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We are UKSBIGGEST Entertainment Magazine and Promotion Company

UKB magazine is a fresh, quirky, HD version of a TV screen on paper. Designed for those with a strong interest in the entertainment industry. UKB is filled with tips, articles, interesting features, this includes the hottest news from an array of sectors including dance, music, fashion, models, latest news plus more straight into your hands.

Media Enquiries: Office Number: 0208 859 7021 E-mail:


We have been providing safe, yet effective direct marketing for our clients for 4 years giving them exposure they require through our growing mediums. UKB magazine is slowly becoming one of the largest FREE subscription based magazines relevant to the entertainment industry in the UK.

Uksbiggest is not just a magazine Company, its becoming the body for the UK scene for unsigned talent as we provide features in UKB Magazine, Filmed interviews and freestyles during the course of the whole YEAR keeping you relevant and in the industry without the major backings of a label. Circulation: 10,000 copies Dimensions: 148mm wide x 210mm high Quality: Matt Printing: 130 GSM We consider all readers and features to be the future of UKB Magazine so we want nothing more than to strive for the best in delivering you our services and news. We are in town and we are here to stay. To Subscribe and get your copy of UKB Magazine FREE through the post send your Name, Address & Postcode to

Media Enquiries: Office Number: 0208 859 7021 E-mail:

GENERATING COVERAGE Building Exposure... 

Targeted Readership – The sole reason for someone subscribing to UKB Magazine is to be informed of news relevant to the entertainment industry. All our subscribers have subscribed themselves.

The categorisation and message in the articles are controlled which means features can promote other mediums or materials eg. Mixtapes, Twitter Accounts, Events.

Strategic Marketing – UKB Magazine is printed quarterly which means it keeps on generating exposure long after it is published.

Proactive Marketing – Promotion doesn’t stop after print. Features and subscribers can actively promote the magazine themselves and get new subscribers onboard to help further coverage.

Other client benefits…        

Established loyal, trusting readership Innovative design and layout Familiarity and good experience with the UKB brand Low Risk 3 month shelf-life Targeted subject matter Uniquely categorised for ease of use Attracts new audiences

Media Enquiries: Office Number: 0208 859 7021 E-mail:

ONLINE PROMOTIONS UKB Website ( This is our updated website launching soon. Through our website we have built up a community of followers who regularly sign in to find out the latest news.

With our new website you are able to upload your YouTube links for free to provide your video with promotion and awareness. When a YouTube video is uploaded to our website it will move into its selected category. At the end of each day UKB will chose a selected amount of videos to host on the front page of what we deem as UKSBIGGEST.

Media Enquiries: Office Number: 0208 859 7021 E-mail:


We provide hi end interviews on set and freestyle sessions to support our clients marketing, whether they are a music artists to comedians.

Our videos help promote each issue which in turn generates more coverage for the magazine and its features. To Subscribe and get your copy of UKB Magazine FREE through the post send your Name, Address & Postcode to

Media Enquiries: Office Number: 0208 859 7021 E-mail:

ABOUT FAST FACT Demographic 

Uksbiggest was founded in 2008 as an entertainment marketing company.UKB magazine was launched in 2010 after the success of the company.

Uksbiggest is not just a company but the body of the industry for unsigned talent.

The team is made up of 8 dedicated members of staff including: Creative Manager, Marketing Manager, Editor, Illustrator, Head Graphics Designer, Photographer and Researchers as well as contributors.

Primary focus is direct marketing through our free magazine subscription as well as our Professional style interviews and freestyles.

We are growing UKB Magazine to be the largest free subscription based magazine in the UK.

UK based Magazine aimed at: - 16 + year olds with a strong interest in Music, Art, Fashion, Lifestyle and Creativity. -

Up and coming Artist/Performers looking for a platform to help promote themselves.


10,000 copies are printed quarterly and distributed at Showcase Events, Universities, Colleges, Radio stations, Studios, Barber Shops, Salons aswell as distribution of our digital copy.


UKB Showcases Latest Talent, Interviews and Urban music.

Media Enquiries: Office Number: 0208 859 7021 E-mail:




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