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This book documents the capstone projects of Digital Media & Design Seniors at The University of Kentucky in the Spring of 2018.

A culminating course that allows digital media students to propose and create large-scale, in-depth projects such as short films, video installations, a complete animation, a photographic series, a 3D printing installation, a web-based research project, etc. that require time and focus to produce.

This work was created through the Capstone course instructed by Matthew Page that is described here:

As advanced students, you will be asked to show evidence of brainstorming, sketching, ideation and progressive changes as part of your design process. As an upper-level class, you will be expected to make this course a priority and be present and willing to engage with your classmates. But, as Hans Wegner once said -- “We must take care that everything doesn’t get so dreadfully serious. We must play--but we must play seriously.”

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* joint project


Kendall Althans Graphics, illustration

I have always appreciated History. When I was young my father and I used to watch the History channel before bed almost every night and it really made me interested in how everything that has happened in the past has led us up to where we are now. Lately, I have found an interest in what it means to be a woman. I find it super interesting to look at females over history; looking into what we’ve been through and how each person, moment, word and action has led us to where we are today. I feel as though a lot of times young women find it hard to be themselves due to cultural restrictions or social norms. I decided to only use females as my subject, looking into women of each decade and what was going on for them at each time; whether it’s politically, socially, romantically and also their fashion and culture at that time. I think making these posters can help females see how far we have come and to look at the special women in these posters that have been able to make a change, just by being themselves and how it has shaped us into where we are today. This work was created to bring awareness to the problem of child trafficking and also offer solutions if people wish to help the cause. This work is meant to act as a public campaign so that this problem can be brought into the public eye.


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Content UKY Digital Media and Design 2018


Olivia Barb

Graphics, layout, brand design

Growing up, my mother always watched crime shows like Dateline and 48 Hours. I was always afraid of them when I was little. As I grew older I became more and more fascinated with learning about crimes and digging deeper into cases that didn’t make sense to me. One case that has resonated with me is the disappearance of Johnny Gosch in 1982. Johnny Gosch was a paperboy in Iowa and disappeared one morning while on his paper route. There were a few witnesses at the scene but no one really knows what happened that morning. This fascinated me. How could someone just disappear into thin air? It has been said that Johnny was kidnapped into a child trafficking ring. I began researching missing children and discovered the horrific things that happen to them when kidnapped into child pornography rings. I feel as though people aren’t aware of this issue and what it means for children across the world. Missing posters are mass produced and plastered across city walls but eventually these posters decay. All that is really left of these children is the memory their loved ones have of them and their missing poster. This work was created to bring awareness to the problem of child trafficking and also offer solutions if people wish to help the cause. This work is meant to act as a public campaign so that this problem can be brought into the public eye. 10

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Source: FBI’s National Crime Information Center



Source: National Center for Missing and Exploited Children


Source: U.S. Department of Justice




Source: National Center for Missing and Exploited Children



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Lydia Emeric Photography

Through the themes of earth, line, light, and performance, I draw inspiration for my photographic series. Each photograph intertwines the four themes but some themes become more prominent than others. As I continue to grow in my work, it becomes more prevalent to me of the elements that compose who I am as a creative, which is why these four themes are so crucial to this series.

explicit lines, lines that curve, lines that are straight, lines that are never-ending, etc. Lines are powerful. Lines have influence. Line is always at the forefront of my mind. In the photos of the dancer with the flour, she utilizes the flour to create strong, dynamic lines in her performance. What makes these lines so impactful is that they are full of intention and purpose.

When it comes to earth, the details of the rocks and dust, the deep blues in the water, the way the wind makes me feel, and how a fire’s heat can touch not only your body but your soul has always captivated my attention. Embracing the elements of earth is vital to appreciating it.

Finally, there is performance. Of course there is a model in my work, but they are not only modeling they are performing a story. They combine their bodies with the elements in the photograph to become on subject. This is a very important aspect to my series because the human form and expression is everything.

Ever since the existence of the sun and the moon, light has been a guiding a factor in how we live our lives and see our present and future. Now that we have such accessibility to light it is no longer a matter of need but of interest. There are so many different ways to use light in your home, during events, and when photographing a subject. This series helps to reveal my experimentation on how various lights (both ambient and studio) affect the visual composition of a photo.

Every frame requires a certain stance or look. My model’s performance make or break my work, so when looking for them, I make sure to carefully choose who will be ideal for my photo-shoots.

