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This issues trending topic is: “Who will rise to the top?’’

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Contents 8: Kosmic Shush 11: H2o, How Thirsty Are You? 13: Realz and Isa feature 14: Nyja and Tzer and Rain feature 15: Them 3 ‘Comedians’

16: CONTEXT Exclusive

7: English Frank

23: M



26: Junior Brat 18: The Most Wanted Talent Agency 19: Mocha Model 20: His Fashion 21: Her Fashion 22: Rant Of The Month

24: What Is Unit2? 25: Castro’s Inteview 27: Celebrity Gossip 28: Summer Excursions 29: Recommended Movies :05

Belief in oneself is one of the most important bricks in building any successful venture. � - Lydia M. Child

ukb i english frank


English Frank English frank is a UK rapper who currently has the online world eating out of the palm of his hand due to impressive wordplay and complex delivery. After accumulating hundreds of thousands of YouTube views in just a few months. English Frank! Interesting name you’ve got there… Yeah, my name’s Frank and obviously I’m English, but it’s more because it rings a bell and it’s catchy. I’m a frank person as well. So, how did you get into music and why do you feel that now is the right time for you to show everyone know what you’re about? I got into music from day one, I’ve always been into music from the start. I listen to so many artists, but I never really tried to pursue rapping before the last six months. Why is that? Now is the time that it makes sense. It never made sense before, so I never tried to pursue it like how I am now. Are there any artists from the UK music scene that you’re rating at the moment and do you draw any inspiration from any of them? There are a few who definitely have talent. DVS is talented

and there’s also Margs from Mashtown. There are loads, I really could go on. But not many guys give me inspiration, I’m still listening to a lot of the American stuff, I get a lot of inspiration from that.

“...I’m trying to blow up the whole scene as well.” You seem to be everywhere nowadays, doing various freestyles. But I think my favourite has to be your SB.TV freestyle… Honestly, I think the SB.TV freestyle is the best, especially at that sort of grime tempo, but no one realises that it was 135-140BPM. I think that’s probably the best one I’ve done so far. I’ve got more stuff, but I can’t really talk about it right

now. But I definitely think I went in hard on that one. I’ve got to write an F64 and I’m struggling to write it now (laughs). Alright, so what can people expect from English Frank in coming months? The name is nowhere near big enough yet, we’re going to try and blow it up as much as it can blow up and then get some good shows and then we’ll be dropping the album and more material. If a deal doesn’t come through, I’ll just get money from shows. But I’m not just trying to do this by myself; I’m trying to blow up the whole scene as well. If I do it by myself, then it doesn’t make it any better for myself, because in the long run, the scene isn’t getting big. Follow English Frank on Twitter – :07

ukb i Kosmik shush :09

ukb i H2O Are You Thirsty?

H2O Are You Thirsty? By Louise Baker

In previous issues I’ve wrote about how to better yourself... In this issue I’m introducing you to H2O, yes that’s water. FACT: If you’re thirsty – you’re already dehydrated. 80% of people are walking around dehydrated and don’t even know it. Sometimes you may think you’re hungry when in fact you’re thirsty. 90% of your brain is made up of water, whilst on average a man’s body is made up of 60% water and a woman’s is 55%.... Water is important for almost every bodily function!! A few mild signs of dehydration: • Headaches / Dizziness • Fatigue / Trouble concentrating • Dry mouth and lips • Aches • Dry skin / Acne Besides not drinking enough water dehydration can be

caused from recent illness, sweating, diabetes and drinking alcohol excessively. A simple way to identify whether you are dehydrated would be to monitor how frequent you urinate and how concentrated it is. If your body gets enough water your urine should be clear, if your urine is dark and you urinate less than 4 times a day and small amounts you need to drink more. A good drink for the morning before breakfast would be some warm water (room temperature). Try adding some lemon for flavor if plain water does not entice you. Besides being a good way to get some of your daily amount, there are many other benefits: one of which is to prepare your stomach for food intake. Water shouldn’t be drunk before / during or straight after a meal. Please allow for approx 1-2 hours without drinking during meal times.

