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krainian President Viktor Yanukovych has congratulated William and Catherine, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, on the occasion of birth of their first child. “In view of this important event in the royal family I sincerely wish you to feel the whole joy of fatherhood, and your son - good health and a happy childhood. I believe that in the future he will also faithfully serve his people, as well as all the generations of Windsor,� Viktor Yanukovych said. also in this issue:

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Ukraine Digest, Thursday, July 25, 2013

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UNITED STATES Supports Ukraine’s Foreign Policy U.S. Ambassador in Ukraine John Tefft said that United States sees Ukraine’s future in Europe but understands that Russia remains its important neighbour and trade partner


ohn Tefft, U.S. Ambassador in Ukraine believes that Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych follows the right foreign policy vector. This was stated during his interview while referencing the popular discussion issue on Ukraine’s choosing between the European Union and the Customs Union, as reported by Den newspaper. The U.S. sees Ukraine’s future in Europe but understands that Russia remains its important neighbour and trade partner, said Ambassador Tefft during his interview. He reiterated that the U.S. followed the constant foreign policy debate in Ukraine about what path to choose.

“The president chose what I think is the right policy Ukraine should be a part of Europe, while trying to maintain good relations with Russia. The U.S. does not have any objection to that,” said Tefft. “But when it comes to choosing a particular union, or when it comes to customs and other economic issues, the EU, in my opinion, holds great promise,” said the U.S. diplomat. On May 13, 2013, United States Secretary of State John Kerry addressed Ukraine’s drive toward European integration adding: “and we are particularly committed to helping Ukraine work to become a prosperous European democracy, and we appreciate their commitment to that.” Notably, on May 29, 2013, the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council - the governing body of the Customs Union of Kazakhstan, Rus-

sia, and Belarus - has agreed to grant Ukraine an observer status. Viktor Yanukovych assures that this do not contradict Ukraine’s WTO membership and the strategic course toward European integration through the Association Agreement and the establishment of a deep and comprehensive free trade area with the EU. In the meantime, Ukraine focuses on fulfilling the cri-

pressed on behalf of Prince Michael sincere gratitude to the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, Prime Minister Mykola Azarov and other high-ranking officials for the assistance provided to Air Squadron members during their stay in Ukraine. According to Mr. Chance, Prince Michael was deeply touched by the hospitality of Ukrainians in all cities where events were held with the participation of the Squadron. The parties also touched upon further prospects of new projects in the area of bilateral cooperation.

Volodymyr Khandogiy met with the Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament Charles Tannock On 19 July the Ambassador of Ukraine to the UK Volodymyr Khandogiy held a meeting with the Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament Dr. Charles Tannock. During the meeting, the Ambassador informed the British MEP on the progress achieved by our country in implementing comprehensive reforms as well as relevant

teria required for signing the Association Agreement and the free trade zone agreement with the EU. All branches of the government, as well as the opposition and civil society will have to coordinate their efforts in order to reach a success, concluded President Yanukovych during his meeting with Vice-President of the European Parliament Jacek Protasiewicz earlier this year.

President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych met with United States President Barack Obama on the Nuclear Security Summit, April 12, 2010 in Washington, DC.

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The Ambassador of Ukraine to the UK held a meeting with the Private Secretary to HRH Prince Michael On 19 July the Ambassador of Ukraine to the UK Volodymyr Khandogiy held a meeting with Nicholas Chance LVO, Private Secretary to His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent, GCVO. They discussed the results of the successful joint project with the participation of historic aviation club Air Squadron patronized by HRH Prince Michael. Nicholas Chance ex-

recommendations necessary for the signing Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union. Special attention at the meeting was devoted to new opportunities for all sides after provisional application of the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area which is inseparable part of the Association Agreement.

Ukraine Digest, Thursday, July 25, 2013

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The National Committee for Power Generation has issued licenses to six new solar power generation plants with a total installed capacity of 16.58 MW