Lines. Lines make up every single piece of this world. There are implied lines, 14

Content UKY Digital Media and Design 2018



Content UKY Digital Media and Design 2018


Ethan Fedele

Brand design, graphics, layout

The graphic identity that I developed for the Digital Media and Design Capstone show is a peculiar project both in practicality and concept. It’s practically strange becau se I’m finding myself designing the system that my work in the capstone course should fit into. This is fundamentally strange as I was creating a space for myself and my classmates, instead of operating within an abstract space along with them. Though, what I found to be more interesting than the circumstance of the project was the fact that I was designing the identity and language of a thing that didn’t exist yet, and a thing that I was a part of. This show has not existed before this semester, and I was then trying to gather the collective thoughts of a class of 19 people, including myself, in order to define what we were inhabiting. In researching similar design-education oriented identities, I found the common sense that these exhibitions of design work wanted to let the viewer see the process of working. This expressed to me that the public’s idea of design work lends


the interest to be in how design work is created, not in the outcome of it. I let this understanding drive the identity of this show. It led to typographic elements being placed in a modular way inside a space, letters stretching to reach the proper width. I created a modified version of Neue Helvetica to do so. The headers were set in this stretched type, and all other type was set in the actual Neue Helvetica to let the type align with the variability of the stretched type headers. This, along with the red color of the text and a stretching animation, is what aligned this show with the sincerity of the work and the individuals behind it.

Content UKY Digital Media and Design 2018



Content UKY Digital Media and Design 2018


Cameren Flanagan Graphics, layout

This series of work is based on the interest that I have about the relationship between design, art, and music. I wanted to learn how to create visual identities for musicians using various mediums such as album covers, content for digital music streaming, gig posters, and merchandise. Having an understanding of how these things interact and relate with each other and the musician is vital to knowing how to create a strong visual identity for an artist. There is also a strong emphasis on maintaining some form of individuality of my own style within work that does not represent me personally. To narrow down the scope of this project, I wanted to focus on artists that promote something I stand for and use their platforms for good. As a woman, promoting equality between the sexes and encouraging women to empower themselves and other females is important to me. I felt like I could use this project to explore women in the music industry and how they use their platforms to promote individuality, self-love and equality. My goal with this project is to create work that emulates the music and musician while at the same time representing the concept of female empowerment. To do this I have created album covers for 3


different female artists: Kali Uchis, Billie Eilish, and Banks. Each artist has a different sound and existing visual language. After creating the initial album covers for all three, I developed other pieces such as gig posters, ad campaigns, and merchandise to create an entire set of images that promote the artist to their audience and potentially elevate their platforms.

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Content UKY Digital Media and Design 2018


Catherine Healy Graphics

I have always had an interest in art as being part of our everyday lives. I believe it is best done unnoticed, feeling cohesive while also making a statement. I have a passion for graphic design and have always been intrigued by interior design / architecture. As I have planned on moving into the real working world I realized I did not know a lot about the process of printing and what happens after I create work, which is equally important. So I decided to take my personal interest in interior design, combine it with graphic design, and design my own wallpaper. In doing this I have learned a lot about the different printing processes as well as printing setups. I am also learning how to create and repeat patterns, and the history behind the use of wallpaper. I am solidifying skills and gaining more interest in color theory as I chooose colors that will work well in certain types of spaces. I am creating a small series of wallpapers that is geared towards millenials by featuring “millenial� color schemes as well as current trending materials and subject matter.


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Content UKY Digital Media and Design 2018


Frankie King

Photography, videography

As technology has exploded society has changed. I have noticed that many people now rely on technology as a babysitter for their children. They hand a kid a phone or something similar so they can play games or watch videos, just to keep them quiet. When I was a child if you were loud or restless you were told to go play. We had to entertain ourselves, this helped to build our imaginations and as we got older I began to research the effects of the digital age on children, although all the effects are not bad, there are many harmful effects. The one I concentrated on was that of socialization and technologies effect on it. The alarming facts and my observations led me to want to show how involved in technology children are even at a very young age. I wanted to show through my images the connection that children have to technology. Children are not seeking out human contact like they did twenty years ago. To show this problem and how extreme it is becoming. I used images of children of various ages in normal daily activities. Only where they would be interacting with a person a phone has been inserted to take the place of the other person in the scene. This is to show that the only interaction today’s children understand is that of an electronic nature.


