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HEART OF THE NORTH The magazine for Labour Party members in the North

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I’m delighted to welcome you to the first edition of this new digital magazine from Labour North.

It was the privilege of my life to be elected leader of the Labour Party in April. It came at a moment like no other in our lifetime. The world is dealing with a global pandemic and my thoughts are with everyone who has been affected. We are providing constructive opposition to this government, being supportive where we can, and pointing out their mistakes KEIR on a recent visit to a foodwhere we need to. bank in Darlington There are elections across the North next May, and I would urge you to get involved in the campaign. I profoundly believe that a better future is possible for this country. A future built on decency, fairness, opportunity, compassion and security.

That’s why it was devastating to see voters turn away from us at the general election in December making that task even harder. The Labour Party is under new leadership, and this is our mission: to win the trust of the British people, so that together we can forge that better future. Together we can make Britain the best place to grow up in and the best place to grow old in. In this magazine you will find ways you can get involved in campaigning now, and together we will build a better, fairer future. I look forward to meeting with as many of you as possible as soon as circumstances allow. In the meantime, keep safe and well, and look out for one another.


We work at local and national level and have a network of Labour Link officers at branch, regional and national levels who work together and with other affiliated unions UNISON is campaigning for: n Government to protect public services by ending austerity and fully funding services n A National Care Service which invests in staff n Investment in public services and value public service workers We are calling on the government to properly fund the NHS, Social Care and all public services. Tel: 0800 0857857 Email: northern@unison.co.uk www.northern.unison.org.uk Join UNISON and get essential cover at join.unison.org.uk


NORTH EAST, YORKSHIRE AND HUMBER “The pandemic has demonstrated, perhaps as never before, why we need strong trade unions. We have been determined to protect our members’ safety, jobs and wages. We fought for the jobs retention scheme, and we fought for PPE. Now, with redundancy notices flying around like confetti, Unite is fighting for every job” Len McCluskey, Unite the union General Secretary

Join Unite, join the fight for job unitetheunion.org/join uniteneyh @uniteneyh @uniteneyh

Karen Reay Regional Secretary Dick Banks Regional Chair

ANGELA Rayner is the MP for Ashtonunder-Lyne and was elected Deputy Leader of the Labour Party in 2020.

The Importance of strong organisation

By Angela Rayner

When Keir and I were elected by hundreds of thousands of Labour members, we made a commitment to do whatever it took to win the next election. We have seen the trail of destruction that the Tories have left behind in the wake of austerity. We have seen the impact this has on the lives and livelihoods of people up and down the country. Without power, Labour is a protest group. I got into politics to deliver change and to help the most vulnerable. To do that, we need to win.

As Deputy Leader and Chair of the Labour Party, it is my responsibility to make sure that we have an election winning machine ready to take the fight to the Tories. The Labour Party faces an enormous challenge over the next four years if we are to win in seats right across the North of England and to form the next government. But, make no mistake, it is a challenge we will meet together.

“I got in to

politics to deliver change and to help the most vulnerable. To do that, we need to win.�

The Road to Power


Kim McGuinness

Dr Paul Williams

How has your time in office been so far? I’m proud to have introduced a violence reduction unit. It’s based on a successful model in Glasgow where you look at the root causes not just responding to incidents after they happen.

You’ve been on the frontline during the pandemic, how has that been? As a doctor it’s a privilege to be able to help people and support colleagues in the NHS. It’s a reminder of the importance of public services and of the health service in particular.


How has the pandemic affected the job? Thankfully the majority of people have stuck to the rules and the police have done a great job where needed. They’ve also had to keep the focus on fighting crime. What will you be looking to focus on next?One of my main priorities is to get more police on the streets to fight crime and that’s what the public want to see. I’ve put extra money in to make sure we have even more officers than promised.

LEFT to rightKim McGuinness, Dr Paul Williams, Barbara Cannon and Joy Allen


What are your priorities for Cleveland Police? It’s no secret that there have been problems there stretching back decades. We have the right Chief Constable in place now big change is coming. I want to give people a police force they’re proud of. What needs to change now? I’ll be focussing on getting the basics right and making sure the officers have the support they need to get on with the job of keeping people safe.

Joy Allen

Barbara Cannon

What made you want to run for this role? I’ve lived and worked in this area all my life in community safety roles so I know the area and I know the job we’ve got to do keeping people safe.