You can also find hydration calculators on the Internet. Once you answer a few questions it will inform you how much water you should be aiming to drink each day. As well as water, the Food Standards Agency recommends the following drinks: • Semi-skimmed milk • Diluted fruit juice • Diluted squash There have been questions as to which is better for you to drink, tap or bottled water. It really depends on where in the UK you live and whether you have a clean water supply. If you are worried about tap water you can purchase a water filter. Remember water is very important to keep you feeling and looking healthy. For more information on this subject visit click on ‘health A-Z’ then ‘Dehydration’ :11



1st Place Winner Of Time2Network

Realz aka RLZ has been one of the leading lights in grime for many years now, and first gained notoriety as part of the grime collective Mucky Wolfpack back in 2007. RLZ has been releasing monster track after monster track ever since and can often be heard tearing down radio sets all over the airwaves. Junior Akerele, a.k.a RLZ, was born on the 22nd October 1990 in East London. RLZ took inspiration from hip hop greats like Tupac and Jay Z while growing up, and began writing lyrics at the tender age of 14. By 17, RLZ had forged his own lyrical style and was beginning to attract the attention of UK urban music veterans such as Wiley and God’s Gift. It wasn’t long before RLZ’ name started making huge waves on the

Tricky Isa

underground circuit, resulting in appearances on national radio shows including the Tim Westwood Rap Show.

Tricky Isa started MC’ing to garage music in 2000 but was still inspired by all types of music and still is.

REALZ was finally ‘discovered’ on in 2007 by Ashley Walters, grime scene legend and co-founder of AD82 Productions, a talent management and film and music production company. RLZ was promptly signed to AD82 and spent the next few years with his head down studying ICT and Music, collaborating with the likes of Lisa Moorish, Giggs and Ashley Walters on his highly anticipated debut Limited Edition EP and filming his debut single, GLOWING, in Capetown, South Africa.

Two years later, he started producing and developing his own sound which he now calls “Recycled Sounds”. This made Tricky Isa start writing to the music. Tricky Isa’s love for music was a hobby, and then it became a passion which is why he still makes music now!

Realz is currently working on a mixtape alongside his debut studio album, both due for release later this year.

He is in the process of promoting his instrumentals while promoting a track called (My Way) produced by his brother Dan Deezel. Check out Tricky Isa on You Tube and face book.

Myspace trickysouthwestgs. Cloud Twitter @TrickyIsa. :13

ukb i NYJA & TZER / RAIN

Get ‘Down and Dirty’


Nyja 23 years old and T-zer 24 years old are a Hip-Hop double act from East London originally from the collective crew “2Aggi Ents” They decided it was time for them to branch out and work together on the own music project. Together they produced there first mix CD “Down ‘N’ Dirty” which included the track Risky

Rain Rapper, Poet, Storyteller Releases ‘Let Me Breathe’

Roadz which was released with a video. The track was made to spread a positive message to young people to come off the gang violence and concentrate on there grind! The “Down ‘N’ Dirty” mix cd has tracks suitable for all age ranges. As an unsigned act Nyja and T-zer have produced promoted and distributed there mix CD themselves and they have also Rapper, poet and story teller, Rain grew up in Peckham, South East London. “A Phenomenal artist who bares her heart with no restraint”. She has a powerful voice and tone that grabs your attention and has the ability to touch the emotions of her listeners with her honest, heartfelt lyrics and delivery. Rain undoubtedly has a “God given talent” Currently Rain is setting up to release her debut mixtape later on this year, 2011. April 20th 2011 was the release of ‘Let Me Breathe’ produced by Self Taught Beats. This was the first track off the mixtape and Rains first official release.


done a collection of videos from the mix CD which you can view on there YouTube page www. . In addition to that their videos and songs have been uploaded by random people on YouTube who likes their tunes in doing all of this they have started to build up there own fan base and together are currently working on there next mix CD. After hearing there “Down ‘N’ Dirty” mix CD Pink ‘N’ Black Entertainment decided to take the duo on and are currently PR managing them. With this collaboration future plans are to get the act performing at various events and to push there music across the bored. These two are definitely a rare find in today’s UK music market being the first male female duet on the hip-hop/Grime scene and the mixture of positive music mixed with there lyrical flow and beats you won’t find music like theirs anywhere else so watch out in 2011. Twitter: @nyja_tzer Rain started writing poetry at age 14. By the time she reached 18, her writing had developed and she was writing more and more “soul searching poetry”. It was in 2004 (age 21) when she first picked up a mic to share her work publicly at small events and open mic nights. With all the positive feedback she began searching for producers so she could lay her poetry over beats as she always had a love for hip hop music. The scene will be seeing a lot more of this artist in the on coming months. Contact Email: or

