they celebrated with lots of fun and festivities. The last event saw over 130 Beavers descend on ‘Monkey Bizness’ for two hours of activities and challenges for both them and their leaders. ‘A fitting end to a very exciting year,’ says District Commissioner, Carolyn Darbyshire. And, of course, Chip was there too.

Trust us to find fun Where better to have your 25th birthday party than at Shaldon Wildlife Trust which also celebrated its 25th anniversary this year. The 1st Kingskerswell Beaver Scouts from Devon visited their local zoo and had a great time following a trail, getting up close to a corn snake and meeting meerkats. After listening to an absorbing talk about the animals, the Beavers trekked down to the beach for a barbeque and treasure hunt.

14 Beavers December 2011/January 2012

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Way out West Solway and Derwent Beavers got a taste of the Wild West when they had a themed sleepover for their birthday celebrations. Fifty Beavers soon made friends at the Ratlingate Scout campsite as they tried their hand at lassoing, space hopper rodeo riding, panning for gold, real live pony care and much more. A local farmer loaned them some bales of hay to set the scene. ‘We had support from Young Leaders and Explorer Scouts,’ said BSL Sue Cruickshank. ‘It was wonderful to see the older sections helping out with the youngest.’

LegoLand Over 13,000 Beaver Scouts descended on Legoland Windsor over two days in October to mark the 25th anniversary of Beaver Scouting. The event was designed to bring together all of the Counties in the South East Region. One of the organisers, Kathy Smith, said: ‘We did this as the first Regional event. We wanted the Beaver Scouts to see the bigger picture of Scouting in a fun environment.’ LegoLand was chosen as the venue to accommodate the anticipated numbers. ‘We wouldn’t have been able to set up an event on this scale ourselves,’ added Kathy. ‘The Scout Association already has a relationship with Merlin Entertainments, who own LegoLand, so it seemed the perfect fit.’

It’s our birthday too Celebrating their own 25th birthday as well as the section’s birthday were the 2nd Cuddington (Rowe) Beaver Scouts. The group have only had three Beaver Scout Leaders during this time and they all went to the party, together with previous Beavers and helpers. The group put on a display of photographs and badges from the last 25 years and a delicious starry cake took pride of place. 15

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Go global ShelterBox introduces a new resource pack


hroughout 2010, international disaster relief charity ShelterBox, an official partner of The Scout Association, ran The ShelterBox Challenge. This was a resource pack that focused on the charity’s work. Over 750 groups from across the country took part in the challenge which saw young people explore a number of themes including water conservation, photography and faith. ‘Our Beavers really enjoyed the activities,’ said Beaver Scout Leader Shelley Todd. ‘I can’t wait for the next session.’

Helping you help us

‘We understand that some leaders may find it difficult to explore international issues with their group,’ says James Webb, Young ShelterBox Officer. ‘We created Go Global to give a helping hand.’ Go Global is available from the Scouts’ area of the Young ShelterBox website, To discover more and register your Colony for the programme, visit the website or email Include your name, address, section, group name and number of Beavers taking part. Colonies that register for Go Global will also receive a special pack of goodies to further help cover the Global Zone.

After months of work, the charity is now ready to release their next resource pack. Go Global is designed to help leaders cover the Global Zone with their Colony. It’s crammed full of fun activities that enable young people to explore the themes surrounding the work of ShelterBox. As well as activity ideas, there are loads of extra resources that make covering global issues easier for Leaders. Some of the activities are ideas that can be adapted and expanded to suit your Colony. Others have easy to use ‘how to run’ guides and a series of extra resources in your section of the Young ShelterBox website.

16 Beavers December 2011/January 2012

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Open up the

Perfect outdoor gift


this Christmas

Whatever you get up to outdoors, having the right kit can make all the difference. Our staff are highly trained to make sure you get exactly what you need for all your Scouting adventures. This honest advice and expertise is just one of the reasons that we’re recommended by The Scout Association. 8




15% discount


For all Scouts

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For all Scout Leaders


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Constructive challenge

Get to grips with Meccano


eccano, the colourful construction toy brand, has teamed up with The Scout Association to bring new challenges for Beavers.

Activity pack A range of engaging activities bring creativity to life in the free Creative Challenge activity pack. The imaginatively designed pack invites Beavers to think creatively, build their own unique models and find out fascinating facts about Meccano’s 100+ years of heritage. Beavers can use the pack to work towards their Creative Activity badge, supported by Meccano.

Free kits for competition entrants

Park in June can also enter the nationwide Building Britain with Meccano challenge. This involves designing and building an iconic local landmark, such as Blackpool Tower or Big Ben, using Meccano. Meccano will supply kits to the first 80 Groups to enter the competition and entrants will have their models displayed on a giant map of the British Isles at the Fun Day event. Prizes will be awarded for the winning Colony.

more info For details of the activity pack, badges and competition, visit

Beavers who are attending the Fun Day at Gilwell


Shop for plenty more online or call 01903 766 921

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£10 Scout Shops Limited, registered company number 1101498, is wholly owned by The Scout Association, registered charity numbers 306101 (England and Wales) and SC038437 (Scotland).

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SRMC 2012 Guiding Advert_Layout 1 02/11/2011 14:51 Page 1

SUN RUN malvern


6TH - 8TH JULY 2012

29TH JUNE - 1ST JULY 2012

The coolest midsummer weekend FOR all members aged 14 upwards, of scouting & guiding AT THE HOTTEST EVENT OF THE YEAR!



now from age 14 and upwards


“Themed Party” climbing wall & bungee

Fairground rides inflatable city COMPETITIONS








= acrobats = stunt shows = comedians = = street entertainers =

ON both EVENTs



For more information about these annual events which have become the largest in the Scouting and Guiding movement with thousands of our members at each weekend, please contact:

Robert Stevens T: 01242 240736 (24hr voicemail) E: send a SAE to 212 Hatherley Road, Cheltenham, VIDEO . HISTORY . BOOK ON-LINE . CREDIT CARD PAYMENT . RULES . ETC

Gloucestershire GL51 6ET or visit

Organised by Scouts and Guides for Scouts and Guides. Registered Charity No. 1021577

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