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University of Kurdistan-Hawler Students Union

Students Union List of Activities and Budget for the Academic Year 2011-2012

Dastan M. Sherwani: President of Student Union Huda Sarhang: Head of Educational Affairs Shahalo Salar: Head of Public Relations Helen Moayad: Head of Women Affairs Rebeen Khalid: Head of Social Affairs Shwana M. Amin: Head of entertainment Rawan Sardar: Head of Sport

UKH Students Union List of Activities and Budget for the Academic Year 2011-2012 Background: The UKHSU is for students of UKH. This student organization was established on January, 27, 2008. It offers equal opportunities for all its members; regardless of nationality, religion, political affiliation or any other distinction. UKHSU is established to support UKH students so as to enable them to increase their knowledge and develop the academic process. UKHSU is directly supported by the Vice-Chancellor (VC) of UKH. UKHSU is working to help the students of UKH become future leaders, to achieve this goal, UKHSU has several objectives which are:A- Team-working:- to teach students how to work as teams and how to act as teams members B- Networking:- to keep students of UKH, whether graduated or non-graduated, in touch with each other and to establish a network for UKH Students. C- Gender issues:- to help students of UKH learn how to deal, work, and respect the opposite sex D- Spirit of nationality:- to teach students of UKH about the history of Kurdistan and how to love their nation. E- Academic issues:- to help students with their academic difficulties F- Society and Culture:- to establish a mixed culture inside UKH, to help students learn how to respect cultures and sub-cultures, and to promote diversity. G- To be a recognized and representative channel of communication between the students which it represents; on the one hand with the academic and administrative staff of the UKH and the community, organizations and the KRG on the other. -To achieve these objectives, UKHSU has proposed many activities and plans in UKHSU’s budget proposal. This is a budget proposal to the vice chancellor of UKH for his approval, which is composed of the activities in Student Union’s agenda for 2011-2012 academic year. There might be more plans to organize further activities by SU, but the followings are ones that need financial support from the university. We believe that we can discuss the points closely and accurately in a meeting with the vice chancellor. We kindly ask VC to approve the budget based on each activity.

Notice: - Any requested money by a head of a department of UKHSU cannot be allowed to spend without the approval of UKH Vice-Chancellor and the President of UKHSU

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UKH Students Union List of Activities and Budget for the Academic Year 2011-2012 List of the activities and plans in Student Unions’ 2011-2012 Budget:

President: President of UKHSU does not have any activities, his job is leading and controlling the activities arranged by the departments of UKHSU. President is responsible in forcing union members to deliver their approved activities successfully and is responsible to put the members on the right path to achieve their goals and objectives and the main aims and objectives of UKHSU.






UKHSU Logo on an appreciation armor

Number: 40

To present it to honorable guests and students based on activities

Each cost 12$

Total: 480$ Total

480$ Four Hundred Eighty USD

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UKH Students Union List of Activities and Budget for the Academic Year 2011-2012 Social Affairs Department: To create a coherent and united community inside UKH and help students to adopt the culture of UKH is the main aim of social affairs department of UKH-SU. Leading young students and developing their skills in participating in society is another goal of this department. Social Affairs is trying to create a successful connection between students and the Union. It also is working to eliminate the gap between the Union and UKH students. In order to improve this friendly environment that we have already had inside UKH, this department is trying to enhance integration among students and mix them, from different culture and backgrounds. Overall, we can say the mission of this department is to make all students active and to ensure that every student is satisfied inside UKH and live comfortably. #





Orientation Day

Was paid by Registry Department

To make new students familiar with UKH culture, and help them to know about rules and regulation of UKH at the first day of their college years.


Workshop: Youth Empowerment.

Posters and Decoration + refreshment = 150$

The aim of this activity is to lead young students and develop their skills in participating in society, in order to be a great leader in the future.


Alumni Day

Posters= 100$

To invite all UKH graduate students to share their stories, experiences as student at UKH and as employee after graduation with current UKH students.

Sweets and Drink= 200$

Total: 300$ 4

Food Day

Plastic spoons and plates= 100$ Decoration and posters= 100$

Total= 200$

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To make students share their traditions and culture, in order to improve this friendly environment that we have already had inside UKH, and also this activity will enhance integration among students and mix them, from different culture and backgrounds.