T hem 3 Micheal Dapaah

Salim Syed Adam Barrell

Them 3 is a multicultural comedy act formed of three very different characters Dave, Harry & Shaun who all live together in student accommodation. The 3 characters are all from different backgrounds and use this to create a very fun atmosphere, there’s a lot of Banta between the lads some have called them the British version of ‘Kenan & Kel’. Them 3’s performances don’t just take place online they have been doing a series of theatrical shows around the UK. They are a London based act and have won several talent contests in London. Who is your inspiration? We are inspired by great performers such as Will Smith, Kenan and Kel, Dave Chapelle, Chris Tucker and personal mates KG & Marston. All these people are hard workers and have achieved so much through comedy. I know we all inspire each other as well, especially as were all from different cultures it makes us pick up comical attributes from one another to create a nice blend.

Who would you like to work with? We are all massive fans of KG & Marston so definitely them, Lee Evans, Paul Chowdery, Peter Kay I’m a big fan of Eddie Kadi & Kevin Jay so would love us to do something with them. I would also like to work with Jazzie and Tboy like their work ethic, its definitely inspirational & any one that’s coming up in the entertainment I think unity is something which is important for growth.

ukb i THEM 3 How did you guys meet? Well Adam(Sean Williams) and I where studying Theatre Studies for a year together we were in the same class, and I always admired his acting talent, he had that eccentric look to him, a sly entertainer himself. Working with him throughout we found our acting personalities bounced off each other so a bond was formed. Salem (Harry), is a recent addition to “them 3” after replacing the previous actor as we found he was more suitable for this role, as he fitted the character profile in the way I imagined it. We met at college and prior to the new adjustments, he had played the role of the “Nerd” so was already an external part of the team therefore a friendship had long been established. What can we expect to see from you guys in the future? Our main goal is to bring something different to the entertainment industry, something that hasn’t yet been done. I want us to be role models to the younger generation and to let them know that you can do what you want to do & excell in it. We are going to be bringing unique comedy that hasn’t been seen before, something fresh, funny & clean-cut that can appeal to all. We do both theatre and on-screen so if you do get an opportunity come check us out. A big thank you to your magazine for featuring us Make sure you check these guys out, it really is fresh clean comedy from ‘Them 3’ (love the name) Twitter: @them3actors :15


Often referred to as the new ‘Mike Skinner’ Context MC Context MC is readying to drop his latest EP entitled ‘The Cadmean Victory’. The EP features a collection of Context’s recent smash hit singles, and well as unheard brand new material. 2011 has been jam packed for Context MC already. He’s been: invited to Abbey Road by BBC Introducing; had his videos playlisted by MTV; had press support from SB.TV, RWD, Semtex (BBC 1Xtra) and K Mag; performed at I Luv Live; been shortlisted for Glastonbury’s Emerging Talent Competition; and been a featured artist on myspace’s homepage alongside Lady Gaga, Kings of Leon and Britney Spears! With ‘The Cadmean Victory’, which features Vertex of the acclaimed crew Marvell, UK Hip Hop legend Genesis Elijah, up and coming vocalist Well Red, as well as production credits from Slof Man, Dark0 and others. his whirlwind year is set to continue! The EP features the brooding ‘Feeling Alone’, an underground 16:

UK hip hop smash which was heavily backed by Charlie Sloth on the BBC Radio 1Xtra Hip Hop M1X Show. It also features the MTV playlisted and BBC Radio 1 supported ‘Off With Their Heads’, a track which truly cemented Context’s place in the UK urban music scene with its groundbreaking video which featured the likes of Ed Sheeran amongst others. The EP also features his most recent single‘Listening to Burial’. This track has been heavily supported by BBC Radio 1, with Joseph JP Patterson naming it one of his Tracks of the Month, as well as on BBC Radio 1Xtra by MistaJam, Ace and Vis, and Charlie Sloth on the Breakfast Show. Not only does the release feature these tracks, but also several brand new, unheard tracks!