What are the challenges facing the police in Cumbria? Cumbria is a huge county with population spread around in lots of smaller villages but also some large towns and a city. Losing police from the force almost has a bigger effect as the size of the county makes response times longer.


We sadly lost Ron Hogg last year, what is his legacy? It was devastating and he is sorely missed. His approach of working with communities got results and helped turn Durham Police into one of the best forces in the country. I’d be honoured to continue the work he started. If Durham Police is so good, what are your priorities? We’re in a good place to build on what we’ve got and I want to make sure that people have the confidence to report crimes and that they’ll be dealt with.


Does that also affect campaigning? It can do but we do have some really hard working activists in Cumbria who will be campaigning in whatever way we can in these strange times. What would be your top priorities? It’s got to be about getting more police out there tackling crime making sure the police are there when people need them.


Jessie Joe Jacobs is fighting to to transform our public transport as Mayor of the Tees Valley

Born and bred on Teesside and with a background in the charity sector Jessie Joe Jacobs knows what life is like for ordinary people. She gets how huge the area’s potential is. But she also gets how that potential is wasted if we can’t get from one place to another. Teesside’s bus network isn’t fit for purpose. Routes have been axed, leaving communities cut off. Private bus companies in Teesside have some of the highest profit margins despite the service being one of the worst in the country. Jessie said: “The bottom line is, we pay more for a worse service. The Tory Mayor has focussed on gimmicks

instead of tackling the problem.”

Jessie will create the world-class bus system our area deserves; one run for local people, not for profit. Cheaper fares, more routes and cleaner vehicles. Jessie will use her knowledge of our communities to get it done. Jessie will be the UK’s first female Metro Mayor if elected next May. Her campaign will be a key test of Labour’s fightback in our region. Like Jessie’s campaign and help spread her message on social media at: FB: facebook.com/jessiejoejacobs Twitter: @jessiejoejacobs Instagram: @jessie_for_teesvalley


LABOUR NORTH It is a great pleasure for me to welcome you to our new digital members magazine. The heart of the North comes to you from the Labour North regional team. In England, the Labour Party is made up of nine regions, and Labour North covers the North East and part of Cumbria. We organise campaigns, training, and events across the region.

We are living through unprecedented times with a public health crisis and economic crisis likely to send shockwaves through our communities right across the North. It is in such times that the Labour movement always steps up, and we have been overwhelmed by the response of Party members and colleagues in the Trade Union movement. Next year we face a set of local elections unlike any other in the North. We have the Tees Valley Mayoral, the North Tyneside Mayoral, Police and Crime Commissioners, and local councils across the region, all up for election. Throughout this magazine, which we hope you enjoy, you’ll find some useful tips on running your campaigns but as always, your regional team are on hand to help in any way we can. The journey to forming the next Labour government is a long one but it runs right through the North. I know that we are up to the challenge, and I am really looking forward to working with you all towards Labour victories in the elections next year and the election of a Labour Government at the next General Election. Best wishes, Kate Bolger Regional Director, Labour North

Laura Repton

Regional Events and Fundraising Officer

I’ve worked for the region coming up for 5 years, having worked for the national Party previously. It’s my job to make sure everything in the Regional Office runs as efficiently as possible, whether that be our finances, planning events or fundraising to fight the all-important upcoming elections. Get in touch if you need any help or support! My email is: laura_repton@labour.org.uk

Erin Mulhatton Regional Organiser

I’ve worked for the Party for 6 years across a range of teams but I’ve been in the region for over 2 years. I support CLPs, members and campaigns in the Tees Valley, Northumberland, Newcastle and Gateshead. I am here to advise and support with constitutional issues, campaigns and training. I’m always happy to help so please do not hesitate to get in touch with me at erin_mulhatton@labour.org.uk

Richard Williams Regional Organiser

Over the last decade I’ve worked across most of the region as a Regional Organiser; supporting election campaigns and helping on constitutional issues and disputes. Currently I cover Cumbria, Durham, Sunderland, North Tyneside, and South Tyneside. Enjoy the magazine and I hope to see you on the campaign trail soon.

