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1. Diploma «SCIENTIFIC THOUGHT LEADER» of the 5th International Research and Practice Conference «Modern trends in medicine, veterinary science and pharmacology development» in the framework of the preliminary programme of the project of the International Academy of Sciences and Higher Education (IASHE, London, UK) «World Championship, continental, national and regional research analytics championships», June 2, 2011 2. Отримано статус «Волонтер ООН», 31 січня 2012 р. 3. Passed certification for knowledge of Microsoft Office 2010 and received Certificate Office № 7E9816F86BC - 19/20 points 4. Alltech Young Scientist Award as the East/West Europe Zone 3rd Place Undergraduate winner. Competition topic: Investigation of peculiarities of the interaction and use of eubacteria Clostridium novyi-NT therapy for colorectal cancer in Mus musculus, September 2, 2012


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