Context MC Press Quotes: MTV: “2011 is set to be his year” SBTV: “Establishing his place is place in the music world with his fresh new sound” Joseph ‘JP’ Patterson (MTV, Vibe, The Source): “He’s just ORIGINAL” “Dark, Grimeflecked [and] talent-saturated” The Cadmean Victory EP is set for a summer 2011 release date, and will be available via Context MC’s own website: supported by The Independent newspaper; named one of the top 5 UK underground artists by huge US website The Huffington Post;....

ukb i CONTEXT What is your music making process? In general, it’s very fast, and takes place very late at night. I used to be very ‘bar’ focussed; by that I mean I wrote bars in my phone everywhere I went, and then when beats came in to me, I would lay these bars down over the top. But now, I tend to catch a vibe off the production and let the song write itself. So, I’ll get a beat, listen to it, and melodies just jump out at me.

I rarely spend a long time “crafting” a song; I hear it and write it really fast so the final track is my genuine emotional response to it. And yeah, this usually happens between about 0100 and 0600 in the morning! I’m outrageously unproductive during the day, but at night, I just zone out and smash it!

“Being invited by the BBC to Abbey Road was definitely amazing...” What Genre would you consider your music to be? My brother ironically started calling it ‘Dub Hop’; a kind of dubstep and hip hop fusion. I don’t really know what it is. I suppose if I HAD to give it a genre it might be UK Hip Hop, but I feel that has a large cultural connotation which I don’t affiliate myself with at all.

It’s not dubstep, its not hip hop, its not grime. It’s just a mixture of everything I’m in to basically.

In some ways, that can be an issue as it can be difficult to put me in a nice neat box, but on the other hand, I’m free of the inevitable constrains of “genre”; I don’t feel a strong affiliation to one specific ‘scene’ as such, so I am free to make the music I like. It’s working out very well actually. What is your most memorable moment being in the industry? There have been a few moments which have been really special. Just watching MTV at home and seeing my face come on was definitely intense. The first time I got played on Radio 1, my mate was actually in the car listening to it and he rang me up flipping out like “mate, your on RADIO 1!”; never forget that! To be honest every time I hear myself on Radio 1 or 1Xtra it’s an amazing feeling. I remember being live on 1Xtra with Ace and Vis and they put a track of mine to a public vote they gave listeners 30 seconds to text in saying if they liked it or hated it! That was fairly mental! Haha.

Being invited by the BBC to Abbey Road was definitely amazing too. Plus, I’ve done some amazing gigs too with people like Rusko in packed out clubs. So yeah, so many really! For me, the most memorable

moments are when you finish a song, and you play it back and think; ‘yeah, I’ve smashed that’; unbeatable feeling. Its obvious we are going to see big things from you this year, whatcan we expect? Well, my current single ‘Listening to Burial’ will be out by the time this goes to press, and there is a really exciting remix project for that coming too with a producer called Cinematic so people should keep their eyes peeled. There’s of course ‘The Cadmean Victory EP’ coming in July/early August. Another single and video – probably two in fact! Plus, some exciting UK and US acts have contacted me about guest appearances so we’ll see how they turn out.

There will be another full CD release this year too which will introduce everyone who has missed out on me so far, and basically serve to underline everything I’ve achieved so far. Basically, I’ve been doing this of four years now, and the progress has been beyond anything I could have asked, but now, I’m just pushing it into overdrive. I cant pretend about my ambitions, and they are massive, and I plan on achieving everything I put my mind to.

Slof Man :17


The Most


Aristotle the great Greek philosopher once said, “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work” and this definitely encapsulates our team ethos. Established in 2011, by freelance journalist Leyah Knight, The Most Wanted Talent agency offers an array of creative services from art direction, fashion photography and production to supplying everything you could ever need for a corporate event or intimate party. We take care of the promotions and advertising with our friendly and outgoing street teams who stand on the front line distributing promotional material and we also target the best websites to upload your events online. Head of the creative department, fashion director


Samantha Davis, otherwise known as “Mama Sam”, understands how fickle the entertainment industry can be and acquired her moniker by giving love, attention and tenderness in abundance to every single project she is involved in. Previous shoots include Vogue, Sunday Times Style, Black Card Magazine and Wallpaper, while productions for Alfa Romeo, Cannon and Kirk Originals were very well received. We offer confidential photo shoots for aspiring models, who would like to try their hands at glamour modelling, implied

