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Editors note As I finally finalised the latest edition of ‘THE CHASE’ and please accept my apologises for the delay it has been an eventful and busy month for both the UK Falconry Club and myself. The club sadly, had to cancel the BBQ due to weather and work commitments. However, the UKFC were at the Midland Game Fair at Weston Park and had a successful weekend introducing the club to visiting falconers and signed up several new members for both the club and the forum. On a personal note, I am progressing well with ‘Loki’ my eyass Goshawk and my black gyr saker ‘The Big Yin’ has come out of her moult in fantastic condition and the aim is now to get her fit for the coming crow hawking season. The UK Falconry Club and the ICBP in Newent are arranging a new falconry and hawking event for the weekend of the 3rd & 4th September 2011 - The UK Falconry & Hawking Event and I hope to see you all there next year. See page 18 there is a list of field meets on offer for UK Falconry Club Members. Finally, the winner of last month’s competition of a pair of Dave Noble Bells suplied by American Hoods & Bells was Johnny Brine. Neil Davies - Editor

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Eldridge Hardie - American Sporting Artist The UKFC at the Midland Game Fair by Neil Davies The UK Falconry & Hawking Event Lamping with a Harris Hawk by Kevin Massey Club News & Fieldmeets for the season ahead

Cover picture: Goshawk © Linda Wright Photography

The Chase is the monthly newsletter of the UK Falconry Club. Articles written by contributors are not necessarily those of the UKFC, publishers or the Editor. If you wish to advertise or submit an article for The Chase. Please contact the Editor, Neil Davies. Email:

the chase - the newsletter of the uk falconry club



AMERICAN SPORTING ARTIST For the sportsman art collector who is deeply enriched by his days in the field or on the water, authenticity of mood and action in a painting are crucial. The quarry, the texture of the landscape, the weather, light, and season, the people and dogs, the boats all are familiar and treasured elements. Eldridge Hardie’s own bird hunting and fly fishing pursuits, which have taken him from Canada to the Caribbean, the southernmost tip of South America, Scotland and all across this country, are joined with his artistic ability to make sporting moments live in his pictures. That he is at the top of his profession is acknowledged by a long list of honors. In a Gray’s Sporting Journal review of the book ‘The Paintings of Eldridge Hardie—Art of a Life in Sport’, Christopher Camuto calls the artist “as good as any painter alive in depicting not only the beauty of nature but also the subtle psychological tug in any fishing or hunting scene. Eldridge Hardie gets it,” he says. Hardie was born in 1940 on a small ranch near Boerne, Texas. In 1964 he graduated first in his class with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the School of Fine Art at Washington University in Saint Louis. He has made Denver his home since 1968. In February 2000 The National Bird Dog Museum honored Hardie with its first ever one-man retrospective show titled The Art of Eldridge Hardie-A Celebration of the Sporting Tradition. He participates annually in the Prix de West Invitational Art Exhibition and Sale at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum. Also, Sporting Classics magazine honored him with its Award of Excellence for Sporting Art, and the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame named him a Legendary Artist. The National Museum of Wildlife Art, the Gilcrease Museum, the American Museum of Fly Fishing, and the Artists of America Show have included Hardie’s work in invitational exhibits. He was the inaugural Trout Unlimited Artist of the Year in 1978 and was named the Atlantic Salmon Federation Artist of the Year in 1994. Ducks Unlimited and the National Wild Turkey Federation have commissioned Hardie to produce limited edition prints for their fund-raising art, and five of his designs have been chosen for the Texas Upland Bird, Wild Turkey and Quail Stamps. His work has appeared frequently in Shooting Sportsman, Gray’s Sporting Journal, Fly Fishing in Salt Waters, Double Gun Journal, Sporting Classics, and Pointing Dog Journal. His career has been profiled in Wildlife Art News, and Southwest Art.

4 the chase - the newsletter of the uk falconry club

Eldridge Hardie in his studio He has illustrated more than fifteen books, among them, José Ortega y Gasset’s classic Meditations on Hunting and Michael McIntosh’s Shotguns & Shooting, and he has painted covers for two Roderick Haig-Brown books. Eldridge Hardie carries on the special heritage of artists Winslow Homer, A. B. Frost, Ogden Pleissner, Frank Benson, and A. Lassell Ripley, who intimately knew outdoor sport.


Afternoon explosion

Locked On Pointer

Pointer the chase - the newsletter of the uk falconry club




Pointer Head Study

Quail Dogs

One by Three

“I was born to hunt, fish, and make art about these passions.” Eldridge Hardie 6 the chase - the newsletter of the uk falconry club

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the chase - the newsletter of the uk falconry club


White Gyr

Lee & Neil manning the stand

Jen Wise with Peregrine Barbary

THE MIDLAND GAME FAIR WESTON PARK, SHROPSHIRE - 17TH & 18TH SEPTEMBER 2011 BY NEIL DAVIES On Friday 16th September, I headed north from my farm in South West Wales to collect Ben Crane from his home near Shrewsbury and after loading up the display boards and the marquee (kindly donated by Kevin Massey - Thanks Kevin) and we headed for the Midland Game Fair to meet up with Lee Featherstone along with his two daughters and his nephew Luke and his mate Nathan. After quickly setting up the pop up marquee, we set about putting the 20 man tent (supplied by Tommy Miles, the club’s treasurer). We quickly realised that this wasn’t going to be easy task as the tent just was to big to be situated behind the marquee so we moved it behind the weathering area for the birds. So quickly assembling the poles, we erected the tent, which was duely christened the ‘Hack Pen’ due to it’s size. Ben then took charge to the cooking arrangements assembling his kettle barbeque and sending Lee’s daughters on a hunt for wood - due to Ben forgetting to bring charcoal. Fortunately, Martyn from the BFC had a spare bag of charcoal and dinner could commence. The weather wasn’t to pleasant with it being pretty cold and it drizzling but this wasn’t going to stop us enjoying ourselves. So after chatting and discussing birds we all headed to bed around midnight, with Ben heading to his bed a little earlier due to drinking a little to much Southern Comfort! The next morning we we all up before 6.30am and after finding the coffee and bacon roll van we prepared the stand for the day.