Susan Dungworth Local Organiser

Employed by Newcastle Labour Group since 2011, I look after everything to do with local elections and campaigning in the city. I am the person you need to speak to if you want to get more involved in the Party in Newcastle and if you are interested in standing for election to the council. I am also the person who sends out the Newcastle Labour Campaign E-News! I have been a Labour councillor for 25 years and I am the Labour Leader on Northumberland County Council. My email is susan_dungworth@labour.org.uk

Luke Henman Local Organiser

I started working for The Labour Party as a trainee organiser in Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland. Before that I worked for our elected Mayor in Middlesbrough. I’m now working across the Tees Valley to elect Jessie Joe Jacobs, Dr Paul Williams, elect Labour councillors and get our region ready to play its part in electing a Labour government in 2024.

Jane Jobling Local Organiser

I started out in Labour North two years ago as a trainee organiser in Carlisle, supporting the local party with the General Election campaign. I’m now the local organiser for County Durham and I’m excited to be working towards the County Council elections in 2021 as well as with our excellent Police and Crime Commissioner Candidate for the area. My email is jane_jobling@labour.org.uk - I’m always happy to hear from members if you have any ideas for campaigning or events, or if you just want to say Hi!

Alex Rayment Trainee Organiser

I’m a trainee organiser based in Copeland in Cumbria. My job is to organise CLP activities and campaigns in this key seat that we need to win back to form the next Labour government. I’m in the field for most of the time, and this gives me a unique perspective and on the ground experience. Feel free to email me, especially if you need any tips for the challenges you might face: alex_rayment@labour.org.uk

Sam Grist

Digital Trainee Community Organiser

I’ve worked for the party for 6 years now. Getting the chance to work in the regional office has been fantastic! I help with content creation for our social media platforms and with several candidates’ social media strategies. I’m also a member of the Party’s Community Organising Unit, helping implement community focused campaigns in the North.

Matt Watson

Regional Communications Officer

I have worked in the region for four years and I’m Regional Communications Officer. I look after our social media channels as well as handling the press and developing messaging. I’m happy to deliver training and help people in their campaign communications. My email is: matt_watson@labour.org.uk

Contact number: 0191 246 5276

Email: north@labour.org.uk

REGIONAL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE REGIONAL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MIKE ROUTLEDGE CHAIR Comrades I hope you and your families are keeping safe and well during these unprecedented times. There are many challenges facing our Northern Communities and our Party in the Region during 2020 and beyond. As your elected Chair of Labour North since early 2018 I continue to work as part of a team alongside the newly appointed Regional Director, Kate Bolger; the vice chair Affiliates, Claire Williams (Unison Regional Secretary) and vice chair, CLPs Joyce McCarthy (Newcastle City Council Deputy Leader); along with members of the Board elected to represent all sections of the Party from the Labour North Area. Together we are striving to work with Party staff, MPs, Regional Mayors, Councillors

MIKE Routledge

and most importantly you the members; to deliver your aims and aspirations across our Region.

represent the working class at all levels of Government to ensure we have a voice, to redistribute the wealth of our nation equally; I’d like to personally but at the recent 2019 thank you for all that general election it was you do because without many of our traditional your continued hard supporters who placed graft the Labour Party their votes elsewhere. simple does not exist. We need to recognise Comrades the Labour this, whether you Party was formed to blame Brexit, the

media or complacency we need to start listening to our core voters in the North. We need to ensure we continue to fight for those on the margins of society as well as those who are working. To ensure good quality jobs with decent Pay, Terms & Conditions for workers. To protect our NHS, to educate our children, to look after the elderly and vulnerable in our society and to properly reward those who care for them; including our public sector workers. To challenge racism whenever it’s raised and to stamp out the evil of fascism. Comrades whatever our differences, there is far more that unites us and therefore to achieve these basic socialist goals we must first elect our Labour Party candidates into positions of power, whether in Local or National Government. Success in the 2021 local elections will go a long way to achieving this. We have always been a Party of healthy debate


in the Labour North Region and if we work constructively together we can greatly improve the lives of our people in the North East & Cumbria.

the chair and the trade union vice-chair, we have sought additional ongoing funding from the Party nationally for staff in the northern region.