nudity or semi nude. Our photographers and make-up artists will put you at ease in comfortable surroundings and believe us, the results will be astounding. While our experienced team of writers also offer excellent literary services from copywriting, proof reading, editorial, press release and screenwriting, the DJ roster hosts a unique team of versatile mixologists, playing all genres of music from House and Garage, Drum N’ Bass, and Dubstep to Swing, Hip Hop and commercial sounds, with household names including producers Kerri Chandler (Simply Cool Music), Sy Sez (Aphrodisiax), Jumping Jack Frost (V Recordings), Scott Garcia (It’s a London Thing)and many more If that isn’t enough to get your feet tapping in a rhythmic frenzy, The Most Wanted Talent has enough live acts and singers on the roster to keep your soiree in session until the early hours. With dancers and fire breathing entertainers, your event will definitely get tongues wagging and the fully licensed security guards will keep trouble at bay. Our singers include Kele Le Roc, Steelo and Rufio Summers, who are all available for session work, backing vocals or live shows and The Illersapiens, who until very recently performed with their ex lead singer, Katy B, are also available for shows and festivals. This agency has something for everyone and is fast becoming the first port of call for those who require a reliable but hand tailored and exquisite service. Check out our website for further information www. We aim to exceed your expectations in every aspect.

ukb i MOCHA


Hi sexy people my name is Princess Mocha and I am a US style British urban glamour model, CEO of LMM INC and entrepreneur. I have appeared in over 25 music videos and magazine editorials. I also am the CEO of LMM INC which specialises in couture lingerie. I also have a Youtube channel so you can access any of the

videos I’ve appeared in and behind the scenes footage just search for the channel ThePrincessMocha Check me out my Facebook fan page called Princess Mocha UK Glamour Vixen and vote

for me on the Black Mens Magazine website in the “Black Books” section. Also follow me on twitter @xxMochaMwahxx For any further info/bookings :19


Neutral Man Go for a light airy look this summer with neutral colours with hints of blue. Wear light weight materials to keep you cool teamed together with a pair of Espadrilles.

Rriver Island £29.99

Paul Smith £175

River Island 14.99

River Island £16.99

UNIQLO £19.99

Topman £40


Office £32.99


Bright woman

Stand out from the crowd this summer in blocked bright colours. Team your look together with some metallic whether it’s a belt, bag or jewelry. If you want to break down the colours, add a fitted denim jacket or some denim shorts.

HNM £3.99

Miss Selfridge £25

Topshop £18

ASOS £65

Warehouse £40

Topshop £36

Office £85 :21

ukb i rant of the month

Rant Of The Month Let’s get straight into this cos I got alot to say and a small word count! Firstly, congratulations on those of you who read last month and decided to step your cooking game up, I’m sure your man is thanking you (and me, cough cough) For those of you who thought I was being sexist WTF!?!? How is cooking for your man/husband ever sexist? …I bet you don’t find it sexist if he pays for your dinner or buys you a new jacket! ….hmmm? So this month I thought id be all equal and get on the guys case but then I saw something very controversial which I had to comment on. …OG Niki. Now don’t get me wrong I got nothing against h*es, you make the world a better place keep doing what you do. But when did it become ok to be PROUD of your h*e status? Like when did chicks start earning their stripes from doing the whole estate? Nothing wrong with being a freak but, 6man inna row and at that age!! Niki…really?!?! Grim Grim Grim! I heard she’s a younger too so I wont go in and I will say she got talent, however although Niki Minaj and Lil Kim were super freaks (good) OG Niki seems like shell ride the ‘’JETSKIS’’ off anyone after a few shots of brandy (bad) Guys please tell these ladies we like exclusive girls! Fact! there’s no better feeling than telling your boys you got a new chick and no one knows who she is rather than, “ohhh, herrr” seriously. I don’t know how some man are gonna find a wifey the way some females are moving, ladies, talk to your sisters! Finally, the saying goes “A lady in the street and a freak in the bed” not “Meet guys on street 6man inna bed” save the freaky ‘’ish’’ for a guy who at least rates you cos I can tell you this, all you man that are rating Niki, which one of you would actually wife her? ....