8 the chase - the newsletter of the uk falconry club

At around 8.30am, Jan Hart the UKFC’s membership secretary turned up after enjoying a warm and comfortable night in a local hotel. We had a great deal of interest from prospective club members throughout the weekend and several new members joined. Both Ben, Lee & I spoke to several stand holders and falconers about the ‘UK Falconry & Hawking Event’ and we took bookings from several standholders and even persuaded Jonathan Marshall to attend the ‘Event’ next September and to do a display with his fantastic Andulsian & Gyr Falcon. We also persuaded Carl Cheshire of Gamehawker Limited to be the Sponsor for the International Falconry Clubs Marquee at ‘Event’ - Thanks Carl for your support! The displays in the falconry arena as a whole were excellent, especially those from Terry Large, Brian Patterson and of course Jonathan Marshall, who had to perform on a postage stamp of an arena whilst riding his horse. Overall, it was a great weekend and it was good to catch up with some old and also making some new friends. And to cap it all being told by Terry Large, that the Hawk Board were looking forward to the UKFC becoming affiliated members of the Hawk Board and Lee as our representative. So next year the UKFC will be attending the Midland Game Fair and I look forward to catching up with everyone. Just hope it’s a bit warmer and drier in the evenings!

THE UKFC AT THE MIDLAND GAME FAIR Johnatan Marshall on Horseback

the chase - the newsletter of the uk falconry club



THE UK FALCONRY & HAWKING EVENT AT THE ICBP, NEWENT GLOUCESTERSHIRE 3RD & 4TH SEPTEMBER 2011 The UK Falconry Club in association with The International Centre for Birds of Prey (ICBP) are running a new falconry event for the UK. The UKFC have been in dicussions with Jemima Parry-Jones of the ICBP for several months and between ourselves, we have decided the time is right to launch a new falconry fair based at the home of modern falconry the ICBP in Newent, formally ‘The Falconry Centre’ founded by the late Phillip Glaiser back in 1967. The aim of this event is to unite the world of British falconry in bringing the Hawkboard registered falconry clubs together in one place at the start of the hunting season and at a time when many of the falcon and hawk breeders can actually attend. We will be offering exhibitors a choice of affordable stands from 3m x 3m shedding and 2m x 1.5m spaces within marquees for small falconry based businesses. There will be a large marquee dedicated to UK Falconry Clubs and will include a large communial meeting area with its own refreshement area. Also, there will be an International Clubs Marquee, which has been kindly ponsored by Carl Chershire of Gamehawker - Also, there will be a Art Marquee, featuring 12 of the country’s leading Wildlife Artists.

14 the chase - the newsletter of the uk falconry club

There will be falconry displays from some of the UK’s best display falconers including Jonathan Marshall and Jemima Parry-Jones. Also, there will be a Falconry / Gundog Display by professional dog trainer Mike Roberts of MiLisCer Gundogs from Cheshire - Over the weekend there will be a variety of falconry related lectures from some of the worlds leading authorities on breeding, telemetry and raptor medicine. Advance tickets are currently available for £10 per adults and Children under 16 - £6.00 or family tickets - £30.00 (2 Adults and 2 Children). Children under 4 FREE. Tickets available from: Tickets on the da day will be £12 per adults and Children under 16 - £6.00 or family tickets - £32.00 (2 Adults and 2 Children). Limited camping is available please email the event office for more details: Please note: NO RAPTORS ARE ALLOWED WITHIN THE GROUNDS OF THE ICBP. THE ICBP HAS A NO DOGS POLICY - with the exception of registered Guidedogs. Please contact the ICBP if you wish to bring a register registered guidedog.


the chase - the newsletter of the uk falconry club



the uk falconry & hawking event








Shedding 3m x 3m


UK Clubs Marquee


Space Only Stands



Space Only Stands



Headline Sponsors Children's Marquee Marquee & Play Area

Space Only Stands

Int. Clubs Marquee RESTRICTED AREA

Small Businesses Marquee



Art Marquee




Above: Proposed site layout for the UK Falconry & Hawking Event.

BOOKING A STAND Stands space is strightly limited and the UK Falconry & Hawking Event Committee aim is to offer competive priced stands for all manner of quality falconry equipment makers and suppliers from leading British and International manufacturers. To book a stand please fill in the booking form on page 13. STAND PRICES 3m x 3m Shedding Stands is £125 +VAT (Limited to 30 stands 3m x 3m - 4 stands SOLD SOLD) 2m x 1.5m SME’s Marquee Stand (Space Only) is £65 +VAT (Limited to 36 stands at 2m wide x 1.5m depth - 5 stands SOLD SOLD) 2m x 1m Art Marquee (Shell Scheme Only) stand is £100 +VAT (Limited to 12 exhibitors at 2m wide x 1m depth - 3 stands SOLD SOLD) 2m x 1m UK Falconry Club Marquee (Space Only) £45 +VAT ( (Restr icted to Hawkboard registered clubs 2m wide x 1m depth)

12 the chase - the newsletter of the uk falconry club

2m x 1m International Falconry Club Marquee - FREE (Limited to 12 exhibitors at 2m wide x 1m depth - SSpace Only) The International Falconry Club Mar Marquee has been kindly ssponsored by Gamehawker Ltd. Please note: Exhibiting within the International Clubs Marquee is r icted to IAF reconised IInternational Falconry Clubs. restr International Exhibitors wishing to exhibit, please contact Neil Davies on:

the uk falconry & hawking event

exhibitors booking form Name: Address:

……………………………….................…………………………………………………………… Please use block capitals …………………………………………..................…………………………………………………………………………… …………………………………………..................…………………………………………………………………………… …………………………………………............….

Post Code: ………………….....…………………………………..

