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Making art is fun. It’s also hard work. Students at the UK School of Art and Visual Studies (SA/VS) put in many hours developing concepts for their projects, refining their craft, and reflecting upon the results of their efforts. Few majors require original research from incoming freshmen, but from day one our freshmen are asked to perform as researchers, independent artists, and scholars. Our students create new things, produce new ideas, learn to look at the world in new ways and communicate in new ways. They learn to push past what they already know, do, and think, to seek within themselves new creative and intellectual frontiers. We recognize and challenge each individual’s ability to think critically, create fluently, communicate visually, and collaborate globally. We champion intellectual flexibility and veracity for accomplishment. Our graduates soon discover that skills gained at UK SA/VS have value beyond their chosen professional fields of art history, art education, studio art, or arts administration. The skills you will gain at UK SA/VS offer value far beyond the professional fields of art history, art education or studio art. We foster the creativity that lies within every person who passes through our doors. As a UK SA/VS student, whatever you go on to do in life, you will possess the intellectual flexibility, the self-awareness, creativity and critical skills to do what you do better. 859-257-8151


Art Studio (BA, BFA & MFA) Art Education (BA & MA) Art History and Visual Studies (BA and MA) Art Studio Concentrations: Ceramics Drawing Fiber Installation/Performance New Media/Intermedia/Graphic Design Painting Photography Printmaking Sculpture Art Education Components: Coursework in art educational policies and practices Extensive coursework in art studio Student teaching placements in K-12 KY Certification with art specialization Primary through Grade 12 Art History and Visual Studies Tracks: Art History Visual Studies Museum and Curatorial Studies


Accredited member of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design



ART EDUCATION is for students who wish to share their knowledge about art and pursue teacher certification as a K-12 art specialist. The program combines the fundamentals of studio art with art educational theory and practices. Because our program focuses on student advancement both as teacher of art and as artist, our graduates are prepared for life-long professional growth as teachers and artists. Our students establish a strong foundation in studio art and exhibit their work in a group show. Art education students also hone their observation and communication skills and practice educational leadership through service projects and involvement in school community partnerships. ART HISTORY AND VISUAL STUDIES is a multi-disciplinary degree program, which allows students to pursue three distinct tracts, in traditional art history and its study of the world’s fine arts traditions, in visual studies, with an emphasis on how visual information impacts the modern world, and in museum and curatorial studies, which, alongside the College of Fine Arts’ Arts Administration program, prepares students for careers in galleries and museums. STUDIO ART majors choose between getting a general liberal arts degree, the BA, or a BFA. Graduates with a BA have a plethora of careers open to them, which range from digital design to arts management. Students who pursue a BFA often pursue careers as professional visual artists, but like BA graduates, they may end up in other fields, doing curatorial work, and other arts-related professions.


UK SA/VS will soon be moving into a newly-renovated building. Our new center will afford students more studio space and common areas, and the different programs will be brought into closer physical proximity, giving the building a more intimate feel. The heart of our new home is an indoor two-story central corridor, where students will mingle, collaborate, and learn from each other’s work. The facility will include six digital media labs, a fabrication lab, and spacious ceramics, print, sculpture, drawing and painting, and photography studios. There will be two art education classrooms and two lecture/demonstration classrooms. Students pursuing the BFA degree will be given studio space in the building, working alongside graduate studio art majors. The building is scheduled to open in the academic year 2014-15.


SA/VS encourages all majors to experience education abroad. Students can choose the many study abroad programs available through the UK International Center. SA/VS faculty facilitate study abroad by sponsoring summer college credit residency programs in Ireland and China, and leading programs in Spain, Britain, Italy, and elsewhere. SA/VS expects students to take advantage of the many internships available in the Lexington community, or to assist art educators in area K-12 classrooms, or to work alongside professional practitioners in a variety of fields. These school/community partnerships give students opportunities to try out careers, make connections, and broaden their perspective regarding what possible futures are available out there and what they need to do in order to realize their goals.

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