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Swapping the Brush For the Stylus By Steve Crowther I started to paint using ‘traditional’ media in 2008. Having taught design and technology for 17 years I always had a bit of an eye for drawing but I had never tried painting before. The opportunity to join a local art group came up, so I went off to purchase a huge amount of equipment and a beret, before taking myself off to the class. It proved to be a bit harder than I thought! I am not sure why this surprised me though. Whilst I had the picture in my head it was proving difficult to put it down on paper. My first mistake was thinking that watercolours would be the easiest medium to use - in reality they are unforgiving and tend to do whatever they want - a bit like pushing water up hill at times. In a very short time I became addicted just wanting to get better and better. The trouble was, I wanted to do more art at home, but without a studio (spare bedroom) I had nowhere to leave equipment out, and painting on the dining room table meant a lot of getting out and putting away of equipment. I was also scared to death of dropping acrylic paint on to the carpet which would have been the end of it, and possible divorce. I needed an easier way - the lazy man’s way of painting. I had seen that David Hockney had been trail blazing with the app "Brushes" on the iPhone and iPad. I didn’t really like his art but the iPad idea made me download the app and have a try at this new way of painting. It was ok, but not like ‘real’ painting - the tools didn’t act as I wanted them to. Another visit to the app store and about ten apps later I stumbled across my favourite…"Artrage". This is a super app and has a number of tools that mimic traditional materials very well with the bonus that there is no mess on the carpet.


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