We are living in unprecedented times. Many of us working from home, unable to see friends or loved ones and relying on local shops and our excellent health services. Providing support to residents is essential for so many people in our communities. With


As vice-chair of the Regional Board, the focus of our recent work has been to make sure we are well prepared for the huge number of elections, due to take place next May. Working alongside

“We need to build on our community response to secure Labour elected representatives across the region.” our values and our commitment to social justice, local Labour elected representatives have been working hard. Not for a long time has being a member of a trade union been more important. Never before have shop workers been regarded as key workers alongside our health, transport and school workers. We need to build on our community response to secure Labour elected representatives across the region. In some areas, there are no other planned elections until the General Election so it is imperative that we do as much as we can to

secure Labour wins. Along with my comrades, we would like to say thank you to Party members who are supporting others, keeping in touch with members and caring about others. We’re also really grateful for the hundreds of people who volunteered support for people they didn’t know. And a huge thank you to all the key workers who kept us all supported for many months. Like many Party members, I am really missing campaigning and speaking with voters. We have learned new ways of keeping in touch and we will use new

campaigning tools. The PCC, the Mayoral and the local elections in May are an important test, to show the Tories that Labour can make gains in our region.

CLARE WILLIAMS VICE CHAIR, AFFILIATES The Covid-19 pandemic has brought into acute focus the devastating impact the Tories in power have on our region and highlighted the need for us to effectively organise more than ever. The North East and Cumbria has suffered disproportionately from their ideologically driven austerity programme and attacks on public services, over the last decade. We have some of the worst health and wellbeing outcomes, highest unemployment and far too many people living with in-work poverty, which all add to the current crisis hitting us so hard. As an officer of the

Regional Board and as Regional Secretary of UNISON, I am very aware of the challenges we face. I see first-hand key workers, often some of the lowest paid, striving valiantly to keep our essential public services going, looking after our family members but often struggling to pay their bills and feed their kids. It is in this context that the labour movement, our party and the trade unions, must work tirelessly to expose this Tory government

for what they are and offer positive alternatives. We must rebuild Labour’s base CLARE the Williams across region to

“We must rebuild Labour’s base across the region to deliver Labour councils, Police and Crime Commissioners and a Labour government at the next General Election.”

deliver Labour councils, Police and Crime Commissioners and a Labour government at the next General Election. It is our duty to do so and stop the Tories destroying lives and our communities. This region has a strong tradition of working collectively and together we can do this.

South Tyneside Labour Group of Councillors Sends Greetings To all Labour Party members, Trade Unionists, Co-operators across the Region. Working and campaigning together for a

Labour Victory!

Luck of the


Labour North’s Fighting Fund is being relaunched with a vision of a country built for everyone. While the Tories are backed by millionaires, we need to work hard to fundraise to elect Labour representatives at every level. The fund has a yearly draw, with a chance to win a massive £1000.

Labour North’s 1000 club - the Fighting Fund - is relaunching this month and is a key part of our fightback in the North East and Cumbria.

You can join our Fighting Fund for as little as £5 a month. The more stakes you buy, the more chances you have of winning in our monthly and yearly prize draws.

We have important local elections next year, and we need to work hard to be able to elect Labour Councillors, Police and Crime Commissioners and Mayors across the region. We have important local elections next year, and we need to work hard to be able to win council seats, Police and Crime Commissioner races and elected mayors across the region. Every penny you donate to our Fighting Fund goes directly into campaigning across the region, to get a Labour government elected

Help us build a country that everyone can be proud of, a country where it is the best place to be born and the best place to grow old. Join the Fighting Fund today.




The modern union for a changing world We’re working to create a better world of work in the North of England. We know the world of work is changing with a focus on flexible working as well as thousands turning to self-employment. And we’re supporting our members through those changes, from guidance and advice around securing flexible working to a bespoke offering for our self-employed members. As the economy continues to change we are changing too. Visit Community-tu.org/join to get us in your corner. www.community-tu.org • Email: servicecentre@community-tu.org

ADVERTISE YOUR ORGANISATION HERE! Our new digital members magazine is distributed to all members in the Northern region. Running twice a year, with a reach of almost 35,000 people, advertising within the magazine guarantees an ideal opportunity to send your message across. For any further information, contact our Events & Fundraising Officer, Laura Repton on 07713 080 866 or by email at laura_repton@labour.org.uk.