I also wanted the images to connect or tell a story of growth. To do this I placed the images in a specific order, in which the images transition to the older child they are the phone. Then they are with a phone showing how as they grow the problem of socialization continues to grow.

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Content UKY Digital Media and Design 2018


Emma Knapp & Erin Strange Illustration, character design

The work being showcased is one part the production of a comic and another part the process of looking into the future with the distribution of elements as well as the physical comic itself. This project was created with the combined efforts of two artists in hopes to provide a window into the world of the small scale production side of comics and ultimately the conventions (or cons) where they are sold. In addition to tacking the life-span of a comic from concept to distribution we also focused on the practical division of roles that are often associated with group based comic making. Our main challenge came in our initial steps where we had to not only tack down a concept, but also pull in research into the development of said comic to choose the style and venue this comic would be displayed in order build interest. Additionally, in the beginning phase of concept, we had to create characters and establish a basic motive to create the ground for our narrative. This process lasted for the period of roughly a month and a half until the plot was fully tacked down and the characters reached their final development stage. The plot primarily was drafted by Eren who acted as my creative director in this project and was tailored towards a younger audience with the added nostalgia of youth for older readers. The overall narrative focuses on the division of two stereotypical sides good and evil fighting over “complete control� over 34

the playground. The idea to have the villains be in control would ultimately spur the heroes into action to save the day was formulated via the age old good vs. evil archetype viewed from a child’s perspective.Additionally, the characters were based off of persons of not in our actual lives which allows for special quirks such as self-insertions to occur to add to the comedic factor. Ultimately, our largest challenge revolved around the time constraints. In the reality of comic making we realize that project would take a fair amount of time for us to both create as well as build an audience for as a possible consumer base. I personally have noted that in my own comic making endeavors outside of this project since it has personally taken me 2 years approximately to cultivate enough of a following to even bother with distribution. So in an effort to conserve time we decided to take a step into the future and showcase the final goal of this project in an instillation setting inspired by the aesthetics of comic conventions. All in all we feel that this project was fairly successful seeing that our goal of producing a body of work related to comics and inspired by a world not commonly shown in a fine arts setting. We were able to create a full cast of characters and begin drafting out our narrative which also leaves us the possibility to revisit this work in the future.

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Content UKY Digital Media and Design 2018


Jessee Lynch

Videography, video-editing

The Red River Gorge is an enormous area amongst the Daniel Boone National Forrest that attracts tourists from all across the world. The gorge is most known for it’s climbing, hiking, views and nature. One of the most popular areas to visit is the Natural Bridge State section but often times this area cans be come very crowded. This series will take you through hikes around the gorge. Each video focuses on a trail loop and what the trail loop has to offer. The gorge offers many incredible views but it also has other features such as rock formations, creeks, and small waterfalls that are featured in each video. Including each feature is important to inform people on what they will see along the hike which also helps people find what they want. Being outside is important to me and I want to spread the benefits it brings. Through this series I hope viewers who already enjoy the outdoors feel motivated to get out and go hike and to the less experienced viewer I hope this can act as a guide to a new experience. The gorge is one of the great treasures of the United States and is an area everyone should explore .


Content UKY Digital Media and Design 2018



Content UKY Digital Media and Design 2018


Meredith Matia Graphic Design, Fashion

As someone who has worked as a ski instructor for seven years, I have discovered some of the most user friendly qualities when it comes to ski apparel. Over the course of the semester, I created a ski suit for the all mountain skier which fills a gap in the ski apparel industry. The overall fitting design is based on a natural trend resurgence. I predict that the 1980s onepiece ski suit style is coming back this upcoming ski season. With that trend prediction in mind, I designed a ski suit which contains the best qualities for the all mountain skier: a large hood, a comfortable fitting, and easy on off glove usage. In order to stay warm even on the coldest winter days, it is important to have a hood which fits over a ski helmet. However, most ski jackets do not have a neck which is wide enough to fit over multiple clothing layers. This design gives the skier ultimate warmth while also granting comfort and movability. Since most skiers wear a multitude of clothing layers, it is vital to create a waist line which is grants ultimate mobility yet visual appeal. Having a mid rise, semi cinched waist line provides comfort with a modern look.


The majority of ski jackets today have a velcro strap on the end of the sleeve to create a tightened fit over gloves. However, that process takes time in order to get a comfortable fit. Thus, having a cinched lining which can be adjusted with a draw string makes it easier to take gloves on and off while also being able to make adjustments.

