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By Mark Anderson I often read about teachers questioning the importance of technology in the classroom, asking whether or not it is part of a traditional or a progressive form of education. Asking whether technology actually has any place in the classroom at all. As you’ll probably guess from my Twitter handle, @ICTEvangelist, my blog “” and my book ‘Perfect ICT Every Lesson’ you can pretty much see where my thoughts lie. The thing is, like every other teacher (at least this should be the case) I know that actually, the most important thing in education is about learning and the teaching that supports it. Things such as great relationships with students. Knowing what we are talking about. Encouragement of the students and celebrating their progress and achievements. We need to be a guide, mentor, feedback champion, questioning king and supporter of a student’s ability to fail, pick themselves back up, learn from it and move on. There are a plethora of books (Hattie / Dweck / Freire / Beere /


great Elder) out there which talk of how we can develop and work with our students to bring out the best in them. Documents such ‘The Engaging School’ (help showcase compelling case studies on how we can do this as well. Hattie says this too in his latest offering, “Teachers become more effective when they begin to see the learning process through the eyes of their students”. By being there every day, being involved, interested and focused on knowing our learners; giving them their feedback and saying hi in the morning and meeting them at the doorway and asking them how there weekend was. Asking them how they got on in their football match. Or how the trick or treating went. Or whatever it is that makes them know that for the next 50 minutes they’re in your space and they are there to learn with you about the most amazing facts and practice the most brilliant skills and make themselves a better person because of it. Because of you… All those other skills I mentioned earlier about questioning, feedback, so forth and so on…

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