UKH Students Union List of Activities and Budget for the Academic Year 2011-2012 5

Celebrating the birthday of Prophet Mohammed (P.B.U.H)

As every year, students will donate for celebrating this day

To Celebrate the Birthday of Prophet Mohammed (P.B.U.H)


Establishment Day of Hawler City


To celebrate the anniversary of Hawler City’s establishment as a step to fight regionalism (Nawchagary)


Establishment Day of Sulimanya City


To celebrate the anniversary of Sulimanya City’s establishment as a step to fight regionalism (Nawchagary)


Establishment Day of Kerkuk City


To celebrate the anniversary of Kerkuk City’s establishment as a step to fight regionalism (Nawchagary)


Establishment Day of Duhok City


To celebrate the anniversary of Duhok City’s establishment as a step to fight regionalism (Nawchagary)


Establishment Day the Republic of Kurdistan in Muhabad


To celebrate the anniversary of Kurdistan Republic’s establishment in Muhabad

Total cost of Social Affairs Dept. activities

650$ Six Hundred Fifty USD

My plans and activities will help students to improve the sense of respecting diversity, will help them in communicating with different types of students and will help them improve the sense of loving their nation.

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UKH Students Union List of Activities and Budget for the Academic Year 2011-2012 Education Department: This department is responsible to help students with their academic difficulties and responsible to develop the knowledge of students. This year as the head of education department I will try my best to find some solutions for some small problems that we have in UKH, like improving the relationships between the students whom came from deferent parts of the region also we will try to help students from different academic levels to know each other and make friendships between them. On the other hand with the help of my partners in the student union I will do my best to implement the projects that I planned to work on. Education Departments’ activities all together will be a part of achieving UKHSU’s main core goal which is building leaders. Through my activities, students will be able to demonstrate their talents and their views to public. #





Increase your knowledge competition

Gifts for winners and participants= 100$

This is a common knowledge competition between groups of students, in this competition we will prepare questions and some groups to compete with each other. The groups will be organized randomly. The goal is to make students from deferent backgrounds, religions, ideas and deferent academic level to work together as one team, and make new friendship relations together. The questions will be general from various aspects and areas of life which will help the students to enhance their general knowledge.

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UKH Students Union List of Activities and Budget for the Academic Year 2011-2012 2

Painting Exhibition

Printing= 100$

It’s a small painting exhibition for all the students who have the talent of painting. The goal from this activity is to give the students the chance to bring out the hidden talents inside each one of them, and help them to develop in a better way.


Photographing competition

Printing photos = 200$

In UKH we have so many talented students in photographing. By doing this activity we can encourage them to develop their talents and this way we can ask for help any time when we need photographers.


Debate with other universities

2 debates

This year we will arrange two debates with two deferent universities in Kurdistan.

Each debate costs 200$ for lunch of 50 guests

Total = 400$

Education department and public relation department together will work on these debates; we will invite AUI-S University and Ishiq University to UKH. The goal from these kinds of debates is to give a chance for the students to participate and express on the opinion in public and to learn to be diplomatic in arguments.


Visiting Kanal 4 and Pepsi Co.

Transportation only

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This is a scientific trip for UKH students to make some changes in their routine life.

UKH Students Union List of Activities and Budget for the Academic Year 2011-2012 The goal from this activity is to increase student’s awareness and knowledge about how the media works and what is going on backstage. Also to see how some companies are working and producing their products. 6

Opening Kurdish and Arabic teaching classes


Because UKH is a multicultural university and there are deferent kinds of students with deferent languages, we thought of opening a Kurdish- Arabic class to teach students, and the students will be taught by other students who can speak Kurdish and Arabic fluently and it’s completely a volunteer work. The goal is to help the students to learn third language in addition to their mother language and English.



Inviting students from high schools


UKH is a public university but there are big numbers of students and normal peoples think that UKH is private, we thought of inviting students from high schools to give them the chance to see UKH.

UKH Debaters competition

Gifts = 50$

In this activity we will work on a debate competition among UKH students on some good and useful subjects. The idea is to give a chance for all debaters of UKH to

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UKH Students Union List of Activities and Budget for the Academic Year 2011-2012 participate in debating, and then choosing the best 6 of them based on the voting of audience to be UKH’s official debate team The goal is to prepare a professional debate team to represent UKH debaters in debating with other universalities. Total cost of Education activities

900$ Nine Hundred USD

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UKH Students Union List of Activities and Budget for the Academic Year 2011-2012 Public Relations Department: PR is responsible for establishing relationship between UKHSU on one side, and governmental and non-governmental organizations on the other side. The main condition of establishing any relationship is to maintain UKHSU’s independency.






