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All I’m hearing at the moment is talk about festivals, festivals and more festivals! I can’t say I’ve been to one my self but this year I might break the cycle and give it a go, who knows I might enjoy it! That’s if it doesn’t rain cats and dogs leaving by clothes water logged and my trainers ruined by the muddy field, ears ringing from the great music, hung over like a dirty rag and left to dry… second thoughts ill go next year. All jokes aside festival season is a great time of year just make sure your prepared, read our top tips on festivals on page ---

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“You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore � Christopher Columbus

S T N E T N CO 8







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Tips on how to survive FESTIVALS




mr smashing’s story rowing up, I always had the passion and drive for music, being influenced by my dad as he was a sound man. My career started when I first hit the stage and performed at Forest Gate School Concert. Later on I became known as ‘Wanted MC’ Part of Boundary Crew/ Fire Camp. ‘


After being with them for around 2 years went solo for a while and worked on ‘Ull Never Make it’ Vol 1 mixtape, which I held a launch party with G Hop ft Rawz Artillery. This then led me to do a track with Yonah from Cleopatra ‘My Minds Gone Blank’ produced by Scampz which will be released this year.

Dr Shaka

mr smashing / dr shaka | 8

In 2012 I met ace Boogie from Bakery Boys and Robeworld were we started working on a project. I shot my first video ‘Greatness In The Booth’ as I returned to the scene no longer known as ‘Wanted’ but as Mr Smashing. When I became a Robeworld Artist we completed a third mixtape ‘Step Into The Darkside’ (out on free download now I am currently being promoted in America KTMTV and Jamaica, after seeing my new single (Truth Or Dare #SpinThaBottle) being released on Linkup TV. I am working on my EP and finalising my mixtape ‘Tha Dark Journey Continues’.

Dr Shaka is well and truly back on the scene. Gambia’s biggest musical name is working on his first album in a decade, and about to release a brand new single, called Sunshine Lady. ‘Sunshine lady is a celebration of all women, sisters, mothers, wives, the world over. I’ve just finished recording it, and the video will be up on You Tube soon. With his forthcoming album, Naturality, Shaka hopes to help put the music and talent of his tiny homeland very much on the musical map. ‘It’s a challenge to get Gambian music on the map as it’s still in its grassroots stages. But I know that we can bring our music to the world’s attention, because we’ve done it before. ‘My band The Born Africans were known all over Europe and America in

I also have 2 R&B Singles ‘Flashbacks’ Ft Cici Atlanta produced by Skilla Beats (video will be shot in Amsterdam) & ‘Touch to Please’ Ft Cici Atlanta & Ruth Brown. At the end of May I am set for a tour with Urban Delight in Africa where I will be performing and promoting my music for 6 weeks. Check out my interview/video performance for Whats da hype BenTV (Sky Channel 182) on YouTube. Follow me and keep up to date with my shows. Twitter: @no1smashinguk Management @snoopy558

the ‘90s and in early 2000,’ says Shaka. Surely if anyone can raise the profile of what this tiny African country has got to offer, Shaka is the one to do it. He is, after all, known as the ‘Bob Marley’ of the Gambia. ‘That’s very flattering, but I’m not Bob. I am me. I have my own styles and messages I want to be known for. On the Shaka agenda for 2014 is a gig in the Gambia, in December, when he and The Born Africans reunite for an open mic festival. It will be a welcome ‘fix’ of his native country for a man who very much misses his homeland. Facebook: Nazarin Jallow Dr Shaka@ Reverbnation soundcloud

RASCALS Rascals debut EP ‘So High’ showcases a fresh direction for the boys. Rooted in Soul and Hip Hop influences, narrative comes to the forefront in their new signature sound


IV FAMILY V.F is known for a procedure which helps people create life. In music, it is known as a group of individual’s who create music, in a way just as astonishing. The group based in Gloucester, UK, consists of Five members, Vipzz, Misz Flawles, Konvo, Amnediel & Phonic. The first three members being MC’s and the last two being Producers. IVF produce a wide variety of music ranging from Hip-Hop to Electro to Grime.