Tel. No:


Mobile: ……………………….....……………………………….



Web Site: ………………………………….......................................

Brief description of items or services for sale: …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………................…… …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………................…… …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………................…… …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………................…… …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………................…… Please note: All stands will be subject to approval by the Organisers.

I/We wish to book the following:



3m wide x 3m deep Shedding Stand @ £125.00 exc VAT



2m wide x 1.5m deep space only within UK Falconry Club Marquee @ £45.00 exc VAT



2m wide x 1.5m deep space only within SME Marquee @ £60.00 exc VAT



2m wide x 1m deep Shell Scheme within the Art Marquee @ £100.00 exc VAT



Trestle Tables 6’ x 2’ 3” @ £10 each exc VAT - Number required ………….


Please make cheques payable to “The UK Falconry & Hawking Event” & return with this form to: The UK Falconry & Hawking Event - Neil Davies, The Studio @ Ffarm fach, Horeb, Five Roads, Llanelli, Carmarthenshire SA15 5AJ. No bookings can be accepted without a 25% deposit. To take advantage of the pre VAT increase in January full payment must be paid before 20th December 2010. A receipt will be sent for the deposit as confirmation of your booking, together with an invoice for the balance which will be payable by 1st April 2011. I have read the attached Terms & Conditions and agree to abide by them. Please tick the box: Signed:……………..............................………….......………………. Date: ……………………………………......


Please use block capitals

the chase - the newsletter of the uk falconry club



the uk falconry & hawking event

TERMS & CONDITIONS SECTION 1 GENERAL 1.1 ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION, BYE-LAWS AND REGULATIONS All Exhibitors, their contractors and employees shall be bound by and subject to the Regulations of the UK Falconry & Hawking Event Committee. Exhibitors attention is particularly drawn to the following extract: (a) COMPLIANCE WITH THE UK FALCONRY & HAWKING EVENT RULES AND REGULATIONS The Event’s Regulations and any conditions or any other rules, regulations and schedules in any document published by the Event Committee shall be binding on all Exhibitors. All persons, animals, vehicles, equipment and articles of whatsoever kind entering the Show ground or any land used by the Event Committee shall be bound by and comply with the Rules and Regulations of the Event Committee and to the lawful directions of any servant or agent appointed by it. (b) Should any member or Exhibitor conduct himself in an improper or offensive manner on the Show ground or if it be proven to the satisfaction, of the Event Committee that any Exhibitor has attempted to mislead the Event Committee by any form of misrepresentation, or has violated any of the Rules or Regulations of the Committee, then and in any such case the Committee may decline to allow the trader to exhibit at any future Events. (c) The Event Committee reserves the right to refuse any person admission to the UK Falconry & Hawking Event or entry and participation in any event promoted or organised by the Event Committee or to withdraw permission at any time to remain on the Show ground or to participate in an event, and the Society shall not be required to give any reason for such action. (d) COMPLIANCE WITH GOVERNMENT AND LOCAL AUTHORITY REGULATIONS AND ALL CODES OF PRACTICE. All Shows, Exhibitions and Events organised by the Event Committee on the Show ground or elsewhere are subject to any relevant Orders issued by Government Departments and Local Authorities, and all Codes of Practice with which all Exhibitors and others attending such Shows, Exhibitions or Events must comply. 1.2 LIABILITY (a) In this Bye-Law the term Exhibitor shall include persons taking part in any event, competition or display promoted or arranged by the Society and the owner of any exhibit, animal, plant, vehicle, equipment, machinery, article or other thing of whatever nature involved in any such event, competition or display or otherwise exhibited or used on the Show ground or elsewhere. (b) Save for death or personal injury caused by the negligence of the Event Committee, its servants or agents, the Event Committee will not be responsible for death, injury, disease, damage or loss caused to any Exhibitor or his or her servants or agents to any exhibit, animal, vehicle, equipment, plant, machinery, articles or thing of whatever nature brought onto the Show ground by the Exhibitor or involved in any said event, competition or display. (c) Save as aforesaid, the Exhibitor shall indemnify the Event Committee against all claims, losses, damages and expenses whatsoever in any way arising out of the presence of or taking part of the Exhibitor or his or her servants, agents, exhibits, animals, plant, vehicle, equipment, machinery, articles, or other things, of whatever nature on the Show ground or elsewhere and shall assume full responsibility thereof. (d) Acceptance of this Bye-Law shall be a condition of entry or participation in any event, competition or display promoted or arranged by the Event Committee. (e) The Event Committee accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any statement or information in any document published by the Event Committee or the Show. (f) The Event Committee will not under any circumstances accept liability for any loss or damage (whether direct or indirect) arising from or caused by the abandonment or cancellation, whether total or partial, or the postponement of any show, display, event, meeting or other happening on the Show ground or elsewhere for whatever reason. 1.3 SAFETY CODE The Code of Practice for Safety and Accident Prevention, published separately by the Society forms part of these Trade Stand Regulations. 1.4 RECOVERY OF FINES, FEES AND CHARGES All fines, fees and charges shall be recoverable by the Society and until payment is made persons owing them will be barred from exhibiting. 1.5 NON-COMPLIANCE WITH REGULATIONS The Event’s Officials have power to order the removal of any article from the ground, or to close the stand of any Exhibitor who does not conform to the Regulations of the Society or the directions of the Stewards or Officials and, if necessary, to expel such an Exhibitor or his Representatives from the Show ground. The Event Committee reserve the right to use whatever means may be necessary to eject any Exhibitor who refuses to leave the Show ground when required to do so by Officials in consequence of infringement of regulations. 1.6 INSURANCE (a) It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to insure all property and livestock on the Show ground or elsewhere which is his own, or for which he is responsible. (b) The Event Committee requires Exhibitors to effect Employers Liability insurance where this is required by statute. (c) The Event Committeealso requires Exhibitors to effect Public Liability and Products Liability insurance with a minimum indemnity of £2,000,000 to protect their liability under paragraph 1.2 (b) and (c). The application form

for stand space contains a declaration that the cover required under (b) and (c) above will be in place.