Sustainable Project for Orphanage


Sponsorship and contribute to education


Visiting other universities and debating with them

200$ for transportation

Arranging two debates one with AUI-S and the other with Ishik University at their universities


Student of Month

Gifts = 100$

To chose the best students of month, it will encourage students to do better


Halabja Day

Make a Sustainable project. 880$

To show Halabja people that they have not been forgotten

We will raise funds or find a sponsor to pay the rest of the cost 5

Inviting VVIPs and VIPs 0$ for Seminar

Total cost of PR Activities

To invite high ranking officials of Kurdistan to hold seminars at UKH

2180$ Two Thousand One Hundred Eighty USD

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UKH Students Union List of Activities and Budget for the Academic Year 2011-2012 Women Affairs Department:

The aim of Women Affair Department is to encourage UKH girls to show their abilities and become good leaders. Women Affairs Department by their activities will reach to their aim. We will visit women shelters to teach women about their rights, and we will have sport team for girls to be able to play sport in a good environment. Moreover, we will celebrate in international women days, in order to show women that they did great job in years to reach this point and they should continue to reach their points. Finally we will have breast cancer awareness day, in order to increase the awareness among girls.






Women’s Day

Flowers= 100$

To celebrate international women’s day. And build a network to connect UKH females with famous women leaders.

Sweet= 200$ Total: 300$ 2

Basketball Team for girls Jersey for 12 players each cost 15$ + basketball balls

To encourage girls to show their abilities and play sports in a comfortable environment.

Total: 200$ 3

World Breast Cancer Day

Pink tape: 30$ Poster: 60$

Total: 90$

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To participate in the world breast cancer awareness. And aware UKH women about the health problems that they might face.

UKH Students Union List of Activities and Budget for the Academic Year 2011-2012 4

Workshop about Gender issues

Total cost of Women Affairs activities

Sweet and drinks: 100$

A workshop about gender issues in Kurdistan. To show women the ways to be better leader. Also to show them that Women play an important role in society, and the ways that they should apply to reach their goals.

690$ Six Hundred ninety USD

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UKH Students Union List of Activities and Budget for the Academic Year 2011-2012 Entertainment Department: Since the motto of SU is "Students for Students" every activity that SU does should aim to achieve what the union is there for. In that case I see my department as the most effective department in the SU for some reasons, simply because all our students are young and youth are more into fun and parties, that does not mean students should neglect their studies but there always time for everything. Aims of the activities that I have planned for this year: The main goal is to create a good relation between students. Parties, picnics and celebrations are activities that my department takes responsibility for, through those activities students get to know each other better even if they are not in the same level of study. Last year in the picnic I met more than 10 new students and talked to them, we were talking about the nice rainy weather of the day while sitting and eating together. Perhaps if it wasn't for the picnic I would never get to meet them. Another goal is to help students relax and release stress that they get with their studies. No matter how hard the lectures are or how tired the students are, when it comes to entertainment everyone is so ready to participate. That is also proven by many researches. Studies show that entertainment has the power to relax the mind and is a wonderful method of relieving stress."It is important to remember that students need to relax. For many students, stress is an everyday part of their lives. Daily schoolwork, exams, and extracurricular activities combine with worries and concerns for their future in unsettled times often cause feelings of stress to build." (T, Hurley 2009)... I myself feel that I am able to concentrate better and feel more relaxed if I take some fun every now and then. The budget and the idea of collecting money from students: Most of the students are welcoming the idea "since its going to be spend on me i have no problem with paying some money" that Is what most of the students say, there are always people to complain everywhere though. Anyways, my plan is for example for the introduction party I’ll collect 5000 IQD from our students and 10 from the guest, instead we’ll provide them with free drinking water, coke, and sweets. The way I suggest for collecting the money is to have receipts so that there will be no confusions. My department has always been open to take new ideas and it will be in future because there are always people with good new ideas. #





Induction Party

Hall: 1000$

To make students get together and celebrate for a while

The rest will be paid by the students

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UKH Students Union List of Activities and Budget for the Academic Year 2011-2012 2

New Year (Christmas)

Decoration: 100$

To celebrate new year and Christmas day


Valentine Day

Decoration: 100$

To celebrate valentine day


Raparin Day

Decoration: 200$

To teach students about our uprising and celebrating for this historic day.

