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Quick Guide to Ukraine The very old mountain ranges Crimea and the Carpathian Mountains, crystalline lakes and waterfalls wizards, mysterious bays and deserted islands, breathtaking underground caves and valleys of daffodils. All these natural diversity is concentrated at the territory of only one country. Due to their natural gifts Ukraine is an ideal location for treatment and sanitation services. Here are situated mineral spas, springs and healing mud climate where the locals from various parts of the world goes to charge the human treasure-the primary-health. But no doubt, the nation's main treasury is its people.

The Ukrainian people despite the complicated story and contemporarily hard differ considerably with his innate optimism, the openness and spirituality. This probably is due to the Ukrainians is a deeply religious nation. Ukrainian is home for a lot of religions and herein dovetail representatives of various confessions: Orthodox churches are neighbors with Catholic temples, mosques, the synagogues. And the Ukrainian sacred including Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, St. Sophia Cathedral, the Monastery of Sviatoguirsk not only are the bastions of spirituality but unique monuments of architecture. The multinational character of Ukrainian has its reflection in its rich national cuisine is famous for being healthy and enjoyable. Borsch, vareniks, pampushki, chicken Kiev long since that everyone knows them and loves them and, of course, they are served at restaurants in different countries. But meeting the original flavor can be only in Ukraine! And only here you can try the "salo" true Ukrainian. (Well, if you taking it with slice of black bread with glass of cold gorilka not ever want from Ukraine!) Every region is renowned for its culinary traditions. He drinks a lot and appreciate Ukrainian like quickening Varenukha, cool kvass, of course, famous all around the world living beer.

Ukraine has the working lives of the festivals. In their territory takes place music festivals, theater arts and throughout Ukraine and international year to year meeting people from different nations. Quite soon she become the paradise for the millions of supporters from all the countries of Europe which arrive to Ukraine to watch the matches of Euro 2012.

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Ukraine travel guide  

A quick travel guide to ukraine

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