Content UKY Digital Media and Design 2018


Design sleeves which allows user to easily take gloves on and off.

Create a hood large enough to fit over a ski helmet for warmth while wide enough for comfortable neck room.


GOALS Comfortable with layers underneath Visually flattering Easy on and off Warm

Create a garment which is comfortable with layers underneath yet visually appealing.

HOOD DESIGNS GOALS Large enough to fit over helmet Wide enough neck for comfort

hood with lip

hood without lip


hood with interior flap to protect neck from zipper and flap over exterior of zipper for asethetic

hood with interior flap to protect neck from zipper










subtle flare






Skinny thighs and wide calfs

consistant straight leg


Content UKY Digital Media and Design 2018


Elizabeth Moore Graphics, layout, illustration

This project is a collection of posters and an illustrated book meant to help people who are new to the world of Lindy Hop and swing dancing. The goal is to help them navigate the history fashion and culture of the dance. I began dancing a few years ago and still vividly remember all of the anxieties that come along with trying to learn about an entirely new community. I didn’t understand a lot of the terms, dances, or history, and I was too intimidated to ask the more experienced dancers. I looked for resources online and in book form, but found the books and blogs either boring or intimidating, and I didn’t think they matched the personality of the dance at all. That is when the idea for this project began to form. The purpose of this project is to fill in that gap. I want this to not only be an approachable and fun resource for beginners, but also something that dance lovers at any level will enjoy reading through and interacting with. The bright colors, illustrative style, and use of patterns were used intentionally to match the delightfully quirky, unique, and upbeat personality of the dance Lindy Hop. The book covers general information about the dance, history, genres of swing, fashion, music, travel, and more. The posters are pulled from information within the book and will come inside the front cover when published.


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Content UKY Digital Media and Design 2018

Social Dance Etiquette BEFORE DANCING

The #1 Rule of Social Dancing:

You can say no to a dance at any time, and you do not need to explain yourself. It is vitally important that the culture and community of swing dance is a place where people feel comfortable. If you really do want to dance with the person but are just too tired or want to get a drink, you can always say, “Ask me later!” or “How about the next song”.

It’s always best to use your words and verbally ask someone to dance, especially if you do not know that person well. Never walk up to some one and just stick your hand out and stare at them, or snap in their direction and then point to the dance floor(yes, those things have happened).



If you ask someone to dance and they say no just respect the decision and move on. Its probably not personal, bow out politely and ask someone else.

The social dance floor is not an appropriate place to give feed back, or teach your partner unless they have specifically asked for it. A social dance is a time for practicing things you have already learned, socializing, and enjoying a conversation through dance with your partner.

Social dancing mixes people of all backgrounds into one melting pot called the dance floor. Always use good manners when speaking to each other in a social dance setting. Mind your language and dont be innapropriate It is best to ask before entering someones personal space. For example, if you are blues dancing, something like, “Are ok with close embrace?” is a respectful way to make sure your partner is comfortable.

Floor craft: (n.) possessing the ability to navigate the floor


in a graceful way while avoiding bumping into other dancers. Also extended to a more defensive realm, where leads protects their follows from being ran into.

When the floor is crowded, it is important to look out for each other, and be aware of where the other dancers on the floor are. If you do accidently kick or bump someone be sure to apologize.


Aerials are very dangerous when they are done at the wrong time. Please save them for Jam Circles and Performances.

Elliot Schiff Photography, lighting

Having a background in photography and three dimensional art inspired me to pursue fashion photography. I have a better understanding of how to shoot a garment as I would create a sculpture. The high energy level and criticial thought within the process of composing a photograph results in more than just capturing a garment, but telling a story.


Content UKY Digital Media and Design 2018



Content UKY Digital Media and Design 2018


Matthew Sherman Graphics, illustration

This body of work is centered around anxiety, and my hope is that it could be helpful to those who experience severe anxiety frequently. I wanted to explore and reflect on anxiety via two methods. The first part consists of ten designs that could take the form of either posters or pages in a small booklet, that display messages those with anxiety should keep in mind. The messages are based in research of different forms of anxiety, and designed to give some alleviation to their related issues. They deal with physical, emotional, and visual problems rooted in severe anxiety. I attempted to give each design a calming visual feel, to reflect its soothing intent. The second part consists of four urban interior redesigns, where modifications were made based on anxiety reduction. Urban design factors like access to green space and light, and potential for social interaction are big influences on mood. Flexibility and openness were also very important aspects in the creation of these designs. I considered all of these things while making the redesigns. The simple style in which I illustrated the interiors is also meant to have a steady and secure feeling. I think exploring anxiety in these two ways has helped me better grasp the subject, and the relevant design applications of clinical information.