Activities: 200$ Total: 400$ 5


Buses: 2400$ Water+Ice+flina: 100$

An annual picnic to a tourist area of Kurdistan

Total: 2500$ The rest will be paid by the students 6

Graduation Party

Hall: 1000$ Graduation Cake: 500$

After working hard for 5 years, it is time for UKH senior students to have fun

Total: 1500 The rest will be paid by the students 7

Graduation Picnic

Hotel or Motel Rent: A picnic that will remind in the 500$ memory of graduate students Bus: 500$ Total: 1000$ The rest will be paid Page 14 of 18

UKH Students Union List of Activities and Budget for the Academic Year 2011-2012 by the students

Total cost of Entertainment activities

6600$ Sixty Six Thousand USD

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UKH Students Union List of Activities and Budget for the Academic Year 2011-2012 Sport Department: Sport Department is one of the essential departments in student union which has a big role to create a better life for the student on daily basis. Sport department provides quality opportunities at all levels of sport, promoting sport as an activity that enables students to develop their own performances to their maximum potential, as well as, personal and social benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, sport has a big significant in increasing mental strength and self confidence for the students. To speak more precisely and on more details about the objectives and aims that sport department is trying to reach and achieve, I am going to demonstrate the most two vital activities which are going to be carried out for the year (2011-2012), and explain how those activities will reach the aims and objectives of sport department on one hand, and the aims of student union as a team work on the other hand. The first activity I am trying to carry out as soon as the budget for the sport department is specified, is UKH Football League, and not (Students Football league), by that I mean the league will also include a team of UKH professors and staff which will create friendly and intimate relations between students and professors, consequently it will break down all the tensions which students feel towards their professors especially for the new students who represent almost the half of UKH students. The purpose of UKH football league being carried out this year and for the first time since UKH has been established and not a regular UKH football tournament as every year is being carried out, is because the league will enable students to interact with each other more for the reason that each team will have the chance to play with all the other teams including the professors and staff team which will also enable all students who is contributing in the league to play and interact with their professors, in addition to the teams of access 1 and 2 are formed from 2 or 3 classes according to the large number of students which will also create friendly relations and team spirit between the classes. Another aim of UKH Football league is that, 66 matches will be held in the league during 11 weeks and that’s approximately a league of 3 months, the 11 weeks of the league will be carried out throughout the whole school year due to the occasions and holidays which will in turn make the student realize that the league is something living with him just like education and other commitments, creating an incredible atmosphere and vital energy within university campus. According to the large number of matches in the league, the budget of student union won’t be enough to afford the cost of the whole league, in this case, the insufficient amount of money for this activity will create another aim for the department which is the Page 16 of 18

UKH Students Union List of Activities and Budget for the Academic Year 2011-2012 contribution of some amount of money from students pockets in order to make students appreciate the activity they are paying for and feeling responsible towards the activity. On the other hand, to achieve the aim of student union, sport department and women’s affair department will cooperate together to carry out an activity for girls basketball team during this year, this will show the students that team work is really significant in our society. And most importantly, the activity will show students that there is no discrimination in genders and women also have an essential role in our society. And that’s what student union is trying to accomplish. #





Football League

Stadium Reservation: 500$

A long run football league that will allow most of students to play football

Gifts: 100$ Jersey: 100$ Referee: 300$

Total: 1000$

The Rest will be paid by the students


Ping pong tournament

100$ for gifts

To let UKH students play ping pong at UKH


Chess Tournament

100$ for gifts

To allow UKH Chess players practice their abilities in chess

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UKH Students Union List of Activities and Budget for the Academic Year 2011-2012 4

Basketball Tournament for Females

100$ for gifts

An opportunity for our UKH female students to play basketball


Males Volleyball Team

200$ for jersey and balls

Preparing males volleyball team to play with other universities

Total cost of Sport Activities

Contract with DJ

1500$ One Thousand five hundred USD

1000$ One Thousand USD

Total amount of UKHSU Budget for 2011-2012:

Total Number of activities and plans:

14000$ Fourteen thousand US Dollars

Regards, Dastan M. Sherwani President of UKH-Student Union

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41 Forty One


Student Union Budget

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