Exhibitor’s vehicles with the appropriate pass will be allowed onto the Show ground after 6.00pm on each day and all occupants must possess the relevant badge.

SECTION 2 APPLICATIONS FOR SPACE & ALLOCATION OF SITES 2.1 APPLICATION FOR SPACE & CHARGES (a) All applications must be submitted on the appropriate entry form, which must be signed by the Exhibitor or his representative, such signature indicating acceptance of the Regulations. For payment terms refer to page 2.

3.6 EXHIBITORS STAFF, CONTRACTORS, CATERERS (ETC) BADGES & VEHICLE PASSES Exhibitors are responsible for obtaining tickets and vehicle passes etc for their staff, contractors, caterers, cleaners, and any demonstrators on their stand. Any tickets and passes purchased by the Exhibitor’s personnel direct will be charged to the purchaser at the normal public prices. It is regretted that refunds cannot be made.

(b) The Event Committee reserves the right to refuse any application whatsoever and to cancel any application without giving a reason. (c) The completion of a Trade Stand application form and the receipt of a cheque does not constitute a contract with the UK Falconry & Hawking Event. 2.2 ALLOCATION OF SITES Although every endeavour will be made to meet any request by an Exhibitor regarding the position of his Stand, the allocation of sites and positioning of Trade Stand space will be entirely at the discretion of the Event Committee. 2.3 SITE SIZE Exhibitors booking open space must apply and pay for sufficient space for all stays or guy ropes required for any building or tent or caravan (including tow bar of caravan) to be erected or stood on the space. 2.4 SITE BOUNDARIES Boundaries of sites will be marked and in no circumstances will Exhibitors be allowed to occupy a space larger than that allocated and paid for. 2.5 GROUND CONDITIONS The Society will not be held responsible for damage caused to sites during the pre-show period, and will not undertake to make good such damage. 2.6 SUBLETTING No Exhibitor shall sublet any portion of the space allotted to him, or move to any site other than that allocated. 2.7 SALES TECHNIQUES Exhibitors staff must confine their sales activities to the area of their stand and must not use the avenues, open areas or car parks to solicit business. 2.8 WITHDRAWAL OR CANCELLATION OF SPACE RESERVED Where an Exhibitor withdraws from the Show or cancels the space reserved for any reason, all fees paid shall be forfeited, whether the site is re-let by the UK Falconry & Hawking Event or not. 2.9 APPLICATION FORMS Any additional notes or regulations printed on application forms, shall form part of these regulations. SECTION 3 TICKETS, PASSES AND ACCESS TO THE SHOW GROUND 3.1 EXHIBITOR BADGES Two-day Exhibitor Badges will be issued for the sole use of the Exhibitor, or his Show Staff, as per the Trade Stands Application Form. These badges are not transferable or for resale. Refunds will not be given on unused Exhibitor Badges. Exhibitors requiring Badges above their allocation may purchase 2-Day or Single Day Exhibitor Badges at the Trade Exhibitors’ Rates published on the Trade Stand Application. 3.2 CAR PARKS Trade Stand exhibitors use the normal Show Car parks at the UK Falconry & Hawking Event, which are free of charge. 3.3 PRE-SHOW/POST-SHOW PASSES These are required to gain admission to the Show ground by the Exhibitor or their appointed contractor for the purpose of erecting stands prior to the Show and dismantling stands after the Show. One Pass is allocated per stand. An additional pass maybe ordered (Free of Charge) when completing the Trade Stand Application Form. These passes give the Gate Number through which Exhibitors or Contractors vehicles should enter the Trade Stand Area. Passes should be visible at all times. Vehicles parked without passes will clamped and subjected to a £50.00 release fee. Note: - Vehicle Passes may also be used for Pre-Show entry to the Show ground in addition to Show days. 3.4 VEHICLE PASSES FOR USE ON SHOW DAYS Stock Vehicle / Caravan Passes give access to the Show ground for caravans parking behind trade stands and for vehicles forming part of a stand (car, trailer etc) that need to be brought in on a daily basis on Show days. Allocation is one per stand as per the Trade Stand application form. These must be applied for when booking stand space. The Trade Stand Office will confirm whether there will be sufficient space behind the site booked to accommodate these vehicles. Without these passes, a £40 fee will be required at the Entry Gate on each day of the Show. Restocking Vehicle Passes give access to the Show ground on Show days. Vehicles can enter the Show ground up until 8.00am and after 6.00pm. A £20 cash deposit is payable at the Entry Gate which is refunded upon exit before 10.00am. This system is in place to ensure the Show ground is not littered with vehicles during the time the Show is open to the public. 1 available per Stand (free of charge), which must be ordered when booking stand space. Vehicles still on the Show ground after 10am will have to pay £40. The Event Committee reserves the right to remove any vehicles contravening these regulations and accepts no responsibility for any damage caused. 3.5 ACCESS TO SHOW GROUND IN EVENINGS