Content UKY Digital Media and Design 2018

Breathing through your nose automatically slows your breathing down and helps to avoid hyperventilating.

Breathe into your abdomen. Your stomach should move in and out, while your chest remains still.


Imagine a time in which you felt calm, or a scene which you find calming, like the beach.

Dorm Room

Dorm Room

Enlarge windows Added greenery to allow more outside 1st floor light/ improved windowsills, mood. maintained by UK groundskeeping. (Access to nature).

Stronger/ brighter lights installed in overhead fans.



Common room is a good feature. (Encourages social interaction, lessens anxiety).


Door Door Closet

Door Closet

Lower tables and more substantial/ unique seating to create more stable/ down-to-earth feel.


More room could potentially allow for more indoor core workout techniques (Room for exercise).


Current Design



Ideally, would be more spacious floor plan to lessen cramped feeling.

Content UKY Digital Media and Design 2018


Too much alone time?

Lack of goal setting?

Stressful news coverage?

Having trouble coping?

Daria Smith

Brand design, graphics

I currently identify as agnostic deist. In my opinion there is not enough evidence for a “God” but I do not deny anyone’s faith that there could be. I respect all faiths but I see the faults in them as well. I came to the conclusion that institutionalized and/or organized religion is not for me. I still am influenced by my family’s Christian teachings and therefore have a sense of spirituality. My disdain is with the abuses of religion and spirituality that happens when such topics become involved with political, social, and personal gain. This is my relationship with religion. I do not hate it but I also will not succumb to it. I feel like I am finding myself through this discovery. I wanted to continue exploring these two aspects of my identity as a black female and my spirituality. Wanting to express my reaction is important in this work because this is a way to communicate my stance on religion, as there are few representations or acknowledgements of non-Christian black women. I focused on making this project a specific case study of the influence of religion in the black community, specifically for black women. That is when I read more about Jonestown. Jonestown was the last mission of The Peoples Temple. Formed in Guyana, Jonestown was supposed be a socialist utopia that would lead by example in changing the world’s social structure. 58

However on November 18, 1978, Reverend Jim Jones, the leader of The Peoples Temple, coerced and forced around 900 followers to commit murder/suicide. Jonestown has been covered by the media multiple times from a white perspective, yet fails to mention an interesting fact. Majority of the followers and victims of the Peoples Temple and Jonestown were black females. Why was that? Black women have always been the bottom of the totem pole in almost every category. And that presents a vulnerable mentality for them. As a black woman, trying to find my place in society has been a never-ending journey but the first step was establishing my own sense of self. That began with my relationship with religion. Black women are big targets for religion. At the intersection of racism and sexism, black women want to some sort of relief and hope and so they turn to religion, this is especially the case for the victims of Jonestown during the 70s. This project is a memorial and exploration of the intersectionality of gender, race and religion. It is also my response to said intersections which will hopefully resonants with the other black women who have been struggling with religion. Just because you grew up with the Kool-Aid doesn’t mean you have to drink it.

Content UKY Digital Media and Design 2018


Lucas Southworth Installation, video

This work is about feeling separate from your identity, a feeling of dissociation from reality. For this work, I identified four areas that really defined identity, and made a person feel grounded within it, and then worked to find a way to make all a step removed. The first of these I worked with was the actual body. Our mannequin has lost his head and his hands, and with them, his eyes, ears, mouth, and nose. This was to create a distance from the senses, a feeling that they can’t really help him right now. The second of these was the relationship with the physical world. The medium of projections is the main way I worked at this, creating a tangible separation between the physical body of the mannequin and the projection of the world behind him. Not only is there this distance from the world, but the world is also transformed from the physical to the intangible, from matter into light. Because of this, our mannequin cannot impact this world, he can only cast a shadow upon it. The third area was relationships with other people. This was warped through the portrait on the wall. Layering this video on top of itself not only blurs the subject, but also gives them a feeling of being unable