IVF have achieved many things in the last year, as a team and as individuals. Misz flawles has hit 50K views along with performing at Wembley. Vipzz has gone on to do over sea’s collaborations with artists such as BWildn, Cara Braia, Young Risky and more. Konvo has appeared on radio stations through-out the UK. As a collective IVF have managed to establish themselves as a group which doesn’t fall under any category bar their own. For 2014, also named by the group as 20Fortune for its promise to bring success, the team have a lot planned. First we can expect to see a “Visual EP” never done by any artist in the UK. A mixtape of the team called “Full force” will be dropping later on this year. “Highly Delicate” the *highly* anticipated track by Konvo & Vipzz will be released later on this spring. Up coming shows & radio events which has already started with Mystic Radio’s one hour, live on air show in East London.

The most recent release from the team is “Say what I think” by Konvo & Vipzz produced by the infamous local producer No Clu. The track has been put on soundcloud but has yet to be made available for download. The download date will be announced soon on the official twitter page for IVF (@IVFamily) @IVFrontman @KonvoArtist @IVFMiszFlawles @PhonicOfficial @Amnediel @IVFamily

How did you all meet and how did you get into making music? We grew up together in Bow, surrounded by music culture with people like Wiley, Dizzee Rascal etc and many other artists and producers who lived and hung out locally. Which UK rappers are you feeling at the moment? Man like Pro Green, looking forward to his new album. Also love what Little Simz isdoing, we’ve seen her grow and find herself, really love what she’s doing. Tell us about your EP ‘So High’? So High is a collection of music which gives you a little insight into our new approach to music. So High introduces the new Rascals and their new sound. What has been the highlight of your careers so far? The highlight has been finding our sound musically and creating an album which we are proud of. What does it take to stand out from other artists? You have to be yourself to stand out, and we feel making music which isn’t for themoment is very important, aim to make timeless music, aim to be unique… @RascalsOfficial



ABBY POWER MAKES HER MARK IN THE GAME bby Power is a London based Irish descended female rapper heavily influenced by hip hop and 90’s era rap. Born in 1994 during Hip Hops peak Abby didn’t get introduced to the genre properly till 1999/2000 where she soon realised that pop and boy bands weren’t for her.


Much to her Mothers dislike Abby took a particular liking to Marshall Mathers which was in his most controversial era, being the only white rapper breaking through so heavily in such a black dominated genre was fascinating to her. Other artists that were popular with Abby growing up were Missy Elliot, Jay Z, Ruff Ryders, murder inc, Ludacris, Dr Dre, Snoop, ice cube etc and even singers such as Aaliyah, Destiny’s child, pink, TLC and to much surprise Avril Lavigne, who was and is one of Abby’s favourite and most influential artists even though she isn’t rap/hip hop. Fast forward to 2009 and Abby is a high school student scribbling poetry in her books at the back of the class blocking out what was being taught. Def Poetry was the start of how Abby began writing. When a friend suggested she should check it out, she instantly fell in

love with the idea of rappers and poet’s alike, coming together on the same stage and using spoken word as a way to get their message across. For months Abby wrote poems about topics reaching from kids growing up in the wrong place, to how politically incorrect the government were, all strong topics to be thought of at such a young age. For months after, Abby hadn’t worked on and released material because she felt there was nothing to inspire her until January 2012 where Abby got all the inspiration and guidance she needed from Eminem first album released underground entitled ‘Infinite’. Abby then chose a single on the album also entitled ‘Infinite’ and began to write again. Over a period of 5months (much longer then her previous tape because at

Years on, and Abby is continuing to prove her worth in the UK & global music scene. With views consistently in the thousand in the US, with over 210,000 views on popular US music website with ‘Each Lyric’, and a list of upcoming projects including a debut single and mixtape project, the future is bright for the hip-hop disciple. @AbbyMusicPower

m dot r Dot R has had a good music career so far including performing at Glastonbury, videos on Flava tv, A.K.A, radio plays on the BBC & Choice FM, won various awards & shows including T2N (Time 2 Network).


