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CASEE Photo Contest Life Sciences in Central and South Eastern Europe

The CASEE network invites all CASEE students and staff members to participate in a photo contest to find the most representative images for CASEE

Do you have a better idea for CASEE?

CASEE is a network of 30 Life Science Universities in Central and South Eastern Europe.The aims of network are:  to strengthen research, education and University Development in this region  to develop joint research, educational and other projects (e.g. joint curricula, joint continuous educational offers, structural development, human resource development, QA, know-how-transfer, e.g. via an e-platform…) In the contest we are looking for pictures which illustrate one or more of these aims and point out the common grounds of the Danube region and Life Sciences. Next to our logo the pictures will form the basis four CASEEs corporate design and will be used on our homepage and on printing material. The winning photograph will be presented at the CASEE Conference, April 28-20 in Gödöllö, Hungary. The winner will get a free registration to this Conference and a surprise. Eligibility The contest is open to all students and staff members from CASSEE universities. Photographs must be original images taken by the participants and may not have been previously published unless CASEE will have the full rights to use the images as specified below. Submission Procedure and Material Specifications All CASEE members can submit up to five photographs. Only digital entries are accepted. They should be sized so that their longest side is at least 3000 pixels (vertical and horizontal). Pictures in landscape format or panorama pictures are very welcome. Each image must be submitted as a separate file in JPEG, GIF, or TIFF format.

Please send the photographs by e-mail to: In the e-mail please state: Personal information  your name  your mailing address  your e-mail  your university  your study programme level (Master, PhD) Photo Information:  date, when the photo was taken  location of photo  title of photo (if any) Deadline for Submission: Monday, February 21st, 2011 Judging A committee designated by the CASEE President will make recommendations on the selection of winning photographs. The CASEE President will make the final selection. The winner will be notified before March 18. Publication or dissemination of winning photographs CASEE reserves the right to reprint, use, name, distribute and publish with appropriate credit to the photographer, any entry at CASEE’s discretion (including non-winning entries), without any compensation to the photographer in question. However, copyright and intellectual property in the entry will remain with the photographer. CASEE also reserves the right to grant permission to third parties to reprint, use, name, distribute and publish the photographs for non-commercial purposes in order to raise the recognition of CASEE (all the foregoing always with appropriate credit to the photographer). Claim of Ownership Participants must own all right to the photographs submitted, and releases for the photographs submitted are the participant's responsibility. If a photograph(s) submitted contains any material that belongs to a third party, the producers must obtain permission for the use of that material, so as to allow the CASEE network to fully exercise its rights hereunder without any obligation on the part of the CASEE network to make any payment to any party whatsoever. If CASEE has any doubt on the ownership of the photograph(s), CASEE reserves the right to eliminate the photograph(s) from the contest. Participants must be able to supply a signed release from any person(s) appearing in the photograph(s) (or their legal representatives or guardians).

Contact: Ulrike Piringer CASEE Executive Secretary