Ukraine doubles power

output by renewable sources


kraine has more than doubled power generation by renewable energy sources, including solar, wind and biofuel power plants, in the first half of the year, the Energy and Coal Industry Ministry reported on July 19. Ukraine generated 581.4 GWh of power by renewable sources in January-June, compared with 266.2 GWh generated in the same period a year ago, the ministry said. The figures underscore

the government’s strategy of reducing reliance on the use of imported Russian natural gas for power generation to improve the country’s energy security. Ukraine’s renewable power generation was growing faster than conventional power generation over the past 12 months, increasing to 0.6% of the total power generation in January-June, compared with 0.3% in January-June 2012, according to the ministry. The government has forecast the renewable

sources will be generating up to 11% of the country’s power by 2020, in line with its commitments after joining of the European Energy Community in 2010. The data comes as the National Committee for Power Generation, the country’s energy sector regulator, has issued licenses to six new solar power generation plants with a total installed capacity of 16.58 MW. The plants include Sambir solar power plant in the Lviv region bordering the European Union with

capacity of 1.08 MW that will eventually increase to 5 MW, according to the committee. Other plants include ElitBudDonbas LLC in Donetsk region with capacity of 1 MW; Solar Kvant LLC in Donetsk region with capacity of 2 MW; Rengy Tomashpol and Rengy Bershad, both in the Vinnytsia region with capacities of 4.5 MW and 7 MW, respectively; and Atlas Energy LLC in Kherson region with capacity of 1 MW, according to the committee.

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kraine’s gas transport system and its underground gas storage facilities ensure certain energy security in the situation with interrupted gas supply not only in Ukraine, but also in Europe. British energy market expert David Clarke said this in an interview with the BTB television channel, while commenting on Ukraine’s plans regarding the construction of an LNG terminal.

“Europe is very concerned about its energy security, and gas storage facilities give us a guarantee and insurance against interrupted supply for some time.... Europe is also very anxious because of Ukraine’s energy security as it understands how everything is interconnected,” Clarke said. He said that the halt to gas supplies to Europe in 2009 showed “how a dense network of mutual relations permeates European energy security.” “So Europeans are eager to work

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Ukrainian gas storage facilities important to EU with Ukraine, strengthen Ukraine’s gas storage capacity, assist in energy security issues and provide a link to the European system, and thus Ukrainian gas storage facilities will play an important role not only for the country itself, but also for the EU,” Clarke said.

Ukraine Digest, Thursday, July 25, 2013

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European union Gives Green Light to Ukrainian Poultry Export


krainian producers will which demonstrated that the compeexport poultry to the tent veterinary authority of that third European Union starting country provides sufficient guarJuly 24, 2013. This is the antees as regards compliance with date when the updated list of Ukrain- Union rules for animal and public ian companies that are eligible to health for import into the Union of export produce to the EU will enter the products referred to above.” into force. Since then Ukraine has been carryNow, Ukraine can annually export ing out inspections of domestic poulabout 50,000 tons of poultry meat to the EU according to the agreed Ukrainian enterprises received quota. permission to export the readyReportedly, Ukraine made food products and not just the has the potential to inraw materials to the EU consumers crease its export volume of poultry meat to the EU tenfold. Yet, Ukraine’s export efforts will face high import try producers verifying their complitariffs, since it is not an EU member ance with the requirements of the state. EU legislation. Ukraine has already On December 4, 2012, the Europe- submitted the list of domestic poultry an Commission’s Directorate General exporters to the EU for approval. for Health and Consumer Protection Earlier, the Minister of Agriculturvoted to include Ukraine into the list al Policy and Food Mykola Prysyazhof third countries eligible to export nyuk said that Ukraine’s inclusion poultry products to the EU. Their in the list of countries authorized to decision was based on the summary export poultry products to the EU, report of the Standing Committee on was the result of four years of work. the Food Chain and Animal Health, The output of domestic products released on July 18, 2012. It indicated in the new market will strengthen that the “Commission experts carried Ukraine’s position in the world as an out several inspections in Ukraine agricultural state.

Ukraine to export no less than 50,000 tons of poultry meat to EU market This year, Ukraine will export 50,000 tons of poultry meat to the markets of the European Union countries. Agricultural Policy and Food Minister Mykola Prysiazhniuk (pictured) told a press conference on July 23. “This year, we will export no less than 50,000 tons of poultry meat to the European market,” the government member has said. Every year, the supply volumes to external markets will grow, he stressed. At the same time, the Minister noted that according to the Ministry’s forecast, Ukraine will reduce import of dietetic meat twofold in 2013. To remind, from July 24 this year, four Ukrainian poultry enterprises will start export of their products to the EU, these are PJSC Myronivska Poultry Farm, Myronivsky Meat Processing Plant Lehko, LLC Agromars and LLC Sniatynska Nova Poultry Farm.