M Dot R has also performed all over the UK including warming up for artists such abby power / m dot r | 10

this point perfection was crucial and nothing was to be rushed) Abby wrote and recorded 16 songs all either vintage hip hop or new school hip hop for her new mixtape entitled “Vintage State Of Mind” after her signing in June 2012 to independent recording label Vintage State Music, Inc. With features from up and coming hip hop artists such as J.Lynch, Rene Soul and Crucial it was bound to be noticed.

as Little Dee, Logan, P Money, English Frank & Lethal B. M Dot R has enjoyed working with artists such as Heartless Crew, Stylo G, Demarco, Dj Quincy ( Choice fm), Romeo (So solid crew/Big Brother), Lemar, Ms Dynamite, & Freddy McGregor. He also done a UK Summer 2013 tour, this included performing in Manchester, Huddersfield, Nottingham, Leeds & Nottinghill carnival. M Dot R is currently managed by Tipper Ent and has lots in the pipeline for 2014. For more information or to book M Dot R email @mdotrartist


Build Music Business Contacts e all know that “who you know” and “being in the right place at the right time” play an important role in attaining success as an artist. What we often forget, though, is that we’re the ones responsible for building those connections.


1. Know who you want to meet but remain open to meeting others The first step to meeting more of the right people is knowing who you’re trying to meet. Are you looking to meet publishers, record label managers, or music venue promoters? When you know who it is you’re trying to meet, you can start to think about where they spend their time (both geographically and virtually), and what opportunities exist for you to be in the right place and time to meet them. If, for example, your band could really do with a more gigs in New York City, you can begin to identify the places where New York venue promoters hang out online and in the real world. 2. Make an effort to meet other bands & ask for introductions Let’s say that you did want to meet music venue promoters in a certain area, In my experience, one of the best ways to meet venue promoters is to simply turn up to music venues and ask the bands performing to introduce you to the promoter. You may have to prearrange meeting up with the performers before their set, but this approach is incredibly effective as it differs to how most bands approach venue promoters, and the introduction from the performer acts as a recommendation. If you went to two or three gigs a week you’d be surprised at how quickly you could fill up your gig calendar. 3. Attend music business conferences When I’ve attended music business conferences in the past, I’ve been surprised by how few bands choose to attend. Sure, the entry fees are generally quite steep, but if you take into account the fact that these events are usually swarming with label managers, publishers, and music promotion companies, it’s almost certainly worth the investment if you’re willing to get out and build those connections. 4. Use Twitter to break the ice Twitter is one of the most efficient and effective ways to break the ice with music business professionals. Almost every serious record label, booking agent, and music companies will have a presence on Twitter, so it’s a great platform to start building these relationships. 5. Show your gratitude This may seem like a slightly strange tip, but bear with me. If you pick a music company, radio station, music blog, or website that you enjoy once a day and send them a quick email to say thanks for doing what they do, you will build contacts very quickly. “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it”- William Arthur Ward. In the music business, selfless gratitude is rare. When I receive an email from an artist thanking me for writing my blog posts, for some reason I’m far more compelled to respond and listen to their music, than if they had just emailed me a link to check out their music. 6. Build 3 new contacts a week I have to give Derek Sivers full credit for this last tip. Set yourself a goal of building three new music business connections a week, and in twelve months time you’ll know 156 new people in the music business!

By Mariana ( UKSBIGGEST.COM | 11



ulacake is the talk of the town! This colourful, vivid brand has turned the mundane world of everyday clothing into a feel good experience! Combining two of life’s enjoyments, food and fashion, Mulacake has had nothing but strong feedback and support since the brand launched in Brick Lane, early last year.


Mulacake’s fun filled and celebrity attended ‘pop-up shops’ have been showing up all over London providing happy, fun packed days for customers and families alike. The vibrancy of the brand has gone from strength to strength and has gained positive interest in a very short space of time. Mulacake is known for their infamous jelly beans and cakes, and intends to keep people smiling with their new range of tracksuits, t-shirts and hats which are all set to launch at their one year anniversary in June. This new and exciting brand has been endorsed by various celebrities including; pop group The Wanted, rappers Giggs and Sneak Bo, Sky sports presenter John Salako and actor Ade as well as a number of other interesting and well achieved entertainers,who have all worn the Mulacake brand at

mulacake | 12

a variety of different platforms. This is really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Mulacakes’ ideas for promotion, marketing and bringing the brand to the forefront of the public eye. The undeniable attraction of cakes and sweets has magnetized a healthy portion of the younger generation and trend setters of the future. Mulacake is a family friendly brand, so of course a natural progression has been to create Mulacake Kids Club an exciting venture set to launch in July. So remember it’s not just a cake so this summer don’t be left cakeless !!! Stay connected with all things Mula Cake Twitter: @mulacake FB: Mulacakeclothing Instagram: Mulacake


MTV’s THE VALLEYS STAR LATEYSHA SPEAKS WITH UKB TV The Valleys star Lateshya Grace reveals her brand new music video for You Beautiful and we caught up with her to have a chat.


