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Surviving the Early Years: The Importance of Early Intervention with Babies at Risk

Changing Destinies: The Re-Start Infant Family Programme for Early Autistic Behaviours

Stella Acquarone

Stella Acquarone

Some babies born into difficulties are pretty much alone because their mothers might be too ill to look after them, and nurses are too busy to fulfil the maternal function other than changing and feeding them. This book is about the hope underlying the ability to survive the early years.

This book is about a new approach called 'Re-Start', developed by Stella Acquarone, to diagnose and treat early autism. In the Re-Start infant/family programme, a multidisciplinary team works with the parents and through the family relationships to reconfigure dysfunctional dynamics with the aim to ‘change destinies’.

Love and Therapy: In Relationship

Telling Time: A Novel

Divine Charura and Stephen Paul

Everyone has secrets. Lisa Harden has spent years polishing her image as a successful psychotherapist, highly respected and well known in her field. When a new patient appears in her office asking for therapy, Lisa is inexplicably unnerved and fights hard to keep up appearances. Only when the price of keeping her secret takes her to the brink of losing everything, including her marriage, does Lisa finally return to Canada to confront her past. But it may already be too late.

Sigmund Freud noted the importance of love in the healing of the human psyche. So many of life's distresses have their origins in lack of love, disruption of love, or trauma. People naturally seek love in their lives to feel complete. Is therapy a substitute for love? Or is it love by another name? This book offers explorations of the complexity of love from different modalities: psychoanalytic, humanistic, person-centred, psychosexual, family and systemic, transpersonal, existential and transcultural.

Marie Adams

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The Psychotherapist issue 64: autumn 2016  

The Psychotherapist issue 64: autumn 2016