Don’t worry ill wait……………KMT Nonsense Being! By Aaron Wallace Follow Aaron on Twitter: @aaronmufasaaaa


ukb i Ms Jaie

Ms Jaies ‘Fall Outta love’ has caused a stir both sides of the Atlantic Seductive vocals, Melodic harmony’s and captivating songs that spark the imagination are just a few of the qualities that set Ms. Jaie apart from any other UK vocalist. Ms Jaie was born into a household where music was the focus point. Travelling around the country with her father Ms. Jaie developed a love for music at a young age. By the time she was 11 she already ministering in her church and learning many of the skills she uses today in her craft. It was not long before Ms. Jaie had developed into a profilic songwriter and she flew across the Atlantic in order to find production that would further inspire her. On her arrival Jaie was instantly spotted by the industry execs and was encouraged to pursue a career as a songwriter. Within 6 months Ms. Jaie signed to Unit II records and began working on her debut project, in this time she became a part of the hottest production team in the UK ‘Star Squad’ where she uses her writing skills to provide songs for other artists. Ms. Jaie aims to be the best entertainer of her era and with her determination and passion her future looks very promising. Her debut single ‘Fall outta

love’ has already caused a stir both sides of the Atlantic and branded Ms Jaie as the new songstress of the UK. To clarify, are you still a gospel artist or straight RnB now? I am a star so I shine on anything I am confronted with, god allows me to have a voice and I don’t put limitations on gods blessings it would be a sin to do so, don’t u agree? Has it been hard as a female artist to make it in the music industry? I think being a female makes it easier I get into places and to meet people sometimes purely on the fact I am a lady it’s great. What’s your best collaboration to date? 2face or UK rapper Smiler. Smiler is a star watch out for him he’s such a pleasure to work with as well as Richie Montana.

How would you describe your style and sound? My style is so now’ so current, diverse, fierce smooth wity and adventurous. Have you had any embarrassing moments while performing? When I performed in the o2 with Dfam a while back my heel of my shoe broke embarrassing. What can we expect to see or hear from you in the future? EPIC MUSIC you’ll have to wait and see my new stuff check me out on Youtube Ms Jaie or Twitter @msjaie Ms. Jaie not only causes a stir with her musical abilities but she also holds the titles author and exec producer. Watch out Ms Jaie is taking over! :23


UNIT-2 Records Force to Be Reckoned With These three entrepreneurs passion for music drove them to Establish this label back in febuary 2010. The purpose was to help out Artists who are talented but who lack direction or funding in the uk. They firstly signed Ms Jaie back in May 2010 since signing this Amazing songstress they have gone onto signing Junior Brat and Castro’ formally of the UK group Dfam. Releasing tracks like “Fall Outta Love”, produced by Harmony (chipmunk chris brown producer for the smash hit champion) there debut single “Alcohol poisoning” featuring there Artists, Junior Brat and Castro collaborating for the first time with a few viral videos on SBtv, Grime daily and YouTube. The Unit2 Team is now ready for there biggest challenge ever. There about to embark on a sensational project with help from Ian Omari the manager behind meleka’s Funky house smash hit “GO”.After recently returning to the UK from Nigeria they have decided to broaden there horizons and are aiming to become house hold names in the UK and over seas. With collaborations already with Tuface (African queen) and also in talks with Don jazzy (Dbanj)and other Nigerian superstars just to get there project off the ground.


“...and Lethal B’s new track mind spinning makes me wanna holla but for obvious reasons it don’t even make sense to waste my phone bill.” What does unit to stand for? Unit2 stands for the ability for an individual to succeed at what ever they put there mind too and then turn around unselfishly and raise a person or persons who have not reached there individual goal above there status and so on so on making two separate individuals a team a unit i.e. Unit2 Who is the unit2 team? Well unit2 itself started with myself Wayne field 29yrs old entrepreneur from South London but I am originally from hackney, Kola bokkini my brother 28yrs old extremely talented guy with no fear of risk, his theory is if we continue to take the easy road, what pleasure will we have if we succeed ‘ the thrill is all in the risk, and then we have Lasun lawal, brother to jeoffry lawal balugun the Olympic hopeful, and obviously the artists Ms jaie, Castro, D-fam, Junior Brat and a few more assassins, I

don’t like to use the word artist I am not looking for artists I am looking for cold blooded killers who destroy beats and trample tracks. Ok what does unit2 offer its artist? Ok unit2 we are a structured label with many components, we have and use the top production makeup artists, stylists so our artist know visually and vocally they are well catered for, we are precise in making our movement come to life by pushing our artists. We are not observers we get our hands dirty too. Who would you like to sign if you had the chance? Me personally I like Double S, me and him talk a lot but I have never mentioned that to him I also would say Smiler but his manager is a good friend of mine and he’s so gone, he needs a major behind him, his new track ‘Big Spender’ wow that’s all I can say… and Lethal B’s new track mind spinning makes me wanna holla but for obvious reasons it don’t even make sense to waste my phone bill. So to summarise your label in 1 word from all three of you guys? BIG, CURRENT, FAMILY.

ukb i CASTRO

Castro, D-fam Starz up! Castro D-fam Starz up’ is a rapper/ songwriter/actor/Co-founder & lead member of UK music group ‘D-Fam’.