We know that you have finally shot your music video You Beautiful, how did that go? Well I didn’t have anyone from the Valleys in my video it’s just my friends and some extras, I wanted to keep it separate, I didn’t want to associate them or the show with my music, you know what I mean? It went really really well, its crazy I would of never imagined ill be doing something like this im loving it like. I walked on to the set and it was like proper professional and stuff I couldn’t believe it. It was hard coz it was like 13 hours, and the second day im not sure how many hours but it was a lot, so worth it though. You seem to have a keen passion for fashion can you tell us more about this? Well my clothing website is called and basically I love fashion like, a retailer messaged my agent and stuff and said the loved my fashion sense and they would love to do a collection with me, I was then sent up to Manchester to have a shoot, I didn’t think it would even kick off that well but it has been really really good, and im shooting my next collection soon aswell. In the Valleys who would you say have been the craziest and why? lateysha grace | 14

Probably ummmm the twins they just don’t have any barriers if you have watched the show ull see what I mean lol they just don’t care. We see that you have great confidence, what advice would you give to people male or female with low self of steam? To go and get loads of surgery, im joking lool just believe in yourself and just walk out the door every day like it’s a cat walk and love yourself, nobody can love you if you don’t love yourself. I don’t know where I get my confidence from to be honest. Whats been your best experience so for during the show and outside of the show?

My best experience to be honest would probably my music video Can we expect an album or more singles? Yeh well im working on some stuff, like I have recorded some stuff, im going to see how this goes and ride the wave, I will be releasing some more stuff if this goes well definitely


What else can we expect from you, what do you have coming up? Music and more music really Anything you want to say to your fans? Ummm I love you all and thanks for supporting. @LateyshaValleys


the locksmiths merging from underneath the underground are The Locksmiths aka Brick titans, a Hip Hop duo (Syxx & Zush) from west London.


Indeed 2014 have seen them come a long way grafting & developing their art form while still displaying that determination to push the creative envelope with concepts, flows & visuals. This year see The Locksmiths gearing up for a series of new projects starting with their latest EP “Lost In Translation” to add to numerous joint & self released projects. Packed with poetic metaphors, humorous & innovative narrative continually shows their talent & why there are 2 of the most interesting lyricist the country has heard. Lyrically The Locksmiths choose not to focus on being flashy but instead choose to give you a real insight of every day working class life, struggles & street tales from the perspective of 2 young men living in London. The Locksmiths have also perfected the ways of being able to tell these stories, as well as being able to deliver a much more commercial sounding club track for the masses. The Locksmiths have not only been working on music over the years but are also 2/3 of an events company “Team Sa’real” who specializes in theme events & holiday trips aboard. With merchandise & a games hire service available, gives great indication of the time & work put in & shows theirs a lot more to the brand than meets the eye. Influenced by everyday life experiences, icons & artists such as Busta, Outkast, Nas to P. Diddy & Richard Branson really does help allow The Locksmiths to escape from the one dimensional stereotype rapper way of thinking to much more versatile artists which is why its fair to say The Locksmiths believe in hard work, good music & are defiantly ones to look out for. @locksmithsldn

M.O ‘For A Minute’ New single released ‘MO’ members Nadine, Annie and Frankee have been in the studio again, they have dropped their first single proper, ‘For A Minute’ through Operator Records. Your single ‘For A Minute’ is out now and doing well, how does it feel? Amazing! It’s a song we’ve been wanting to get out there for a while, it’s one of our favorites & the response has been unreal.

How did it feel when you attended your first gig? Our first gig was amazing.. We supported ciara at the O2 it’s was a great way to kick start us off.


Are you guys gigging or attending any festivals this year? Yes! We have just confirmed to support little mix on tour! We can’t wait!! Also just been confirmed for Wireless which should be amazing. We are watching your every move! UKSBIGGEST.COM | 15


Big Narstie Speaks with Base e caught up with the Uncle pain, BDL (Base Defense League) leader himself for a few words. Need I say we was left unable to breathe as the jokes just wouldn’t stop. Check his UKB filmed interview on YouTube also.


