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NRES Newsletter

Spring 2016

Internship Highlights

By: Katie Morrison and Jad Husayni


Jeremy Scherer is an NRES senior scheduled to graduate in December of 2016. With focus areas in Geospatial Analysis and Soil Science, the internship he chose was a perfect fit! Jeremy completed his internship requirement this summer at the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) in Snyder, Texas, where he worked in the Pathways Program as a Soil Conservation Trainee. He was tasked with making maps in ArcGIS, taking GPS points in the field, and plant collection and identification. His daily duties also included environmental education, working with land owners to address natural resource concerns, and riding an ATV across large rural areas to mark points on properties to record completed work, such as brush removal or fence construction, or to mark areas for work that was being planned. This internship offered Jeremy the perfect combination for his interests and simultaneously guaranteed him two summers of work and a job with the NRCS after he graduates. Jeremy would strongly recommend this internship to NRES students, as he found it to be the right balance of office and field work and he learned a lot while also having fun. Working in a landscape that is so different from Kentucky gave Jeremy a new perspective on people and opened a door to new interests Jeremy never realized he had. In the future, Jeremy hopes to continue to work for the NRCS and eventually return to school to earn his Master’s degree. For Jeremy, this experience confirmed that he made the correct choice in working for the NRCS, as well as choosing a degree in NRES. For information on how you can apply for this internship, go to NRCS’s website at: Pictured above: Jeremy Scherer holding a tumbleweed that he came across during his internship. Below: Lunch view during mapping work.


completed his internship this previous summer with TerraCycle Inc., located in Trenton, New Jersey. TerraCycle is a relatively new company that is revolutionizing the world of recycling by repurposing waste to use it in innovative ways. For example, the company’s first product packaged liquefied “worm poop” in used soda bottles, and then sold them as fertilizer. John worked for the company as a Business Development and Account Management Intern, which consisted of a wide range of responsibilities. John hopes to eventually work for a renewable energy corporation or in the investment-banking sector, so it was important for him to find an internship that introduced him to the various business-related aspects of an environmental career. This internship provided him that introduction by requiring him to conduct research and perform data collection and analysis for potential new clients, interview companies about their sustainability goals, and travel to various companies to conduct store audits and better understand marketing campaigns. His favorite part of the internship was experiencing how much preparation goes into presenting business deals to potential new clients. John said that often times, rejected proposals had to be refined or re-started from scratch, and that it was always a rewarding experience when they were finally accepted. Instances like these demonstrated that failures occur quite frequently in the business world, but they also showed him how to overcome those failures and to constantly adjust his approach to eventually succeed. This internship did not change his future plans, but instead reinforced his desire to continue on his current path. For more about TerraCycle visit: Pictured above: John Garlasko in front of the Terracycle Building, where he interned.

University of Kentucky NRES Spring 2016 Newsletter  
University of Kentucky NRES Spring 2016 Newsletter