Crew”, when I saw that music could get you to great places I knew that it was what I wanted to do.

achieve it. It’s a positive term used by people who have a dream they are working towards or if they have achieved something.

The 23 year old entertainer first rose to prominence with the release of the first D-fam single ‘Whatever you want’ in 2007. That was then followed by ‘You’re my Baby’ & then the latest single to date ‘Blow me away’. The D-fam album went on to generate thousands of downloads independently.

What is D-fam? D-fam stands for “dedication family and music” it’s a name I decided to name the group I put together because I believe that’s what we all stood for as people

Who are your favourite artists UK & US? I love what Tinie Tempah & Chipmunk are doing right now, I can see that they are thinking much bigger than just the UK, they are taking their music overseas which is great, US wise I’m loving the creativity of Kanye west and the rap style of underground rapper Grafh.

Whilst still an active member of the collective D-fam, Castro wrote the funky house smash GO sung by Meleka. Castro has also embarked upon a solo career which has seen him hook up with independent record label, ‘Unit 2 records’. Gearing up for a set of new singles and a forth coming mix CD, Castro is definitely an artist to keep an eye out for in the future! What made you want to do music? When I was 14 my older brother “Kaish” & cousins “Megaman & Swiss” went double platinum in 2 weeks with their group “So Solid

Since the last D-fam single “Blow Me Away” what have you been doing? Since then I’ve been working on a lot of projects as well as my own, I’ve written for various singers UK & US, one of the biggest tracks I’ve written on the UK scene was “GO” by an artist called Meleka which locked down the clubs all over the UK and overseas, I’ve also recently inked a solo deal with “Unit 2 Records” a UK based record label and am currently working on my album, we have recently released a single called “Alcohol Poisoning” featuring label mate “Junior Brat” What does starz up mean? Starz up means “anything in life is achievable as long as you are willing to work hard in order to

Who would you like to work with in music? Kanye West or Jay-Z most definitely, and ColdPlay Anything new coming out? We have a new collective single called “Never Never” featuring all unit 2 artists, myself, Junior Brat & Ms Jaie. After this will be a few solo releases for myself, first will be a record called “The One” featuring FDM singer “Jermaine Riley” How can people follow your journey and keep up to speed with what you are doing?. Follow me on twitter @CastroDfam :25

ukb i Juniur Brat Junior Brat has managed to remain on a vertical path to success using every opportunity to get his rap skills heard by the public. Junior became close friends and music partners with recording artist Maxwell D, well known from his debut single “Serious” which took the UK Garage dance floors by storm. Both artists were part of the grime crew ‘Musketeers.’ Which also included Lady Fury (Grime artists), Chunky Bizzle (Producer) and Ashman (Mc). As a proclaimed Story teller and Student, Junior Brat was always determined to have his name up in lights. Last year, Junior Brat released his debut promo single “Smell of Success,” which has become an underground hit success. It debuted and ranked at number 5 on the Channel AKA Urban charts.

Junior Brat ‘Painting Pictures With Words’

In the year 2011, he is set to release the anticipated Mix tape titled ‘ Born Again.’ The pre album consists of a range of music genres from pop to alternative hip hop. His music has been described as fresh, edgy and new. Junior Brat quotes ‘As an artist, I haven’t lost the true essence of rap music, which is consciousness, I paint pictures with words.” With the combination of his talent and Strong work ethics his set to take the music industry by storm. The Mix tape Titled ‘ Born Again’ had derived from the current stage of Junior Elliot’s life. What do you prefer Nike or Adidas? I am a Nike man I won’t lie.