What’s the strangest thing you have ever eaten? No I’m not really about that life cuz, Look at the size of me I’m fat, I eat exquisite stuff. Do you think I just indulge on shit food to put on weight cuz? Lol if I’m not going to have a six pack or be able to fit in to extra large pants it has to be for a good reason cuz. I’m eating proper stuff like Jack Daniels barbeque wings you know them ones, chicken stuffed with cheese wrapped in bacon power munch. Mmmmmm mental!

Which females in the entertainment industry are you feeling? Cuz I need that Latino love from modern family Sofia Vergara she makes me happy inside meee yehhh! Lets leave it as that cuz. Her and Stacy Dash I loved her since I was young cuz I actually thought her eyes was blue when I was a kid, and for some reason I thought she had pink nipples she fully gassed my whole movie, if I ever got to link her and she had brown nipples ill be so heart broken.

If you want doing music what would you be doing? Umm that’s a deep question to be honest. I’m being real music gave me opportunities to get out of my neighborhood and out of Brixton as a whole you get me. A lot of man haven’t got anything else to do. I would of normally come out my house link Typah, hit up the roads and that stressed out thinking about money. If I wasn’t doing music I might of hit the belly some how and ended up rich or I might have been sitting in a f@cking cell that’s the truth. I did want to join the army though either a bomb disposal guy or a sniper and take man out cuz.

What’s your plans for the future? Onwards and upwards. More merchandise, get your BDL tops, Pain tops, Don’t F@ck Up The Base tops, Hello Hi top, Raging tops, Gassed tops it goes on. Definitely releasing more music, oh yeh and I’m in a film called Rain of The Soldier, Its a Universal movie with a lot of people from Green Street and Football Factory, it should be released around October. I’m going to be working on a lot more in the future, I want to be busy and keep having fun. BDL EP coming soon.


How did it feel to have your own tour? Its happened and I’m so thankful because remember my whole way of getting in to the industry was me being real cuz, I don’t look like LL cool J I haven’t got any synchronized routines cuz, ive just been the under dog who has just been trying to keep it real and the fact that its working is just a blessing fam. Any up and coming music projects? Foolish base coming soon with Flirta D, EP coming soon with Footsie, BDL EP out soon Anything you want to say to your fans BDL fans I love you thanks for all your support Base Defense League dun know, operation realness at all times I love you guys man. @bignarstie

“I need that Latino love from modern family Sofia Vergara she makes me happy inside meee yehhh!” UKSBIGGEST.COM | 17

interview interview

ALL ROUNDER - DUANE JONES uane Jones is a DJ, designer, TV and radio presenter with ties in the sport, music He’s a BRIT School graduate whose first real job was on national radio. He boasts an impressive back catalogue, including credentials with Radio 1, 1Xtra, 5 Live, MTV and the list goes on.

Da and fashion industries.


my music on my life; I and put nt twist

*TAKING YOUR SIDE FT DAPPY* OUT NOW One of 2014’s hottest new stars, UK singer-songwriter Jordan Morris has confirmed details of his first official single, the explosive ‘Taking Your Side’ featuring Dappy, out March 10 on independent label IQMG. Featuring signature smooth vocals, first seen on his free download ‘No Rehab’ jordanmorrisuk/no-rehab-freedownload%20, released online late last year, ‘Taking Your Side’ takes things up a


notch. Where as ‘No Rehab’ showcased a seductive R&B vibe, the new single mixes Jordan’s impressive falsetto with polished synths - with his sights set firmly on radio and chart success. Jordan’s also drafted in the help of former N-Dubz star and Celebrity Big Brother house mate, Dappy.

passion is very inspiring and I think he really helps elevate the song.” Jordan’s musical journey began as a youngster growing up with musical influences of the 90’s, filled with infectious Pop anthems and soul-filled R&B artists such as Beyonce, Craig David and Justin Timberlake.

“It was so exciting,” says 19-year-old Jordan on working with Dappy. “He was on the top of my list of people I wanted to work with, so getting him on board feels like a real benchmark. It was great fun hanging out with him on the video shoot too - his energy and

During his early teens, Jordan continued to develop his craft by entering as many local talent shows, and soon became a regular performer at open mics and underground performances in London. It wasn’t long before people started to recognise Jordan’s talent along with


“late 2012 early 2013 it was time to launch the ‘renowned group’ which has allowed us to express ourselves creatively on multiple platforms”

gaining the support of industry players such as Jamal Edwards of SBTV and producers Zay-D.

