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Are you displaying the correct safety signs? What do the Regulations require? They require employers to provide specific signs whenever there is a risk that has not been avoided or controlled by other means. For more information visit Health & Safety Law Poster

No Smoking You are required to display the PRS.26W sign on each public entrance, other no smoking signs can be used internally to promote your no smoking policy.

No smoking It is against the law to smoke in these premises

PRS.26W - 148x210

FA 11F-200x300

Legal Requirement

No smoking

It is an of fence to smoke within this building

PRS.02B - 450x600 PRS.02C - 300x400 PRS.02D - 600x200 PRS.02W -150x200

PRS.15W - 150x200

This poster must be displayed by law, it details the basic Health and Safety responsibilities for employees and employers and should be shown in an appropriate position for all employees to see. HSE -425x600

Fire Exit Signs Where ever you stand within the building you should see a fire exit sign pointing to the direction of the exit. It is not recommended to mix British standard and European standards. British Standard Fire Exit Signs

FE 03D - 600x200 FE 03L - 400x150

FE 04D - 600x200 FE 04L - 400x150

FE 01D - 600x200 FE 01L - 400x150

FE 02D - 600x200 FE 02L - 400x150

FE 15L - 400x150

FE 05D - 600x200 FE 05L - 400x150

FE 06D - 600x200 FE 06L - 400x150

FE 07D - 600x200 FE 07L - 400x150

FE 08D - 600x200 FE 08L - 400x150

FE 16L - 400x150

Fire exit signs are to locate and identify means of escape and emergency. What sign to choose! As a rule of thumb, viewing distances can be calculated from the measurements of the graphic symbol element contained within a fire safety sign. Graphic Symbol Height Viewing distances are shown below. 100mm 17.0 metres

110mm 19.0 metres

120mm 20.4 metres

130mm 22.0 metres

This is a guide to your requirements, however we cannot be held responsible in any way for signs not displayed at your company premises. Please refer to our full listing catalogue for specific signs.

Fire Doors All fire doors should have signs explaining how the door opens for speed of exit. This is to help visitors and employees. It is vital that all fire doors are kept clear of clutter inside and outside of the doors. MAD.01G 100x100

MAD.02G 100x100

Assembly Point Signs

FE 09D - 600x200 FE 09E - 300x100

FE 10Z - 600x400

FE 11Z - 600x400 Please state when ordering what number is required.

FE 32F - 200x300

Instruction Signs

FED 03E - 300x100

FED 04E - 300x100

FED 05G 100x100

FED 08E - 300x100

FED 06G 100x100

Push to open FED 01M 100x200

FED 02M 100x200

FED.09E- 300x100

Push bar to open FE 14E - 300x100

FE 12Q - 600x100

FA.20E 300x100

Personal Protection If you have any machines that are hazardous, you must make people aware of the hazard with signs placed close to the machine. Personal protective equipment signs must be placed near the machines or in the area they must be worn.

Protective footwear must be worn

Wear Ear Protection MAP.14W - 150x200

MAP.05B - 450x600 MAP.05C - 300x400

MAP.06B - 450x600 MAP.06W -150x200

MAP.13D - 600x200 MAP.13W -150x200

MAP.22W - 150x200

MAP.28B - 450x600

Warning noise levels of 80 dB(A) or above

Wear hard hats MAP.33W - 150x200

Ear protection must be worn MAP.43C - 300x400

Wear face shield MAP.18W - 150x200

Wear face mask MAP.17W - 150x200 FA 21F-200x300

Control of hazardous substances

You must be aware of any hazardous substances that you may come into contact with.








WAG.14W - 150x200


Electric shock risk

WAE.08W -150x200



Compressed gas

WAG.18W -150x200

WAG.59W - 150x200


Permit to work must be obtained

MUL.19B - 600x450

MUL.01B - 600x450

Vehicle access signs Signs must indicate where pedestrians can and cannot walk, and vehicle routes must be clearly marked.



WAG.02B - 450x600 WAG.02C - 300x400

WAG.08B - 450x600 WAG.08C - 300x400

Warning Beware of moving vehicles WAG.40B - 450x600



Slippery surface

WAG.09W - 150x200

No parking

Trip Hazard

PRA.04B - 450x600 PRA.04D - 600x200

WAG.04B - 450x600 WAG.04W -150x200

Sound horn drive slowly MAG.13B - 450x600

Risk Walk around the premises and identify any risks or potential risks, then highlight them and take steps to reduce the risk.

MAG.04E - 300x100

Wear hairnets MAP.36W - 150x200

LF.05 - 800x650x5





CCTV in operation

WAC.03B - 450x600 WAC.03D - 600x200


WAG.12W - 150x200


WAG.07B - 450x600 WAG.07W -150x200

Fire Signs Are your fire procedures understood? Is all your fire fighting equipment clearly marked?

FEX.18G-100x100 FEX 18H-150x150

FEX.01F-200x300 FEX.01W-150x200 FEX.01E-150x200


FEX 03E-300x100 FEX.03F-200x300

Fire action 1. Operate the nearest fire alarm. 2. Leave building by the nearest available exit. 3. Report to the assembly point.

Your assembly point is:-

1. DO NOT take risks 2. DO NOT stop to collect personal belongings. 3. DO NOT return to building for any reason until authorised to do so. 4. DO NOT use lif ts.

ACT 03F-200x300

ACT 04F- 200x300 ACT 04W-150x200

ACT 05F-200x300

ACT 11W-150x200

ACT 06W-150x200

Fire Extinguisher Identification

Foam spray

Carbon dioxide


ABC Powder

Safe for: Wood, paper and textiles.

Safe for: Flammable liquids.

Safe for: Wood, paper and textiles.

Safe for: Wood, paper and textiles.

Safe for: Flammable liquids.

Safe for: Live electrical equipment.

Not for: Live electrical equipment.

Safe for: Flammable liquids.

Not for: Live electrical equipment.

Not for: Wood, paper and textiles.

Not for: Flammable liquids.

Safe for: Gaseous fires.

Not for: Flammable metal fires.

Not for: Flammable metal fires.

Not for: Flammable metal fires.

Safe for: Live electrical equipment.

Wet Chemical

Safe for: Cooking oils and deep fat fires.


FI 05N 80x200

FI 06N 80x200

FI 08N 80x200

FI 07N 80x200


Fire hose reel Safe for: Wood, paper and textiles.

Not for: Live electrical equipment.

Not for: Flammable liquids.

Not for: Flammable metal fires.

FI 10N 80x200

FI 09N 80x200

FI 18N 80x200

First Aid It is vital that the first aiders can be easily identified from the signs, you must also identify the first aid box, eyewash station, emergency shower and first aid room.

First aiders FA 10E-300x100

FA 03M-200x100 FA 19F-200x300

FA 17B-450x600

FA 06F-200x300 FA 06E-300x100

FA 05F-200x300

FA 13F-200x300

Please Note: If you would like to search our website for safety signs from this leaflet just enter the first 4 digits into the search bar on the e.g. For the no smoking sign shown here just type in PRS02. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on 01902 500200 or email and we will do out utmost to help you.

No smoking PRS.02B - 450x600 PRS.02C - 300x400 PRS.02D - 600x200 PRS.02W -150x200

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