14 the chase - the newsletter of the uk falconry club

3.7 CONDITIONS OF SALE Tickets and passes cannot be supplied on a ‘Sale or Return’ basis. 3.8 REFUNDS Exhibitors, their staff or representatives arriving at the Car Parks or Entrances without tickets must pay public prices to gain admission and obtain a Receipt from the Gate Supervisor. The Receipt and unused Ticket stub(s) should be brought to the Trade Stands Office during the Show to enable the refund to be processed. Refunds will not be processed until after the Show. 3.9 EXHIBITOR CARAVANS A limited number of sites are available and these will be allocated on a ‘first come - first served’ basis. A site fee is charged for these sites. Further details and application forms available on request. SECTION 4 NATURE OF EXHIBITS 4.1 LIMITATIONS OF EXHIBITS Exhibitors are permitted to trade only in goods and/or services as described on their accepted application Form. The UK falconry & Hawking Event Officials have power to remove from the Show ground any Exhibitor whose articles and/or Trade are not in accordance with the description given on the Application Form, or any Vendor of unsuitable articles or any itinerant vendor who may have gained admission to the Show ground. The definition of what constitutes unsuitable articles shall rest entirely with the Event Committee whose decision on this matter is final and binding. Sales by auction are not permitted. 4.2 NUISANCE Exhibitors may not use any loudspeaker apparatus, engines, generators, or other equipment, participate in any activity or practice, or sell, display or offer for sale any toxic, noxious or offensive substance, article or thing, so as to cause nuisance, annoyance or distress to other Exhibitors or to the public. The use of generating equipment for the supply of electricity by Exhibitors on the Show ground is not permitted. The Event Committee’s decision on such matters shall be final and binding on all Exhibitors. 4.3 OFFENSIVE PRODUCTS The sale of Stink Bombs, BB Guns, Catapults, Silly String, Snap Guns and any other items likely to offend persons visiting the Show is strictly forbidden. The Event Committee’s decision on such matters shall be final and binding on all Exhibitors. 4.4 COLLECTIONS AND APPEALS Charitable or other institutions wishing to make appeals for contributing to their funds must first obtain permission in writing from the UK Falconry & Hawking Event. If permission is granted, collections must not be made outside the limits of the allocated stand. 4.5 FOOD, SWEETS AND DRINKS (Alcoholic and Non Alcoholic) Exhibitors shall not offer for direct sale any food, confectionery, foodstuffs, or drink unless with the express permission of the UK Falconry & Hawking Event. Small samples may be given away free of charge for promotional purposes. The supply of Alcohol and late night refreshment is now governed by the Licensing Act 2003 and must be adhered to. Any trader wishing to supply alcohol must apply to the Event Committee who is also the Designated Premises Supervisor for permission to supply alcohol under the Premises Licence for the Show ground. There will be acharge for this permission. Any trader supplying alcohol without permission will be requested to leave the Show ground. 4.6 CIGARETTES AND TOBACCO Exhibitors shall not offer for direct sale any cigarettes, tobacco or cigars, 4.7 VETERINARY PRODUCTS, MEDICINES, ETC Exhibitors are reminded that the Medicines Act 1968 and the Poisons Act 1972 apply to the display and sale of veterinary products, medicines etc. All displays and sales must comply with the provision of these Acts, and any other relevant Acts, and the Rules and Regulations of the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain. 4.8 PERFORMING RIGHTS SOCIETY Any Exhibitor wishing to play music on their Stand must liaise with the Performing Rights Society for advice, Tel: 01733) 312712. They must also get written permission from the Event Committee prior to the Show. (See Regulation 7.14). SECTION 5 MACHINERY AND MECHANICAL EXHIBITS 5.1 IDENTIFICATION OF EXHIBITS Exhibitors are requested wherever practicable to affix their own transfers or stickers to all items on display to assist identification.

THE UK FALCONRY & HAWKING EVENT 5.2 SOLID FUEL Only smokeless fuel will be permitted during the times the Event is open to the public.

Event Committee nor will any person be allowed to distribute handbills or display advertisement except on his own stand. Adhesive labels may not be distributed as sales promotion material.

5.3 PETROLEUM SPIRIT Whilst the Society reserves to itself the right of excluding any petroleum or spirit deemed unsafe, it in no way relieves the Exhibitor from responsibility in the event of accident or fire. Exhibitors must conform to the Regulations of the Local Authority & any statutory regulations in all that relates to the transport of petroleum and precautions to be taken against fire.

7.12 KITES AND BALLOONS Exhibitors are not permitted to fly kites or balloons (tethered or otherwise) without the express permission in writing of the Event Committee. Such permission will only be given on a limited basis, and will also be subject to any overhead cables in the immediate vicinity or other safety considerations in connection with the Exhibitors stand space. Following this, Exhibitors must obtain the required Civil Aviation Authority Certificate and the Local Authority Planning Permission. THE DISTRIBUTION, OR SALE, OF TOY BALLOONS, INFLATED OR OTHERWISE, FOR ANY PURPOSE WHATSOEVER IS NOT PERMITTED, NEITHER MAY EXHIBITORS ORGANISE BALLOON RACES.

