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A La Carte Menu

SUSHI Prices are for two pieces nigiri or three slices of sashimi per order

Akami Suzuki Hiramasa Hirame Sake Tai Ebi Unagi Taraba Crab Hotate Ika Ikura Tobiko

tuna sea-bass yellowtail turbot salmon sea-bream prawn sweet water eel king crab scallop squid salmon roe flying fish roe


Nozomi Nigiri and Sashimi Platter

Three selections of sashimi and five selections of nigiri Chef’s Nigiri selection of eight pieces of nigiri

Chef’s Sashimi selection of five varieties of sashimi Chef’s vegetable sushi selection of eight varieties of nigiri MAKI ROLL AND TEMAKI

California roll

Fresh crab meat and avocado roll with tobiko and sesame seeds

Spider roll

Deep fried soft shell crab, cucumber, avocado, tobiko, chili mayo and rocket leaves

Prawn tempura roll

Saudi prawn tempura, bonito flakes, chives, avocado yuzu koshu and unagi sauce

Salmon or Tuna avocado roll

Salmon or Tuna rolled with avocado and sesame seeds

Nozomi roll

Salmon, tuna, yellowtail, prawn, unagi and yuzu rolled with wasabi tobiko, oba leaf and sesame seeds

Avocado Tobiko roll

Avocado and cucumber rolled with wasabi tobiko, mizuna leaves and lemon mayonnaise

Hamachi tempura roll

Yellow tail, spring onion and green chilli rolled & deep fried with a daikon ponzu topping

Spicy Tuna roll

Tuna, green chili, shichimi mayo and wasabi tobiko

Unagi maki

Fresh water eel and cucumber rolled inside out and topped with unagi sauce

Salmon skin roll

Grilled salmon skin, spring onion, cucumber, crispy oba leaf, chives and yamagobo

Vegetable roll

Iceberg, avocado cucumber, gari, yuzu koshu, shiso, Chives and asparagus

SMALL DISHES Steamed edamame

Soy beans steamed and sprinkled with Malden salt

Flashed edamame

Soy beans sautéed with chili and kimchi

Nozomi crab salad

Fresh King crab mixed with white asparagus and black truffle

Soft shell crab

A whole crab served with spicy red pepper sauce

Tofu steak

Pan-fried tofu served with Japanese aubergine and miso dressing

Seafood dumplings

2 steamed and 2 fried dumplings filled with scallops, prawns and lobster and served with wasabi mayonnaise

Wagyu beef tataki

Seared and thinly sliced, served with lotus root, garlic chips and ginger dressing

King Crab

Grilled King Crab on a bed of white asparagus and served with wasabi & horseradish dressing

Octopus salad

Grilled octopus with mango and shitake mushroom


Pan-fried foie gras marinated in Japanese whisky served with grilled unagi and sweet soy sauce


Japanese mushrooms sautéed with sweet soy

Vegetable gyoza

Steamed dumplings filled with roasted vegetables served with black pepper and soy sauce

Kari Kari squid

Deep fried baby squid served with chili and lime

Seared scallops

glazed with Japanese plum and lemon served with a saffron miso sauce and topped with caviar

Tofu salad

Sautéed seasonal vegetables served on a bed of endive with tofu cubes and sesame orange dressing

Harumaki duck

Fried Duck rolls with a sweet sake soy dip

Crab dumplings

Steamed crab dumplings with black pepper soy sauce

Foie gras and Cepes dumpling

steamed dumplings filled with foie gras, cepes, served with a soy broth


Pan seared Chu Toro with sesame foam and caviar

Marinated yellow tail sashimi

Yellow tail served with salsa, shiso cress and spicy ponzu sauce

New style salmon sashimi

wrapped in asparagus served with ginger and sesame dressing

Scallop sashimi

Served with a truffle, sesame and yuzu dressing

TARTAR Tuna & osietra caviar Salmon & wasabi tobiko Wagyu beef tartar

All marinated with yuzu juice and chili and a wafu mustard dressing

FISH & SEAFOOD Canadian lobster

A whole Canadian lobster char-grilled with garlic and yuzu koshu dressing

Jumbo prawn

Grilled and served with lime and chili dashi

Black cod

Grilled and served with NOZOMI miso and pickled daikon

Chilean Sea-Bass

Marinated in spicy miso and baked on cedar wood

Grilled New Zealand langoustine served with umeboshi dressing

Lemon sole

Pan-fried lemon sole, served with steamed asparagus, and ponzu dressing

Steamed Sea-Bass

Fillet of Sea bass steamed and served on a bed of sautĂŠed pak choy with a soy Garlic and lemon grass sauce


A whole Canadian lobster, served with ponzu and grated Chili daikon

Squid tempura

Served with a chili and lime dip


Five fresh Saudi prawns with ten dashi sauce

White fish tempura

Selection of seasonal white fish with ten dashi sauce

Rock shrimp

Rock shrimp, served with sweet wasabi sauce

Vegetable tempura

Selection of seasonal vegetables

All the above dishes are served with ten-dashi broth, grated daikon and ginger

MEAT AND POULTRY Aka-miso lamb

Grilled lamb cutlets, served with Enoki Mushrooms yuzu infused yogurt

Genghis Khan chicken

Marinated char-grilled spring chicken, served With grated vegetables, ginger and soy sauce

Iberian Pork

pan fried tenderloin and crispy baby ribs With grilled baby pear and sweet soy sauce

Duck Breast

Duck breast oven roast served on a bed of Kaki fruit with baby leeks and orange miso sauce

American strip loin

Char grilled marinated strip loin, served with shimeji mushroom and black pepper dashi



Rib eye




The Wagyu beef is char-grilled and served on a bamboo leaf with a Mirin, soy and chili ponzu dressing

KUSHI Two skewers per order Chicken and spring onion Beef and shitake mushroom Scallop with shishito peppers Shitake mushrooms Green asparagus Japanese aubergine

RICE DISHES Beef takikomi-gohan

Rice cooked in a clay pot and topped with sautéed beef and Onion. Finished with soy sauce and mirin Serves two per order

Mushroom takikomi-gohan

Rice cooked in a clay pot with Japanese mushrooms Finished with soy sauce and mirin Serves two per order

SIDES Miso soup Steamed rice with black sesame Steamed spinach with sesame dressing Sautéed pak choy

Sautéed with chili and garlic

Seaweed salad

With goma dressing

Green salad

With NOZOMI dressing

Egg plant

Deep fried with red-miso sauce

Nozomi ALaCarteMenu  

A La Carte Menu MIXED SUSHI AND SASHIMI Nozomi roll Grilled salmon skin, spring onion, cucumber, crispy oba leaf, chives and yamagobo Iceber...

Nozomi ALaCarteMenu  

A La Carte Menu MIXED SUSHI AND SASHIMI Nozomi roll Grilled salmon skin, spring onion, cucumber, crispy oba leaf, chives and yamagobo Iceber...