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With so much choice, make sure you get some good advice.

your style of jumping best of all. They will advise you on not only what looks good, but also help you buy the right type of equipment, and keep you safe. Your CI will recommend either a good product, or a reputable dealer to approach for the equipment that you need. Parachute and skydiving equipment dealers (or gear stores, as they are more commonly known) can be a wealth of information. A good gear store will spend the time getting to know you, and understand your individual style and requirements, before offering advice.

forums – this is even less formal than approaching someone in person. Websites such as Dropzone.Com will provide you with a wider-ranging selection of peoples’ opinions from which you can draw your own conclusions, but be aware of who you take advice from. Not everyone online is as experienced as they make themselves sound. Finally, when it comes to buying a rig, you’ll need to make sure you get advice about suitable canopy sizes, getting something that suits your particular skydiving style, but more importantly your skills, ability and experience. Buying a rig is a big commitment, and when the time comes you’ll want to be sure you’re buying the right one for you. Second-hand gear can be an affordable way to buy your first rig, but you must make sure that you have the equipment vetted before you buy it. Make sure you seek out a suitable and qualified person, usually your dropzone rigger or instructor. If you’re buying a new rig, get in touch with a reputable gear store and make sure you’re getting the right advice, so that you end up with the gear that’s right for you.


What do you need? Successfully making the leap from Novice to Certified skydiver, means you’ll want to make sure that you buy the right equipment. Most important of all is to make sure that you have the basics that you need to be able to turn up to the DZ and jump. As a bare minimum you’re going to need: // Helmet // Altimeter // Goggles // Hook Knife // Jumpsuit // Gloves


With so many gear stores out there, you should look for those that provide the best customer service and offer customers accurate and relevant information.

Damo Hewitt

Owner, The Jump Shop

On a more informal level, you can always ask around your DZ - often there’s a wealth of skills, knowledge and experience just waiting to be tapped. Don’t waste that opportunity, especially on a weather hold, and remember, there really are no silly questions! Browse the online


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