5.4 SCAFFOLDING ETC All portable scaffolding or similar structures must be secured by stay wires firmly anchored to the ground. Any stay wires must be marked to make them clearly visible. Scaffolding must be checked by a competent person prior to use. 5.5 TRACKED VEHICLES Vehicles on tracks or spud-wheels will not be allowed to move about the Show ground but must be brought on trailers or other pneumatic-tyred vehicles and unloaded direct onto the Exhibitors Stand. 5.6 VEHICLE EXHIBITS Exhibitors are not allowed to demonstrate or exhibit vehicles in the avenues during the Event. 5.7 PAVILIONS Exhibitors are not allowed to park any vehicle within Pavilions at any time. Any Stand in Pavilions may not be constructed using a vehicle as part of the display unless permission in writing is obtained from the UK Falconry & Hawking Event prior to the Show. Beware of underground power lines. 5.9 MACHINERY PLANT & EQUIPMENT 1. Sharp points, spikes and sharp edges must be protected to prevent accidents. 2. Adequate support must be given to prevent moving or tipping up. 3. Cutter bars, knives or other cutters must have blades removed or approved guards in position. 4. Belts, gearing and other moving parts must be guarded to statutory regulations. 5. Hydraulics must be immobilised (see also section on hydraulics). 5.10 HYDRAULICS Any equipment operated by hydraulics i.e. trailers, tractor buckets, forklifts, beams, chutes, conveyors, etc. if demonstrated in an extended position, must be suitably propped with steel props and at separate stages if in multi-stage rams. 5.11 TOWER CRANES & HOISTS If propping is impossible, the area over which the crane is exhibited must be protected in case of collapse. Remember propping can be dangerous in high windy conditions and special watch must be kept for overhead power lines. All such equipment must be under the supervision of an authorised qualified operator. 5.12 HIGH LIFT VEHICLES Although it may be necessary to demonstrate these to potential customers they must not be used for joy riding and under no circumstances are children to be allowed to ride on them. BEWARE OF OVERHEAD POWER LINES. SECTION 6 EXHIBITION OF LIVESTOCK ON STANDS 6.1 PRIOR APPROVAL Exhibitors wishing to include livestock on their Stands must first obtain the UK Falconry & Hawking Event’s Committee approval in writing. 6.2 LICENCES ETC If livestock of any description are to form any part of any exhibit, it is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to obtain any necessary paperwork from Animal Health i.e: Article 10’s or and to comply with any regulations which may be in force at the time of departure to or during the Show. It is an offence for an Exhibitor to bring livestock to the Show when restrictions are in force. SECTION 7 ADMISSION AND REMOVAL OF EXHIBITS, ERECTION AND DISMANTLING OF STANDS 7.1 DELIVERY TO SHOW GROUND Delivery vehicles arriving at the Show ground during Show days are not permitted to drive onto the Show ground. Entry Gate Staff will advise drivers to deliver goods to a secure area near Gate 3. Goods will then be delivered to Trade Stands by Show ground Staff as soon as is convenient. Please notify the Trade Stands Office if you are expecting a delivery on Show days. 7.2 ACCESS TO SITE Exhibitors with open space may commence work on their stand from the Tuesday of Show week, or earlier by arrangement with the Society. Pavilions, marquees and covered shopping areas will not be available to Exhibitors until the Thursday of Show week. 7.3 MOBILE UNITS Exhibitors using large mobile units should arrange to have these in position several days before the Show. This is especially important when it is necessary to encroach on adjoining stand space to manoeuvre the unit into position. 7.4 TEMPORARY BUILDINGS Exhibitors intending to erect temporary buildings must inform the Event Committee and comply with Planning and Bye-Law Regulations. These buildings should not be sited closer than two metres from the front line of the Trade Stand so as not to obscure the public’s view of adjacent Trade Stands. Should this not be possible, Exhibitors are requested to contact the Trade Stand to discuss the problems involved. 7.5 TENTS, MARQUEES, FLAGPOLES, ETC Exhibitors intending to erect tents, marquees and other structures are requested to check the proposed siting with the UK Falconry & Hawking Event.’s Health & Safety Advisor before commencing erection to establish the location of any underground or over head power lines. 7.6 STAND MARKERS All Stands and/or sites allotted to Exhibitors will be clearly numbered on the front left corner peg by the UK Falconry & Hawking Event. Stand number plates must not be removed, disturbed or obscured. 7.7 SIGN BOARDS All Exhibitors must provide a clear sign bearing the name of the firm or organisation. Trade Stand signs must not be erected in such a way that they overshadow a neighbouring stand. 7.8 SIGNS ON PAVILIONS Signs must be fixed so that no damage is caused to the pavilion. Under no circumstances must nails be driven through the canvas. 7.9 OBSTRUCTION OF SIGNS Exhibits must be so placed that they do not obscure the name signs of adjacent stands. 7.10 OVERHEAD WIRES, ETC FLAGPOLES AND OTHER STRUCTURES MUST BE ERECTED NOT LESS THAN 5M FROM ANY ELECTRICITY OR TELEGRAPH POLE AND AT LEAST 5M CLEAR FROM ANY ELECTRICITY OR TELEPHONE WIRES. 7.11 ADVERTISEMENTS No Exhibitor or other person shall be allowed to affix any placard or advertisement to any part of the UK Falconry & Hawking Event’s plant or premises unless permission to do so has been obtained in writing from the

