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Getting ready to skydive for the first time

you down and giving you around ten minutes to enjoy the more sedate feeling of being under canopy. This is the time to enjoy the view, talk to your instructor and realise what you have just done. There really is no other feeling like it. As you fly towards the landing area, you will be reminded about what you need to do when you come into land. It’s vital that you do exactly as your instructor tells you to ensure a nice soft, safe landing.

On landing what has just happened will begin to hit you. Some sit there for a while, some jump up and down and some can’t stop talking. What everyone agrees is that they’ve just done something incredible that has genuinely changed their life. Most want to go straight back up and do it again! You can book your tandem skydive via our websites, or by giving us a call on 01502 476 131.

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DO IT FOR CHARITY Making your first skydive for charity is an excellent way to help a good cause and do something incredible for yourself. UK Parachuting is associated with many national charity organisations, but also encourages individuals raising funds for smaller, local charities to skydive at our Peterborough and Beccles centres. We have specialists on hand to help you organise your day, provide specific sponsorship forms and get you on your way to your fundraising target. If you get enough sponsorship, most charities are happy for you to pay for the skydive out of the money you’ve raised. This means you get to jump for free and help out a worthwhile cause. We can help sort fundraising events for one or two people, to groups of hundreds. Our team can even set aside a day at one of our airfields for your exclusive use.

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Making a skydive is a great way to support your chosen charity!


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