@jordanmorrisuk FB JordanMorrisUK

Jordan went on to record music with UK recording artist ‘Faith SFX’, along with releasing covers, such as Drake’s ‘Hold On We’re Going Home’ John Legend’s ‘All Of Me’ which showcase Jordan’s vocal ability. And in May 2013, impressed by Jordan’s artistic tenacity, he was snapped up and signed by independent label IQMG. ‘Taking Your Side’ is out NOW



HIS: FLORAL SUMMER ix up different floral prints this summer. You can go subtle with matching sets as seen below from dead lovers boutique or just go for a floral t-shirt with jeans or shorts. You can always make a statement by layering different floral prints. The denim floral shorts below can be dressed up with a plain t-shirt and blazer. However you wear yours just have fun with it.


River Island £30 Dead Lovers £29.99

Topman £38

Office £44.99

Topman £26

New Look £14.99 Asos £30 FASHION HIS / HERS | 20

Footlocker £64.99

HER: Brighter Days old prints clashing together will turn heads this summer. If you aren’t happy to clash different prints then just add some bold prints dressed down. Pastels are also in again team these together with some rose metallic accessories.


RIver Island £10 New Look £12.99

Dead Lovers £49.99 River Island £22

Miss Selfridge £22 ASOS £40

Office £55

Topshop £20 UKSBIGGEST.COM | 21



Don’t sell drugs to anyone - The last thing you want to do is spend your weekend in some police cell, cmorrrn son! Whatever you want to put in your own body. hey thats your own beeZ waX but DON’T SELL!


Good comfy shoes – Listen you’re going to be walking and ull be on your feet for a long period of time, why be uncomfortable and set your feet on fire?


Hat Sunscreen and more sunscreen – This is standard, protect your skin. You don’t want to end up like fried tomatoes because that will just spoil you whole weekend.

4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

Don’t bring your good sunglasses – I was standing next to one show off guy at a festival that had Gucci glasses on, he put them on top of his head and went in the crowed and started jumping, the glasses dropped in the mud – THE END.

Guys don’t grope the girl dancing in front of you.....not cool. Girls grope away...guys don’t care.

Vitamins Asprin – If your going to be drinking, not resting and eating well, you will get a hangover so be prepared.

Immodium - take it if you need it or not.... shitting up the place at festivals is just not cool.

Bring cold/waterproof weather gear – This is the UK it will probably rain, cats, dogs and sheep. Make sure your sleeping gear is also protected from water.

Ear Plugs – Constant loud music can cause permanent hearing loss and we don’t want that. Pick up a cheap pair of ear plugs you won’t regret it.

Condoms – If you’re planning on doing the jabawocky please make sure your strapped with protection, don’t be picking up or spreading any STD’s.

Drink plenty water eat and take breaks sleep

Top tips for survivng festivals | 22


KISS FM UK BREAKFAST SHOW PRESENTERS INTERVIEW National radio station KISS FM UK, continues its mission to bring the best DJ¹s and shows to the UK with a brand new schedule, head over to UKSBIGGEST.COM for full details. Rickie

What is the best thing about being a DJ on KISS FM? The best thing about being a DJ on Kiss is that I get to listen to music every day as part of my job and hang out with friends. Our aim is to entertain and make people laugh every morning which is a great way to start the day. When did you realise you wanted to be a Radio DJ? I think it seriously hit home that I could possibly be a radio presenter for real when I was about 16. I was attending the now famous BRIT School and was on the Radio course. The radio studio became my second home, I was literally always in there, whether it was just working, going out on air via the colleges internal radio station or whether I was messing around in there making radio jingles. I knew from then that I really enjoyed the practical side of radio and being on air and seriously considered it being a career move to pursue.

The best thing is that I’m actually doing what I wanted to do as a child. I always wanted to entertain people and I have the opportunity to do that with a great team of people every day. Who is your one to watch artist for 2014? 2014 will be a big year for UK artist Sam Smith he has already done big things with the likes of Disclosure and Naughty Boy but I think we can expect more when he releases his solo album.