7.13 AIRCRAFT No Exhibitor will be permitted to advertise by means of Aircraft loudspeakers. 7.14 AUDIO EQUIPMENT No Exhibitor shall be permitted to use Audio Equipment including Disco Music as a Sales Aid or Attraction without written permission from the Chief Executive Officer. Subject to such written permission the volume of sound equipment must be controlled so as to avoid annoyance to other Exhibitors or to the public. The UK Falconry & Hawking Event’s Chief Executive Officer’s decision shall be final as to the acceptable level of noise emitted. Should the volume be increased following the decision on an acceptable level, the Chief Executive Officer is empowered to ban the use of said equipment for the remainder of the Show or the removal of the Exhibitor and Stand from the Show ground. 7.15 PAINTING AND VARNISHING Any paint or varnish used must be dry by 8.00 am on the first day of the Show. 7.16 DAMAGE TO PAVILIONS, STRUCTURES, TENTS OR MARQUEES An Exhibitor damaging the pavilions, tents or marquees, provided by the UK Falconry & Hawking Event, or canvas thereto in any way will incur a penalty of £250, plus the net cost of the repair of the damage. UK Falconry & Hawking Event Officials shall have the power to remove the exhibit from the Show ground. 7.17 EXCAVATIONS Any necessary excavations must be approved by the Event Committee before digging commences. 7.18 CLOSURE OF STANDS Exhibitors or their Contractors may not close or dismantle any part of their stands before 5.30 pm on the last day of the Show. Vehicles for the removal of stands will not be allowed to enter the Show ground under any circumstances until 5.30 pm on the last evening, or such later time as circumstances may require VEHICLES ALREADY ON STANDS OR FORMING PART OF STANDS MUST NOT MOVE OFF THE STAND SPACE UNTIL AFTER 6.00 PM ON THE LAST EVENING OF THE SHOW. 7.19 CLEARANCE OF STANDS STANDS AND ALL EXHIBITS ON OPEN GROUND, MUST BE CLEARED FROM THE SHOW GROUND BY 5PM ON THE MONDAY FOLLOWING THE SHOW, BY WHICH TIME THE SITE OF THE STAND MUST ALSO BE CLEARED OF ALL MATERIALS, RUBBISH ETC. THE UK FALCONRY & HAWKING EVENT COMMITTEE RESERVES THE RIGHT TO CHARGE ON ANY COSTS INCURRED IN REMOVING SUCH RUBBISH OR MATERIALS. 7.20 EXHIBITS IN UK FALCONRY & HAWKING EVENT’S MARQUEES Exhibits in marquees, tents and/or pavilions, provided or hired from the UK Falconry & Hawking Event, must be removed at close of the event to allow the UK Falconry & Hawking Event’s Tenting contractor to dismantle the marquee, tent and/or pavilion. 7.21 LATE REMOVAL OF EXHIBITS The Event Committee reserves the right to remove any items remaining on Trade Stand sites after expiry of these time limits and accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage so caused. A storage fee will be charged on a daily basis. 7.22 REINSTATEMENT OF GROUND All Exhibitors not contracting with the UK Falconry & Hawking Event who break soil in the ground for the purpose of fixing their exhibits must restore it by 5pm on the Monday following the Show. Failing this, the Event Committee will undertake the work and charge the expense to the Exhibitor. 7.23 Exhibitors must remove all posts and pegs (particularly tent pegs) dug into the ground by themselves. Should any Exhibitor fail to do this the Event Committee will undertake the work and charge the expense (including the cost of repairing the damage to Show ground equipment) to the Exhibitor. SECTION 8 SERVICES 8.1 ELECTRICITY SUPPLY - SEE ALSO DETAILED REGULATIONS ON UTILITIES APPLICATION FORM Exhibitors requiring temporary installations within their stands should order their requirements through the Trade Stands Office or alternatively through an Electrical Contractor who is a member of the National Inspections Council of Electrical Installation Contracting. All installations must be wired to the standards laid down in the latest Edition of the I.E.E. Wiring Regulations. The UK Falconry & Hawking Event’s Official Contractors will test all installations not supplied by themselves including pre-wired and mobile systems before connection to the main supply and may refuse connection if the installation has not been installed correctly, the charge for any necessary retest will be payable in advance. ALL STAND SUPPLIES The single phase electricity supplies to all stands will be via a miniature circuit breaker and up to six stands to be controlled by one 30 milli-amp residual current device terminating in a 13 amp switch socket or switch fuse depending on the load declared (i.e. kilowatts) on the electricity application form. All three phase supplies will be made direct through a 3 phase 30 milli-amp residual current device sized acordingly to the load declared i.e. kilowatts, terminating in a switch fuse. The supply of the above includes cable to stand, connection and disconnection of the supply and removal of the cables and electricity consumed. N.B. On no account must the connected load exceed the size of the supply requested. IMPORTANT NOTES TO ALL EXHIBITORS: (a) The Exhibitor is required to inform Event Committee via the Utilities Application Form that a connection to the mains network supply will be required together with the payment in full for the supply and services required. (See Utilities form for application closing date.)

(c) The Official Contractor will provide an extended hours service on the Show ground during the Show. Repairs to Exhibitor’s appliances and wiring which has been installed by Electrical Contractors will be quoted for by the Official Contractor prior to the commencement of work and agreed in writing by the Exhibitor. (d) All portable appliances must possess a current P.A.T Label, which should be adhered to the appliance in accordance with current Health & Safety Regulations. (e) The Society reserves the right to remove from the Show ground any exhibitor who wilfully interferes with any part of any electrical supply or equipment. A charge to the exhibitor will be made for any damage to any electrical equipment. 8.2 GENERATING EQUIPMENT The use of generating equipment by Exhibitors for the supply of electricity on stands on the Show ground is not permitted. 8.3 WATER SUPPLY Exhibitors should apply for water by completing the Utilities Application Form before the application closing date (The requirement for a water supply will determine the location of the stand). Improper disposal of waste water and liquids may in serious cases result in the Exhibitor being removed from the site. A Charge will be imposed for any reparation required. 8.4 CATERING Exhibitors may make their own arrangements for catering on their own stands, provided that no Exhibitor sells or offers for sale any foodstuffs or beverages. Exhibitors catering on their stands are reminded that they must comply with all relevant Food Hygiene Regulations. Officers of the Environmental Health Department of the Local Authority have right of access to all stands during the Show. 8.5 LITTER ETC. (a) Exhibitors are required to have their stands and the portions of the avenues fronting their stands cleared up each evening during the Show before 7.00 pm and the litter refuse placed in the containers provided in each avenue ready for collection by the Event’s Contractors. (b) Refuse in bags or boxes should be placed in the containers provided throughout the Show ground. Refuse will be collected from containers at frequent intervals daily. If rubbish is not removed satisfactorily, please inform the Trade Stands Office immediately. Kitchen waste will be collected each evening. It is essential that Exhibitors and their Caterers provide their own containers, with lids, for kitchen waste. SECTION 9 FIRE & SAFETY PRECAUTIONS 9.1 HEATING AND COOKING APPLIANCES No heating or cooking appliance is permitted to be installed inside a tent or stand which is not specifically laid out for the purpose. Exhibitors wishing to use heating or cooking appliances for serving refreshments or other purposes in their stands or tents must have these appliances installed outside the tent at a safe distance from combustible materials. Heating appliances must be fixed securely on a firm non-combustible heat-insulating base, and surrounded on three sides by shielded materials. The shields of non-combustible material should be at least 1m away from combustible fabrics or other materials, and care must be taken to ensure that no combustible materials can be blown against heaters. Heating appliances, gas piping and gas cylinders must be kept out of reach of the public and stocks of inflammable liquids and spare gas cylinders must be kept in a safe position outside the tents or stand, and care taken to avoid leaking or spilling. Fire extinguishers and fire fighting equipment must always be readily available. 9.2 BOTTLED GAS All Exhibitors using bottled gas on their stand are required to have the installation checked by a qualified fitter to ensure that the apparatus is safely installed. Gas bottles should be stood on a firm base and be secured to prevent falling over and/or theft. 9.3 INSPECTIONS The Society reserves the right of inspection by the Event Committee’s Safety Adviser or a Representative of the Fire and Rescue Service of all tents or stands. These persons shall have full authority to order the immediate disconnection of any appliance(s) or equipment if in their opinion they constitute a danger. The decision of the UK Falconry & Hawking Event’s Safety Advisor in this matter is final. 9.4 FIRE EXTINGUISHERS All Exhibitors are required to supply the extinguisher(s) and fire fighting equipment. 9.5 CONTAINERS Potentially dangerous substances (chemicals, fuels, oils etc.) may not be used in static display or exhibits. Containers for such substances may be exhibited subject to their being empty or filled with a harmless substance. All containers must be labelled as to their contents. 9.6 PUBLIC PROTECTION Adequate precautions (in the form of barriers etc) must be taken to avoid crowd congestion in the entrance to tents, marquees and stands. Clearly signed Emergency Exits, Fire Exits etc.must be provided in all structures to which the public are admitted. 9.7 WIRES, CABLES, ETC All wires, cables, ropes, etc., at ground level should be buried under turf or covered by clearly marked cable protectors. Other wires, cables, ropes, etc., should be clearly marked to prevent people walking into or tripping over them. 9.8 ACCIDENT PROCEDURE Accidents or incidents which result in injury or are alarming or likely to affect the health and safety of persons on the site must be reported to the Organisers as soon as possible. The Show ground emergency number is 07779 223 993. SECTION 10 CANCELLATION OF EVENT 10.1 The Event Committee reserv reserves the right to cancel the event for any reason. Any monies paid to the Event’s Committee will be reimbursed in full, less a 5% surcharge for adminstration charges. SECTION 11 DOGS 11.1 The Event Committee cannot allow any dogs with the exception of Guide Dogs (and these by prior notice ONLY) access to the ICBP grounds. PLEASE DO NOT BRING DOGS TO THE EVENT. Any dogs found locked in cars will be reported to the relevant authorities.