A Day in the Life: Chi Onwurah Hi, I’m Chi Onwurah, MP For Newcastle upon Tyne Central, which I always say is the best job in the world and one I only hold because of the hard work of Labour members. I’m also our Shadow Minister for Digital, Science and Technology which is a great fit as I worked as a Chartered Engineer in tech before entering Parliament. It’s my job to develop policy in these areas with Labour members, stakeholders and Shadow Cabinet leads. Whether in Newcastle or Westminster I start my days checking the news for stories relevant to Newcastle or my brief. I have a team of around five divided between Parliament and the constituency (in normal times) and I keep in touch with them and work on policy issues through Whatsapp and email. Since the pandemic there has been a huge increase in casework, people find the mixed messages confusing or have been left out of the help that

CHI Onwurah has been Labour MP for Newcastle Central since 2010

is being provided, and we try to get answers and support. In Parliament I will generally be preparing to raise issues constituents have brought to me, or respond to Government announcements or, very often, their failures! In Newcastle I will be listening to constituents or visiting local businesses and charities, that’s mainly online now but I do try to get out for some socially distanced engagement with the people I’m elected to serve.


Ahead of the crucial elections next year the National Training team have been working hard to make sure resources are available to members, as well as providing people with information and support on what the party can do in the current situation.

The Training Team hold regular training webinars every week covering all things campaigning and how to get involved and play your part. If you are interested in taking part in online training take a look at what’s coming up here: https://labour.org.uk/upcomingwebinars/ Last year Labour launched its online training platform Achieve, there are a range of online sources covering all aspects of Labour party campaigning

including running your local party, Election campaigns and campaign technology. Achieve is available to all members and updated regularly. If you’re interested in online training courses please visit: https://achieve.labour.org.uk/ tessello/domainlogin/ If you would like training sessions ran for your CLP please don’t hesitate to contact the Labour North Team by emailing: north@labour.org.uk


We can’t campaign in our usual way, but here are four things you can do right now to help Labour win in 2021.

1.Digital Campaigning

Our online presence has never been more important. The Labour North team produce weekly content such as infographics, videos, and petitions for members to share with voters. How you can help now: • Follow our social media channels and share our content often. •

Get in touch for guidance on how to create your own video and other digital content by emailing Matt_Watson@labour.org.uk

2. Early Vote campaign

Signing up voters and members for a Postal Vote is the single most important thing we can do to help Labour win the election next year and future elections too. How you can help now: • Sign up for a Postal Vote and call or email your members to ensure they have signed up for one – www.postalvote.labour.org.uk •

Add a Postal Vote registration link to all future member emails.


The Labour Party has bespoke online training and support for members, candidates, digital leads and other role holders. How you can help now: • Sign up for Achieve - our new training platform (www.achieve. labour.org.uk.) For help, contact training@labour.org.uk. •

Let us know what additional training you would like to see by emailing north@labour.org.uk.

4. Speaking to voters from home As a result of Covid-19, our usual doorstep campaigning has been suspended -and we don’t know when it will be safe to resume. It’s still possible to connect with voters and show them we care about the issues they’re facing using telephone canvassing. How you can help now: • You can use Dialogue, our phonebanking app, from home. It comes with training videos, and a full script to use. Just go to www.dialogue.labour.org.uk.

Do you need bespoke printed materials for your local campaign? If the answer is YES then the Labour Print Service is here to help you! Based in Head Office in Newcastle, the Labour Print Services offers a competitively priced, high-quality service on digital print and direct mail. We can either fulfil your print internally or manage larger job requests through our official print-partners based across the UK. Using the service gives you access to the Party’s national pricing discounts and our experienced team of operatives can also advise on how to get the very best out of your communications; plus our commitment to ethical sourcing across the Party means you can always be sure that the products you order are obtained in a sustainable way.


We’d love to hear from you! You can email us at printstaff@labour.org.uk or call us on 0191 246 5284 and a member of our team will be happy to help with your print enquiry.

Whether you are buying for yourself or for your favourite Labour supporter, at the Labour Shop there is something for everyone!

As well as a great range of gifts, the Labour Shop is also the only place to stock up on your campaign essentials. From clipboards to fleeces, we have everything you need to strengthen your local campaigns.

Most importantly, 100% of the profits raised through our Labour Shop will go toward funding the fight to elect the next Labour Government.

Visit shop.labour.org.uk

MAKING THE DIFFERENCE In this section we feature Labour Party members who have lived Labour’s aims and values - from community activists to fantastic fundraisers and committed campaigners.