When did you realise you wanted to

What is the best thing about being

be a Radio DJ? When I was about 8/9 my mum and dad always had the radio on, I’ve grown up listening to lots of music and loved listening to the radio, it’s the only job I’ve ever wanted alongside club Djing which

a DJ on KISS FM?

works well with radio presenting


kiss fm | 24

Who is your one to watch artist for 2014? Can I say a producer and say me hehe cheeky I know, I’ve just released my first produced house track which featured JB of JLS vocals called Best Night OML… But another one to watch would be Martin Garrix


Apart form being superstar DJs, what’s your best/worst/most embarrassing claim to fame? I once tried to tackle Ed Sheeran whilst he was messing with a ball at a Nandos event...he didn’t want to play haha he’s a lovely fella though. Tune in to Rickie Melvin & Charlie in the morning on KISS FM UK, for more details check out @KissFMUK

www. @TwittaJam


THE INSIGHT MIXTAPE REVIEW Iron Braydz - Verbal sWARdz 10 Track EP from North West London rapper Iron Braydz. Not only does this EP feature Iron Braydz as an Emcee but he produces the majority of the album himself. The beats on this album feel like a Wu Tang meets Mobb Deep which are complimented by Braydz hardcore Style of hip hop. Notable features from Duck Down Records’ own Sean Price and one half of Organized Konfusion Prince Po make this EP complete. Genre: Hip Hop | Rating: 5/5 | Release Date: 13 April 2014

Mr Melta & Remulak- Snap out of it E.P. Mr Melta teams up with Producer Remulak to deliver a 6 track EP which is full of Old School hip hop beats mixed with elements of Jazz. Vocally this EP is as Raw as they come, almost like listening to early nineties hip hop. Features on this EP include that of Jabbathakut and Stskka Lyrics

Genre: Hip Hop | Rating: 4/5 | Release Date: 1 February 2014

4saken - Re:Written Liverpool Collective 4saken bring you there debut album. With the members differing styles it means this album is completely unpredictable. The soulful vocals from Rachel, electric guitar playing from Ridda and Hip Hop supplied by Mike and Kane allow this album to cover many different moods. Features on the album include Don’t Flop MC Innuendo and Sprungy. Genre: Hip Hop / RnB | Rating: 4/5 | Release Date: 8 February 2014

Dr Syntax and Pete Cannon - Killer Combo This 14 track album is the perfect combination of Funk, Jazz and Hip Hop. The humorous lyrics are almost like a breath of fresh air. At the same time as appreciating the wonderful sounds of Jazz, you find yourself laughing to yourself. Features on this album include UK hip hop legend Jehst, Dirty Dike, Lunar C and Del The Funky Homosapian Genre: Hip Hop / Jazz / Rating: 5/5 / Release Date: 3 March 2014 Reviewed by Mark Johnstone @mjruckus / @ kccurbanheat Catch Urban Heat every Thursday 2-3pm on KCCLive 99.8FM

insight mixtape review | 26


CELEBRITY GOSSIP Rita Ora & Robert Pattinson At Concert — Was It A Date? Rob and Rita seem to have a few things in common, including a mutual famous friend, Katy Perry, and their passion for music. But they’re not dating — at least, not yet! “Rob and Rita have a lot in common when it comes to music, but they are not hooking up. They are both fans of Sam Smith, who played a sold out show at the Belasco Theater in LA,” an insider says EXCLUSIVELY. Rita and Rob also share the same hometown of London, England.

Kylie Minogue quits The Voice UK Australian pop star Kylie Minogue has ended weeks of speculation about her future on the UK version of The Voice by announcing she has quit the show after just one series. The Can’t Get You Out Of My Head singer became a judge on the reality TV show for the first time this year and had remained tight-lipped about her plans to return for another series amid speculation about the future of the talent contest. Friday Minogue finally confirmed her departure on Twitter, blaming a clash between filming the show and her upcoming Kiss Me Once tour, which kicks off in Liverpool, England in September.

Cashtastic is trying to come to grips with life in Jamaica following his deportation The rapper’s deportation came just months after he had inked a publishing deal with internationally renowned label Universal Records. The artiste also disclosed in an interview that he had a major record deal on the table. However, he was waiting on the right time to sign. The rapper is hoping that the UKBA will reconsider its decision to eject him from the country and is also very optimistic that his prayers will be answered. An avid social networker, Cashtastic has been posting videos to his Instagram account showing his fans parts of the reality which he is now faced with in Jamaica. He also posted messages to his fans on Twitter and Instagram encouraging them to keep supporting his music while he works out his ‘situation’.