So, your name… how did you become junior brat are you affiliated with Mz Brat? Well, Junior is my government name given to me by my Nan, and growing up I’ve always been spoilt so naturally the nickname Brat latched on and followed me throughout my childhood up until now, I’m still known to have the odd tantrum now and again [Laughs] and nar I’m not affiliated with Mz Bratt, but were cool though. How would you describe your music? I would definitely describe my music as very diverse, there isn’t a particular sound that you can identify me with. I would also say my music is very eccentric and intermittent because you’ll never know what to expect with me. One day I might vocal a song that is uptempo with hard baselines and another day I might feel like something that is a little slower with a classical element to it. The Grime Pop scene has exploded and MC’s are leaking out from everywhere, why should I listen to you? I’m Junior Brat, I draw my past experiences that are personal to me through my music. What’s the best lyric you’ve written so far and why? My favourite lyric would be from smell of success “I’m bound for prosperity if I’m not take me to the cemetery because life isn’t worth living, bury me” Follow me: @juniorbrat


Celebrity Gossip

Tinie Pushes Album Forward Due to US Success

Chipmunk Says Losing £20,000 Diamond Bracelet Is ‘Nothing’

Chipmunk has claimed that one of his diamond studded bracelets were stolen from him while he celebrated the release of his album ‘Transition’. The ‘Champion’ rapper is going on like he’s the biggest multi-millionaire because the London rapper tweeted that it “ain’t nothing” to him and shrugged off the matter. Chipmunk, who collaborated with Chris Brown, Keri Hilson and Trey Songz on his latest LP. While the music was cut so that Chip could search for the bracelet, the 20-year-old then said: “F**k it. Let’s keep partying - 20 bags ain’t nothing to me,” according to The Sun.

Mz Bratt signs sponsorship deal with Boxfresh Mz Bratt has officially signed a sponsorship deal with trend-setting clothing brand Boxfresh. Already a fan of the brand and its clothes, Mz Bratt is going to be using her creative flair to design her own line of Boxfresh clothing and apparell for ladies.

BRIT winner Tinie Tempah has decided to push back recording his new album until next year, despite telling fans that he planned to have a new album out by the end of the year. The ‘Miami 2 Ibiza’ rapper had

previously said he wanted his second album to be released a year after his first album ‘Disc-Overy’ set the charts alight but has now changed his mind in order to focus on cracking the difficult American market.

Starboy Nathan: ‘I Was Here Before Chris Brown!’

but he’s been around since 2004 and he wants people to know that! The ‘Diamonds’ star has said he doesn’t mind comparisons to the likes of Jason Derulo and Chris Brown, even though he was making music before they came on the scene. In an exclusive interview with TaleTela, the singer, who had a 2005 hit with ‘Come Into My Room’ revealed: “I was doing it since 2004 so it’s funny when people say “oh you’re just trying to be like Chris Brown or Jason Derulo…” and I’m like “No, I was doing this a long time ago”.

Starboy Nathan might only be catching your attention now

Grime Daily interviewed Mz Bratt backstage BiggaFish event, where she speaks about how she feels to be a girl in a guys industry, what she’s been up to recently and how she thinks the event is great for young people to get involved in, catch the interview on Youtube. :27


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Red Riding Hood Fantasy, Horror, Mystery Rated 5/10 Valerie is torn between two men. She is in love with a brooding outsider, Peter, but her parents have arranged for her to marry the wealthy Henry. Unwilling to lose each other, Valerie and Peter are planning to run away together when they learn that Valerie’s older sister has been killed by a werewolf Fast and the furious Action, Crime, Drama Rating 8/10 Former cop Brian O’Conner partners with ex-con Dom Toretto on the opposite side

of the law. Since Brian and Mia Toretto broke Dom out of custody, they’ve blown across many borders to elude authorities. Now backed into a corner in Rio de Janeiro, they must pull one last job in order to gain their freedom. Limitless Mystery, Thriller Rating 7.3/10 An action-thriller about a writer who takes an experimental drug that allows him to use 100 percent of his mind. As one man evolves into the perfect version of himself, forces more corrupt than he can imagine mark him for assassination.

Top YouTubeiT Videos 1. Smart - Freestyle

2. Tinchy Stryder ft Dappy - Spaceship 3. Sneakbo - Champion 4. English Frank - SB Warm Up Sessions 5. Nyja & Tzer – Rated 6. Dvs – Fire In The Booth 7. Bluey Robinson - Showgirl (Acoustic Street Session) 8. Shystie – Headbanger 9. Them 3 – The Great Escape Scetch 10. Uncle A Dot - How not to chat up a Girl :29


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