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SCAR COMICS 2013 Catalogue

Scar Comics Scar comics began from a telephone ideas jam between Shane Chebsey and Andy Richmond. Both creators love their comics, and both love self publishing. They had their own separate ongoing projects: Andy was a founder member of Dusk – an anthology of like minded creators, and Shane had The Smallzone Distribution Service and variouis self publishing projects. However, they both had great ideas, starting with the “Dead By Dawn Quarterly”, which was to invite all the most talented creators they knew , both small and big press, to submit 4 page horror stories to a perfect bound anthology. The invitations were sent out, and before long a huge interest was generated in the book. Everyone wanted to be part of this new talent fest, the final result was a wonderful collection of short stories from some of worlds most innovative artists. They had the idea for the book, but had to think of a publishing imprint under which they could publish their collaborations. Scar comics, a simple combination of the two creator’s initials: S.C. and A.R. was born. Now Andy and Shane are working hard to bring exciting creator owned comics and high quality publications to a readership that demands the best. And the sky is certainly not the limit!

SCAR COMICS 2013 Catalogue Falling Sky knows this. What will those in power do to keep their secret? An essential book for any Graphic Novel collection, and now optioned for a movie. ISBN: 978-0-9553697-0-4 Written by: Ben Dickson Art by: Ben Dickson

80 Page Full Colour £7.99 UKCODE: SCAR0001

Guts An elite team of future cops are despatched to investigate a grizzly massacre at a stately home. they wrong! Judge Dredd meets Scanners in this ISBN: 978-0-9553697-4-2 Written by: Dave Neal Art by: Dave Neal

64 page Black & White £6.99 UKCODE: SCAR0002

SCAR COMICS 2013 Catalogue Madam Samurai (volume #1) girl who travels to Victorian London from Japan to track an evil Ronin. With beautiful artwork from Dave and a fast paced story from the writer ISBN: 978-0-9553697-3-5 Written by: Gary Young Art by: David Hitchcock

80 page Black & White £7.99 UKCODE: SCAR0003

Madam Samurai (volume #2) girl who travels to Victorian London from Japan to track an evil Ronin concludes in the action ISBN: 978-0-9553697-8-0 Written by: Gary Young Art by: David Hitchcock

80 page Black & White £7.99 UKCODE: SCAR0004

SCAR COMICS 2013 Catalogue

The Mice: The Factory Menace Imagine living in a world where you are nothing more than vermin to giant aliens who have now taken your place at the top of the food chain. Creator Roger Mason introduces you to that world in this stunning graphic novel. ISBN: 978-0-9553697-7-3 Written by: Roger Mason Art by: Roger Mason

80 page Black & White ÂŁ7.99 UKCODE: SCAR0005

SCAR COMICS 2013 Catalogue Slumdroid: The Girl with the Hole in her Head law enforcement droid; barely keeping the lid on a dilapidated ghetto of underused and under maintained industrial machines. through Beta Town with no memory of how she His programming states he must protect any human, but her pursuers are Alpha machines - his direct superiors. And they are prepared to risk a civil war to get her back... ISBN: 978-0-9553697-5-9

52 page Full Colour £6.99 UKCODE: SCAR0006

Written by: Ben Dickson Art by: Tony Suleri

Slumdroid: The Girl who took off Her Skin the revolt in Beta Town forces the Alphas to play female android he’s been protecting. ISBN: 978-0-9553697-6-6

Written by: Ben Dickson Art by: Tony Suleri

56 page Full Colour £6.99 UKCODE: SCAR0007

Scar comics uk catalogue 2013