Alesha Dixon’s former house goes up for sale for £1.15m The former home of Britain’s Got Talent judge Alesha Dixon is up for sale, complete with gym, steam room and hot tub. The house is in Welwyn Garden City, where Alesha grew up, and is on the market for £1.15 million. It’s a hefty price tag for a three-bedroom house - but the buyer will get a glamorous pad for the money. “With its detached gym, decked terrace with hot tub and a Hollywood style vanity area in the bedroom, this spruced up bungalow is fitting of anyone in the entertainment industry,” says Myra Butterworth of property website



GAMES 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

PlayStation 3 | Xbox 360 | Sports | Release date April 17, 2014 You’ll see tickertape celebrations, flashy idents and low camera swoops over authentically rendered stadia before games, while goals and key events during matches prompt cutaway shots to gaudily garbed fans in the stands, or celebrating among thronging crowds watching on giant screens across the world. Its vibrant presentation carries over into the oversaturated colours - during evening matches the pitch is bathed in a vivid orange glow, while encounters earlier in the day see the brightness slider nudged upwards. Fittingly, for a tournament taking place in a country with a temperate climate, it feels that much warmer.

Trials Fusion

PlayStation 4 | Racing | Action | April 16, 2014 Ubisoft states that its latest in the bike stunt series is one of the few games to run at such a resolution with the frame rate locked at 60fps. The increase raises it to the level first promised when we heard about the resolution difference between the Xbox One version and the PlayStation 4 version, but it still lags behind the PS4’s 1080p and 60fps. Both versions have a higher resolution than the Xbox 360 version, which runs at 600p.

Boom Beach

iPhone | Strategy | April 16, 2014 Freemium base-building games are not hard to find on the App Store, but Boom Beach sets itself apart with an engrossing battle experience rich with strategic choices. The idea is a kid-friendly mash up of Tom Hanks’ Castaway and Saving Private Ryan experiences, in which you must build up your offensive and defensive forces and battle other players for resources. This constant switch in focus creates a level a depth that usually is only seen is much larger games.



LEGO: The Hobbit

PlayStation 4 | Adventure | April 10, 2014 Lego The Hobbit clings to the series’ standard combat and exploration, but, as usual, a handful of welcome twists make things a bit more interesting this time around. A few different rhythm-based challenges, an item creation system tied to resource collection, and the “find the missing piece” mini-game from February’s Lego Movie game make The Hobbit more than just a button masher, although it is still mostly just that. Thankfully, the environmental challenges and enemies are sophisticated enough to keep the action engaging.



Action | Adventure | Drama | Release date: March 27, 2014 As a young boy, Noah witnessed his father, Lamech, being killed by the young king Tubal-Cain, who wanted to seize Lamech’s land. Many years later, Noah is living with his wife Naameh and his three sons: Shem, Ham, and Japheth. After seeing a flower grow instantly from the ground and being haunted by vivid dreams of a great flood, Noah decides to travel with his family to visit his grandfather, Methuselah.


Heaven Is for Real


Dr. Will Caster is an artificial intelligence researcher who strives to create a machine that possesses sentience and collective intelligence. Extremists who oppose technological advancement target him, shooting him and other researchers with radioactively-tainted bullets so that the poisoning will kill them even if the assassination fails, but their actions drive him toward his goal.

Heaven Is for Real is the story of a fouryear-old son of a small town Nebraska pastor who says he experienced Heaven during emergency surgery. He talked about looking down to see the doctor operating and his dad praying in the waiting room. The family didn’t know what to believe. In Heaven, Colton says he met his miscarried sister whom no one had ever told him about.

In a futuristic dystopian Chicago, society is divided into five factions: Abnegation (selfless), Amity (peaceful), Candor (truthful), Erudite (intelligent) and Dauntless (brave), based on their personalities. Beatrice Prior (Shailene Woodley) has grown up in Abnegation, the faction that is selfless (that helps the poor and looks after the factionless) and runs the government, though she has always been fascinated by Dauntless.

Drama | Mystery | Sci-Fi | Thriller Release date: April 25, 2014

Drama Release date: April 16, 2014

Adventure | Romance | Sci-Fi Release date: March 21, 2014



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UKB Magazine  

May issue Cover feature Big Narstie.

UKB Magazine  

May issue Cover feature Big Narstie.


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