Ukraine Digest, Thursday, July 25, 2013

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children’s ideas and wishes on international security and integration. The purpose of the summit is to introduce children and young people with the activities of the OSCE in politico-military, economic and human dimensions, as well as with the existing tools to overcome the challenges and threats to security and stability in the OSCE area of responsibility. Nearly 10 thousand children from 90 countries stayed in Artek for the International Children Festival during its 12-year-long history. This year, young people from Andorra, Ireland, Spain, Slovakia, South Korea and Senegal have arrived in Crimea for the first time. The festival will be held until August 1.

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speech stressed on the important role of the young people in facing serious and important tasks of the OSCE. “We are convinced that youth participation can bring added value to the OSCE in order to achieve the goals and purposes of the Organization. Young people should be given a voice,” Leonid Kozhara said. “Young people clearly have a role to play in challenging discrimination and in promoting diversity, mutual respect and understanding”. Hundreds of talented boys and girls are going to learn how to do good things during simulation games, meetings with experts, discussions and actions. The representatives of the Ukrainian government and the OSCE Secretary General will listen to

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he Crimea-based International Children’s Center “Artek” opened its doors to the participants and guests of the ХІІ International Children Festival “Let’s Change the World for the Better” on July 20. Young people from 62 countries, British youth among them, are taking part in the OSCE Youth Summit, which is held within the framework of the festival to mark the Ukrainian OSCE Chairmanship. The official opening ceremony of the summit was attended by honourable representatives of the OSCE and other international guests. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, OSCE-Chairman-in-Office Leonid Kozhara in his opening

A delegation of ten children from Great Britain is visiting “Artek” this year. This became possible due to the partnership of the Embassy of Ukraine in London and the Chernobyl Relief Foundation in the UK.

Ukraine Digest, Thursday, July 25, 2013

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art & culture


he 4-th Odessa Int e r n at i o n a l Film Festival Closing Ceremony was held in The Odessa National Theatre of Opera and Ballet on July 20. By the results of the public vote, Alexander Veledinsky’s film “The Geographer Drank His Globe Away” won the OIFF Main Award – Grand Prix. The International Jury with Alexander Rodnyansky at its head also announced the winners in the Best Film, Best director and Best Acting nominations. For the first time the Golden Duke for Best Ukrainian Feature Film was handed on the Opera House stage to the directors of the biopic “Paradjanov”. The Red Carpet before the Odessa Opera House traditionally gathered all honorary guests of the festival. The participants in the festival competition programs – directors Ihor Podolchak (“Dellirium”),

Valentyn Vasyanovych (“Credenza”), Alisa Pavlovskaya (“I Don’t Wanna Die”), Craig Viveiros (“The Liability”), Nana Ekvtimishvili and Simon Groß (“In Bloom”), Alexander Veledinsky and producer Valeriy Todorovsky (“The Geographer Drank His Globe Away”); Russian ac-

ally, Odessa mayor Olexiy Kostusev, Head of Odessa Oblast State Administration Eduard Matviychuk, Head of the Ukrainian State Film Agency Kateryna Kopylova and members of Ukrainian National Film Award Jury attended the 4-th OIFF closing. Special guests of the Closing

tors Alexander Kuznetsov and Olga Kabo, and also the creative team of the film “Eternal Homecoming” headed by Kira Muratova walked along the Red Carpet. Tradition-

Ceremony – Nonna Grishayeva, actress and TV-host, Ostap Stupka, Ukrainian actor, native Odessa citizen Mikhail Zhvanetskiy, writer, and all members of the International For more information, please, contact Oksana Kyzyma, Press Secretary of the Embassy of Ukraine to the UK

Competition Jury – Andriy Kurkov, Ukrainian writer, Tanya Seghatchian, British film producer, Franziska Petri, German actress, Nana Djordjadze, Cannes Award winner and Alexander Rodnyansky, successful producer, closed the Red Carpet procession. Screening of “A Castle in Italy”, the film nominated for Palme d’Or award at the Cannes Film Festival closed the 4-th Odessa International Film Festival. The partially autobiographic picture by director, scriptwriter and actress Valeria Bruni Tedeschi is a story of a family decadence set in an acient family mansion. After the end of the awarding ceremony at the press briefing Viktoria Tigipko noted that number of visits increased by 15% this year and that OIFF plans to expand the festival locations. OIFF president also announced the date of the 5th Odessa Film Festival - it will be held from 11 till 19 July 2014. Tel.: 020 7727 6312 E-mail: Address: 60 Holland Park, London W11 3SJ

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Ukraine Digest. Issue #18 (25.07.2013)  
Ukraine Digest. Issue #18 (25.07.2013)