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party menu

How our party menu works

Meze Party Menu

This Meze will be served in 3 waves. Firstly you will receive 11 cold Meze dishes all served with hot pitta bread.

£28.50 per head (only available to parties of 4 or more people) receive the following and then choose your next two meze courses

This will be followed with 4 hot Meze dishes that the party have chosen from the 16 dishes available on the 2nd Meze course.

to begin

Once the table has been cleared you will receive the three choices that you have made from the 14 dishes available in the 3rd Meze course. These will all be served with Thick Fried Potatoes, Cracked Wheat Pilaf & Greek Yoghurt and Greek Salad. If there are any vegetarians in your party we will replace any meat or fish dishes with vegetarian dishes if required. If there are any dietary requirements (e.g. vegetarian or wheat intolerance) we are well prepared. We do need advance warning on Vegans.

Taramosalata (G)

Tzatziki V

Potato Salad V

Tabuli V (G)

Smoked cod’s roe, blended with olive oil & lemon juice and made in to a delightful creamy dip.

A refreshing dip of Greek yoghurt, cucumber, garlic & mint.

New potatoes with spring onion, fresh coriander and olive oil & lemon dressing.

Cous cous with mixed peppers, spring onions, dill & coriander marinated in olive oil dressing.

Houmous V Crushed chick peas, garlic, lemon juice and tahini (sesame seed oil).

Served on a mixed bean and spring onion salad with an olive oil and lemon dressing.

Marinated Olives V

Mild Chilli’s V

Koukia V

Basket of Pitta Bread (G)

Large green and black olives marinated in garlic and herbs.

Mild green peppers.

Broad beans in a mint, and olive oil dressing.

Made especially to a Cypriot recipe.

large gatherings Owing to our extensive menu we offer parties of 10 or more our Daily Meze Menu or our Meze Party Menu only. A service charge is not included with the exception of parties of 6 or more where an optional 10% service charge will be added which is paid directly to the waiting staff.

V - Denotes vegetarian Option N - Contains nuts or nut products. G. - Contains Gluten. (G)* Denotes flour can be replace with cornflour therefore making the dish Gluten Free. All dips are served with pitta bread (G). If you wish gluten free please ask. We use nuts and flour in our food preparation so cannot guarantee there won’t be traces of these ingredients in your food. All prices are inclusive of V. A. T. Cheques will only be accepted with a bankers card (up to the cards limit)

Marinated Beetroot V Sliced beetroot marinated in a garlic & olive oil dressing.

2nd meze course Fakies V

Mussels with Feta

Fried Red Mullet (G)*

A warm green lentil & rice salad, with onions.

Cooked in white wine , tomato, tarragon & cream sauce with a hint of chilli.

Marinated Fillet of Red Mullet cooked in olive oil and placed on a bed of rocket.

Cheese Filo Parcels V (G)

Garlic Mushrooms V


Halloumi & ricotta cheese blended together with olive oil and mint wrapped in filo pastry.

Mushrooms sautéed in olive oil, garlic & sprinkled with parsley.

Smoked pork sausages marinated in red wine & coriander.


Fried whole baby whitebait.

Fasolia Gigantes V

Fried Sardines (G)*

Spanakopitta V (G)

Giant beans baked in a tomato & celery sauce.

Fried headless butterfly sardines.

Filo pastry filled with spinach, feta cheese, spring onion, dill and nutmeg.

Pastourma Spicy garlic beef sausage.

Traditional Cypriot soft cheese grilled, served on a bed of rocket salad.

Fried Courgettes V (G)* Served with a yoghurt & mint dip.

Marides (G)*

Grilled Halloumi V

Grilled smoked ham.

Feta Saganaki V (G)* Feta cheese fried in batter.

Kalamari (G)* Fried squid.

3rd meze course

Full details on our web site

Dolmades V Young tender vine leaves stuffed with rice, dill & spring herbs.

Choose 4 of the following meze dishes to arrive at your table to share

The enjoyment of Meze is in the Sharing Please note: We reserve the right to vary the menu if necessary.

Tuna Salad

Choose 3 of the following meze dishes to come to your table This course will include the following:- Thick Fried Potatoes, Cracked Wheat Pilaf & Greek Yoghurt V (G) & Greek Salad V

Baked Stuffed Aubergines and Feta V



Kofta Kebab (G)

Aubergine filled with Greek ratatouille & topped with feta.

Pork, onion, parsley, mint, and spices made into sausages & char grilled.

The finest beef mince, mixed with onions, mint, cumin, fresh leaf parsley, skewered and char grilled.

Lamb Souvlaki

Minced lamb seasoned and covered in a tomato sauce.

Sword Fish Souvlaki

Potatoes, aubergines and courgettes layered between a fresh herb lamb mince topped with a cheese sauce and baked.

Marinated lamb skewers, char grilled.

Marinated sword fish char grilled.

Prawn Casserole & Feta

Pork Souvlaki

Vegetarian Mousaka V

Cooked with red peppers, onions, tarragon & tomato sauce.

Marinated pork skewers, and char grilled.

A vegetarian version of Greece’s national dish.

Pastitsio (G)

Chicken Souvlaki

Tiger Prawns in Garlic

Marinated chicken breast skewers, and char grilled.

Marinated in olive oil, lemon juice, garlic and parsley.

Large pasta tubes covered with a fresh herb lamb mince then topped with a cheese sauce and baked.

Meat Balls (G) Stifado Beef casserole with baby onion, red wine and herbs.

Please note: When ordering the meze party menu for less than the number of people in your party, the £12.50 minimum food charge will apply to those guests, children exempt.

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28 Market Place, Henley on Thames Oxfordshire RG9 2AH 01491 412220



meze bar and restaurant

10 High Street, Windsor Berkshire SL4 1LD 01753 866655

Station Road, Chobham Surrey GU24 8AQ 01276 858114

party menu

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