CRAIG Wright is Labour’s councillor in Ladgate ward in Middlesbrough.

Middlesbrough CRAIG Wright was elected to Middlesbrough Council last year and has had to fight hard to support his community through the coronavirus pandemic. As the pandemic took hold, the local community centre, the hub of the community, was closed, making coordinating help more difficult. Craig delivered food parcels to residents who were isolating and those struggling to afford food. The local primary school established a food bank to deliver parcels to families and Craig supported this by securing over £1,000 of funding to keep the food bank operating. Older people in the local care home found themselves cut off from loved ones, so Craig delivered Easter Eggs

to residents and key workers, as well as to local children missing out on the usual holiday hunger programs. Craig said: “times like these show what community means, but they also show how quickly so many of us can find ourselves in a tight spot through no fault of our own - we need councils and a government which supports people when they are vulnerable. I’m proud to be the Labour Councillor for Ladgate Ward.”

Got a piece of best practice to share? Email us so we can feature more examples of members putting Labour’s values into action!

Carlisle The local elections have just been postponed, your community is going into lockdown and people are being urged to stay indoors, what do you do? Our councillors in Carlisle had an incredibly inspiring response. It began with organising a foodbank collection in the centre of Carlisle and it turned into an operation that helped hundreds of people in Carlisle. ‘We started to think about the issues…there’s loads of people out there, for years now, that have had no support network’ recalls Lisa Brown, a Labour councillor in Carlisle. They put out a phone number just before lockdown hit and asked people to get in touch if they needed help and within days they were collecting and delivering prescriptions and offering food parcels to those who needed it.

LABOUR activists in Carlisle have rallied round to support their community.

Within weeks they had hundreds of volunteers and have been a constant source of relief for the people of Carlisle throughout 2020. Through doing this, it is pushing the idea of further campaigns, realising the need on families to help feed their children, our councillors are looking at ways in which we can solve the issue of holiday hunger across Carlisle. ‘Rather than just looking good in the newspapers, we need to do something more than that and stop us needing to do it in the first place.’ A huge thanks to all of our councillors in Carlisle, and across the region who are continuing to do what they can to help the communities.

QUIZ: HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW THE NORTH? Our region is packed full of unique cities, towns and villages. From Pity Me to Once Brewed, many of them have names that really stand out. Can you use these clues to guess these 20 Northern locations? We’ve given you the first one to get you going. 1. Cyclist -Byker

11. Not a small one

2. Multi coloured clothing

12. Heavy laundry

3. Oliver’s partner

13. Polished and in a line

4. Musical show

14. Person on foot

5. Cut finely

15. Write a piece of music

6. Not an old fortress

16. Stroll along

7. Holy insects

17. A thief

8. What the dentist says ANSWERS

18. Stop and blow a tune

9. Work of lumberjack

19. To view properties

10. Heavy metal opening to a field

20. Coloured form of transport

ANSWERS: 1. Byker 2. Cullercoats 3. Stanley 4. Consett 5. Choppington 6. Newcastle 7. St bees 8. Wideopen 9. Felling 10. Leadgate 11. Newbiggin 12. Washington 13. Shiney Row 14. Walker 15. Penrith 16. Amble 17. Crook 18. Haltwhistle 19. Seahouses 20. Redcar

o k you t n a h t e ugh g fe thro ND A hu a E s S s O u T E veryone o keep e t m WE’D LIK g o r in F k time. e wor ur ficult everyon if d y l n, and o o ib d s e in t r h c heroes this in the lig e p h e t e k o t to we ull working rvices, elves f e h s s y t c e n k ar erge g. superm ther em o d are doin n a u o S y H N g our ythin te ever ia c e r p ap AM X ORTH TE N R U O B THE LA

Promoted by Kate Bolger on behalf of Labour North, both at Labour North, Labour Central, Kings Manor, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 6PA. All rights reserved. No parts of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by an means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other non-commercial uses permitted by copyright law. For permission requests, write to the publisher, addressed “Attention: Permissions Coordinator,� at the address above. Submit your photos for publication: north@labour.org.uk

Profile for Labour North

Heart of the North membership magazine - Autumn 2020  

Labour North has launched its new magazine for Labour Party members in the North East and Cumbria.

Heart of the North membership magazine - Autumn 2020  

Labour North has launched its new magazine for Labour Party members in the North East and Cumbria.