to be fully grasped. For our subject, his close friends have become fuzzy, and he is no longer sure of how to interact with them. The fourth, and most important area to explore for me, was memory. The home videos put onto the mannequins body are what deal with this aspect, several of them being of myself, but intercut with appropriated video of other peoples memories. My memory has never felt reliable. Half of the things I remember from my life, I worry didn’t actually happen, that I amalgamated them things I saw on tv, or experiences I thought I was supposed to have. As figures appear and disappear on the mannequin’s body, some of me, some of others, and some that are almost unintelligible, the viewer is able to get glimpses of events, but never the full picture. This is echoed through the audio, a slowed down track of Happy Birthday played simultaneously with Pomp and Circumstance. The viewer may recognize pieces, but as a whole, it feels foreign. All of this was to replicate the feeling of not being able to trust your own brain, of feeling like a passenger in your body instead of the captain.

Content UKY Digital Media and Design 2018



Content UKY Digital Media and Design 2018


Andru Stone

Printmaking, graphics, illustration

Deer in the Headlights is a series of four screen printed posters dealing with the four fear responses: fight, flight, fear, and freeze. I have paid special attention to children who have been exposed to trauma or abuse. The events that happen in childhood play a huge roll in childhood mental illness and mental illness that can occur later in life. Abuse and trauma in childhood can cause an unhealthy amount of prolonged fear that could lead to mental illness. I’ve used deer as a motif to represent the fearful child and the scientific and psychological research behind the four fear responses as visual elements. My hope is to create a more complete understanding of how these fears manifest, and what causes them. I would like this work to help people better spot these traits in children, catch and stop abuse, and help these children cope with the long term effects of trauma and abuse.


Content UKY Digital Media and Design 2018



Content UKY Digital Media and Design 2018


Yueran Wang

Graphics, layout, illustration

Education issues can never be overemphasized, considering it associated with the life of contemporaries and the future of offspring. Nowadays, concept of education has been gradually rotted in people’s life. In the meanwhile, parents are taking attentions on choosing schools for their child and sending their child studying abroad. As China grows in influence, many here believe their children will be a core part of the globalized future. And like parents everywhere, they want what’s best for them. However, the idea that a college diploma is an all-but-mandatory ticket to a successful career is showing fissures. People are considering themselves a D.I.Y. vanguard, committed to changing the perception of dropping out from a personal failure to a sensible option, at least for a certain breed of risk-embracing maverick. I think the goal is not to foment people drop out from schools, but to open people’s minds to a different set of opportunities. Chinese parents are always saying “Don’t let your child losing at the starting line.” As a Chinese student, I grew up imbibing messages that all but equated my life prospects and self-worth with academic achievements. That stressed me all the time. I thanks to my parents that gave me


the chance to study abroad, but the languages barrier, cultural differences and the cite academic pressure are all cause of stress on me. The purpose of this work is letting more people to take their attention on education. I choose the 10 articles from The New York Times which I think are most influential from my perspective and present them as a book. I hope we all give ourselves a deep breath, take all the stress out and relax.

Content UKY Digital Media and Design 2018



Content UKY Digital Media and Design 2018









Taylor Wilson Graphics, layout

This book is a collection of quotes, poems, and experiences that tell stories from the perspective of those who have been judged too quickly based on their appearance, background, skin, religion, sexuality, etc. As someone who has, like most people, repeatedly been the victim, bystander, and perpetrator of stereotyping, I recognized that there is a serious issue with the way society views and misconceives individuals. The primary purpose of this piece is to provide an outlet and voice for real people in the community to expose and confront the issues they face in society concerning stereotyping, over generalizations, negative assumptions and expectations, and how these consequentially devalue a person’s individuality. With this project, I am fusing two of my passions, literature and design—I have included some of my own stories, but more importantly, they are combined with the thoughts of other people. Every idea in this book comes from people within reach; they are the people you pass in the halls, the people you order your coffee from, they’re students, teachers, and colleagues, they’re friends and family, they are the people who surround you daily.


Content UKY Digital Media and Design 2018



Content UKY Digital Media and Design 2018


This book is typeset in Helvetica Neue. The type that is featured in the table of contents and on the cover is an altered form of Helvetica Neue that allows certain horizontal elements of the letter-forms to be stretched.


University of Kentucky Digital Media and Design  

This book documents the capstone projects of Digital Media and Design graduating senior students at the University of Kentucky, School of Ar...

University of Kentucky Digital Media and Design  

This book documents the capstone projects of Digital Media and Design graduating senior students at the University of Kentucky, School of Ar...