(b) Exhibitors employing Electrical Contractors other than the Official Contractor for the stand wiring must ensure that the work is completed at least 2 days prior to the Show otherwise the Official Contractor cannot give any guarantee that the installation can be tested and the connection made to the electricity supply prior to the opening of the Show. N.B. The Exhibitor to inform the Society that the work is complete and ready for connection.

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With the abundant amount of people asking the same old questions about this subject, I thought it an idea to create a thread with a general outlay of the how’s and what’s and even add some results as the season goes on. This can be added to all those involved in lamping and maybe a thread that can be pointed at when the question no doubt raises its head as time goes by? Although I am not lamping with my own bird, I will no doubt be out a fair bit with a friend of mine and his Harris this season.

Getting started, I always start off with the recall in the dark. Keep it short distance to start, as it is all alien to the bird flying at night and as with manning you just increase the distance. With the Harris Hawk in particular, I have found they quickly learn and within a couple of sessions they will have this sussed. All of the recall work is done by just using your head light or small torch.

First off, by no means is this considered as a main way of practicing our sport, For me it does serve a purpose in that a bird that would normally be left in a weathering would be hunted on the days where commitments, the good old British weather etc decide the order of the day. For those that have never lamped with a bird of prey, For me its essential that before entertaining lamping with your bird the bird is hunting with confidence, It is a myth that the rabbit will just sit there and get dazzled by the lamp waiting to be caught.

When you feel your birds response is spot on to the recall and your bird is catching and handling rabbits during the day you should be ready. to go hunting at night. But before you start access the layout of the hunting area in daylight and become aware of any potential hazards, because in the dark you won’t be able to see them and accidents can easily occur to both you and the bird. I would always advise for the first time out set the alarm clock early and get out for the last hour or so before sunrise and this will give you plenty of time if things don’t go to plan and you will have plenty of time in daylight to recover your bird even with a dull sounding bell.

There are numerous lamp setups to chose from, I use the Lightforce. However, I do like the Clulite. I also have 2 x 12v batteries ,one being a 20 A/H the other being a 17 A/H. Also a headlamp that serves no more than a torch. I also use a flashing LED light that can be easily attached via cable tie to the eyelet on the left leg anklet. Finally, I also recommend is placing some insulation tape around the bell to dull the noise.

I have yet to see a hawk that is catching rabbits in the daylight that will not fly off the fist on the lamp. When you do slip your bird do not be tempted to follow the hawk. Keep the beam on the rabbit after a while the hawk will learn to go outside of the beam and come in from the side. Another thing to remember is that the footing can be all over the place and it can take a couple of slips for the bird to sort out shadow from rabbit.

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As we go to press the UK Falconry Club has been invited to attend two international fieldmeets one in Austria as guests of the Osterreichischen Falkenerbund (Austrian Falconers Association) and later in the month as guests of the Croatian Falconry Club. Both, Lee Featherstone & Tommy Miles will be representing the club at the Austrian 60th Anniversary Meet and celebration of the reconigination of Austrian Falconry as a National Cultural Heritage by UNESCO at Falkenstein Castle from 13th to 17th October, 2010.

UK Falconry Club Committee

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If you wish to join the UK Falconry Club you can now apply and pay online at the clubs forum Membership fees are per year and include Public Liability Insurance for Full & Associate Members:

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The UKFC will be holding several field meets in the next couple of months. To register your interest or if you have a suitable field meet venue please contact Kevin Massey UKFC Field Meet Officer:

Radbourne Field Meet, Derbyshire - 16th October 2010 Sparrowhawk Field Meet, Shropshire - 23rd - 24th October 2010 Radbourne Field Meet, Derbyshire - 23rd October 2010 Harris Hawk Field Meet, Yorkshire - 14th November 2010 Crow Hawking Field Meet, Devon - 27th November 2010

Please note: Field meets are only available lable for UK UKFC FC Members ONLY 18 the chase - the newsletter of the uk falconry club


the chase - the newsletter of the uk falconry club


THE CHASE - October 2010  
THE CHASE - October 2010  

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